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wolfman-al 06-12-2019 05:26 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Some more growth:

madbeaver 06-24-2019 02:06 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
For those who haven't seen it, I put together a short Alice AP/BE/GTS comic.

50percentgrey 09-11-2019 03:53 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland

Now why hasn't this game been mentioned before? :cool:

TB Tabby 09-11-2019 06:51 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Probably because nobody here's played it. The ads I saw for it only showed Pixar characters.

Twilight_Roxas 09-12-2019 11:05 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
I played it, and I unlocked her.

50percentgrey 09-12-2019 11:26 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland

Originally Posted by Twilight_Roxas (Post 829030)
I played it, and I unlocked her.

Good for you. At least that's something you could do while on a long bus or plane ride, if not just sitting around at home all day.

wolfman-al 09-30-2019 03:56 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
3 Attachment(s)
Found some concept art for the 1951 Disney film. I never saw this one before.

a0040pc 09-30-2019 04:07 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Those were fun. Always a fan of elongating growth,

Soviet Hybrid 02-06-2020 09:46 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
A couple of Clips4Sale Alice in Wonderland themed clips here, some I've bought personally, others are on the wishlist so to speak.

Indecisive Alice Grows and Shrinks Over and Over
In this clip, I play a hottie Alice who can't decide if she wants to be tall or if she wants to be small. She has bought two potions from a peddler lady, one is a growth potion, and one is a shrinking potion. She drinks the tall potion and marvels at how tall she's become. Then, she drinks the shrinking potion and becomes small. She tells you about the benefits of being tall and being small as she switches back and forth a few times before Alice runs out of potions. Which height will Alice choose: tall or small. You'll just have to watch and find out!

Alice Growth Adventure: Clothes Too Small
In a previous clip, you saw Alice indulge in a size changing potion. Only now has she realized that her clothes didn't grow at the same rate as she did! These Wonderland potions are very curious indeed... Alice shows you how she barely fits in the top of her dress: the zipper down the back even slipped down from the size of her larger-than-normal chest. Her skirt is so short that it doesn't even fully cover her round ass or her lacey thong. Her thigh high stockings don't even reach her knees! She puts the dirty soles of her white stockings up in front of you as she talks to you. She can't stay long though: she really wants to find a potion that will help her fit into her clothes again! Shot in 1080p.

Stuck in House and Struggling After Growing From Eating Something Alice in Wonderland Style
A cute blonde in a cute blue dress with white stockings goes to a house. She is off to fetch some gloves as she has been told to do so and once she is inside she starts to look all over the house. She starts going through some boxes and then finds a strange note. It says, Eat Me. She is hungry and does just that. She continues to look for the gloves and suddenly feels very strange. She then starts to slowly grow taller and taller. Soon she is to the roof of the house and is getting bigger by the second. She is next seen looking out the top window of the house and then the view is her now a full on giantess stuck in the house with her legs popped out of the bottom. She struggles a bit and realizes she is about to grow again. This sees her arms pop out of the sides of the house and now she is even more stuck than ever. She struggles and struggles but she is now so big that she is stuck in a bad way in the house. She kicks and flails both her legs and arms but it is simply no use. This is seen from multiple angels, including close-up. She shouldn’t have eaten whatever it was she ate, but it is too late now. Now she is stuck in a house and has no idea how she will get out of her predicament. So, she simply keeps on struggling to get un-stuck, but just has no luck.

-------------- My Review --------------
Sadly I bought this one, the first 3 minutes were promising, and more true to Disney's AiW White Rabbit House scene than any other clip I've bought, but the last 7 minutes were completely wasted on me. Just the same action of struggling over and over again with the odd grunt or two just made the clip worthless, but that's just me I guess. Would have been nice if they continued with the Disney theme and she found something to eat and shrank. Also, surprisingly, there's zero growth in this.

Lanie in Wonderland
Lanie was at her friend's house when she found an enticing drink. She drank it and starting growing into a HUGE giant. Her legs and arms busted through the sides of the house, her head exploded through the roof. She's huge! She tries to get up and lift the house but can't. She screams for help as she looks down upon the spectators. They're all whispering and her friend has run to get help. She overhears a small group saying they're going to light the whole house on fire. She can't have this! Quickly without thinking, she grabbed one of the people and put him in her mouth. She didn't know what else to do and it just seemed right. So she started grabbing everyone she could see. Her friend comes back and she asks for help. Her friend was no help so... Lanie finished up and tries to escape the house again.
Also see:

Stuck In A House!
Ahhh! Alice is stuck in a house! She was just hanging out inside when... WHOA! Her whole body exploded and GREW like CRAZY! Legs and arms popped out from the walls! And she's trying to get out, but... the doors just pop off when she grabs them. Will she be stuck in there forever?!
-------------- My Review --------------
Actually bought this clip too, only $6 for a 5 minute clip and was okay for what it was. Would have been a little better if it was filmed against a green screen, outside, or even against a clear blank wall, but overall it's okay for what it is. No real growth either which is a shame but perhaps in the future.

Giant Predicament
BBW Sara finds herself in a tight space. She recalls eating a treat but arises to find herself in a small space with the smallest treats around her and it appears she's fallen down a small hole - much how Alice went down the Rabbit Hole. What will she do with all the tiny things? How will this giant version of Sara fare as a giant in her new small space in this fun Halloween video.

Lastly here's a video I saw on YouTube some might like. No growth but the cosplayer is perfect and her Alice costume is spot on and immaculate. What makes it a "little giantess" is the way it is filmed. Several low angle shots, some nice close ups of her feet/mary-jane shoes & white tights as she walks, and a couple of upskirts, or up-pettycoats, in this case.

Growthmacro 03-03-2020 06:19 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Hi people. I'm new around here.
First of all, i want to thank you for this section, even if it's such old.
I looked at every page and it was like slide a whole period of my life. So many feels <3
I literally love AiW as giantess, especially in the rabbit's house scene.
I even got an album on my Facebook profile with all the images i found over time (here: and just now i found this forum.
Hope to see more stuff and to share it with all of you :D

theclaimednam3 03-09-2020 11:46 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Hi guys, I don't know if you guys know me but I'm on here too from DA, and I read through all of it and my god, you guys basically got it all! I don't want to be a lurker all the time, so I thought I'd add in this:

Growth Starts at 0:27 but is cut up throughout the trailer.

This is someone playing it with commentary BUT does have the entire sequence on it!

Hopefully I didn't accidentally repost something that people posted already or if this violates guidelines, but tada~

Growthmacro 03-12-2020 05:41 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland

Originally Posted by theclaimednam3 (Post 835012)
Hi guys, I don't know if you guys know me but I'm on here too from DA, and I read through all of it and my god, you guys basically got it all! I don't want to be a lurker all the time, so I thought I'd add in this:

Growth Starts at 0:27 but is cut up throughout the trailer.

This is someone playing it with commentary BUT does have the entire sequence on it!

Hopefully I didn't accidentally repost something that people posted already or if this violates guidelines, but tada~

Not bad :D

madbeaver 05-25-2020 06:14 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Just a short little sequence that has been bugging me for a while now.

wolfman-al 07-25-2020 06:44 AM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
Okay, not much but there is a new youtube animation series for kids. Its updating weekly and here is the hall of doors scene so far:
Its not much, but its something, I guess.

ailovestogrow 08-07-2020 01:18 PM

Re: Alice In Wonderland
My book has a dream sequence titled Honoka In Wonderland. The section is 18k words long, 4 chapters and directly parodies many of the scenes from the books. I even tried to match the MC's tone to that of the original Alice. The entire section is a smut and process festival.

Here's a sample:

The room she occupied appeared perfectly round, doors of various sizes and shapes surrounding her. In fact, those shapes in their narrow widths and tall heights, with knockers at the top, displayed a familiar appearance that she couldn’t quite put her finger upon. The voice and noise of someone struggling came from the smallest door, which is where the curious woman found herself kneeling next to.
Furry white tail and familiar lacy knickers told Honoka that Ms. Rabbit’s wide hips were stuck in this tiny door and trying to push or pull themselves through. More curiously, she seemed of a size to fit into such a small doorway and wouldn’t be much larger than the palm of Honoka’s hand.
“Excuse me?” Honoka asked politely, trying to keep her voice quiet as she was much larger than the other woman and didn’t want to frighten her. “Do you need some help?”
“Hello? Who’s there?” The wiggling rump stopped wiggling. No face appeared, so Honoka was forced to talk to a butt, no matter how deliciously plump it jiggled.
“My name is Honoka, and I wondered if…”
“No time for that now, I need to find something bigger. Check the table for one of my aides I left up there.”
Table? Pushing herself to standing, Honoka turned around and did indeed find an ornate, round table in the center of the room. On the table was another, more modestly sized imitation penis as well as a cute pink canvas bag filled with dozens of glass bottles, collectively containing a rainbow of colored tinctures inside. The bag looked absolutely darling with a purple and pink striped cat smiling on the front that tickled something in her mind, instantly making her think it was her bag. Not fighting the impulse, she swung the cat canvas bag over her shoulder and decided it was her bag now.
Lifting the imitation penis up to her face to examine it, it did indeed appear serviceable. The shaft was thick and well-formed with a second smaller nub the size of her thumb that would help stimulate the clitoris. It was also garishly green, a hideous color, which instantly turned Honoka off from the idea of sticking something so unfashionable into her own body. Eight inches long, Honoka made use of similarly sized tools in the past and grasped the handle gingerly while returning to the tiny stuck woman.
“I am holding your imitation penis, but you couldn’t possible fit something so much larger than yourself inside yourself.”
“I only need a little help to push through, so it doesn’t need to go very far in, just the tip. Don’t worry, I’m wearing rabbit ears and have a fluffy tail.”
“I thought as much,” Honoka replied, kneeling down and lining up the bulbous head of the aide under the twerkalicious behind, slowly plunging forward.
“EEp!” The little woman squeaked, lifting her legs up while her body adjusted to the large size and took the entire tip into the maw of her womanhood. However, when Honoka tried to press farther, she found the little person well and truly stuck.
“That is as far as it can go,” Honoka said, slumping back, panting from the effort, her tiny girly arms tired from only a moment of churning the butter.
“Don’t be a one pump chump, I need you to heave harder!” Wiggling her bottom most provocatively, Honoka became mesmerized by the sight and almost missed the rest of what the tiny devil rabbit said. “Try taking some of your tinctures, maybe find one to make you larger so you can delve deeper.”
Honoka felt stupid for a moment, then realized she shouldn’t feel stupid because she didn’t know what the tinctures were for. In the future, she would be right to feel foolish, but right now, she admonished herself that she remained a young woman and young women can be forgiven for not knowing something they did not know.
Pulling out the imitation penis from the snatch of the doll-sized woman and setting it back on the table (because one does not set such things upon the floor), Honoka resolved herself to not feeling stupid. Opening the bag, however, provided further confusion when each bottle proved unacceptably - or, rather, incoherently - labeled, only a couple of letters etched into the glass. BE, BYE, AE, EP, VE, CLE, NE…there were dozens of them and none of these letters meant anything to a young black woman with blond hair wearing a sticky and soaked blue and white dress.
“I shall take them in small sips one by one, using my best judgment to find the right concoction.” Anyone listening to her might snort in laughter at the young woman’s best judgment, but those people were not here and could not snort in laughter. Taking the one marked BE, filled with bright blue liquid, she figured it meant to Become Enlarged. This seemed reasonable, but still, there were lots of words beginning with B and E, so she only took the smallest of sips in a unprecedented show of caution.
Instantly a warmth spread directly into her chest. With a startled yelp, she became short of breath. No, not short of breath, but rather that her bodice was shrinking. Grabbing her chest to remove the shrinking garment before it constricted any further, she exhibited a moment of confusion as the young woman realized her bodice was not shrinking, her bosom was growing.
“Oh my, this is…highly inappropriate!” Honoka’s breaths became shallow, but as she only took a small sip, it wasn’t a moment before the growth upon her chest stopped and she was left with a bit of a dilemma. Peeking inside her dress, she grew amazed to see her previous petite pecans expanded into pert pears, the bodice too small to contain them and pushing upwards into a harlot’s cleavage.
“How am I supposed to fit into a corset now?” Honoka lamented, carefully putting the offending bottle back into the smiling cat bag and searching for the next trial.
“This one looks promising: SH,” Honoka announced with a determined nod, working the stopper free. “It must obviously mean Size and Height.” She was about to suckle the smallest of sips from the pale red liquid when suddenly, without warning - as if some distant relative or acquaintance spoke about her - Honoka sneezed and gulped down the whole bottle at the same time.
Before the petite young woman grew frightened at her accident, she found the bottle must indeed mean Size and Height, but in the opposite direction. It wasn’t more than a couple of seconds that Honoka found herself next to a pair of white shoes as tall as horses and all of her clothing falling on top of her like a tailor’s avalanche. Oddly or conveniently, though she stood naked as a baker’s block of dark chocolate, the pink bag shrunk down to size with her and she crawled out from underneath the blue and white cloth, without any apparel but for a bit of pink canvas on her shoulder.
“Now, I will definitely not fit into a corset!” Honoka complained, holding her hands and arms against her delicate parts to keep herself decent: after all, there remained the mostly naked badonkadonk of a devil rabbit in the room with her.
Things seemed dire and desperate, so she took out another bottle marked with a prominent L and filled with creamy white liquid, clearly the bottle she should have tried first as any person would know L meant Larger. She had shrunk so small after drinking the whole SH bottle, so she reasoned that she would need to quaff the entire L bottle to compensate.

(Honoka’s thinking wasn’t entirely without merit: a book she read at home that taught her letters as a child, The Big Book Of Alphabet Growth, did indeed group the L with the word Larger. It was even part of a rhyme. L is for Larger, as big as can get! But drinking that tonic, you’re bound to get wet! Honoka never did understand the last line as a child and now an adult, she only remembered the first line, so nothing could possibly go wrong)

Unlike the previous tinctures, this one did not take immediate effect, causing Honoka to wonder if there was an expiration date she missed. She peered around the glass to discover just that when she felt a rumble underneath the arm spread over her enlarged breasts. Not a rumble; instead, a tremor. When Honoka pulled her hand away and glanced downward, her bosoms appeared to have gained a mind of their own and decided to jump and bounce around like oil on a hot skillet.
“I might have made a mistake.”
Honoka did indeed make a mistake, and it was the biggest she will ever make.
In the space between one breath and the next, Honoka’s breasts grew to twice the size of her head, pulling her into a precariously bent-over position as the weight of them threatened to bowl her over. They were very heavy, hanging and swinging to her knees while her back strained to keep the small woman upright. Another breath, though, and she did indeed fall over, but not very far as each mammary became the size of a comfortable living room chair.
“This…this feels really good…” Honoka muttered, her breasts growing past the size of large sofas, the black skin of her boobflesh taut and warm while she lay upon them and drooled, the feelings she experienced much like what she felt when reading one of her books of porn, only inside her chest. When Honoka’s boobs became more abundant than two street vendor’s carts, that was a lot of feeling and it grew at such a rapid pace the girl became positively flustered. Yes, her breasts were expanding to the size of houses, yes, the young woman worried about finding any clothing that would reasonably fit her absurd assets, but those remained concerns for later. Right now, she only wanted to get off (in a cumming fashion and not like one would step off a carriage).
When she rose higher than the table, another awareness took over. Like drinking too many cups of tea and needing to empty the chamber pot, as her indelicate aunt would say in mixed company. Not in her abdomen, this sensitivity radiated inside each boob. When she grew past the size of the table and knocked it over with her black mountains, the pressure mounted sharply behind her nipples and she urgently gained the need to pull on her turgid nips even if such an act proved patently absurd: her arms were far to short to reach that far.
“I wonder if I am in some sort of nightmare, forever trying to realize orgasm but never able to finish,” Honoka grumbled, groaning from the closeness of it all yet frustrated, knowing she would achieve what she wanted if only she might somehow grab her dark and bloated teats.
When her back pressed against the ceiling, she felt the expansion finally stop, though it was only the eye of a hurricane: for now, there existed peace and stillness, yet each of her behemoths loomed only moments away from unleashing. It provided her time to contemplate how larger her breasts swelled at this point. Because she did well with her arithmetic in the past, such a task would doubtless be attainable for the dimensionally minded girl.
“Let's see, I am a woman of five feet and two inches height,” Honoka mused, counting on her fingers, mathematics always calming her. “The ceiling at the time was only ten feet high. My breasts are very full and spherical, but they are still slightly wider on the sides from distension weight, making their average diameter eleven feet in actual size. That would mean their combined actual weight is around…” There was a lot of math, but the young woman remained confident in her calculations. “…83,500 pounds.
“However, when I shrunk down, I must now only be five inches tall. This means the size of my breasts from my minuscule perspective towards each mammoth knocker is increased in magnitude by 12.5 times and increased in a proportional mass ratio of 50. That means the titanic mommy knockers I am looking at and being pressed into the ceiling by appear they are combined…I wanted to say as large as Buckingham Palace, but the palace is 354ft L, 393ft W, 79ft H. My breasts are currently equivalently 135ft L, 270ft W, 125ft H. A little less than half the size of the Palace, then. They still weigh over 2000 equivalent tons. Of particular worry are those dark quivering tit spigots I spy, each seeming forty feet long and thirty feet in diameter to my smaller eyes.”
Even as she watched, those nipples doubled in size and shook violently before unleashing a torrent of hot and creamy milk. Honoka would have liked to calculate the rate of which the milk flooded out (each creamy jet appeared over five feet thick and shooting at a pressure of around five hundred PSI), but she was violently thrust into a world of euphoria when the expression of release finally came, feeling herself deflating. Not the release she tried to achieve all afternoon, but the kind of sitting in the loo after rushing home from an extended social. It was its own sense of bliss and almost made up for not achieving coital completion yet. Almost.
It did distract her from the rising concern that as she emptied her rather full breasts, the room filled rapidly with a sea of lactation. When she neared the height of the fallen table, she achieved an equilibrium and sputtered when the weight of her boobs pulled her down into the milk. Engulfed in her own mammary deluge, Honoka panicked that she would drown. The woman attached to these leaking bosom ballasts was saved by the buoyancy of said tits floating to the top of the cream and breaching the surface like twin whales, pulling her to safety.
Some time later, accustomed to floating in the peaceful white sea while continuing to empty - her breasts now only the size of small carriages - Honoka heard a loud plopping noise. Abruptly, the entire room swirled in a whirlpool of immense size, like the draining of the biggest bath in all the world.
Round and round, faster and faster, Honoka became dizzy and just wanted it to stop. When it did end, the girl shot through the small doorway she had tried to assist Ms. Rabbit with. The pressurized hooter nectar sprayed her for a dozen feet before she arrested in an open field with bedroom furniture spread all around. It proved absurd to the girl raised in propriety to see furniture of this type outside a boudoir. Standing in indignation, Honoka realizing her breasts no longer lactated, though they remained roughly the size of two small jackfruits.
“I mean, who puts bedroom furniture outside?” Honoka asked, drenched and searching for a towel or something to dry off with. “I am beginning to think this place is much farther from normal than I am accustomed.”
Which was probably the most observant thing Honoka stated this entire time.

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