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Originally Posted by wasurenai
Cerebreus: You're referring to a John K. Peta manga, which wasn't BE. Sorry.
Thank you for that info. I thought it was BE because of the content, and because it was listed as BE. You think if she had breasts like that she would be hit on by perverts (as for me, I may not be interested, as I'm more concerned about looking for true love).

By the way, do you or anyone else know what particular manga she is from? You don't need to give me a rapidshare/megaupload or anything like that, I just need a source and could someone verify it based on the info.

And if it isn't too much, could you post just that page I described? You don't have to.

And I'm only asking for that page to verify that this manga is the one I saw.

Thank you all. I wish you all well.
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