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JJStrebas 08-29-2018 01:03 AM

Heavy Expectations

Joni is trying to get pregnant. After several stints with fertility clinics she is ready to give up. Her best friend Nancy takes her to a new clinic in the city that promises miraculous results. However, her dreams are dashed yet again until another option presents itself. The results are nothing short of amazing as Joni's body responds in spectacular ways giving her not only what she wants, but an incredible voluptuous body that grows with her insatiable appetitie for pleasure and food.

This is an erotic tale about a pregnant woman experiencing fast BE, WG and growth. It features FF and FMMF intercourse.


JJStrebas 10-24-2018 05:34 AM

Re: Heavy Expectations

Joni and Nancy return as their pregnant bodies continue to grow and respond to their appetite for love making and food. Although Joni's incredible body is breaking all notions of the limits of the human anatomy, the two decide to have a friendly competition to explore their abilities. Several bystanders eagerly tag along for the ride.

This is an erotic tale featuring pregnant women engaging in MF, FF and group intercourse. Contains breast expansion, age regression, muscle growth and weight gain.


JJStrebas 12-13-2018 06:31 AM

Re: Heavy Expectations

Joni's quest to push her size to the limit comes to a climax in this final chapter of the Heavy Expectations series. Nancy and Joni indulge in their sensuality and pleasure with the women from their yoga class. Both of them show that they have unbelievable appetites for both satisfaction and food. An elusive memory stirs their desire to go back to where it all began so that Joni can reach her amazing peak.


JJStrebas 03-05-2019 10:43 AM

Re: Heavy Expectations
The entire 3 story set of Heavy Expectations in one discounted box set.


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