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somnium 04-21-2019 05:12 PM

Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode
Now available on Amazon

Her life altered by a childhood accident, Viola's body continuously produces blueberry juice, swelling her up and turning her skin blue. As she grows up, Viola discovers that there's one way to expel all the juice from her body in one blast: masturbation.

Now, out of college and struggling at her crummy job, Viola has less free time than ever. The juice is building up again, and no matter what Viola does, she's getting bigger and bigger every day.

Can Viola figure out what's wrong with her before she pops, or worse, loses her job?

somnium 07-15-2019 10:59 AM

Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode
Chapter 2 of Juicy is out now!

Filling with juice, unable to stop, Viola's only hope is a little alone time to ease the pressure.

Too bad she's just been kidnapped.

Now, sitting in an empty cabin in the middle of the woods, tied to a chair, in the middle of a snowstorm, Viola has turned bright blue. The juice is overloading her body, swelling her, blowing her up, enhancing her curves and plumping her limbs. Can Viola escape somehow and juice herself before it's too late?

Pre-order here:

...and don't forget to check out chapter one here:

MG 08-14-2019 01:27 PM

Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode
Amazing work sir!!

somnium 08-16-2019 08:20 PM

Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode

Originally Posted by MG (Post 827944)
Amazing work sir!!

Thank you, glad you're enjoying the series!

somnium 10-18-2019 07:16 PM

Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode
Juicy, Chapter 3: The Exploding Wife

Out Now!

Trapped in a blizzard and swelling like a blueberry, sex is her only hope!

Kidnapped and swelling with juice, Viola only has one chance. If she can seduce one of her kidnappers and orgasm, then she'll finally be safe from exploding, and maybe even be small enough to escape.

The problem: one of her kidnappers has the sexual stamina of a mosquito, and the other, Morrie, can't bare the thought of sleeping with her. Though Morrie doesn't want her to pop, something in his dark past is keeping him from saving Viola, and Viola must find out what it is before she becomes nothing more than a blue stain on the white snow.

Our story so far...
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

somnium 03-12-2020 08:19 PM

Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode
Juice 4: Two Girls, One Pump

Amazon -
Smashwords -

Abandoned in the wilderness, full of blueberry juice, and ready to pop...

Viola's kidnappers have abandoned her to her fate. Swollen to the size of a truck and unable to move, Viola could pop at any minute, but suddenly, her luck changes.

Viola's boss Tori, has mounted a one-woman rescue mission through a raging blizzard to save her. If she can make love to Viola and purge her of her built up juices, then the two can make their escape.

However, someone else is looking for Viola: someone who desperately wants her for himself. When he arrives at the cabin, Viola's luck may finally run out.

This story contains blueberry transformation and body inflation: no gum required.

Ronaldanimi 04-14-2020 01:35 AM

Blueberry If She Doesnt Come Shell Explode
So all, just wondering whats up with brownie. she doesnt seem to come out of her hide very much, unless theres a juicy worm out there or some lettuce or whatevers on the menu.

Is this normal behavior?

she is very active, and still not shy at all when being held.

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