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BustArtist's NEW "grOw/cinema", Episode X -- NOW AVAILABLE! Jan 24, 2019

While focusing on a blueberry expansion theme, in addition to some breast expansion and giant lactating breasts, I know many in this community appreciate this genre. Thus, I give you...

grOw/cinema : "The Ever-Expanding Universe"
Episode X: “Celestial Spheres”

Professors Celeste Anzo, having won Carl's "contest", is quickly blowing up like a giant blueberry with breasts. The growth is so much that her head and limbs are sinking into her spherical body. Carl and Professor Hiroto watch in fascination, unsure when Celeste's growing will stop.

  • Breast Expansion – from big to huge, Huge!
  • Giant breasts and nipples (Huge!)
  • Vagina/clit expansion (Huge!)
  • Penis expansion (huge, Huge!)
  • Blueberry expansion (big, huge, Wow)
  • Blueberry juicing
  • miniGTS
  • MILF (student-teacher sexual encounter)
  • Lactation
  • Excessive cum
  • Cum-induced growths
  • Personality alteration, Reality alteration
  • Strong sexual situations (MF)

grOw/cinema, Episode X features:
  • 50 full-color frames along with a cover poster. The biggest issue yet!
  • Part 10 of an on-going series.

Special Full Series Pricing!
  • Haven't bought grOw/cinema yet? See what the excitement is about!
  • Get all 10 issues (798 full-screen frames) for $10.55 off the normal, full price! Or, buy a Half Collection and save $4.80!

What people are saying about grOw/cinema:

As seen on

"Bought it, read it, loved it! I didn’t think issue 8 could be outdone but boy, was I wrong! The blueberry stuff is on a par with the great Johnny/Doc Swell and I’ve honestly not enjoyed anything greater until now. Each transformation type, each fetish is amazing and just makes me crave more and more!"

"I loved the blueberry expansion [in Chapter IX] (you absolutely nailed it, BA!) so I'm super looking forward to Chapter X! I really appreciate that BA took a chance and tried drawing something outside of his normal wheelhouse of boobs, ass and some GTS expansion..."

“Just… wow! This issue is… AMAZING! Love the introduction of some new girls! Very hot girls too. Your work always impresses me and it always gets better and better! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!”

“Damn BA, I think I've said it before, but you produce the best paid content in the community!”

"Loved the new issue, can't wait to see what's next as usual. Will have to read it at different zoom to enjoy the details. Great story as usual, glad to see different directions."

“Thank you, it is totally worth the money.”

"Hey guys. Its way worth the low price... Artists that create niche comics like this are few and far between and we need to support them. Help them by paying..."

As seen on my DeviantArt account:

"Great Work BA! Your artwork with this format keeps getting better... You truly are the best in this type of entertainment and I can’t wait to see the next issue."

"Holy calmoly this was a HOT one."

"Every episode is both simultaneously great and superb at building my hype for the next part. Always seems to promise bigger shenanigans."

"Just read it the comic was amazing I really hope the series never ends. The possibilities are endless."

"WOW! This is... by far my most favorite piece from you. This cinema style comic/story idea you had couldn't have gone better. I absolutely love it. Having one quality image per page really allows the readers to absorb what you've illustrated at once. Furthermore, the story concept about this guy's desires coming to life is an excellent new story arc. Who hasn't dreamed of stuff like this happening?"

"Loving it all man! The the widescreen panels, expanding on the ideals of old tales like Wishful Thinking (the first of yours I saw) and the softer, textured look is amazing! Cherry on top that you can bust them out faster! Looking forward to the next issue!"


And check out the updated News & FAQ page for the latest SALES items!

More information about grOw/cinema: go to
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