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Re: Expansion Fan Comics - official updates

There have been some valid points brought up regarding reviews given in exchange for free content. Just to be clear, we don't offer any incentive like that for the Fan sites. I always welcome people to leave reviews of our comics if they feel the need to; the feedback might help us improve future productions.

That being said, I don't expect each and every comic issue to appeal to each individual's taste. It just isn't possible to please everyone given the fact that kink preferences vary widely from person to person, even within a micro-niche community. For example, we might publish a comic where a character experiences growth of "epic proportions" -- pleasing a fair amount of the readers but at the same time alienating a reader who admires less drastic growth. Perhaps we hit every point and box (in terms of story and fetish content) for our fans, yet the art style may be "Western" and not "manga" as some people are into.

It's essential that the comics we produce be written by fans of the genre. The entire reason I started making these comics was to fill a need I had that wasn't being covered by other content producers. That's not to say their work was bad (quite the contrary)... it just rarely checked all my boxes, so to speak. For that reason I invite fans to submit their own pitches, scripts and illustration requests.
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