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The Governor 10-01-2013 08:16 PM

Forum Rules
0. All request threads are subject to deletion for any reason The Governor sees fit. Most likely to be one of the following: Rule violations, abuse, content being asked for not in line with the theme of the forum.

1. This forum is not for requesting content that you already know exists or for asking for links to preexisting content, especially anything being sold to the community.

2. This forum is for requesting art/stories/ect with process themes.

3. Both artists and consumers can use this forum to solicit commissions.

4. Be very specific and creative, your request isn't going to get anywhere if you don't peek someone's interest yourself with a very creative or unique idea accompanied with any pictures and information someone would need in order to complete the request.

5. No one is required to complete your request or even look at it. Excessive badgering, flooding, and bumping is discouraged and will have consequences.

6. Be respectful and grateful, just because your request wasn't completed in exactly the way that you wanted it done doesn't give you the right to badger or abuse the artist. Just be thankful that your idea inspired process artwork to be created.

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