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JJStrebas 04-21-2018 03:41 AM

Heavy Satisfaction

Kendra is struggling with her weight. Her personal life suffers because of her body image. She has tried all sorts of diets and medication, to no avail. A new clinic in town boasts miraculous results and she gains the look she desires from their mysterious treatment. Her huge transformation leaves her with mixed feelings due to how people around her react. Kendra is depressed once again, until she reunites with Emery, who becomes her partner and rock for her to stand on. A peculiar accident gives Kendra incredible abilities and reverses the effects of her treatment. As a result her appetite and weight go spiraling out of control - which brings great satisfaction to her and Emery and utter ruin and destruction to their enemies.

This is an erotic revenge tale that contains BE, SSBBW weight gain, and two women engaged in a feeder/gainer relationship with science fiction elements. FF, FFF intercourse as well as domination, simulated oral vore, fatal and non-fatal suffocation, and crushing.


JJStrebas 11-03-2018 04:16 AM

Re: Heavy Satisfaction

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