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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros Manga TG

Haven't made a post in quite awhile. So I thought I'd change that right now.

So in the chapter titled "Before the Storm" It has Retto fighting off one of the censor bugs and defeating them. But before her death the censor bug ends up stinging Retto with her tail and causes him to lose the "root of his manliness" and over the course of the chapter he becomes more and more of a girl. It was actually quite a surprise to see this and didn't expect it too happen.

The anime is also airing at the moment and i'm expecting this chapter to get covered in. Since this chapter is also before all the serious stuff goes down. So it would make no sense plot wise for the anime to skip it. Unless they drastically and horribly rush the ending and I also expect it to be the next episode after this weeks one or stretching that to episode 11.

I also hope that I posted the images correctly. This is my second time posting something with images.
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