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resiz3d 04-16-2018 08:23 PM

Promising Results
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Wow, it's been 5 years since I've posted any of my own art! But I've been hit by both the GTS and Drawing bugs again lately so here I am. Hope to do more. I am really out of practice!

Anyhoo, this mad scientist's hard work is getting somewhere!

Freddy84 04-16-2018 08:52 PM

Re: Promising Results
Welcome back, and that is one awesome sketch. Thanks for sharing with us.

BlazingBarrager 04-17-2018 02:45 PM

Re: Promising Results
Wow it's been forever since I last saw you. Great piece.

Robopengy 04-17-2018 07:23 PM

Re: Promising Results
Welcome back! Great piece! :D

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