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Alchemical Night 07-17-2018 09:29 PM

(TNP) Vanessa: After the Sip, Feeling Thick
Hello there,

It has been a considerable time since I last posted here, though it's a pleasure to bring a little something further, which i fancy those of the forum may like. Still, as is so often the case, it may require some explanation ;).

Taking off again from my "The Nutty Professor" fandom, I debuted a certain Dr. Andrea Laurie and her big, brassy and blonde alter-ego in Ms. Vanessa DeRoss: the weighty and hearty result of a certain vain glorious attempt to splice and invert a certain Professor Sherman Klump's research from years before...

Still, once more, it seems that Dr. Laurie has retired to her lab, and may be as yet sometime - indeed, after just a sip, Ms. DeRoss is feeling decidedly thick... :o


Alchemical Night.

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