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Quadhouse 06-24-2017 02:10 PM

Looking for
As there's not a "looking for/request" thread here, I guess I'll start one.

I'm looking for two things. The first is stories by Karloon. I have Contest, On the Run, and Dairy. Is there anything else of his out there.

The second is a story that I'm not sure of the author and I don't know the title. I think it may be written by Karloon, or it may be written by Picklejuice. It's been years since I read it. I think I had found it by using a link from Wren's old site. (The Wren Spot for those who may not know it)

Now, the story was about a man who was abducted by aliens because he had the ability to increase the effectiveness of the other aliens the first ones abducted to run their ship. Two of the aliens were female anthros (I can't remember the species) and he got close to one of them. The side affect of his ability (I think it was a side affect) was that the one(s) he was enhancing rapidly gained weight. He and a few of the other alien abductees formed a rebellion and took over the ship. Mostly by using the abilities of the two females I mentioned earlier. Those two, became immobile by the time everything was don.

Does anybody remember this and can tell me where I can find it?

spmonkey2 06-25-2017 08:53 PM

Re: Looking for

Quadhouse 06-26-2017 08:53 AM

Re: Looking for

Originally Posted by spmonkey2 (Post 795531)

WTF! I searched! Several times! HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS!?

Thank you. Now I'm going to go bang my head on a wall.

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