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a0040pc 08-16-2017 03:40 AM

Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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I've been commissioning some pieces of an artist called Teaquill on Deviantart. Not only has she done pieces based on my OCs but she has also done some of Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. They show the character with a much taller frame.

The series will not be in any particular order or have much continuity. It is more for fun but there will be a mini story behind each picture for you all to enjoy. Check the artist here, she has plenty more GTS drawings there.

The Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren has recently gone through a sudden and dramatic growth spurt. In a short amount of time Sabine has gone from being around 5'7 (170cm) to well over 9 feet (273cm) and is pushing up to 10 feet (305cm). She now towers above the rest of the Ghost Crew and is even taller than her friend and fellow Rebel Zeb who doesn't like being the shorter one now. Sabine has no idea why she has grown so tall but she does know one thing, she is still growing taller and taller and taller.

a0040pc 08-16-2017 03:45 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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After touching down on a planet the Rebel crew of the Ghost took some much needed sleep after their latest encounter with the Empire. For Sabine it was a much looked to opportunity for her to get out of the ship and stretch her legs. She had been cramped inside of the Ghost for too long which she considered to be too small for her now much taller frame.

After taking a walk around the ship Sabine couldn't help but look at the night sky above her. She leaned on the top of ship and stared up towards the stars. She wondered if the rebellion against the Empire would be successful or was it doomed to failure. She also thought about what was happening to herself. She wondered if she would stop growing or if she would just keep going with no end in sight.

a0040pc 09-04-2017 12:29 PM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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A new piece has arrived.

After the battle of Endor Sabine decided that she wanted to have a walk around the forest that covered the entire planet. It was somewhere that she had always wanted to visit and now with the Empire on its last legs she thought that this was a perfect opportunity to do it. She admired the surroundings and she noticed how all the trees were taller than her. She did wonder if she would one day grow as tall as these colossal trees.

Her walk had not gone unnoticed as a couple of Ewoks saw the towering young woman. They thought that she was an Imperial weapon and tried to trip her over with a long piece of rope. Their efforts were unsuccessful but they did almost make Sabine fall over.

Annoyed by the situation Sabine focused her attention on the two Ewoks responsible. One was able to escape her grasp but the second was not so fortunate. Without much effort she was able to pick up the small creature and bring him up to her level. She couldnít understand what he was saying and although she was annoyed she didnít intend to hurt him.

a0040pc 09-12-2017 04:38 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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After preventing the Empire from developing a chemical weapon Sabine Wren of the Ghost crew found herself exposed to an unknown chemical. At first she seemed fine after some medical tests nothing of note came through. However shortly after Sabine felt very odd and as she went into a cargo bay she felt her body beginning to stretch up. She could feel her body elongating as she grew taller and taller. Within less than a minute she went from being average height to being over 20 feet in height. She was taken aback by the sudden change and she wondered what was going to happen to her now. She thought that the effects might be temporary or she could grow again.

This one was done by another artist named GeoLigar. Check out his art here.

a0040pc 09-14-2017 06:27 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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As Sabine was trying to figure out exactly had caused her current predicament, her body continued to stretch upwards. Eventually her head hit the ceiling of the hangar that she was in, she was sure that her growth spurt would end. However her body continued to grow and she found herself having to bend her knees and use her hands to push up against the ceiling. With every passing second Sabine became more and more uncomfortable and her enlarging foot accidentally knocked down a stack of boxes close by.

The activity in the hangar had not gone unnoticed as the odd sounds radiating from it caught the attention of a small squad of Rebel Soldiers. Fearing that the Empire might have tracked them down they quickly rushed to the hangar, they were completely unaware of the growing woman inside. One thing that was for sure, Sabine was quickly running out of room.

a0040pc 09-21-2017 03:12 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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As Sabineís body continued to stretch upwards the roof above her finally gave way as her head broke through. She hoped that this would be the end of her growth spurt but it wasnít as it only seemed to get faster. Before she knew it she struck the ceiling of the room above. She pushed up against it and eventually broke through that one as well. She still grew but there was something that she noticed.

There was an Imperial Stormtrooper on this floor but through some miracle he hadnít noticed her. As soon as her arms had come up through the ceiling the stretched Mandalorian grabbed onto him and with some effort threw him against the wall. The impact was enough to knock him unconscious, he had briefly seen her and he couldnít believe what he was seeing.

After the stormtrooper had been knocked unconscious Sabine was thankful to notice that she had finally stopped growing. This was a great relief for her but she was now unbelievably tall, her feet were still in the hanger two floors down and her head was only around a foot away from the ceiling in this room. However there was one big problem facing the super tall rebelÖ she was stuck.

a0040pc 10-08-2017 02:26 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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For the Ghost Crew there was a large hurdle in front of them. They had been hoping to get a small squad of rebels out from an area under imperial control. Unfortunately they had been spotted by an AT-ST that happened to be in the vicinity. Thinking fast the super tall Sabine Wren decided to distract the vehicle while her crewmates handled the escape.

To start off with Sabine leapfrogged the AT-ST which was a lot more fun than she expected. This got the attention of the pilots inside which allowed the Rebels to escape. Despite her extreme height she was surprisingly fast and nimble. She was not strong enough to cause any real damage to the vehicle but she was able to topple it over which prevented it from getting back up.

With the AT-ST down Sabine made her escape with the rest of the rebels. She didn't think that being extremely tall could help the rebel cause but now she was finding more advantages every day. Of course her need for food was great given her ever increasing stature.

This one was done by Claw7055. Check out his work here.

a0040pc 10-20-2017 07:46 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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The Ghost Crew run into a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers on a desert planet. With some effort they are able to defeat the Stormtroopers who make a hasty retreat. One unfortunately lags too far behind and is captured by the Ghost Crew. They plan to turn the Stormtrooper over to the Rebel Alliance but the still extremely tall Sabine Wren can't help but have a little fun. She leans on the captured Stormtrooper and asks the infamous question 'Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?' The Stormtrooper does not respond but he is quietly amazed by her as no other human has ever grown as tall as her.

This one was done by the artist Roode Dude. Please check out his work here.

a0040pc 11-25-2017 12:02 PM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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This is a piece done by the artist Dr Kink Fuel

After losing her younger brother to an Imperial bombing raid Pash Rondola decided to join the Rebel Alliance. During her time there she couldn't help but notice the Madalorian Rebel Sabine Wren. At one point Sabine had been average height but after an accident with a secret Imperial weapon she had found herself growing taller and taller. In a few short weeks she had become so tall that the average human was only knee height to her.

One day Pash became curious as she saw Sabine working away in a hangar. She was able to creep up on the unsuspecting tall woman and was able to place a marker on her where the top of Pash's head came to her. Several hours later Pash returned to the unsuspecting Sabine and discovered that the marker had moved up by around an inch. She was amazed by this since it meant that Sabine had grown even taller over the day. Pash looked up in amazement as se tried to comprehend just how tall Sabine was going to be. This was when Sabine noticed the seemingly short woman and asked the infamous question 'What are you doing?'

a0040pc 11-28-2017 03:41 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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Recently the Rebel Alliance had picked up some new recruits to their cause. These included some Kaminoan scientists whose species was responsible for the creation of the clone army during the Clone Wars. Since the Republic had now become the Galactic Empire their home world of Kamino was now under Imperial control. These scientists wanted to do everything they could to help the Rebels and free their home planet.

One particular scientist name Yan Trespin had created a serum that she hoped could give the Rebel soldiers an physical edge against the Imperial Stormtroopers. She knew that the Rebel Leaders would likely not allow her to test her serum on any soldiers so she had to be sneaky with her test. After observing a few rebels she decided to use the Madelorian Sabine Wren as her test subject. Yan was able to sneak the serum into some of Sabine's food and drinks. With the serum now administered to her unaware test subject Yan just had to wait and see the results.

Yan didn't have to wait long to see the results of the test. Sabine did become more productive and needed much less sleep than she had before. Unfortunately an unforeseen side effect caused Sabine to stretch up as her body grew taller at an alarming rate. In the space of a week or so she had grown to almost twice her normal height. Unfortunately for Yan Sabine was not as stupid as she had originally calculated. The now towering woman confronted the Kaminoan scientist as she knew that it was her who was responsible for her sudden and dramatic growth spurt. Sabine wanted nothing more than to go back to the way that she was, Yan wasn't sure if that was possible but she saw an opportunity. The serum had made Sabine taller than any human on record and if she was still growing Yan wanted to see just how tall she will become.

This piece is done by Caiman 2. Please check out his page for more GTS art.

a0040pc 12-03-2017 11:23 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
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Even as Sabine Wren tried to get answers out of the Kaminoan scientist Yan Trespin she felt an odd sensation run through her body. Her first indication that something was going to happen was when her knees began to shake. Her eyes widened when she saw that Yan was becoming shorter. It Sabine a few moments to realise that it was not Yan who was shrinking but instead her who was growing taller.

Sabine could see that her body was continuing to stretch. Her anger soon turned to fear as she had no idea how long the growth spurt would last or even how tall she would become. Her entire body was stretching up beyond her control and she couldn't help but shed a tear. Eventually she had to go down to her knees just so she could be on some level with Yan and she wrapped her incredibly long arms around her. Never had a human made Yan feel so small and yet the growth was still continuing.

All Sabine could do was beg Yan to make the growth spurt stop. Yan did have an idea in her mind that could not only stop Sabine from growing even taller but also shrink her back down to normal. It was risky but given the situation she thought that it was worth a try. If she didn't do something quickly Sabine would just continue to grow and grow.

a0040pc 12-04-2017 02:20 AM

Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels
Hmm, it is elongating growth which is something that is pretty rare. Too bad since I rather enjoy it.

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