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TF stories that aren't super short.
Going to try my hand at the longer stories again. Also I figured it makes more sense to compile all the longer stories into one thread rather than give them each their own thread. So I'll be putting all the old stories up again before moving on to the new works.

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Year of the Snake
Year of the Snake

She'd been dreading this event for years, half her life in fact. It was time for her curse to manifest once again. It had been twelve years since it had last happened, twelve years of normalcy. This year would be different, every full moon this year would be a little taste of hell. She tried to remind herself that it wouldn't happen again for another twelve years. Last time she was just a kid, it didn't impact her life that much that year. No job, no social obligations, plus her parents had helped her through it. But now she was an adult, 24 years old and living alone, she'd have to get through this year of hell on her own.

Tonight, Julia would become a snake.

The sun was already beginning to set as she made her way down into the basement of her home. She'd lived alone her for several years now, taking time every so often to work on setting up a special room for this occasion. At the very least this curse's timing was predictable. She knew what year it was going to happen, and on what nights during that year. She'd had plenty of time to prepare for it, at least physically, emotionally however she knew she'd never be ready. How could anyone actually ready themselves mentally to transform into an animal? Knowing their very essence would twist and warp into an entirely different being that they had no control over. It was maddening to think about, so she tried as often as she could to push it from her mind. Instead she focused on the physical aspect of it. She built a small room in her basement that she could hide in while she transformed, remain in all night, and let herself out of in the morning. The most important feature of it though in her mind was that it be hidden from anyone else. She'd made the entrance look like part of the surrounding wall, and it had no windows that anyone could peek into. Though even without windows, with no moonlight flooding the room, she would still change, there would be no stopping it.

"Okay" she said to herself as she pushed open the secret doorway into the hidden room. She inhaled deeply. "It's going to be okay, Julia. You've done this a dozen times before."

While true, those dozen times were also a dozen years ago. It went without saying that she was out of practice for this event. Luckily, it was an automatic process that she couldn't actually screw up even if she'd tried to. Also unluckily, it was an automatic process that she couldn't stop even if she'd tried to. She'd laugh at the thought if the first pains of her transformation hadn't just begun.

"Ungh!" she wrapped her arms around her midsection as the process started. The pain ebbed slightly, allowing her time to flip on the light switch beside the doorway. The room filled with bright white light, displaying the bare walls and floor of what would for the remainder of the night be her cage. She quickly closed the door and slid the bolt lock into place.

"Nngh!" she grunted as the pain returned with a vengeance. Sweat began to drip from her face, and caused her long brown hair to stick to her forehead. It was odd she thought, that her body would heat up like this when in a few minutes she would be cold blooded.

She remembered vaguely the transformations from years ago, and how they were never the same twice. She had no way of predicting what the transformation would be like, only that it would be painful. She'd worn only a loose t-shirt and plain white panties for tonight since they'd be easy to get out of regardless of how the transformation itself decided to take place.

"Uh.. ooh... umm." Her head was spinning now, making her woozy and causing her to lose balance. She nearly collapsed but caught herself against the wall with one hand for support. As her vision cleared she looked to her other hand, holding it before her eyes she saw her nails drop off one by one. The same thing happened to her toenails at the same time though she didn't notice. This part wasn't painful at least, but almost everything else would be.

Julia lowered herself to the floor as there was no sense in trying to remain upright, she tried to remain practical even now. Half lying on her side, propped up by one arm, she watched as long strands of her hair began to fall to the floor. First single strands, then large clumps until her scalp was completely bare. She ran a finger along her eyebrows, the small hairs fell away as well. She blinked several times causing her lashes to fall out and join the rest of her bodily hair on the floor. Had she not shaved her pubic hair regularly they too would have come out, though been caught the panties she was still wearing. So she was glad she'd kept that area hairless at all times, one less mess to worry about cleaning up later.

Pain was returning now, though the heat from before was dieing down. She figured it must have been her body chemistry changing, she could no longer warm her own blood from within. Her sweat glands had stopped functioning as well, though she was covered in moisture that soaked through her white t-shirt and caused it to cling to her curves, she could produce not a drop more. A chill ran through her body as the mammalian warmth left her. Her nipples hardened, stiff against the wet fabric of her shirt. These mammalian features would vanish soon as well. She reached up with one hand to cup a breast and squeeze it slightly. It was tender, and softer than normal, yielding to the slight pressure she applied all too easily. In her grasp she could feel it shrinking away, the nipple no longer stiff and losing sensation rapidly. 12 years ago she didn't have these to lose, but now it was a bizarre aspect of the transformation she'd never undergone before.

While she very much would have liked to explore her transforming breast tissue a while longer, her curiosity would have to wait as another wave of pain washed over her body. This time the bones in her legs began to ache intensely. She looked back to them and watched as they began to visibly shorten. The aching grew stronger and suddenly a loud crack echoed against the bare walls of the room. Another crack and another, each softer than the one before as the bones became smaller and weaker each time. Soon her legs were useless and insensate. She could only watch helplessly as they receded into her body and vanished.

"That wasn't so bad I guess. Ungh!" she spoke too soon as her hips tightened and popped, the pelvic bones beginning to break down causing her curves to collapse inward. The lower half of her long t-shirt hung empty as from the waist down she seemed to have disappeared. Leaning back, resting on her elbows she looked down at where her hips had once been and frowned. Those had been some of her best features. She dragged herself backwards a short distance and observed her now empty panties slipping out from under her long shirt. They too were soaked in cold sweat.

She fell flat on her back as her arms suddenly became numb and immobile. Turning her head to one side she could see the limb thinning and shortening. She was thankful the nerves had stopped working before the bones began to break down. In retrospect this had so far been one of her least painful transitions. Though she knew the limbs were far from the worst part. She stared up at the featureless ceiling as her useless arms vanished into her short sleeves. The real pain would soon begin.

"Almost done, just gotta tough out this last bit and.. and.. AH GOD!" she screamed, interrupting her own pep-talk as the final and most painful stages began. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she began to hyperventilate. The nearly transparent shirt became looser as her breasts dwindled to nothing beneath it, the darker circles of her nipples fading into her skin as well until her chest was entirely flat and featureless. Ribs popped and cracked as they shrank, but none of them disappeared, instead they multiplied. Her spine began to extend, stretching her body with it, making it thinner and longer. A long tail still wrapped in pale human flesh convulsed across the floor, swaying back and forth beneath the nearly empty t-shirt. She pitched left, then right, and finally rolled over onto her stomach to get into her final position.

Lying flat on her belly, nearly naked, completely hairless, and with only her human head remaining she cringed and moaned as the bones in said head began to compress. Her ears quickly shrank and sealed over while her lips thinned and their color faded. She spat out all her teeth and ran her now longer thin tongue over her gums as she felt her new fangs forming. The moaning ceased as her vocal cords withered to nothing, only a hissing sound could be produced at this point. Her lower jaw cracked and broke in half, the stinging pain causing her to hiss loudly though she'd scream and cry if she still could. Her tear-ducts and eyelids had already vanished while a thick membrane grew to replace them.

She could feel her skull tightening around her brain, squeezing out her thoughts and memories as it forced her mind into a smaller and smaller space. Brown and yellow scales formed across every inch of her body, now only 5 feet long. Her small scaly face stretched forward into a snort reptilian snout and lastly her brown eyes turned yellow. The transformation was complete, the human woman known as Julia was gone, only a small Ball Python remained and slithered it's way out of the over-sized white t-shirt. It would explore the boundaries of the small hidden room until dawn and the whole transformation would reverse itself until next month.

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Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat

Old traditions dictate that when no treats are given on Halloween night, a trick must be performed as punishment. Over the years the tricking custom was lost, the threats now all idle for the most part. No normal person would expect a punishment, no normal child would hand one out. However, this was no normal Halloween, and these were no normal children.

8:15 PM -October 31st ~Campbell Residence~

The flicker of the big screen TV illuminated the otherwise dark living room. A young woman relaxes on the couch, laying stretched across it's cushions as she enjoys an old horror film. She brushes a lock of red hair behind her ear as a man on screen wielding a chainsaw chases a busty blonde through a corn field. The man catches up to the woman, raises his weapon above his head as he prepares to deliver a killing blow-

Ding Dong!

She sits up with a start, looking away from the screen to the door across the room. She had visitors.

"Ugh. Damn kids. I thought they'd all be in bed by now." the redhead gets up from her comfy couch and drags her feet in protest at this disturbance.

This was her least favorite holiday. It wasn't because of the children ringing her doorbell at all hours of the night, they were annoying to be sure, but the reason was deeper. All throughout her childhood she'd been teased because of her name, Candy, 'what a stupid name' she'd often thought. Back in school at this time of year the other children would joke that she was made of candy and that she should be careful no one tried to eat her that night. She would roll her eyes at them and sink lower at her desk. It was only one day at year, but it was every year, and it got tiresome.

"I'm coming, just a sec." she called to the visitors outside her door as she marched slowly and reluctantly to greet them.

Just before she opened the door she noticed the empty bowl on the table. She sighed briefly. How could she have forgotten to switch the porch light off when the candy had run out? The children will be disappointed now. 'oh well' she thought 'better make this quick I guess'.

She opened the door, and gave her best 'I'm sorry, kids' face as three young voices called out in unison-

"Trick or Treat!"

- while holding their festive plastic bags out expectantly.

"Sorry" was the first thing to come to mind "I forgot to turn off the light when I ran out earlier. It's all gone kids, sorry."

They looked at each other, then back to her. "Are you sure there's no more, Candy?"

The way they said that caused a chill to run up her spine. It wasn't 'are you sure there's no more candy?' it was clearly her name they tagged onto the end of the question, that brief pause before 'Candy' was unsettling. No, she must have misheard.

"Candy, are you sure there's no more?"

No, she heard correctly the first time. They were calling her by name. Who were these kids? She tried to play it off, maybe their parents put them up to it.

"Sorry, I'm the only Candy here, and I won't fit in those bags." she smiled and began to close the door slowly. Giving an awkward and nervous smile as she did so.

"Not yet you won't." they said in unison.

She stopped again, startled by what she'd heard. One of them grabbed the edge of the door and kept it from closing, another quickly followed and together they forced it from her grip. She tried to step back as one of them grabbed her wrist, but she was too slow and they started to pull her towards the group. 'Surprisingly strong for a child' she might have thought if her mind wasn't frozen in fear in that instant.

"You didn't give us a treat, now you get a trick. Those are the rules your ancestors agreed upon." the three small costumed figures spoke as one.

She hadn't paid much attention until now, but the masks they wore seemed quite old. They were made of thick wood, carved crudely into frightening skulls. Time had eaten away at them, the wood was rotten in places. Beneath the rotten wood, behind the mask she thought she caught a glimpse of bleached white bone. It was too dark and happened too fast for her to be sure. In a matter of a second she'd noticed the ugly masks and pulled free of the child's grip, though it seemed like she was being held for ages. Her arm felt cold where they'd touched her, ice cold.

Without another word she yanked away from them and slammed the door shut, locking both it and the deadbolt soundly in place. Catching her breath she stood by the door, chest heaving, hands shaking in fear. What had just happened, she wondered, was that a prank?

"The door won't save you. It's too late. Our bags will be filled with Candy tonight." they emphasized it again, 'Candy'.

It was her name they'd said again. They intended to put her in those tiny bags? 'As if' she thought to herself and was about to roll her eyes at the notion just like all those years ago in school. But then-


-she heard a strange sound. Something small and hard and hit the floor by her feet. She looked down to see what it was and the sound repeated twice more in quick succession. One of the objects rolled under the door and outside onto the porch.

"That's a start. But we want it all, Candy" the voices spoke from just outside the door.

It was a piece of candy that rolled under the door? But where did it come from? She hadn't dropped any, she didn't have any to drop. Several more hit the floor as she pondered their origin. Another hit her arm on it's way to the floor, she saw it then clearly, an M&M. She reached up to her head with both hands, feeling her hair. Had they fallen from her hair? Were there some on the couch and she'd laid in them without realizing it? She felt nothing there at first, but after a moment she noticed her fingers felt sticky. Maybe some had melted in her hair and the rest fell out?

"What is this, I don't even.." she said aloud and confused as she looked at her fingers, sticky with a pink residue.

'M&Ms aren't pink' she realized and reached into her hair again, pulling out a thick clump of something this time. Learning what it was didn't dispel her fear in the least, it only amplified it. Cotton candy, her head was covered in it. She fumbled about her scalp with both hands, trying in vain to find any of her hair in that sticky pink mess. All her hands met with was a thick mop of fluffy pink cotton, it dissolved slightly from her body heat and stuck to her fingers.

"This isn't real!" she shouted in a denial.

Her fear caused her to sweat profusely now, and what followed was a symphony of clacks and clicks at her feet as more M&Ms cascaded around her and echoed off the hardwood floors. She looked down and watched a bead of sweat drip from her face and become a piece of hard shelled candy before it touched the floor. It clacked off the wood and bounced toward the door. Her hair, her sweat, it was becoming candy. She was becoming candy! She hated her name even more now than she ever thought possible.

Backing away from the door, from the growing clutter of M&Ms on the floor, she tried to escape her fate. She saw the stairs that lead to the second floor as she spun away from the door, and without a moments thought she proceeded to climb them. As she got about halfway up the stairs one of her ankles gave out causing her to trip forward onto the stairs. She caught herself with her hands, the sudden movement caused several beads of sweat to fall from her body and clack loudly on the stairs as hard candies. They clacked down and down the stairs onto the first floor with the rest of them. As she tried to stand again her ankle once more gave out, this time for good. She heard another chorus of clacks as hard objects poured down the stairs. Looking back she saw their source. Her sock lay on the step below her, empty now as a mass of what appeared to be 'jaw-breakers' had spilled out from it. Her right foot was gone, and slowly, bit by bit, her leg was vanishing as pieces of flesh and bone somehow converted into hard spheres of candy and dropped away from her.

"No.." she whispered weakly.

As she stared down her left foot became numb and went limp, it refused to move. A moment later it, and the sock she'd been wearing, fell from her body. Just as before hard candies rolled down the stairs from the opening in the sock. She stared in shock as pieces slowly fell from both her legs now, becoming solid balls of sugar and bouncing down the stairs with loud clacks. She was losing mass at a startling rate and she knew within minutes there would be nothing left of her.

"No!" she shrieked at the stop of her lungs as reality came crashing down on her.

"Don't do this to me! I don't want to fucking die like this! Not like this!" she looked away from the empty socks and remains of her legs and resumed her climb up the stairs. The climb was difficult without her feet, but as her legs continued to disappear her overall weight decreased and the task became progressively easier. She did not take any comfort in that. She whimpered sadly as she reached the top of the stairs and caught a glimpse of her jeans lying on the floor behind her, empty. Her panties could be seen hanging out from the opening in the top of her jeans, just as empty. She didn't dare lift her shirt to look at what was left, or think about what was gone. Instead she dragged what was left of herself across the narrow hall at the top of the stairs towards a closed door.

"I'll be safe in there. They won't find me." she told herself, nearly hysterical with fear now. Her words hoarse and unconvincing. She reached up for the doorknob with her right hand while propping her remaining torso up with her left. It was a stretch but she just got her hands around the knob to begin to turn it when she froze. Her wide eyes fixed on her right hand above her as the skin began to bubble and shapes formed under it. Those shapes soon became clearer, oblique triangles. She didn't have time to question what that meant before her hand suddenly burst open as a mass of candy corn which rained down on her face. Her lonely wrist now pointed up toward the doorknob and tiny pieces of candy continued to drop from it at a slow pace. Before she could say a word she slipped from her awkward reaching pose and found herself face down on the floor.

"Huh? What now?"

A quick glimpse at her left wrist, minus the hand answered that question. With a tear filled sob she rolled over onto her back as both her arms dissolved into piles of candy corn on either side of her. Now limbless, and basically only an upper torso and head she began to hyperventilate on the floor. Her cotton candy hair stuck to the hardwood floor slightly, leaving a pink residue as she tossed her head back and forth in protest.

A long creaking sound from downstairs alerted her that the front door had been opened. She could hear footsteps on the floor, approaching the steps and then starting up them. She could do nothing but sob softly to herself now as the children approached her with their empty bags. Bags they would soon fill with pieces of what had once been her lovely body. She looked down to her chest and watched the shape of it change dramatically. Her once tight bra suddenly became loose, ridiculously so as her once firm breasts changed within it. She couldn't see what was happening directly as her dark blue t-shirt blocked her view but within moments she could see pieces of candy pouring from under the shirt as it deflated. Then, almost comically two caramel covered apples rolled out, her former breasts. She would have laughed but she no longer had lungs.

The children reached the top of the steps just before the end of Candy's bizarre transformation. They looked down at her face as it sank into the opening of her shirt, pieces of candy pooling around it as they separated from her head. While at the same time she stared back up at them from the floor, looking into the empty eyes of their masks as her point of view got lower and lower. Eventually the fabric of her shirt rose into her line of sight and obstructed her view of those frightening children. It was a small mercy, to not have them be the last thing she saw. A dark blue curtain pulled itself over her world as she disappeared into her clothes. Nothing was left but a pile of various candy treats and her once form fitting attire.

The children picked up her clothes and shook them, more bits of candy rained from inside the shirt, the bra fell out as well. They picked up every little piece of Candy they found from the front door to the second floor and left the clothing behind. They giggled to themselves quietly as they exited through the front door, it closed behind them on it's own. The house lay silent and empty, on the big screen in the living room the movie had concluded unnoticed "The End" displaying on the screen.

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Late Shift
Late Shift

It was 3:00 p.m when Kate's alarm clock woke her. Sleepily she reached over to silence it with the snooze button. It was time to get up and ready herself for another hellish night. The sun would set in five hours and her horrible transformation would begin shortly after. It was just that time of the month, the full moon was preparing to rise in about two hours time, but as long as the sun was still shining it held the wolf at bay.

To add to her misfortune, she also had to work tonight. She was hoping her work schedule and the full moon would not intersect this month, but sadly they had. So had no choice but to call her boss to inform him that she'd be unavailable. It had happened a few times before, forcing her to fake sick and miss her scheduled work shift. This time should have been no different, however...

"No, you can't have the night off. I don't care if you've caught a cold, or the flu, or even the plague. There's no one to cover your shift tonight. If you don't come in, you're fired." her boss, Carl, announced angrily over the phone after she'd tried to call in 'sick'.

"Are you sure? You tried Jeff and Steve already?" she asked hopefully.

"They're both out of town for some dumb concert. They let me know over a week ago, so they're clear. But you Missy, you'd better get your ass in gear, and just tough out your little bug for the night. It ain't gonna kill you to work with the sniffles for eight hours. So get moving." he said before hanging up.

She knew there would be no reasoning with him. He wasn't the most patient or understanding employer. But she had to put up with him to keep her job. Working nights alone was the only way she could get by after the incident two years ago. The incident had left her scarred for life, in more ways than one.

It was an ordinary camping trip in the forest with some friends. Everything was going great, she and her friends were having a good time, until nightfall. Once the sun set everything went to hell, and her life was never the same. Some huge animal tore through their camp, and through her friends. She was the only survivor of the attack, but she didn't escape unscathed. The beast had swiped it's claws across the left side of her face, leaving horrible scars and taking her left eye entirely. The authorities said it had to have been a bear that wandered in after smelling the food they'd cooked. She would have liked that to be true, but it wasn't.

It was a werewolf. No one would believe her story, so she kept it to herself. She pretended to believe the story about it being a bear that ruined her life, pretended she never saw the real creature, pretended to have been knocked out cold by the attack but she saw it all. Mostly she just pretended to be human these days. But she knew better, she had become the same type of creature every full moon since. She had no control over it, and no memory of what she'd done those nights.

She avoided social interaction as much as possible these days. Apart from being self conscious about her scar and missing eye, she also didn't want anyone to get hurt on those nights when she wasn't herself.

In her basement she'd set up a large steel cage with thick bars and a combination lock. She could lock herself in before she changed and let herself out in the morning. It had worked for the most part, there had only been a few nights that she'd transformed outside the cage. She could only hope that no one had been harmed by her bestial side on those few occasions, though she had no way of ever knowing for sure.

She arrived at work on time, a few hours before sunset. Working as a late night janitor had it's advantages. It afforded her the opportunity to work alone and in the dark. No one would see her disfigured face, the face that was once so beautiful. She kept her black hair long and let it cover the left side of her face at all times. A glass false eye took the place of her original, though it never looked right to her. Her boss at least never brought up the scars or asked what happened. He may have lacked patience, but he at least had the tact to never mention the scars in her presence.

Unloading her cleaning equipment from the back of her plain white van she made her way into the empty office building. It was ten floors high with a basement and sub-basement. Plenty enough work to keep one person occupied for eight hours. Unfortunately she would only be a person for the next three of those hours. As she adjusted the zipper of her plain gray coveralls she wondered how quickly she could remove these should the worst happen tonight. As she dressed for work earlier she'd decided to wear very little underneath her work clothes, just in case. A simple pair of white panties was all she had on beneath the suit. She wasn't wearing a bra, not even socks insider her work boots, which she'd kept loose so she could slip out of them without fumbling with the laces.

As she closed the back of the van one might have seen a heavy iron chain with manacles bolted to the floor of the vehicle. One wouldn't have seen the bag of spare clothes she'd kept stashed under the front passenger seat, just in case. She hoped she could make it back here before sunset to secure herself for the night. It wouldn't be the first time she'd had to resort to such measures. She would clean as much as she could in the next three hours and then rush to the van. Hopefully her boss would understand her having to leave early so long as most of the work was done, but she'd worry about that later.

Kate entered the building through the front lobby using her work keys. Despite missing a late shift every few months when it clashed with her lunar schedule she was still a well trusted employee. All the regular employees had gone home for the night and there was no security. She was utterly alone, just the way she preferred to be these days. She began her task by sweeping the floor of the lobby, then wiping down counters, later cleaning the windows. This task was repeated on the next few floors.

The elevator made it easy to move all her cleaning equipment between floors. She'd spent quite some time in this elevator over the last two years. Seeing the same brown carpet, the same brown wall panels that were made to look like wood. Always the same metal doors, she'd polished them so often they were practically like a mirror. Her reflection shown on the clean metal surface would sometimes cause her grief. Occasionally she would catch a glimpse of the scarred left side of her face, or a glance from her glass eye. It didn't move right she always noticed, it wasn't the right color either, just a slightly darker shade of brown than her own natural eye. She adjusted the locks of black hair over the ruined side of her face to keep it hidden from view. Even all alone like this she didn't want her disfigurement to be showing.

Stepping off the elevator onto the eight floor Kate set up her vacuum to begin cleaning the carpeted office area. This grayish blue carpet occupied most of the floor with the exception of the 'break room' which only had more tile like the lower floors. One of her friends used to work in an office building like this. Vanessa was her name, she was in customer service, answering calls all day long. If not for the attack she'd probably still be doing that. Kate wished she and Vanessa could have spent many long boring years answering phones in an office like this. Sitting at desks, sipping coffee in the break room and complaining about how much costumers sucked. But sadly it wasn't to be, Vanessa had been in the cold ground for two long years, at least what they found of her. And Kate herself was cursed in such a way that she could never live a normal life like that. It brought a tear to her good eye to think of what might have been.

Several hours later Kate found herself on the top floor still sweeping up as the sun began to set. She noticed the first signs of her impending transformation before she saw the dark red sky outside through a nearby window as her body temperature began to climb. How could she have lost track of time so completely? Did she take too long in cleaning the floor before this one or did she just spend too much time thinking about the old days? It didn't matter now, all that mattered was getting back to the confines of the van. There were only minutes to spare, once it truly began she could not stop it.

"Got to hurry." she said aloud as she dropped her broom and ran to the elevator at the end of the hall.

Luckily these ran all day and night, she knew she'd never make it down ten flights of stairs. Thankfully she wouldn't have to wait for the elevator once she'd pressed the call button as she'd rode it herself to the top, and no one else had been in the building to set it moving from there. It simply opened and she practically threw herself inside and slapped the 'lobby' button to start it's decent. She was already panting from her short sprint down the hall and the building heat inside her body wasn't helping her either. Sweat began to bead on her face and neck, she could feel the warm moisture causing her overalls to cling to her body uncomfortably.

"So hot." she barely managed to say between breathes as she tugged collar of her of gray overalls.

She began to slowly unzip her clothes and fan her chest as the elevator slowly made it's decent to the ground floor. Sweat glistened on every inch of exposed skin, and had begun to soak through the fabric as well leaving darker spots in random places. She couldn't see the sun setting outside and the sky becoming dark, but she knew it had happened when the first pains began. It started as a cramp in her stomach that forced her to double over with both arms wrapped around her midsection. Sweat dripped from her face as she groaned. She knew she'd never make it to the van now, she'd become a beast on the floor of the lobby at this rate.

She did the only thing she could think of at that point. Reaching up with an unsteady hand she pressed the button in the bottom corner of the panel that would send the elevator to the sub-basement. There was nothing down there but storage crates and tools. Nothing the beast could damage with it's teeth or claws, and no way it could escape. It wasn't the ideal place to transform, but it was the only option outside of the elevator itself now.

Straining and grunting she forced herself to standup straight and finished unzipping her coveralls. Slipping her arms and shoulders out of the sweltering suit she then pushed the bunched-up material down over her hips. She struggled for a moment as another wave of internal pain took hold, this time the muffled wet squishing of organs could be heard from within her. She cringed as her insides began to rearranged in preparation for her new shape. Gathering herself again she pushed the clothes completely off her legs and kicked them aside along with her boots. She now stood clad in only her sweat drenched white cotton panties, which had become quite transparent and left nothing to the imagination. Every detail of her rear and genitalia were visible through the wet fabric now. Surprisingly she'd kept her womanhood completely shaven, something one might not expect from a person who never goes out. Her reasons for it weren't for style or sexual practice at all though. She simply hated having any extra hair, it reminded her of the animal she became, and being smooth made her feel more human somehow.

The heat within her body intensified, causing her to cry out. Rivulets of sweat now poured down her bare skin. She felt as if she would melt or burst into flames at any moment. The elevator was still a few floors from it's destination as Kate braced herself against it's cold metal doors with both hands, sweat dripped from her breasts as they heaved and swayed. Panting heavily, her breath began to fog the previously pristine surface of the metal door. Her sweaty hands began to slip down the smooth surface of the door as she sunk to her knees. She couldn't go down on all fours yet, she knew if she did it would be impossible to get up again. With one hand bracing her against the door she used the other to slide her soaking panties down over her curvaceous hips and round backside. It took both hands to guide the moist fabric down her wet thighs as she pressed her forehead against the door for balance.

At last she was naked. It felt right to her somehow, more natural. She desperately wanted to drop to all fours now and let the transformation take her, but she had to hold on just a little longer. The elevator suddenly came to a halt in the sub-basement and the doors slid open. Cool air rushed in to meet her, it teased her boiling hot flesh. Her already hard nipples seem to stiffen even more at the sudden chill. It took all her remaining strength to reach for her discarded clothes and toss them only a few feet outside the elevator door.

She moaned softly as she allowed herself finally to drop to all fours. She crawled out of the elevator slowly, like an animal stalking through the night. Sweat dripped from her body and caused her long black hair to cling to her face and shoulders. Her large breasts swung beneath her as she crawled away from the elevator. It closed automatically a few moments later. The basement was poorly lit and cold, but she didn't care. Her entire universe seemed to consist of only her own burning hot flesh and the instincts taking hold of her mind.

She began to moan loudly as the muscles in her back tightened and her shoulder blades popped. Dark hairs began to sprout in a line running down her back. Sweat trailed down her thighs as they began to tense up. She splayed her fingers out before her on the ground as her nails began to lengthen into deadly sharp claws. Claws not unlike the ones that scarred her face and took her eye. Her toenails started to sharpen as well as her feet stretched longer and pads formed on their underside. She turned one hand over and watched the rough pads bubbling up through the once soft flesh.

It wouldn't be long now, she knew this from experience. Each month she endured this torture, and it never got any easier. There wasn't time to think or say anything now as the muscles in her legs and arms suddenly bulged beneath her glistening skin. Dark hairs were appearing all over her body now, becoming thickest on her back and shoulders. A line of black fur sprang up between her breasts and continued down her stomach to her crotch. She felt her soft delicate breasts fill with heat as they began to shrink. She dared not look at them, watching the animal take her womanly features was too much for her to bear. As her breasts dwindled to nothing she could feel extra nipples forming along her belly as well. Eight erect nipples now lined her underside, and then were quickly obscured by thick black fur. Moments later Kate's ribs began to crack as her chest expanded into a barrel shape. She was unable to breathe for a few seconds as this took place, then air rushed back into her now larger lungs.

Looking mostly like an animal now, Kate grunted and felt her tailbone begin to stir at the end of her spine. She lowered her upper body to the floor and raised her rear higher as her backside changed further. The round curves of her buttocks began to melt away as canine muscle burnt away the fat of her rear. Her hips contracted and snapped loudly as her pelvic bones reconfigured fully into quadrupedal form, locking her on all fours and stealing the last of her womanly curves. She moaned again as she felt the skin of her lower pack pulled tightly by her growing tail. Vertebrae were added to her spine one by one, each accompanied by a soft pop of bone and a whimper from Kate. When the tail had reached it's full length it bloomed with thick black fur and raised itself high in the air.

"No.." Kate whispered weakly as she felt her womanhood begin to burn with change as well. It was the most disturbing part of her transformation. The shape and size of her sexual organs changing was unsettling to her as both the external and internal parts shifted. It made no sense to her, as werewolves didn't even reproduce with these organs, they passed on the condition with bites and scratches not by birth. She doubted very much that a fetus could even survive inside a mother's womb as she transformed. There was little time to ponder this bizarre aspect of her nature as the final phase began.

The last of her sweat dripped from her face as she stood on all fours, the rest of her body having fully taken the shape of a large black wolf. Her long black hairs began to shorten and pull back into her scalp. She could feel her ears growing longer and pointed. They began to ring as they shifted upwards to the top of her head, making her momentarily deaf. Then the sounds of the world returned, and she could hear better than with her original ears. The sound of popping bone and tearing muscle filled these new wolf ears as her facial bones began to pulsate. Her teeth sharpened to fangs and saliva poured from her darkening lips.

A loud sharp 'clack' caused her new ears to stand up suddenly as her glass eye popped out of it's socket. The scars that had long kept her from socializing these last two years faded from existence as the skin of her face changed and fur begin to appear. Then the most disorienting thing happened. Her vision of the world expanded suddenly as her missing eye began to regenerate. Her still human eye saw the world as it normally did while her newly regrown eye was already that of a wolf, it saw the world in only black and white. This mismatch caused her head to hurt even before her skull began to change shape. She closed both eyes to lessen the pain somewhat, it was the only control she had over it. It was almost insulting the way her transformation would tease her with this temporary replacement eye, sometimes she felt as if it were mocking her. She couldn't keep the eye once she returned to human form, and her scars would return just as they had been as well. All her human hair was gone by the time the top of her head began to flatten and her cranium shrank. Her brain was being reduced in size and her mind slipping away. It was pointless to resist this process, yet she always tried to hold on to a little piece of herself for as long as she could. Memories faded and thoughts went unfinished as her face stretched forward into a muzzle. Kate's nose darkened and became moist as the last traces of her human face were overtaken by black fur. There was no language to her thoughts now as her brain continued to alter within the confines of her shrinking cranium. Instincts took over and intelligence abandoned her, everything that made her the person she was had been swallowed up in a tidal wave of pain and heat.

At last the transformation was complete, the wolf that had minutes ago been Kate raised it's head toward the ceiling and howled to celebrate it's rebirth. It stood on all four of it's large paws and shook out it's fur, the moisture of human sweat still soaking it. Kate's clothing remained in a heap near the elevator door, the scents lingering on them attracted the wolf's attention. It sniffed them briefly and quickly pulled it's nose back, snorting several times. Something about the way they smelled bothered the wolf, it didn't like them at all and quickly abandoned them.

The wolf wandered the dark sub-basement, finding absolutely nothing of interest. There was no food, nothing to hunt, only the strange smelling pile of wet cloth held any brief interest to it. With nothing else to do the beast howled into the empty dark room for a few hours and eventually went to sleep.

When dawn came Kate awoke. Human once more and of course stark naked. Dust from the floor had caked parts of her skin, everywhere else was sticky with cold sweat. She fumbled through the dark of the basement until she found the elevator, that area was practically the only part of the floor that had even the faintest of light. She found her clothes just as she'd left them, they were dusty now but dry at least. The wolf hadn't so much as touched them, but she knew it wouldn't. It had taken a while to figure this part out but eventually she discovered that spraying the juice of citrus fruits onto her clothes kept the wolf from disturbing them during the night. The wolf like any other dog hated the strong scent of citrus, it burned it's nose like it had inhaled acid. She may have smelled like she'd lost a fight with an orange juicer but at least she wouldn't have to walk to her van naked.

Kate used the all too familiar elevator to ride up to the lobby. In the reflection on the door she looked like she'd spent the night in a ditch. Dirt covered her face and hands, her hair was a mess that she only barely managed to cover her scars with. Her left eye socket was empty, the glass eye was simply too filthy now to put back in. She'd have to give it a serious cleaning once she got home. Reaching into the left breast pocket of her work coveralls she found a small packet of breath mints. She sorely needed them now, there was nothing worse than waking up with dog breath.

When she reached the lobby it was barely sunrise. No one would be arriving for a few more hours. Kate proceeded to retrieve all her cleaning gear and return it to her van, making sure to tidy up anything that she'd missed the night before. At least she'd managed to finish the work, if a bit late.

Upon returning home Kate immediately stripped and took a much needed shower. Washing the dirt and dried sweat from her soft skin. She cleaned and disinfected the glass eye thoroughly before replacing it into her left socket. After the shower and eye cleaning she exited the bathroom in a faded yellow bathrobe and began to comb her long black hair, making sure it would neatly cover the left half of her face as usual. Though out of the corner of her good eye she noticed a red blinking light on her answering machine. She'd apparently gotten a call while in the shower. She wondered who could possibly have left a message for a virtual recluse like herself. While still combing her hair with one hand she pressed the play button on her answering machine. After a high pitched beep the message began;

"Hello? Kate? This is Carl. Look, I'm guessin' you didn't know bout' this, but we got security cameras in the elevator and on every floor..... even in the sub-basement. When you're feelin' more like yerself, we gotta have a very long talk. Very, very, long."

The message ended while Kate stood, mouth agape, having dropped her comb the second the elevator was mentioned. There wasn't much else she could say but;

"Fuck my life."

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Climate Change (part 1)
Climate Change (part 1)

For months now the weather had been strange. At first the summer had been unusually hot, followed by an absurdly short autumn, and a very mild winter. Now spring was just around the corner but the weather hadn’t warmed much, nor had it rained as much as it should for this time of year. It would rain today, though the weather report could not have predicted what would follow.

It was chilly outside the small diner where Rose waitressed. The sky was dark even though it was just barely noon, thick clouds hung overhead, threatening to drench the city at any moment. Rose thought perhaps the coming rain would be the only change she’d see today, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

A small TV set mounted near the ceiling behind the front counter had been playing the news all morning. Nothing terribly important sounding was said aside from the weather report in the last hour. Everyone was to expect rain that afternoon, if it had been much colder it might have turned to snow. A few hours earlier a scientist had been interviewed; he’d spoken briefly about how he had discovered that the odd weather lately had not been caused by anything man-made in the environment, but rather by a shift in the Moon’s orbit. Rose figured he was a nut and dismissed the claims he’d made. She had learned enough from school to know that the Moon caused the tides, but changing the weather sounded just a bit too fantastical. The next thing she expected was for him to announce that the Moon actually did turn people into werewolves.

Sometime after the weather report concluded Rose was busy wiping down tables, while trying to avoid getting any stains on her pink waitress uniform in the process. The owner of the establishment insisted on “traditional” attire for all the employees. So Rose was seen every day at work in a pink dress and small black apron. She always thought it looked stupid, but she didn’t have a say in the dress code. For some reason her girlfriend, Rebecca, thought it looked cute on her, and reminded her of that each time she visited Rose at work. Rebecca wasn’t exactly known for her fashion sense though. She would often be seen wearing a skirt in cold weather just because she said it made her legs look hot, and Rose would often agree.
To her credit Rebecca did look very good in just about any outfit she threw together, mostly because of her youthful athletic build. Being in love with a nineteen year old came with its advantages Rose had to admit. The two of them spent many nights together over the last year. Rose being the older of them at twenty five meant she could buy the alcohol that Rebecca wasn’t supposed to legally drink. Since they kept their fun confined to Rose’s apartment a few blocks away she never saw any harm in it.
During her cleaning she noticed it had begun to rain, as drops of water had started to pound against the large windows of the diner. ‘It’s raining cats and dogs out there’ she thought to herself. Though in truth, as she would soon come to discover, it was in fact only raining dogs.

Rose could hear cars speed down the rain slick streets outside as she cleaned; she thought she heard the sound of dogs howling a few blocks away as well. She did her best to ignore the rest of the world as always as she went about her daily routine. The diner itself was fairly silent until a group of three people suddenly ran inside to escape the rain. One man was dressed in a dark blue jacket and carrying an umbrella, from his graying hair Rose guessed him to be in his forties. The other two seemed to be a couple, a man and a woman both in their late twenties perhaps. Both wore plain looking brown overcoats, and were holding hands as they entered the diner. Neither had an umbrella, so they were fairly soaked, the woman’s hair was especially wet.

“What can I get you?” Rose politely asked to who she thought were three new patrons.

“Lock the door! Hurry!” the older gentleman shouted as he tossed his umbrella away from himself. The way he did this almost made it look as though he were afraid of the umbrella, or disgusted by it, as though it had some offensive substance on it.

“What’s the matter?” Rose asked confused as she approached the group at the door.
The response was delayed by the sound of howling outside, it was much closer than earlier. The older man braced the door as if he expected someone else to try to force their way in. He waited like that for a few seconds until he was sure no one was coming before answering Rose.

“We have to lock the door. Cover the windows. We can’t let them get in. No matter what happens, don’t go outside.” His face seemed pale as if he’d seen a ghost. The couple that entered with him looked very much the same.

For a moment Rose stared at him with a mixture of shock and confusion, but her expression quickly softened to a smile. “You’re playing some sort of joke, aren’t you? I see. Ha Ha, very funny. Did you want to order something?”

The man grabbed Rose by the arm to hold her still, with his other hand he reached into the pocket of her apron, searching for something. Rose tried to pull away from him but he was too strong. After a few moments he found what he was after, he pulled his hand out of her apron pocket, a ring of keys held firmly in his grip. Rose gasped and pulled away as he released her. He fumbled with the keys before eventually finding the one that would lock the front door of the diner. His hands were trembling as he locked the door, immediately he dropped the key ring on the floor and sunk to his knees.

“What in the hell are you doing? You- you can’t just do that!” Rose scolded the older man as she recovered from the short struggle.

“It’s for the best.” the younger man said as he held his girlfriend close to his side. “Believe me.”

His girlfriend nodded in agreement as they held each other close. What did they know that Rose didn’t? What was going on outside? A hundred other questions rushed through her mind as she watched the rain pour down steadily outside. More howling broke her train of thought, and she watched the three newcomers jerk in response to the sound.

“Alright, start explaining.” Rose demanded.

The older man pulled a set of strings between the two large windows of the diner that caused the venetian blinds to close. The diner became slightly darker and the view of the rainy street outside was obstructed. More importantly to the man was that the view of the inside was obstructed from the outside.

“I don’t think I’ll need to. She’s about to show you everything you need to know.” He replied as he peered through a small gap in the blinds.

Everyone in the diner walked to the window and peeked out through the blinds to see what he meant. As they did so they observed a young woman staggering down the sidewalk alongside the diner, rain pouring down on her, soaking her clothes. She moved as if drunk, stumbling and nearly falling a few times. Rose immediately recognized this woman as Rebecca, her lover. She backed away from the window and started towards the door. Before she got four steps the older man grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“You can’t let her in. You can’t go out there either. It’s too late for that. Just watch, that’s all you can do now.” He pulled the gap in the blind open for her to see again.

Rose hesitantly rejoined the others watching Rebecca through the blinds. Now the young woman was holding her head with both hands and groaning. Rain continued to shower her, long brown hair clung to her face and neck. Rose had seen her like that before many times, they’d showered together often, but this was different. Rebecca grunted and dropped to her knees in a puddle of water. Her black hoodie soaked so thoroughly it had probably tripled in weight, perhaps it was discomfort from that which caused her to tear it from her body as she screamed angrily. Tossing the offending garment to the wet ground Rebecca then griped the collar of her white t-shirt with both hands and started to pull. Her shirt was already soaked to the point of transparency, her black bra clearly showing through it. Another scream followed by the sound of ripping fabric startled Rose, she’d never seen Rebecca act like this. The soaking t-shirt was discarded on the ground as well as Rebecca panted heavily, as if she’d just run a marathon. Rose wanted to go to her side but she feared what the older man might do if she tried. So she remained as she was and continued to watch this bizarre display from her lover.

“Rargh!” Rebecca screamed and snarled as she began to tug at the front of her bra. Rose could not believe this was happening. Sweet little Rebecca didn’t do things like this; she didn’t strip in public or make such sounds. She was always kind and timid, even in bed she was shy at times. Public indecency was so far from her character, it was as though she was possessed. With a snap her bra came off in her hand and she tossed it to the ground along with the rest of the destroyed clothing. Completely topless and apparently unconcerned about who knew it, Rebecca began to howl to the gray sky overhead.
Rose’s eyes were wide as she watched her normally shy lover act like a wild beast before her eyes. Rebecca’s small breasts were bared for all to see, pert and perky she scarcely needed the bra to begin with. The cold rain beat against her bare chest, causing her nipples to stand stiff and erect. These were the breasts she’d only ever shown Rose before; she was too self-conscious about her small bust to ever even wear a bikini to the beach. What would make her do this?

After howling wildly, Rebecca returned her hands to her head and started to scratch as if overcome with a sudden itch. She pulled her hands away with clumps of her long brown hair between her fingers. There was no way that much hair could come out that easily, she hadn’t even pulled at it. More of her hair began to fall from her scalp; the rain seemed to be enough to loosen it at this point. The restaurant patrons watched along with Rose as blood began to trickle from Rebecca’s fingertips. Rose desperately wanted to rush to her aid now as she saw the blood, but once again the older man held her by the arm and made her keep watching.
Suddenly and with a sickening popping sound black claws burst from Rebecca’s fingertips, causing her nails to practically explode into small bloody pieces. Drops of blood dripped into the puddle Rebecca was kneeling in, causing it to change slightly pink before more rain diluted it. She held her hands up to her face as they began to stretch longer. Her fingers began to shorten and become thicker, while her thumb seemed to pull toward her wrist and dwindle to little more than a dew claw. Her deformed palms puffed up and darkened as thick pads formed on them. In moments Rebecca’s once small delicate hands, hands that had touched Rose on so many nights, and teased her in so many wonderful ways, had become large grotesque paws.

Rose held her hand over her mouth and her eyes began to water as she watched helplessly while her petite lover underwent this strange metamorphosis. Arching her back and tilting her face towards the sky, Rebecca screamed, a mixture of agony and rage. The people in the restaurant could only huddle together in fear as they watched the last of her hair fall from her head, and her ears begin to stretch longer and become pointed. Blood trickled from Rebecca’s full red lips as her teeth began to change as well. Her formerly perfect smile corrupted as her teeth sharpened into fangs.
Suddenly the young woman dropped to all fours. She began to snarl like an animal again as she raised her rear high into the air with her chest pushed to the ground. She grunted in protest as the pavement brushed her erect nipples, yet she did not move from that position. It was as if something was forcing her to remain that way. As the girl kept her rear in the air, rivulets of rain water streamed down her bare legs and flowed into the puddle beneath her. Her denim miniskirt darkened by absorbed water did nothing to protect her modesty in this position. Everyone could see her white panties clinging to her shapely backside, moisture having soaked through them causing them to become transparent as her shirt had. Every contour of her behind and womanhood were clearly visible to Rose and the others. Rebecca kept herself shaven at Rose’s request; she never liked getting hair in her mouth.

A series of popping sounds could be heard as Rebecca’s tight skirt began to lift in the back slightly. She grunted and whimpered like a wounded animal as the material slid up over her firm round ass. The cause of her discomfort quickly became evident as a small fleshy nub started to work its way out from under Rebecca’s skirt. More popping sounds emanated from her lower back as the nub lengthened rapidly, becoming a small hairless tail. She’d grown a tail, Rose’s poor sweet Rebecca had grown a tail and was standing on all fours like an animal. ‘Why? Why is this happening?’ Rose asked herself silently as she watched the horrors unfold.

Rebecca reared up onto her knees once more, and arched her back towards the sky. Her small firm breasts stood out proudly for a moment before they began to impossibly shrink. Within seconds her chest was completely flat, only the still erect nipples remained. Further down her chest and stomach six more nipples formed, leaving her with eight nipples all stiff from the cold rain. Rose looked on in shock, horror, and sadness as she saw the beautiful body of her lover slowly change into something inhuman. While still reeling from the last change, Rose saw the now flat chest of the young woman begin to expand. Her chest became wider, thicker, and with a sudden sickening snap it took on the barrel shape associated with a large canine.

No longer able to hold her enlarged upper body in this position, Rebecca returned to all fours. Her shoulders and back began to pop and crunch as the bones sought to match what had just happened to her ribcage. The popping and raising of bone traveled down her spine to her still growing tail causing it to thicken. She groaned loudly as her pelvis began to ache and tighten in preparation for her next change. The soft supple flesh of her rear began to quiver as the layer of fatty tissue that gave it it’s appealing shape started to burn away to fuel her changes further. The bones of her hips suddenly snapped and reset into a slightly different shape, causing her curves to vanish entirely. Without her curvy hips and ass to support it her once tight denim skirt slid from her body and into the puddle below. Her transparent wet panties likewise could not remain in place after this change, and they too slipped down her thighs into the water beneath her. Her still human vagina remained framed by her deformed canine legs, a mockery of femininity which made Rose cringe. It was like a cruel joke, a nightmare, a horror show.
Now completely nude and on all fours like an animal, Rebecca began the final stages of her transformation. Her still human face showed her pain and discomfort as her womanhood began to change. As much as they wanted to, no one could look away as they witnessed the genitalia of this young woman begin to change shape and size before their eyes. The outer cleft of womanly flesh tightened and shrank, losing its once soft inviting appearance. Rose vomited as Rebecca’s mutating sex pulsated and settled into this new bestial shape.

The young woman’s face began to stretch forward as the bones in her face popped and snapped, growing longer. Her nose turned upwards and began to darken and become moist. Her long pointed ears completed their migration to the top of her skull just before her skull itself began to reshape itself. Her cranium shrank and flattened, leaving little room for her brain, though from her behavior through this entire ordeal it was clear her human mind had left her long before now. There was nothing left of Rebecca mentally by the time Rose had seen her, now it was just her body catching up to her already animal brain. Rose watched in sadness as her lover’s beautiful lips were stretched across her growing muzzle, being pulled thin, fading her red lipstick across now black lips.

Muscles bulged beneath her still bare skin, adding to her growing mass and stealing away any sign of her once petite size. Lastly gray fur sprouted from every follicle and covered her body entirely in seconds. Rebecca was no more; only an unnaturally large gray wolf remained. Rain was already beginning to soak her newly grown fur as she raised her head and howled. She was answered by more howls from nearby, her ears perked up and she bounded off on her large paws to join her pack.

“No! Rebecca! Come back!” Rose screamed in protest as she watched the wolf her lover had become sprint out of sight.

She ran to the door and tried to pull it open but it was still locked. She pulled again and again before sinking to her knees crying. She’d just witnessed the impossible; her sweet Rebecca had become a wild animal, and she could not understand, nor accept it. It had to be a nightmare, a hallucination, it couldn’t have been real, nothing like that could be real.

As she sat on her knees weeping, the old man approached her and put his hands on her shoulders. “You knew her? I’m so sorry. I’d already seen that happen to a few people before we got here. There’s nothing you could have done to help her. Once the rain gets into a person’s skin, it’s too late.” His words didn’t comfort her.

“How? Tell me how this happened. Who did this to my Rebecca?” she continued to cry as she asked questions no one could answer.

Back at the window the other woman began to moan. Her boyfriend thought she was just nauseous from the stress of the situation, or from watching that woman transform so horrifically. But as he held her close to himself he felt her begin to shudder, and heard the popping of bones from under her heavy clothes. He stepped back suddenly as she started to tremble and convulse slightly. She pulled open her overcoat, revealing the red low-cut blouse underneath was wet in several places. Her hair was still very wet as well. In all the commotion, no one had even thought about it, but she’d gotten the rain into her system as well.

“Honey, no…” her boyfriend pleaded to no one as he watched her begin what they all knew was going to be a slow and painful transformation into a large wolf.

“Please, help me.” She begged. “I don’t want this. I don’t want to change. Don’t let me change!”

But it was no use, none of them could help her. Before their eyes she began to change just as Rebecca had. First her teeth sharpened into fangs, causing a small amount of blood to stream down her chin. Then her fingernails ruptured as long black claws forced their way through them, more blood dripped from them and onto her shirt. In a panic she shook her hands rapidly, perhaps hoping the claws would fall off. They did not. Beneath her tight red blouse six bumps formed and pressed against the damp fabric. She looked down and shrieked when she saw her new nipples making their presence known and her original breasts began to shrink, robbing her of all her cleavage.

Rose could take no more of this and bolted from the room toward the back of the diner. She left the group to their own devices, the woman still screaming hysterically as her body changed against her will. The sound of screams, moans and tearing fabric filled the restaurant as Rose threw on her raincoat and dashed out the back door. The rain was still coming down, but she didn’t care, she had to get away from that place. Her bright yellow, hooded raincoat was all the protection she had against this strange waterborne affliction. She hoped it was all she would need to reach her apartment a few blocks away.

As she ran through the rain she thought she could hear a faint howl from behind her. Back at the diner that woman probably finished transforming. What would she do to those men? Would she eat them? Would she turn them with a bite? Or had they already been infected from the rain as she had and were just slower to change? She’d never know the answer to any of those questions as she fled.

She hadn’t gotten but halfway home when she saw yellow light reflecting off everything in front of her, followed by the steady hissing of water being displaced by spinning tires. She realized too late what was about to happen and could not avoid the deluge of water thrown her way by the passing car. The force was so great and so sudden that it caused her to fall into a deep puddle beside her. Now on all fours, elbow deep in muddy water, Rose cried bitter tears.

‘Perhaps it was karma’ she mused, after all she had stood by and watched her friend be overcome by transformation without doing a thing to help her. She had abandoned those poor people at the restaurant as well. Resigning herself to her fate, she allowed the corrupting power of the water to absorb into her skin. There was no sense fighting it now, neither of the other two women she’d seen infected had been able to stop the change, so there was no reason for her to think she could either.
“I’ll be with you soon, Rebecca.” She announced as she undid the snaps of her raincoat and let it slip from her shoulders into the puddle while still resting on her knees.
The pains began quickly as the rain soaked into her dress. The pink uniform she detested so much began to grow tight against her swelling frame. Her ribcage started to expand; straining the wet fabric until it finally gave way, the buttons popping down the center exposing her white bra. Water collected in her ample cleavage before the expansion of her ribs forced her breasts further apart, spilling the water down her stomach. A line of white fur sprouted down the center of her chest as it continued to grow wider and barrel shaped. With a trembling hand she tore off her bra and tossed it to the muddy ground. Her once large breasts began to deflate before her eyes, burning slightly as they did so. The nipples remained, slightly puffy and erect, and joined by three more pairs running down her torso.

She shrugged out of her torn dress and slid it’s tattered remains down her wide hips. The hated garment soaked more muddy water into itself and began to sink down into the puddle out of sight. ‘Good’ she thought, she never wanted to see the ugly thing again anyway. Just then her hips began to ache and pop softly. She knew what was to come next, so before it happened she began to tug at her white panties, trying to remove them. She found it difficult as her fingers were shortening and now tipped with sharp black claws still dripping with blood. As her hands slowly and painfully restructured themselves into paws she could only scratch at her hip to try to cut through the fabric with these new claws. She cut herself twice before the waistband eventually broke and the wet panties fluttered to the ground.

Rose sighed in relief as the last of her clothes fell away. Nude, and ready to accept fate, she dropped to all fours and raised her rear into the air. Her hips popped and cracked as they reconfigured to suit her new quadruped stance. She looked over her shoulder as her tailbone began to ache; she watched it stretch out from the base of her spine before blooming with thick white fur. Rose’s feet and hands had finished stretching into their final shapes and sizes now. She was truly standing like an animal with four feet on the ground and a tail waving in the air. She could hardly believe it, it was one thing to witness another person transforming, but to experience it herself was even more incredible. She thought it would be more painful, but perhaps it was only her lack of resistance that allowed her this easier transition from woman to wolf.
The changes were coming faster now; white fur was spreading all over her body, clinging to her skin from the rain’s constant assault. Her own short blonde hairs slipped free of their follicles and fell into the water under her. She watched as a slight current carried them away into a gutter. Her once shapely body began to build layers of inhuman muscle, taking her further from her womanly form. She began to pant, long tongue hanging from her still human mouth as her sex began to shift now. She felt her internal organs move and change earlier but paid them no mind until this most sensitive one began to stir. Her reproductive organs began to tingle and throb as they changed, tightening and shrinking to accommodate a male with a different type of member. As if she’d ever let a man near her to begin with.

Rose had never been with a man, and if she could help it she never would. She pondered that if once she became a wolf completely would her new instincts drive her to mate with males? It was a disgusting thought, she much preferred other females. Her thoughts drifted back to her Rebecca as her skull began to changed shape. Her ears climbed higher on her head as her cranium began to squeeze her human brain. She knew she didn’t have long, her human self would disappear in moments, so she wanted her last thoughts to be of Rebecca. Focusing her remaining will she concentrated on her lover, remembering her as she was when she was human. She pictured that petite body pressing against her own, glistening with sweat after their love making. She remembered the touch of soft skin against hers. She recalled the soft feel of Rebecca’s breasts in her hands as she teased her. The thought of Rebecca’s pretty mouth suckling her hard nipples stuck in her mind as Rose’s face stretched forward into a muzzle and her brain shrank within her collapsing skull cavity. The wolf she had become lifted its tail high in the air and released pheromones to signal it’s arousal to any others that might be near.
The large white she wolf trembled as the last of her mind began to fade. Her vision losing color as her eyes turned from blue to yellow. Long term memory was erased with the contracting of her brain into this smaller skull but a few bits of her short term memory remained. It was in these last few clusters of human cells that Rose’s human consciousness lingered briefly. Something familiar entered her field of vision, something still retained in her fading memory, a memory less than an hour old. It was the large gray wolf from before, the one she knew on some level she was connected to. It was drawn near to her by her cries and her scent. The gray wolf reacted to the pheromones in the air, her tail raised to flag arousal as well.

The last vestiges of Rose’s human mind faded as she realized who this wolf was and one final human thought fired through her synapses.


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Climate Change (part 2)
Climate Change (part 2)

Several weeks had passed since the wolves took control of the city. Periodic storms swept the area leaving precious little time between for the few remaining humans to move from one hiding place to the next. The rain made it impossible to travel, as even a single drop of water would seal one’s fate. Every human exposed to the tainted water quickly joined the ranks of the wolves and began to hunt their former friends.

A small group of survivors took shelter inside a recently abandoned convenience store. The employees had either evacuated or turned around the time the chaos began, no trace of them remained. There was still plenty of food to be found on the shelves and in the cooler, though their supply of bottled water was dangerously low. They had rationed the water bottles between the six of them when they first arrived a few days ago, but now there was barely enough water between them to fill one bottle.

Thirst got the better of them, and in their desperation they decided they would test the water from the store’s soda fountain. It had been decided that tap water would be their last resort as they could not know before using it whether or not it had also been contaminated. It was a dangerous gamble, if they lucky it would be safe to drink and could refill their bottles as well, but if they were unlucky the first sip would infect them.

One of the men decided he would be the one to test the water. A young man in his mid-twenties, having lost his friends and family already to the strange affliction, stepped forward to tempt fate. He approached the soda fountain and placed a plastic cup under the label that read ‘water’, preparing to fill it with the potentially dangerous substance.

“You don’t have to do this, Bob.” One of the female survivors tried to tell him.

“Someone has to, Carla. It might as well be me.” He answered without turning away from the machine, his eyes were fixed on the cup.

He’d seen his brothers and parents all turn a week earlier, they’d been caught in a sudden downpour while searching for shelter. He was the only one to escape the rain, having been at the front of their group wielding a lead pipe. In the event they came across a wolf he intended to protect his family with that pipe. There was a crack of thunder just a few seconds before the gray sky above them unleashed its hellish payload. Fearing time was short he dashed for the nearest building, but found its doors locked. His only option was to smash in a window with the pipe, just as he’d done so the rain began to fall. His family was still twenty yards behind him, he hadn’t realized how fast he’d run, or that the others couldn’t keep up. He hadn’t meant to leave them behind, it just happened. There was no time to go back for them or even say goodbye as the rain drenched them and doomed them to new lives as feral beasts. Bob had no choice but to dive through the newly broken window to avoid the rain. In the end, the pipe he’d trusted would save them all had only saved him.

“Mike, take this. If this goes bad you know what to do.” Bob handed the heavy lead pipe to one of the other male survivors.

“You sure?” Mike asked as he accepted the pipe.

“Nobody else I trust to do it properly.” Bob gave Mike a look of confidence.

Mike was easily the largest person in the group, as well as the oldest. In his late forties and built like professional wrestler, it was clear he had the hardest swing of any of them. Bob knew the kill would be clean, but hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Taking a deep breath, Bob pushed the plastic cup against the activating lever causing the water to flow into the cup. He pulled the half-filled cup to his face and hesitated for a moment before taking a small sip from it. He tasted nothing unusual about it, it was plain flavorless tap water as far as he could tell.

“Well, so far so good. Nothing’s happenngh!” Bob’s answer was cut off by a pain filled grunt as he dropped the cup to the floor.

The other’s jumped back to avoid the water spilling from the cup as Bob grabbed his throat in pain. Contaminated water now coated his esophagus and dribbled from his mouth. He dropped to his knees in agony as his throat began to change from the inside out. His groans turned to growls and fur began to spread around his mouth as fangs began to take the place of human teeth. He was unable to speak in these final moments of torment as his vocal cords had already degenerated to the point that human vocalization was impossible. He growled and whimpered pitifully as Mike approached him, lead pipe in hand.

Without a word Mike brought the pipe down between Bob’s eyes with full force. A short canine yelp escaped Bob’s mutating mouth at the moment of impact. A person making that sound might have been comical in about any other situation, instead it was tragic. Bob lay on the floor, unconscious and still slowly transforming, his blue shirt being pulled tight by expanding muscles and stretching bones. Realizing his task was unfinished, Mike brought the pipe down on Bob’s head once again. This time instead of a yelp there was only a sickening wet crack. Blood spattered across the tile floor of the store as Bob’s skull burst open from the second blow. Mike watched in horror as a piece of Bob’s brain leaked from the open cranium. The most disturbing part was seeing that piece of brain changing before his eyes; the small bit of gray matter proceeded to shrink in size to only a third of what it had been when it emerged. Mike could only imagine that the same thing had happened to the rest of Bob’s brain, shrinking down to the tiny size of a canine’s. Perhaps he’d spared Bob the horror of having his humanity stripped away from within while still conscious, but only by seconds.

The transformation stopped seconds later, Bob lay dead on the floor, a horribly misshapen mixture of man and wolf. His death ended the process, but did not reverse it.

“It’s not like in the movies.” Mike noted. “They always changed back when they died in the movies.”

The large man let the heavy pipe drop from his shaky hand. He was unsettled by what he’d had to do, by the sight of the mutating brain matter, by all of it. He’d never killed anyone before; he’d never even seen anyone die until two weeks ago.

Before he met up with this group he’d been with his girlfriend, Sally. She’d been attacked by one of her neighbors after they’d turned. The bite didn’t kill her, but she’d been infected. Strangely the infection wasn’t even from the bite, but from the water on the wolf’s fur rubbing off on Sally during the struggle. She was bitten on the right arm, though minutes later her transformation started on her left leg, under a dark wet spot on her jeans. The fabric tore as her leg swelled with muscle and fur began so spread across the exposed skin. She refused to let herself became an animal like the others; she prevented it by leaping through the window of their apartment and plummeting five floors to her death. It was the same back then, when he’d finally found her outside she was a mess of blood and fur, halfway between woman and wolf, but entirely dead.

Moments after the grisly scene took place another pair of survivors emerged from the back room of the store. The first was a man of roughly thirty years with black hair and a tan complexion; he was joined by a young woman who appeared to be barely twenty, with pale freckled skin and long red hair. The two had been apart from the group for the last hour, searching for supplies in the storage room in the rear of the convenience store. The man came through the door carrying a cardboard box that rattled with loose items, while the woman was empty handed and seemed to be preoccupied with adjusting the buttons on her blouse and smoothing out wrinkles in her skirt. To all observers it appeared as though she’d just dressed in a hurry before coming through the door. Her pale skin was slightly sweaty and her face blushing bright red.

“We found some stuff in the back.” The man announced as he carried the small box of supplies toward the group.

He couldn’t see the disfigured corpse on the floor at first as shelves of food and miscellaneous products obstructed his view from the rear of the store. As he approached the others he finally saw Bob’s remains, and paused.

“What happened?” He asked as he placed the box on the store’s checkout counter.

The woman following behind him gasped as she laid eyes on the bloody lifeless body. Her large green eyes fixed on the partially mutated face of the former survivor, and her pulse quickened. A bead of sweat slid down her cheek as she took in the sight of blood soaked fur and torn clothing covering the body. After few seconds she stepped back and stood behind then man she’d arrived with, putting him between her and the others.

“He volunteered to test the tap. Turns out it wasn’t safe.” Mike informed the newcomers of the events leading up to this scene. “Frank, I know he was your friend, he was a good guy, a brave guy. No one else had the balls to try the tap. If he hadn’t done it we might have all drank it later without knowing. Probably saved us all.”
Frank, the man who’d just carried in supplies looked down at the twisted corpse of his friend. He and Bob had been coworkers for a few years at a local business. Together the two of them worked as plumbers, fixing leaks and occasionally installing a sink or toilet. Frank noticed Bob’s pipe on the floor at Mike’s feet, covered in blood. He thought it was sort of ironic for a plumber to die from one of his own pipes, but it didn’t bring a smile to his face. Sometimes irony just wasn’t funny.

“Did he suffer?” Frank asked, without looking away from the pipe.

“Ended it quick. Soon as he started to turn.” Mike’s reply was brief, he was a simple sort of guy, and often spoke in grammatically incorrect sentences when stressed.

Frank sighed and looked up at Mike. He knew this man had killed his friend, but he also knew it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. He couldn’t blame Mike for doing what had to be done.

“You’re a good guy, Mike. I don’t know if I could have done that. I probably would have.. I don’t know what I would have done, is what I mean.” Frank admitted, his expression becoming somber as he spoke.

“I know. Don’t think I could have done it myself if I’d known him long as you did. Might be that he figured the same and waited til you weren’t here.” The large man said as he retrieved a towel from a nearby shelf and draped it over Bob’s crushed and mutated face.

The towel was thick, and dark blue, the blood’s color didn’t seep through it as it lay over the poor man’s battered skull. They wouldn’t be able to clean up the blood as tap water was too dangerous to handle. Soon wolves from outside would be drawn to the store by the scent of blood. It was time to move again before the rains started once more. Frank added some food from the shelves to the box of supplies he’d carried in. The redhead he’d been with assisted him, and filled several plastic shopping bags with food items as well.

“You sure you can handle all that, Megan?” Frank asked the redhead.

“Y-yeah. I got it. It’s not too heavy.” She timidly replied.
He watched her manage to carry six full bags of various food items by slipping her slender fingers through the loops at the tops of each bag. Her pale freckled skin had become slightly sweaty again from the exertion. The white button up blouse she’d been wearing for the past week had become wrinkled and stained with sweat in a few places. Her long red hair was becoming a tangled mess, though he thought it looked good that way, the wild reddish orange waves reminded him of fire.

“What?” She caught him staring at her. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just couldn’t help noticing how good you look.” He admitted with a smile.

Her pale face began to turn red again as she blushed. She shyly lowered head, unable to meet his gaze. She was a fairly timid creature, hardly one to openly express her attraction to a man. Earlier in the supply room Frank had flirted with her rather heavily, she liked the attention but was unsure how to respond. She was thankful that he’d made the first move and kissed her, a kiss that she eagerly returned. Their bodies pressed together in the tight confines of the small storage room. In the process her blouse had become undone but they hadn’t had enough space to move around properly at the time to really do much more. She longed for a chance to continue that kiss, and take it further, much further. Megan may have been the shy type, but she was still a young woman with needs like any other. She thought that if this was the end of the world there really wouldn’t be any consequences to giving into temptation at this point.

“Um, Frank. Can.. can we find someplace.. um.. to be alone?” she struggled to find the words to express what she wanted to do.

His smile grew and his eyebrows raised, he never thought she’d be the one to suggest it. He was certain she’d be receptive to the idea if he’d brought it up himself though. To hear her the initiative like this was a pleasant surprise.

“Sure, babe. I think I know just the place.” His smile was almost mischievous at this point.

Frank knew of a vacant house nearby. He and the now departed Bob had worked on the plumbing there a few weeks before the world went crazy. The house was being renovated by the owner who had intended to rent it out. The house was in good shape overall, only the shower was being worked on, and would have been completed by now if not for the unfortunate business of the world ending and being taken over by wolves. It would be the perfect place to get some private time together.

Frank and Megan had bid farewell to the others and set off on their own toward the house. They did not encounter anyone else on the way to their destination, the roads were entirely deserted. Frank pushed open the old iron gate outside the small home to allow them into the front yard. Neither the gate nor the fence were much to look at. Both were rusted and the gate creaked loud and sharp when opened. He feared it would draw attention to them so they quickly walked to the front door. Frank still had the keys to the house from when he’d been working on it with Bob. He and Megan quickly entered the house and locked the door behind them.

Once inside both breathed easier, they were alone and safe here for now. The two of them took the food items they’d brought from the store into the kitchen. Cans of fruit and preserved meat with long shelf lives and many packages of beef jerky were all they brought aside from some cans of soda. With the bottled water nearly gone soda was the only other drink available for now. Thankfully the electricity was still on at the house, they would have light when it soon became dark outside. A stove and refrigerator were included with the house, probably allowing the owner to keep the rent slightly higher than it otherwise would have been. It also allowed these two to chill their sodas, though they dared not use the ice maker on the door as it was connected to the tap. Their cold drinks would just have to wait a little longer. Frank very much wanted to use the ice for something else, though he wondered if Megan would be into it.

Hours later night had fallen over the city, the wolves outside could be heard howling in the distance as another rainstorm began. It was impossible to tell whether the howls came from wolves reacting to the rain or from the newly turned announcing their arrival to the pack. Frank couldn’t help but notice how Megan’s body tensed when the wolves howled, her breath would quicken and her pale skin would flush. It was much the same reaction as she’d had when they’d fooled around in the storage room earlier that day. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen her respond this way to the wolves. They’d first met on the street during that first rainstorm, huddled together in the back of a car to avoid the downpour. Not long before the first people began to turn, Frank had seen it happen a few times and made the connection in his mind that the rain was the cause. He’d seen Megan wandering the street looking for shelter as he hid inside his car; he called to her through the window to get her attention. She was unsure about trusting him at first and started to back away, but quickly made up her mind to join him as the sounds of howling behind her began to draw closer. Rain began to fall shortly after, trapping her inside with the man she’d just met.

They sat in the car for a while before Frank decided to drive around looking for a safe place to drop Megan off. They passed a woman in a yellow raincoat as they drove; she was walking close to the road and was accidentally splashed with water from a puddle as they passed. Frank hadn’t intended to splash her with water as he drove by but it was too late to do anything for her, all they could do was watch as she transformed. Frank stopped the car and both he and his passenger witnessed the horror unfold before their eyes. Megan grabbed hold of Frank as they saw the woman’s transformation begin; her grip was so tight it almost hurt his shoulders. Megan was breathing fast and heavy into Frank’s ears, the sound of the young woman panting was like sweet music to him. Both of them kept their eyes focused on the woman outside as removed her raincoat and then tore her soaking wet, pink dress from her body and dropped to all fours in a puddle of water. Her outfit had reminded Frank of the uniforms the waitresses in a local diner wore; in fact he was certain she was probably someone who’d served him breakfast more than once at the little restaurant.

As Frank watched this blonde woman writhing nude on all fours, he felt a stir in his pants. Much to his surprise he found himself aroused by the sight of her wet naked flesh as it sprouted white fur. At first he attributed it to the fact that he was watching a naked woman, something that most men would enjoy. But as he saw her tail grow from her backside and bloom with fur, he felt his manhood stiffen further. He was painfully erect inside his jeans by the time her face stretched into a muzzle and she was joined by another wolf large gray wolf. The two wolves lifted their tails and began to nuzzle each other before running off out of sight. Frank wasn’t sure how he should feel about all this, he’d become turned on by watching a woman become a wolf, that surely wasn’t normal. But as he looked at Megan who’d also been watching the same thing he noticed her face was blushing bright red and she was sweating. His gaze drifted to her chest, watching her modest breasts heaving with her heavy breath, most telling were the stiff nipples pressing against her white blouse. He wasn’t the only one turned on by that scene it would appear.

“Not sure how to say this. But I’ve got the weirdest boner right now.” He laughed, trying to break the tension.

“Um, m-me too.” Megan replied sheepishly. “No! Wait! That’s not what I meant. I don’t have a.. you know. I mean.. I meant to s-say, um..” she lowered her head in embarrassment.

Frank laughed again. “I know what you meant to say. It’s okay. You got a little hot from seeing that huh?”
“More than a little. I don’t know why, but the idea of a person turning into a wolf, like in the movies you know, it always got me a little… you know.” She couldn’t say it, ‘wet’. She was just as turned on as he was, but it was neither the time nor place to explore that strange fascination they apparently shared.

Frank closed the curtains throughout the house and covered the windows with blankets to block as much light as possible. Not all the furniture had been removed from the house yet. Among the things left behind were a couch, a few chairs, and most importantly a bed. He saved one blanket for the bed, though he wasn’t sure if they’d be sharing it the whole night. He kept thinking back to that time in the car with her, as they both got turned on by watching that woman transform. He couldn’t help but imagine Megan transforming like that as well, wondering if she’d be as turned on going through it as from watching it. He had her all to himself now; he saw no reason not to explore this idea. He decided to talk to her about it, and gauge her interest in this bizarre new fetish he’d found himself with.

An hour later Megan lay naked on the bed as he entered the room holding a blue plastic bucket, wearing nothing but a pair of green rubber gloves. She couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this. Her wrists and ankles were bound to the bed posts with pieces of torn cloth that once made up her blouse. Sweat glistened on her heaving chest, nipples standing stiff to announce her excitement. She gazed up at him with a look of longing in her eyes. The anticipation was almost too much for her.

“Are you sure?” he had to know with certainty that this is what she wanted. There would be no going back once it had begun.

“Yes. I want this. I was surprised that you suggested it at first, but the idea turns me on so much I can’t imagine not doing it now.” She trembled on the bed as she spoke, eager to get this underway.

“Alright then.” Frank said as he placed the blue bucket on the bedside table.

Reaching into the bucket with his gloved right hand, Frank removed a single ice cube and held it up for her to see. Megan gasped at the sight of it as a single drop of water fell from it back into the bucket. Ice cubes made from tap water, the same water that had changed Bob earlier. This cube of ice would begin her transformation as well, but the outcome would be different. Frank had no intention of harming her or the wolf she would soon become.

A few feet from the bed sat a radiator that would keep the room warm in the winter, tonight it would serve a different purpose though. Frank had found a steel chain and fixed it to the radiator with a padlock, at the other end of the chain was a studded leather collar. He intended to tame this beast as soon as it was brought into the world. Partly because he wanted to see if it could even be done, and partly because he just thought it would be cool to have a werewolf as a pet. Megan thought the idea was appealing as well, though she wasn’t sure if she’d understand the situation after her change. They both hoped it would work; otherwise she’d have to be released into the wild with the other wolves. Either way would be okay with her, and she couldn’t protest after the fact no matter which way things went.

Frank stood over her with the ice cube in his gloved hand and lowered it towards her heaving chest. Megan trembled as the cube drew nearer but made no show of avoiding it. The ice touched the stiff nipple of her right breast and immediately began to melt from the heat of her body. She gasped in shock as the cool liquid rolled down her chest. Frank circled her nipple with the ice cube a few times, causing Megan to squirm, before repeating the action on her left nipple as well. Water flowed away from her nipples, across her breasts and down her flat stomach as he lay on the bed panting. They’d past the point of no return; her transformation would begin soon and continue until there was nothing left of the girl but a snarling animal.

Frank placed the half melted cube back into the bucket and retrieved a red towel from the table beside the bed. He wiped Megan’s chest down with this towel until it was bone dry. He didn’t want to risk infecting himself the same way. Once he was satisfied all the tainted water had been dried he removed his gloves and carefully added them to the bucket, he wouldn’t need them again. With his now bare hand he caressed Megan’s bare chest, teasing her nipples between his fingers. She squirmed at the touch; her excitement was at a level neither of them had experienced before. Frank ran his palms down her chest to her stomach and felt the subtle swelling of tissue in six places on her abdomen. The new nipples were already beginning to form. Both of them watched as the small pink dots on her stomach puffed up into full blown teats. Megan panted even harder now as the changes began slowly inside her body. Sweat began to cover her entire body once again as her temperature rose suddenly, hotter than she’d ever felt in her life.

“Are you okay?” he asked out of concern. He knew the changes would become painful over time.

“I’m okay. We’d better hurry though. I don’t know how long I’ve got.” she managed to answer between breaths.

She’d reminded him there was a time limit which set him to act faster. There would be no second chance at this; they’d never seen anyone change back before, as far as either of them knew this was a one way trip. Which is what made it even more surprising that she’d agreed to it at all, it was to be her last night as a human now, Frank didn’t intend to waste this. He quickly placed his mouth over her right nipple and began to lick and suck on it. She moaned softly and began to writhe on the bed, straining at her bindings. There was a cracking sound at both ends of the bed accompanied by Megan crying out. Frank took his mouth from her breast and looked up to see blood trickling down her fingers as claws extended from their tips, destroying her human nails in the process. The same happened to her toes, the blood staining the sheet below her hands and feet. Sensing they were running out of time, Frank proceeded to lick one of Megan’s new nipples, which proved to be even more sensitive than her first. She thrashed on the bed, trying to escape the touch of his tongue. Her eight nipples were so stiff now it was almost painful. He ignored her struggling and continued to tease one nipple with is mouth and another with the fingers of his left hand. Frank slid his right hand down her sweating stomach toward her crotch. He met no resistance as he placed his fingers at the entrance to her vagina, and began to part its soft warm lips with his index and ring fingers. Moisture dribbled from the opening as he used his middle finger to stimulate her clitoris. He decided to waste no time with this as once her sex began to transform she would lose the tiny sensitive bulb of flesh. Megan screamed a mixture of agony and ecstasy as her transforming hands and feet began to stretch while Frank fingered her wet opening. It was too much stimulation from too many things at once, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Megan’s body convulsed, arching her hips skyward and screaming as her pelvic muscles contracted involuntarily, rocking her with an intense orgasm. Frank withdrew his fingers from Megan’s drenched womanhood and licked them clean, tasting the salty nectar of her lubrication.

“I was actually expecting you to howl.” He smiled down at her panting form.

“The.. night.. is.. still young.” She barely managed to reply.

They acted quickly, fearing time was growing short. Frank untied Megan from the bed and helped her over to the radiator. She knelt down and allowed him to fasten the collar around her neck; it would be the last thing she ever wore. It was loose on her, but would become tighter by the end of the transformation. He left room for her to grow into it as he’d seen the others bulk up in size considerably as they changed.

Pains soon returned to wrack Megan’s slender pale body. She tried to drop to all fours but Frank caught her and held her up on her knees. He fondled her breasts and kissed her ear as bones began to pop in her chest and back. Megan’s ribcage began to enlarge, pressing her breasts tightly into Frank’s hands. He could feel them getting warmer, softer, they were like putty in his fingers. She moaned as her chest heated and her breasts dwindled away. Frank teased the nipples of her now flat chest a few moments longer before placing his hands on her hips from behind.

She knew what to do and instinctively dropped to all fours, raising her firm backside to him and spread her legs slightly. Frank admired the view of her like this for a moment. Taking in the sight of her naked and on all fours, her pale skin drenched in sweat, her freckled shoulders heaving up and down in time with her labored breathes. It was too much; he couldn’t resist any longer and plunged his erect member into her moist opening. Fluid ran down her inner thighs as he thrust into her, sweat mixed with sexual juices dripped onto the floor beneath her. She moaned with the rhythm of their movements, interrupted occasionally by a grunt as bones popped and cracked into new shapes inside her overheating body.

Her hands and feet had already reformed into large paws tipped with sharp black claws by the time they’d started making love. Those claws dug into the hard wood floor beneath her, leaving deep scratches. Frank watched as Megan’s ears poked out through her damp red hair, growing pointed and long. For a moment he could pretend he was having sex with an elf, but the illusion was dispelled when her ears began to migrate upward on her head and her long locks of red hair slipped free from their follicles, landing softly on the floor below her.

He was stunned by how fast her hair came out, but she was only bald for a moment as short red fur took its place and began to spread down the back of her neck and shoulders. Her freckles were overtaken by the spreading fur on her back, hiding her ginger features. Megan’s shoulder blades popped and enlarged causing her to scream. Her cries only drove Frank to pump his hips against her faster, causing her to moan again. He was intent on drowning out her pain with pleasure as much as possible. He watched her spine begin to pop and press against her sweaty flesh, the bones racing ahead of the growing fur towards her lower back. When the changes arrived there above her hips she groaned loudly, and raised her rear higher, Frank had to rise himself slightly as well to match her new posture. A fleshy nub began to press out from her lower back, then with a loud pop it stretched outwards into a short naked tail.

Megan looked back over her shoulder to watch the tail grow. Saliva trailed from her lips as she panted excitedly at this new addition. The tail grew longer, popping bone and groans from Megan announced each new vertebra as they formed. Within moments of it reaching its length, Megan’s tail bloomed with thick red fur. She lifted her tail high in an arch behind her, it was instinctual now. Frank slapped her ass hard, the sweaty flesh jiggled under his hand slightly. He wanted to feel the soft round fullness of her rear before it faded from existence.
“Oh, do it again. I’ve been a bad doggy.” Megan playfully joked.

Frank obliged and continued to spank her firm backside, leaving red hand prints. Sadly the fun was cut short as her buttocks tensed and muscles consumed all fat there was to be found there. Her curvaceous rear was stolen by the wolf all too soon. Fur spread across her backside, hiding the hand prints Frank had left there as well. With a sudden painful snap, Megan’s hips dislocated causing her to drop lower again as they settled into a new configuration which locked her on all fours as a true quadruped. They both knew it wouldn’t be long now and began to increase the speed of their thrusting with a new sense of desperation.

As Frank’s penis thrust inside her faster and harder than before Megan could fill the walls of her vagina begin to tingle in an unfamiliar way. Heat began to build inside her womanhood and she knew it was time for the transformation to claim this most private of places. Frank could feel it as well, her walls tightening around his manhood with stronger muscles, and despite the heavy lubrication it was becoming difficult to move inside her now. With a few final powerful thrusts he was able to finish what he’d started just in time. Her pelvic muscles contracted strongly around his member as she reached orgasm. This time she did indeed howl in pleasure which quickly lowered in tone. Intense pain shot through Megan’s sexual organs as they clenched and shifted, forcing Frank to pull out suddenly. He watched as her sex throbbed and pulsated, fluids still dripping from it as the opening changed shape and size, and the outer lips darkened from pink to black. White fur spread over her previously shaven crotch, claiming her womanhood forever.

Frank had done what he set out to do, to give this woman an orgasm as she transformed. Yet he had not had one himself yet. He watched her spasm on all fours, groaning and whining in pain, tail still high in the air and twitching. Her chest had already expanded into a barrel shape without his notice and the size of her body and dramatically increased with added muscle and bone mass. From the neck down she was entirely lupine, covered in thick red fur over her entire body with the exception of the white fur on her underside. Her face was still human for the most part. Long pointed ears adorned the top of her head and fangs had already begun to form in her mouth. They locked eyes, the green in hers was already shifting to yellow, soon she would be gone. He stood in front of her, his erect member in front of her face. She knew what he wanted. Opening her still human mouth she accepted his manhood into it and began to bob her head while rolling her slowly enlarging tongue to further stimulate him. She could taste her own juices on him as her changing tongue worked along his hard member. He grunted as he felt her budding fangs touch his sensitive organ, but did not break the skin. Her still full red lips began to gray then blacken as they changed. Frank placed his hands on the back of her head, feeling the soft pelt of red fur as she worked her mouth and lips along his shaft. He could feel the shape and size of her head changing in his hands but neither of them stopped. She was focused on completing her task despite the pain of her skull cracking and shrinking around her brain. Just as her mouth and nose were beginning to stretch forward Frank grunted once more and pulled his member free of her transforming mouth. Holding his manhood with one hand and pumping it he ejaculated onto her still changing face. Semen splashed into her fur and dripped from her thinning black lips and darkening nose as her face snapped forward into a muzzle.

Megan’s mind went blank as her brain mutated within the confines of her now smaller skull, erasing the girl’s thoughts and memories. She shuddered as her mind seemed to reboot with a new set of instincts and drives. She opened her now yellow eyes and looked at the human male before her, tilting her head to one side in a canine expression of confusion. The room was filled with his scent, and it was covering her as well. Her now primitive mind imprinted on this man and understood he was neither threat nor pray, but her alpha instead. Tongue hanging from her mouth, the new she wolf panted and wagged her long red tail happily behind her as she stared up at the one she now perceived to be her master.

Frank reached down and pet her soft furry head, rubbing her gently behind the ears. She wagged her tail faster in response.

“Good girl.”

TF-Viewer 12-22-2014 04:48 PM

Climate Change (part 3)
Climate Change (part 3)

Only a few short hours had gone by since the small group of survivors had broken up. Dividing up into pairs they left the convenience store. The decision came soon after Bob’s death, for Frank and Megan it was an easy choice as they wanted to be alone together most of the time anyway. Mike and Carla were unsure at first, but Frank convinced both of them that it would be easier to find food, shelter, and most importantly untainted water for two people instead of five. Their might have been three pairs after the split up if not for Bob’s untimely end; instead one was left as the ‘odd man out’. In this case the ‘odd woman out’, while the others had decided to leave the store in pairs to find shelter elsewhere, Tiffany stayed behind.

She was a young woman, just starting college before the rains began this little wolf apocalypse. The shy type, she stayed out of everyone’s way as they worked to gather food and supplies. When the vote to split came up she said nothing, instead hiding behind empty shelves near the rear of the store. The others left without even saying goodbye; she didn’t expect them to though. She’d always been a loner, having made no friends in high school or college. She avoided people as much as she could. Always wearing dark clothes and dying her hair black, she completed her ‘gothic emo’ look with black lipstick and a few facial piercings. In this small town she was regarded as a bit of an oddball. The other girls thought she was a freak, and while some of the guys showed interest in her, she did not return those feelings. None of the guys in town were her type.

As she watched the others leave from her hiding place she could hear the wolves howling a few blocks away. It seemed they could already smell the blood from Bob’s corpse. She looked over to what remained of him, a twisted hairy mess under a blood soaked towel. It didn’t turn her stomach like it had the others; she was actually fascinated by death in a strange and morbid way. She knelt down beside his lifeless body and pulled back the towel. His vacant and deformed face stared up at her from the floor.

“What a waste.” She said coldly. “You used to be kind of hot. You might have even made a decent looking wolf. But that big bruiser smashed your head in, now you’re neither. Just a pile of meat.”
As she knelt there pondering the point to all this, several wolves arrived outside the store. She caught sight of them out of the corner of her eye. The others would have jumped and ran for cover in this situation, but not Tiffany, she wasn’t so easily scared. She calmly stood up and walked to the glass doors that held the wolves outside. She stared right at them, and they at her, then they looked passed her to the body and began to drool.

“Oh, you want this, huh?” she asked them while pointing to Bob’s body.

To her surprise the wolves seemed to answer by lowering their heads and whining softly. They wanted the meat and apparently weren’t above begging for it. She wondered if they retained some of their former human intellect and wanted to test them.

“You really want this?” she pointed to the body again, waiting for their reply.

The two wolves wagged their tails and one barked excitedly. To Tiffany they just looked like big puppies who wanted to play, not fearsome beasts out for blood like the others always described them to be.

“If I let you in, just take him and go. I don’t need him stinking up my place. You can eat him, bury him, whatever, just get this mess out of her. You understand?”

The two wolves focused on her as she spoke, then both barked in unison as if to say ‘You got it, ma’am’. She wondered if they really understood, or if they were just making noise at her because she’d made noise at them. But she’d never find out if she just stood behind the door staring at them. So she opened it. Due to the heaviness of the door, and it’s self-closing mechanism she had to stand by it and hold it open for them.

“Come on, he’s all yours.” She said while gesturing for them to enter.

And enter they did, though they hesitated for a few moments. The scent of fresh meat was something they could not ignore, it was all the encouragement they needed to enter this structure. As they entered they briefly sniffed at Tiffany’s legs, but made no contact with her, instead they continued without delay to the source of the more interesting smell, Bob’s corpse. He’d been dead only a few hours, his flesh was growing cold, but was still warmer than the rainy outdoors. They sniffed at him for a minute before deciding he was safe to eat and quickly sank their teeth into him.

“Outside, remember. Drag him out there before you eat him.” She pointed through the open door as she spoke.

The wolves looked up to her, then to the door then back to the body. They seemed to understand, and with their fangs sunk into Bob’s flesh once again they started to move to the doorway. A trail of dark red blood was smeared across the white tile floor as they slowly dragged the corpse outside with them. It took them a little over a minute to move the man’s body just about thirty feet to the door, then another minute to drag him by the ankles out the door and into the empty parking lot. All the while Tiffany watched in awe at their intelligence and teamwork, not to mention their apparent ability to understand her words and gestures. Did they really retain some of their human minds, or were they just really smart dogs at this point?

As she stared at them in wonder they raised their heads and howled to the sky. In the distance more howls returned their calls. In moments half a dozen more wolves arrived in the parking lot to feast on the corpse. Wolves of different colors and sizes gathered around, each taking a turn tearing meat from bone and dragging organs from the body. Tiffany could only watch in amazement as the pack of about eight wolves fed on the body that had once been known as Bob. They let nothing go to waste, every bit of flesh and meat stripped from the bones until all that was left was torn, bloody clothing and a few scattered bits of gnawed skeleton. Their hunger couldn’t have been denied, yet they made no move to try to attack her. If anything they’d been respectful of her, it was very strange but not unwelcome.

The wolves, now sated, rested in the parking lot as a group. Some sleeping, while smaller ones ran about a little, playing. “Those must have been children.” She said to herself as she watched the smaller wolves tackle each other and nip playfully. As she watched them, she noticed that each wolf had gotten their fair share of food, none of them attacked another, and they all remained together as a cohesive unit, a pack, a big family. It was something she didn’t have in her own life as a human, yet these animals seemed to manage just fine. She sank to her knees with her hands on the glass door, crying softly. Though she’d driven people away most of her life, tried to stand apart from the group and be alone, something deep inside of her did want companionship. She wanted to belong somewhere, to be part of something, just not the dull boring life she’d been born into.

As she sat on her knees crying, one of the wolves had approached the door and began to whine sadly on the other side of the glass while looking at her. She wiped her eyes and looked up at it, a pretty gray wolf she observed, the yellow of its eyes locked onto the brown of hers and they stared at each other for a few moments. The wolf backed away from the door and stepped into a puddle of rain water that had formed recently in the parking lot. It splashed some of the water around with one of its paws and then looked back to Tiffany. It was trying to tell her something, that much she knew.

“You.. what? But the water would.. I’d be.” Tiffany muttered as she tried to process the gesture the wolf was making.

If she touched that water as the wolf just had, she’d change. She’d seen it happen to so many others in the last few weeks. It would transform her into a wolf, she knew that, and she was starting to guess that the wolf outside knew that too.

“You.. want me to come outside?”

The wolf wagged its tail in reply.

“You.. want me to touch the water?”

The wolf continued to wag its tail and barked with excitement.

“You.. want me to be like you?”

The wolf barked again, tail wagging faster than ever.

It was all the answer she needed. It was clear to her that these animals were more than just animals; they were smart, perhaps some part of their once human minds remained inside their canine heads. Perhaps part of her would continue to exist even in that form, some part of her might find peace and she might not feel so alone. She wanted friends, and a family that cared for her, she wasn’t able to have that as a human; maybe a pack would do just as well though.


With no more hesitation Tiffany opened the glass door and stepped outside. The wolves in the parking lot took notice and stood from their resting places to observe what happened next. The young woman untied the laces of her black boots and stepped into the ankle deep puddle the wolf had been splashing in a few moments earlier. The cold water soaked into her black socks and sealed her fate instantly. She could feel the power of the water taking hold immediately, her toes began to tingle and her soles ached. The wolves around her began to bark and howl excitedly as she sat down on the asphalt near the puddle and pulled her wet socks off, discarding them.

Tiffany watched her toenails crack and split open as long black claws emerged from inside her delicate digits. Blood trickled from the claws and over her feet for a moment before her feet began to stretch and thin. She cringed in pain as the bones of her feet stretched, broke, and changed. Fine white hairs began to sprout on the tops of both her changing feet, a strong contrast to her dyed black hair. Thick pads bubbled up on the bottoms of her changing feet as they finished changing into canine paws.

The wolf that had beckoned her outside approached her and sniffed at her newly formed hind paws, its tail wagging happily. Tiffany reached out to pet the gray wolf but stopped as she saw her hand beginning to change as well. Holding her small feminine hand before her eyes, she could only watch and smile as the fragile human nails splintered and fell away as long black claws pierced their tips. Once again a small amount of blood dripped from the digits, followed by aching pains as bones began to change in size and shape beneath the pale white skin. Pads formed in her palms as her fingers began to shorten and thicken, her hands stretching longer and thumbs all but disappearing as they moved closer to her wrists. In moments her once soft hands had become huge paws covered in thick white fur.

Now sporting two sets of large wolf paws Tiffany realized she had no way of undressing, the rest of her clothes would be impossible for her to remove in this state. She pawed at her shirt uselessly as her torso began to itch uncomfortably. Sensing her dilemma the gray wolf whined, and then tugged at Tiffany’s top with its fangs. The fabric began to tear as both wolf and woman pulled in opposite directions. With one final tug the black shirt was torn completely off, exposing the pale flesh of the transforming female. Her black bra and skirt still remained, but this would do for now she thought. White fur began to grow between Tiffany’s breasts and trailed down her stomach under her skirt. She could feel a tingle as her pubic hair was replaced with fur that spread over her genitals and inner thighs.

“Still gotta get.. the rest of this… off!” the young woman managed to say as she struggled with her clothes.

Hooking a claw under the front clasp of her bra, between her breasts, Tiffany pulled and with a little effort managed to pop the bra open. Her modest breasts spilled out into the cold air, nipples already hard. She pawed at her breasts tenderly as they began to heat up, beads of sweat had formed over their round surfaces and dripped onto them from her face as well. Moaning softly she felt them shrinking away, their nerve ending firing like mad as the fatty tissue was consumed by her changing body’s metabolic needs. As they vanished she could feel several pinching sensations down her chest and stomach. She rubbed her paws down her torso as new nipples began to form on her belly. Each one was just as sensitive as the ones on her now flat chest, the attention she’d given them causing them to become erect.

“Oh, that’s kind of nice.” She said with a dreamy voice as she rubbed her eight nipples up and down with her clumsy paws.

But the pleasure was short lived as pain now entered her chest. Her ribs began to feel tight and with a sudden loud crack her chest cavity began to expand. More pops and cracks followed as each rib was forced into a new shape and larger size, causing her chest to barrel out into canine form. White fur continued to spread over her torso, growing thicker and almost completely hiding all of her nipples. Tiffany lay on her back, looking down at her deformed body, her breasts gone, her hands and feet were now paws, and her body covered in white fur. She was becoming an animal, and she wasn’t afraid.

The changes accelerated now that her center of mass had been overtaken by the metamorphosis. Tiffany rolled over onto all fours as she felt her hips begin to tighten under her skirt. Moans and grunts came from her soft lips as her pelvis began to change shape slowly, with a crack it snapped into a new shape, locking her on all fours. She cried out from the sudden pain of the bones breaking and mending back together with such speed. The fatty tissue of her round backside began to melt away, causing her skirt and panties to become loose. With a quick wiggle of her slimming hips, the once tight garments slipped down her shrinking ass and fell to the ground. She kicked them off her paws, useless rags to her now. Beads of sweat dripped from her rear as it finished morphing from the round supple shape of a young woman’s behind into the androgynous form of a canine’s backside which quickly covered itself in thick white fur.

Between her canine legs her still human vagina began to throb and become warm. A soft feminine moan escaped her lips as she smiled at the tingling sensation she felt in her most sensitive of places. The soft folds of female flesh moistened slightly as the changes found their way into this intimate place and started to gently reshape it. White fur had already surrounded the orifice, leaving only the pink outer lips visible. Tiffany gasped and then exhaled slowly as the warming sensation intensified inside her groin. The pink lips of her genitalia began to darken to black as the opening pulsated slightly. A small bead of lubricating fluid trickled from the metamorphosing organ as it suddenly contracted, pulling tighter and becoming smaller. The sudden spasm of shifting flesh nearly brought Tiffany to orgasm.

Tiffany looked back over her shoulders to her changing rear as she felt her tailbone begin to ache. She closed her eyes tightly as her spine extended, stretching against the skin of her lower back until a nub began to form. The fleshy nub wiggled a little as Tiffany moaned softly, raising her backside into the air and screaming as the tail erupted violently from her body with nearly explosive force. It bloomed with thick white fur instantly and lifted high into the air behind her. She panted on all fours, her body entirely covered in white fur and with the exception of her head she was entirely a wolf.

“Almost done. Then, I’ll be one of you guys. We’ll be good friends, won’t we?” were Tiffany’s last words.

A series of loud pops from inside her skull signaled the end of her human existence. The bones of her face pushed forward, stretching her black lips to their limit as her muzzle began to take shape. The piercing in her lip caused an extra level of pain as it was forced out, her skin tearing slightly and then healing instantly. As her face stretched her teeth lengthened and sharpened into fangs, her now longer tongue licked the trickle of blood from the side of her mouth the piercing had caused as it left her face. Her nose darkened, became moist and leathery and it’s new enlarged size caused yet another piercing to fall off, though with less pain and no blood this time. Her heavily pierced ears stretched into points, traveling up her head as her dyed black hair fell from her scalp onto the ground. White fur spread over her head and face as it completed its changes. Her mind began to fog as her brain altered in size and shape within her thickening and shrinking skull. No longer did she feel alone or sad. As she opened her now yellow eyes to gaze upon her new pack she felt at ease, and happy for the first time in her life.

The newly formed white she-wolf howled to the sky, joined by her pack as they celebrated her rebirth. Several piercings remained in the white wolf’s ears, a reminder of what she once was.

TF-Viewer 12-22-2014 04:52 PM

Night Classes (WIP)
Night Classes (work in progress)

Night Classes

"Welcome class, we'll be starting this semester with a brand new course; Rare Contagious Diseases." the middle-aged man spoke before the lecture hall full of college students, pausing for a moment after announcing the subject of the course to let it sink in. "As you know this is a 'hands on' class, so we'll be getting up close and personal with some things you typically wouldn't want to get up close and personal with. I hope none of you are squeamish." The professor carried on about the summary of the class and what would be expected of his students for some time. Alex sat in the far back of the class, directly under the row of large windows that lined the far wall of the lecture hall. The students were fairly spread out, attendance for this night class was rather sparse. It seemed that most people didn't want to stay up late learning about obscure medical conditions. Alex was not most people. She'd taken an interest in rare medical conditions years ago after contracting an extremely rare condition herself, she had hoped she could learn how people deal with unusual conditions for which there are no known cures. The professor continued to talk at length about safety equipment or something like that, Alex wasn't really paying attention as she stared straight forward, thinking about her plans for Friday night.

"...and that brings me to the next order or business. Our first rare disease for the semester will be Lycanthropy. An extremely rare condition for which no cure, nor any treatment has ever been found. Decades ago it was so obscure it was considered a myth, but in recent years several high profile cases were made public. Some of you may remember the infamous 'Moonlight Madness' outbreak from a few years ago. More than a dozen cases reported in the U.S alone. Up until that incident the idea of Lycanthropes existing was thought to be impossible, but today we know that both they and the disease which causes their condition do in fact exist. We are still studying how it spreads, and most importantly how the lycanthropic metamorphosis actually works. And to help with that study, our class will be visited by someone who happens to suffer from this rare condition."

Alex froze in her seat, eyes wide with shock, panic started to set in.

"I have asked for an acquaintance of mine to fly in from the U.K to allow this class to witness first hand just how a lycantrophic metamorphosis takes place. Know that you will all be perfectly safe, and that every precaution will be taken to assure that no harm comes to either the observing class or our volunteer."

Her anxiety slowly faded, they were talking about a volunteer from overseas, that's all. It was a relief, and yet the subject matter posed a huge problem on it's own. She couldn't possibly attend that event as she would be extremely preoccupied that night. Alex decided to wait until class had ended to speak with the professor after all the other students had left the hall.

"Um, Professor? May I talk to you about something?" Alex's worry shown in her voice.

"Certainly, does it pertain to the upcoming observation by chance?" he responded while sorting his papers and various notes at his desk.

"Actually yes, it does, it very much does." She clutched her notebook to her chest tightly, afraid to continue the conversation.

"Well? What in particular about it concerns you? If you're worried about safety I assure you tha-"

"Oh it's not that." she interrupted. "It's just... well... I won't be able to attend." Alex barely managed to say.

"I see. You should know there is no chance of rescheduling it, it's a rather time sensitive event. Is it possible you could reschedule whatever it is you're doing that night so that you may attend class?"

"Well, no. It's not possible for me to reschedule it. I'd rather not have to do what it is I have to do that night at all, but you see... it's... well... I have a medical condition and... on that particular night... I... um... will be having an 'attack' of it... or whatever it is you'd call it when that happens." Alex tried to be subtle, she was embarrassed about her condition and wasn't comfortable talking about it openly.

Her professor looked up from his papers as he removed his glasses, his aged brown eyes showed much wisdom as they gazed into her youthful blue eyes, filled with worry and shame.

"I see. I'm sorry, I had no idea. Miss?"


"Miss Alex White, I am truly sorry. I have studied Lycanthropy for the better part of the last decade. I know how difficult it can be to deal with. For a young woman such as yourself it must be especially hard, the effects the disease has on female biology-"

"Please, don't. It's embarrassing to talk about." her face began to turn red.

"Yes, of course. Again I'm sorry. Obviously you'll be excused from attending the observation, it would be impossible for you to take notes about the Lycanthropic metamorphosis while you yourself are undergoing a Lycanthropic metamorphosis at the same time as our volunteer." he attempted to lighten the mood with a half joke toward the end, it was not received as well as he'd hoped, Alex's face was still red from earlier, still full of worry and shame. "I'm sorry. I hope my lecture did not offend you. I may have been tactless during some descriptions of Lycanthropy I used earlier, I had no idea anyone in the class suffered from it. It's so rare a condition I never would have imagined one of my students and certainly not one so pretty" that got her attention "could be a werewolf."

She sighed. "You should know we don't like that word very much. It's a stereotype, it makes people think we're monsters that eat children. I've never eaten a child, Professor. I stay locked up when it happens as any responsible person would. I'm.. I'm not a monster.." she was almost on the verge of tears.

Her professor jumped up from his chair and quickly wrapped his arms around her. He could see the pain she was in.

"It's alright Alex. I know you're not a monster. I shouldn't have used that word, you're right. It's just an old habit, back in the day we didn't have a politically correct term, we didn't think we needed one. Back then we didn't think it was real. But I know better now, I know it's real and the people who suffer from it, their pain is real. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." his apology comforted her, his warm embrace comforted her even more. She looked up into his face, he was old enough to be her father, maybe even a little older than that. But something about him, the way he spoke, the way his arms wrapped around her, she was beginning to feel attracted to him. Her face became warm and red again, for an entirely different reason than before.

"Th-thank you, Professor. I'm alright now." she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as he reluctantly let her go.

They remained in the lecture hall for several more minutes, talking, mostly apologizing to each other. Eventually Alex departed after an awkward goodbye, the professor watched her leave, unable to take his eyes off her. He stared, enthralled almost, as he watched her long blonde hair wave behind her, nearly touching her shapely rear as it swayed within her tight jeans in rhythm with her steps. The very idea that that young woman could transform into a wolf, seemed outrageous, even to him. He knew full well that Lycanthropes were real, he'd seen the metamorphosis take place dozens of times. However, he'd never seen a woman transform, no females had ever permitted anyone to watch it happen. That aspect of Lycanthropy was still a mystery to him, how a pretty thing like that could become a beast and then back again, the thought of it caused a stir in his loins. As he watched Alex walk down the hallway, he wondered what color her fur would be, he wondered what her firm backside would look like as she grew a tail. That thought caused a further stirring in his pants, one that developed into a full erection pressing against the front of his black slacks. He wasn't sure how he should feel about this reaction, was it normal for a man to fantasize about that? Still, despite his confusion, he really wanted to see it.

(more to come)

Cursebearer 12-22-2014 08:27 PM

Re: TF stories that aren't super short.
Love where Night Classes is going, I really can't wait to see the rest of it. Keep up the fine, fine work. It's always excellent.

mb78 12-22-2014 09:35 PM

Re: TF stories that aren't super short.
Very excited to see where this goes. I always feel like you're too hard on yourself, because your stuff is very, very good. As always, do as much or as little in any content form as you feel like doing, even if it's nothing. Anything you provide to the community is much appreciated.

ivan11422 12-27-2014 11:28 PM

Re: TF stories that aren't super short.
loved night classes, great start.

TF-Viewer 01-08-2018 01:34 PM

Re: TF stories that aren't super short.
I realize this is a bit of a necro post (but it's my thread dammit). I never did finish that last story, and it's been a few years, so I think maybe it's time to give the writing thing another shot. I'll try to finish that story and maybe write a few brand new ones. I guess that can be my New Year's Resolution or something.

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