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AustenVeil 10-21-2019 05:28 AM

Salacious Seed: A Taboo Futa Stepsibling Romp

René has been adopted into a new family under unique circumstances. The quiet young woman keeps to herself and studies hard and is accepted into the same college as her stepbrother, much to his dismay. But what he and his family don't realize, is that René has a very big secret - so big, it is like nothing anyone has ever seen or experienced. Once her body develops into a mature young woman, she sets out to explore her unique sexuality and her own family becomes her target due to the skeletons they have in the closet.

This story contains futa on female and futa on male, as well as TABOO stepsibling and stepmother intercourse, and impregnation.

AustenVeil 05-13-2020 07:22 PM

Re: Salacious Seed: A Taboo Futa Stepsibling Romp

René is back and bigger and harder than ever. She is ready to spread more of her huge dominating, and overwhelming futanari love to her adopted family and her brother's ex-girlfriend. Her very voluptuous Aunt turns the tables on her and gives her a lofty goal when René finds out that her sexual appetite is even larger than her own. Her mother and Peyton submit to her and are carrying her seed in their wombs, but it is the sudden arrival of her older sister that really piques her desire.

AustenVeil 12-07-2020 07:50 PM

Re: Salacious Seed: A Taboo Futa Stepsibling Romp

René's desire to wreak havoc on her adopted family with her own special brand of punishment and domination hasn't lost its momentum. First up, her seemingly chaste and innocent older sister Cammy is in her crosshairs. With a little help, she turns out to be a bit more capable than Rene imagined. Jake tries to make his mark and fails miserably and their mother and their Aunt show up to bring order... maybe.

AustenVeil 12-18-2020 03:03 PM

Re: Salacious Seed: A Taboo Futa Stepsibling Romp
All my books are on sale until the 1st.

AustenVeil 06-12-2022 05:32 AM

Re: Salacious Seed: A Taboo Futa Stepsibling Romp

The long-awaited conclusion to the epic step-sibling futa romp is finally here. René faces off with her Aunt's genetically enhanced sex-machine body in preparation for her final confrontation with her father. This is part Four of a series.

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