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JJStrebas 07-03-2018 05:29 AM

Heavy Consequences

Selene's weight was spiraling out of control until she won a chance to appear on an extreme weight loss reality TV show. After losing a considerable amount, we find her depressed due to the excess skin she has remaining from her former extreme size. Upon visiting a self-help group session, she meets a doctor who wants to assist her with an experimental treatment. Selene receives and applies a strange gel, and discovers that she has gained much more than tighter skin, but now wields the power of an alien symbiont whose motives and capabilities are unknown.

This is an erotic tale containing inflation, weight gain, living clothes, fast BE, and absorption vore. It contains violence.

This one has graphic deaths courtesy of the MC via contact vore. It isn't especially gory in my opinion, but those that have an aversion to this sort of thing won't like it. Even though it has a similar title and cover style, it is NOT a continuation of Heavy Satisfaction.


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