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Mytransformations 03-04-2016 03:53 PM

Larger Than Life (WG, Anthro, Personality Change)
Larger Than Life (Weight Gain/Anthro/Personality Change) by T.F. Wright

​Tiny, timid Tasha is a young lawyer who lets everyone walk all over her. But when she tries a new body spray called "Primal," everything starts to change. Soon, Tasha starts becoming more and more confident, and her body starts expanding right along with her ego. Her new, larger than life persona is brash, abrasive, unruly, untidy, and unique. Experience Tasha's journey to find herself - and love - in this erotic, romantic furry/anthro story. Includes weight gain, personality changes, steamy sex, and much more!

Larger Than Life is 22,000 words long, making it my longest transformation story yet! I hope you enjoy. As a reminder, you do not need a Kindle to read ebooks from amazon, you can read them in your browser with Amazon's cloud reader.

Read an excerpt below:


Then, she noticed that the order of root beers was ready. They were in oversized, chilled mugs and had several generous scoops of root-beer flavored ice cream on top. Seeing the fizzy drink made her mouth water and her stomach growl, and mind her mind desperate to come up with some rationalization for stealing one.

They’d ordered two root beers for two people, Tasha thought. Wouldn’t they be better off just getting one and sharing it? Much more romantic, she thought. And her boss did tell her people came here for the atmosphere…

Tasha heisted for a moment. Was this the right call? Should she ask her boss? Then again, her boss did tell her to be more confident…

“I’m confidently making this decision myself!” Tasha said, giving herself another spray and then grabbing one of the floats and starting to guzzle it down. As she drank, her lips began to change shape, swelling and growing plumper. Her cheeks grew larger as if to support them, and as she gobbled up the ice cream, the features of her face were twisted and contorted by her more bestial appearance...

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