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Mytransformations 10-19-2015 11:03 AM

New Ebook: Fattening the Actress (WG)
I've released a new ebook, Fattening the Actress. Sam is a tabloid journalist who loves to catch celebrities in embarrassing situations. He gains the power to create those situations when he finds a laptop that can re-write reality, and runs into his favorite celebrity crush, Caroline.

Sam uses his power to alter Caroline's identity as well as her body in a variety of ways, before finally taking her from skinny and svelte actress to SSBBW waitress, and causing a steamy romance to bloom between them. This is a 15,000 word story.

“Wow, you, like, don’t know how to eat pancakes, do you?” she asked, looking over at my plate and giggling a little.

“This is, in fact, how most people do eat them,” I said, feeling just a little defensive. “Unless you know of some super-secret chef method…”

“I wouldn’t call it a super-secret chef method, since I ate ‘em this way since before I became a chef. Maybe super-secret fat chick method would be more appropriate,” she said with a big belly laugh that caused her tummy to quiver delightfully.

I could see that soft, doughy body slosh around a million times, I thought, and I’d never get tired of it. Every time I saw it, I remembered that she’d once been Caroline Teagan, a thin actress who’d been so proud of her hard-earned weight loss and strict diet that she mocked people who couldn’t keep the weight off themselves, and it was only because of my intervention that she’d become so pleasingly plump and easygoing.

Caroline then proceeded to show me the fat chick way to eat pancakes. She put two pancakes together, rolling them up like a burrito. Then, inside, she stuffed in six little pads of butter, nearly half a jar of jam, and then topped it off with so much syrup that the thing sprouted a leak, dripping onto her plate.

“Here, you want this one?” she offered.

“No, you go ahead,” I said. Actually, it looked lovely, and I couldn’t wait to try one, but the only thing I could imagine that was sweeter than eating that giant calorie bomb was the pleasure of watching her eat it.


As a reminder, you do not need a Kindle to read ebooks from Amazon. You can read them in-browser on your PC.

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