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Valeyard Vince 06-01-2019 05:25 AM

Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
Wet Dream - Down the Drain is out now!

A relaxing shower becomes a horrifying nightmare when a woman named Denise begins to rapidly (and inexplicably) shrink until she finds herself going Down the Drain!

Synopsis: Denise was hoping that a nice, long shower might be just the way to relax and unwind (and maybe let out a little pent-up sexual tension with some “alone time”)... but will her soothing shower turn into a diminishing nightmare?

Release date: June 1st, 2019
Written by: Mercurius
Artwork by: Wang (Sedna Studio)
Tags: shrinking, process, micro, shower, shrunken woman, peril

Issue Link: Down the Drain

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ALSO: What did you think about Down the Drain? Let us know your feedback in the comments section to help us improve!

Doll-Elf 06-01-2019 02:29 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
While detailed it was very short and fast paced. Mostly just eyecandy and an extension of a comic we already had as a multi-part page. The only added bit was the end in which was guaranteed to show that more comics will be coming.

The style is lovely but the story falls very short and the single page comic portrayed this just fine.

(It might have been more than a single page, maybe 2 or 3 tops. But the same result)

zdarkness 06-01-2019 04:08 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics

Originally Posted by Colossmol (Post 825162)
For a site that only needs to produce one script a month, the story and writing are lacking.

Halfway through, the narrative abruptly ends with "It was all a dream!" I had not seen any previous comic that wrote themselves into a corner as quickly as this script did.

The main character is an empty shell with no discernable qualities but being a cartoonish nymphomaniac. While the art is serviceable, nothing happens in this story. The character is passive, with most lines either being voicing confusion or bemoaning what's happening to her. Paired with a different script, the artist could deliver on some interesting angles and perspectives.

This is by far the worst comic on the site. While most comics vary in quality, they all fall within a certain range that is acceptable. This comic falls below that range. I hope it is not a sign of things to come. Little and Small Change look like exciting premises with potential. From the start, this comic did not appear to show any promise. Even the keywords imply dull filler between the next Small Fortune or other higher-quality work.

If you are going to adapt the work of others, please pick works that have interesting and proven narratives or world-building that go with the shrinking, like Catster's Diary of a Shrinking Woman.

Sorry Qzar and Vince, but I'm going to have to agree here. I know fetish content comes before writing, but... Really, here was nothing here that wasn't in the original 4chan piece other than the setup and dialogue, but I thought the original piece expressed the character's reactions better just by her face.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it was terrible but it was essentially just an extended shrinking sequence.

The art is very nice at least. I like the dynamics of the "camera." It really helped to emphasize her change in height in a situation where there isn't much besides water to compare her to.

Also did Drawanon get a credit?

EDIT: Disregard that last part. I just checked the 4chan shrinking thread and Drawanon is both aware fo the comic and doesn't mind either way about that kind of thing.

Captain Ash 06-02-2019 09:01 AM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
“Down to the Drain” is a comic, based on a short comic from a 4-Chan artist, who is often called in the community as Drawanon or Draw-bro; as the author and creator of these comics never revealed an artist-name and only post anonymous.

This version of the comic is an extension of the original with some thoughts and dialogues of the protagonist.
The artist did a great job on adding some nice perspectives of the shrinking scene.
The body language and face expressions are captured perfectly to her current predicament.

This comic has a nice slowly shrinking process.
Although the comic contain all story elements of the original it add only a few minor details, e.g. why she is taking a shower.
For my taste, there is too much cursing when the character shrinks.
Besides the extended shrinking and the beautiful art, the comic adds nothing really new, like why Denise is shrinking.
Or how she is discovering her new gigantic environment.
Although I like the ending, I missed the opportunity to build more on this last part.

It is hinted that Denise will be found by her room-mate in another chapter, but for me this comic is completed and fine as it is.
Even though some might wonder, if the extension of an already existing comic was necessary instead of doing something new, I see this comic as what it is:
only a nice slowly shrinking comic to enjoy.

OhZone 06-02-2019 01:18 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
We do know the other nicks for the artist doe. :P

Rebikan 06-02-2019 01:32 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
The artist who created this is one of my favorites for this site. They really nail down how to draw a sexually enticing damsel in distress. Hopefully they do more work.

That said, as others have noted this is a weak copy of an existing storyline, beat for beat. It's not that we don't appreciate the comic, but we do not pay $15 a month for a phone-it-in writing crew. These are erotic stories, why be so lazy? Why repeatedly draw only a short section of process, only to tease that there may be some sexual interaction in the *next* comic, which will come... in a year? That's not worth the price you're charging.

AB23 06-03-2019 09:10 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
It was a decent comic but I mean… The last few stories have either been F/f or f stories… Do we ever get any M/f stories again? Also there's gotta be a way to either make the comics longer or output the content to twice a month. It's frustrating to see all the other sites get 2, maybe 3 comics a month while we're stuck waiting months or a year for a single storyline to conclude.

J Yubari 06-04-2019 12:40 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
Thanks for all of the feedback about "Down the Drain" and the site as a whole. I do take these into account when deciding what titles to continue, what to scrap and when to try new things.

First, I'd like to address the issue regarding the origins of the story. As a matter of policy we only publish original works and (in rare cases) adaptations of existing written stories with express permission granted from the original creator. It was only brought to my attention recently that there exists a shower shrinking mini comic that was posted to 4chan submitted by an anonymous artist. Our staff has since taken steps to try to contact the artist but this might be impossible since it was posted anonymously. Side note: If you know the artist or are the artist please contact us.

That being said, there have been other works of fiction, published before and after that mini comic was posted, that involve a woman shrinking in the shower. Needless to say we'll be putting our efforts toward depicting other scenarios and leave the shower shrinking to anyone else who wants to give it a go.

We are also doing our best to reach a point where we're able to offer more content each month -- of course this is contingent on our production capacity and costs associated. Every membership brings us one step closer to this goal.

scidram 06-04-2019 01:14 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
Let it be noted that ideas CANNOT be copyrighted, only works put in a tangible medium. So though this comic and the other mini-comic depict a woman shrinking in the shower, that's just an idea which has been fictionalized several times around the internet. Unless the "Down the Drain" writer specifically asked the ShrinkFan artist to reference specific existing drawings from a previous interpretation, there is nothing wrong with reinterpreting a pretty general idea.

For example, the following movies by rival studios came out within months of one another:
Armageddon vs. Deep Impact (big asteroid coming to Earth)
Antz vs. A Bug's Life (an off-beat ant saves the colony)
Mission to Mars vs. Red Planet (astronauts find weird stuff on Mars)
Volcano vs. Dante's Peak (dormant volcano erupts)
And the list goes on.

I read it once that there are very few, if any, new story ideas. Whether the execution of this idea is good is a subjective argument (the artwork is fantastic, in my opinion), but the idea is fair game to be used in a new way, as it appears the ending of the comic will go.

AB23 06-04-2019 06:52 PM

Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics
Sounds great. Personally I'd like to see the conclusion to the Bully & One Extreme to Another. And maybe another M/f comic at some point?

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