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Wink Re: Updates to Mistress Taylor Presents

Originally Posted by Twilight_Roxas View Post
I don't know if either Kacy or Taylor would pick that role.
No worries. I'll try get whoever doesn't to play the baby.

__________________________________________________ _______________
OK we posted "Jessie's EXPANSIVE Journey" to TaylorMadeClips earlier today.

Model Jessie stops by Taylor's house for an interview and while she's waiting she spots a gift box and she can't help herself and takes a peek inside...

Growth sequence, Breast Expansion, Smaller growth sequence with busting shoes and nudity and then the clip ends with a "TaylorMadeClips" style ass inflation. Sound FX for the ass inflation and for some of the BE process were courtesy of Inflate123 who has a terrific library of prerecorded sounds he let me pick through so I wasn't stuck recording myself fondling balloons for several hours... not that i personally don't enjoy that tremendously but there is never enough time.

Here's a gallery that pretty much shows the clip's bigger moments...

__________________________________________________ __________________

PLUS COMING LATER ON TODAY is a clip with 19 year old Penny who plays an ambitious lab technician who wants to move her lab's research forward quickly by testing on humans. During her first unauthorized test she personally discovers two processes that are directly affected by the extract produced at her lab...

The sexual content is only hinted at in the gif.

This clip will have a soft and a hard version released so if you ain't into the harder stuff than you can easily steer clear if you like.

Just trying to cover as many bases as we can. The clip will be posted in a few hours and Jessie's clip is available now.

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