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ZoeBrownWerewoman 08-27-2021 10:15 AM

Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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One week to the day before his twenty-first birthday, fourth-year Columbia University student Daniel Galloway receives an ominous warning from the estranged mother he has not heard from in three-and-a-half-years: on his twenty-first birthday, he is 'fated,' by means of a four-hundred-year-old family curse, to turn into a girl.

Scornfully dismissive of this warning at first (even in spite of his mother producing a seventeenth-century colonial settler's diary which records the earliest occurrences of the magical curse which, according to her, has transformed each of the last thirteen generations of the only-sons produced by their family line into girls upon the occasion of their twenty-first birthdays), Daniel refuses to hear her warnings, or to believe a thing she has to say to him, and carries on with his life as normal over the next several days, hanging out with his friends on campus (including both his best friend, twenty-three-year-old graduate student Cole Gillingham, and his recurring 'casual' hook-up partner, the stunning hot blonde and fellow fourth-year upperclasswoman Mallory Hendricks), going to class, doing his homework, and preparing to celebrate his birthday in style with an outing to the famously celebrated Lion's Head Tavern, just a few short blocks away from campus.

But when Daniel shows up at the bar on the night of his birthday and discovers, to his profound horror and sense of shock, that he has suddenly developed an intense attraction to several of his closest male friends from University, the reality of his mother's warnings soon comes crashing down on him, and as he staggers home from the Tavern later that night with the shapely and seductive Mallory on his arm, only to swiftly begin undergoing some startlingly sensual physical and bodily alterations upon their return to his dorm room, he is reluctantly forced to concede, at last, that he is indeed Fated to be Female.

At just over 40,000 words, Fated to be Female (Part One) is the first installment in a brand new, on-going serial story from Zoe Brown involving Steamy Romance and Featuring Gender Transformation via an Inherited Magical Curse. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

ZoeBrownWerewoman 09-13-2021 07:47 AM

Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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'No matter how uncomfortable the prospect of doing so made me, I would have to put on the XR-F-875 ‘female’ bodysuit and turn myself into a woman today if I wanted to remain a free. . . well, I was going to say a ‘free man,’ but—you get my drift. I was going to have to become. . . ‘Olivia.’'

In 2015, a team of scientific researchers working for a secret government research lab located below the DARPA building in Arlington, Virginia are just on the verge of completing the final checks on an experimental piece of ultra-high-tech, 'next-gen' cutting-edge infiltration and disguise technology designated 'XR-875' (the first-ever fully-versatile human 'bodysuits,' designed to turn anyone, anywhere in the world, into any other human being imaginable, at any time) when on the day before the official 'Field Test' of the prototype suits are scheduled to take place their Project Manager marches down into the XR-'bodysuit' design and testing lab and orders the members of the team to pack up the two not-quite-fully-certified-safe-for-human-testing-yet prototype bodysuits (one designed to appear 'male' and the other 'female'), and join a security convoy preparing to take the units off-site for a previously-unannounced, spur-of-the-moment 'field test' conducted under his own authority at a secret black-site 'testing facility' just outside of Arlington. The scientists object, insisting on completing their safety checks before authorizing live human trials of the experimental pieces of infiltration and disguise technology, but are overruled.

But when the secured-transport convoy carrying the suits is ambushed on its way to their secure destination by an elite team of Eastern European mercenaries who kill most of the members of the convoy and attempt to make off with the bodysuits, it becomes apparent to the only unscathed 'survivor' of the massacre, the twenty-nine-year-old Dr. DAMON CARTER, who escapes from the scene of the ambush only by the skin of his teeth, and with both of the prototype bodysuits 'safe' in his possession, that the team of scientific researchers responsible for designing and developing the bodysuits has been betrayed from within.

When the sinister villains responsible for planning the attack manage to pin responsibility for the murderous ambush on him, Damon is forced to flee lest the suits he is guarding be snatched up by the same bloody-handed bad guys who have killed or wounded all the rest of his closest friends and colleagues and he wind up facing a future of unjust imprisonment for crimes he didn't commit. Knowing that he lacks the skills necessary to successfully evade a nationwide manhunt, he is forced to turn to the same bodysuit technology which he played a part in developing in order to help him assume a new identity and 'disappear.'

But when the 'male' prototype unit of the XR-875 series bodysuits is revealed to have been damaged during the ambush earlier in the day, Damon unexpectedly finds himself forced to face an unwelcome and initially unsettling choice: does he simply wait around in his apartment to be arrested for crimes he didn't commit, or does he 'man up' sufficiently in order to brave the disconcerting experience of being the first man in the world to field test a fully-functional female bodysuit?

At just over 32,000 words, Field Test (Part One) is the first instalment in a new, on-going serial series about the development of ultra-high-tech, 'next-gen' super-realistic female bodysuits, and of one researcher's desperate, dangerous, girlish, and thrillingly romantic adventures while on the run, posing as a member of the opposite sex. Hope you enjoy!

ZoeBrownWerewoman 09-18-2021 10:43 AM

Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon

Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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“Hey, babe!” I squealed loudly in mock-excitement, grinning broadly up into the shocked and stunned-looking expression of the seemingly-good-natured young man with the ripplingly cut and muscular physique. “Happy birthday, you big, handsome hunk of a guy, you!” Then, in the very next second, seeking to forestall any awkward questions and to keep the big, broad-chested man from pulling away in confusion, I whispered, very quickly, and in a breathlessly soft tone of voice, so that only he could hear, the following brief explanation—:

‘PLEASE help me out. There’s a thousand dollars in hard cash for you if you follow my lead on this—’

—before suddenly, and without any warning whatsoever, pressing the pair of my soft and plumply-inviting new womanly lips assertively and aggressively against his own, thinner and intriguingly salty ones, and laid the hungriest and most passionate kiss on him that I had ever seen a woman lay on a man in a public place.

Framed by his boss, the deviously murderous Dr. Henry Monroe, as the man behind the plot to ambush a secure DARPA transport convoy which had resulted in nine deaths and the supposed 'theft' of two top-secret pieces of high-tech, 'next-gen' infiltration and disguise technology, the first ever fully-realistic human 'bodysuits,' which can turn any person, anywhere in the world, into any other person you can think of, Dr. Damon Carter reluctantly finds himself with no other choice but to go on the run and to make use of the XR-F-875 'female' bodysuit (which was the only one of the two prototype units he was able to save from the violence and wreckage of the ambush that morning) to turn himself into the gorgeous and shapely twenty-two-year old 'Olivia Capuano,' a previously fictional young woman with long, inky black hair and 'Mediterranean' features which the bodysuit is capable of rendering him.

But as Damon rushes about gathering up some ready cash for his sudden flight, and searches for a secure and private place where he can safely pull on the bodysuit and let it swiftly (over the course of about ten minutes or so) and sensuously transform him from an average, ordinary 29-year-old young man into the stunningly sexy 22-year-old young woman he is now reluctantly committed to becoming, our surprisingly quick-witted hero finds himself (and then, later, herself) evading public surveillance systems, dodging the forces of local law enforcement who are canvasing the area for him, and unexpectedly running into a handsome and well-built twenty-nine-year-old ex-Army-Ranger who turns out in the end to offer the new 'Olivia' with exactly the excuse she thinks she can use to evade the local dragnet which is fast closing in around her so that she can get away without the pair of the 'top secret' and deadly-dangerous bodysuits she is carrying falling into the bloodstained hands of some very dangerous people.

At just over 40,000 words, Field Test (Part Two) is the second installment in a new, on-going serial series about the development of ultra-high-tech, 'next-gen' super-realistic female bodysuits, and one researcher's desperate, dangerous, girlish, and thrillingly romantic adventures while on the run, fully and very sensuously transformed into a gorgeously curvaceous member of the opposite sex. Hope you enjoy!

garycamaro86 12-04-2021 07:36 AM

Re: [Paid] Zoe Brown's 'Werewoman Adventures' Stories on Amazon
Anyone heard from Zoe? She seems to have been MIA for about a month. Really looking forward to some more stories.

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