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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 6

The dining room went silent as all eyes that could fell upon the literal bombshell Etna had dropped upon them.

“What is it?” Dawn struggled to see. “What’s the matter with Holly?” she asked to no response.

“My, my, my…” Etna marveled at her creation. “Now there’s a look that suits you.”

Holly tugged at the skirt of Etna’s old cheerleading outfit. Bashfully she stood and fidgeted about as Etna inspected her up and down: Long shapely legs. Bountiful wide hips. A round, full bottom that remained remarkably pert. A slim and toned waist that pinched the figure very much like that of an hourglass. A bust that was more than ample, almost excessively so. A swan like neck that held high a face of gorgeous symmetry. Bee stung lips caught in a pout. Skin clean, clear, and sun-kissed. Sparkling eyes like the bluest waters in paradise. All topped by an alchemist’s dream of shimmering blonde hair, that having been let down, proved as lush and voluptuous as the rest.

As Etna’s gaze lingered, Holly crossed her arms alternately over her chest and bared waist before eventually going back to tugging and pulling at the revealing outfit.

“Well, go on,” Etna directed Holly to the other end of the room. “A body like that is worth showing off.”

As Holly made her reluctant departure through the cluttered path that led to her friends, Etna regretted not having a better seat from which to watch the proceedings. Not that she didn’t have a splendid view, Etna thought as she dove into the cornucopia of obscuring treats before her. Pulling forth a heap of crispy pork cracklins, she began munching away at them like popcorn at the theater, expectantly waiting for what was to come.

Holly was timid and cautious as she made her approach- all too aware now that her every step set forth a newtonian reaction of feminine physics: her hair bounced, her chest shook and shimmied, her bottom ticked and tocked. Yet nothing about her was erratic or without grace. However awkward and uncomfortable she felt, Holly’s natural rhythms couldn’t help but keep everything moving harmoniously in a masterwork of human poetry.

Arriving before the extremely swollen Dawn and the two tensely huddled around her, Holly’s big fretting eyes instantly read those of her onlookers and turned away in embarrassment. Dawn stared at her with a kind of bitter envy. Amber blushed and seemed stunned to the point of drooling. And Lydia- just as Etna had promised- her reaction seemed a kind of primal fear. So genuinely intimidated by Holly’s new look, Lydia was visibly trembling as she shrank away behind her sister’s chair. Holly stood amongst that awkwardness with her hands and words fumbling, “Um… so ah- Miss Vesuvi… um…”

Dawn had managed to get hold of a spring roll, and it now hung from her mouth like a beige tongue. She was so full and tight in her own clothes that she could barely move her head to look, but Dawn’s eyes still managed to make their way all over Holly’s newly revealed figure.

Holly had the body Dawn dreamed of back when she believed another growth spurt was certain to come. That was when her expectations- though ambitious- stayed within the realm of possibility. As the years passed and her natural genetics proved they had no more to give, a disappointed Dawn began dreaming beyond the reasonable and off into realms both impossible and absurd. Though her magical machinations had her well on the way to achieving such bodily feats, when Dawn gazed up at the ethereal Venus looming over her, she felt nothing but bloated and ridiculous. This put a damper on her appetite and Dawn spat the roll back onto the plate while averting her eyes in shame.

Amber continued to stare- her face blushing past red and on to purple. Where Dawn’s mouth had shut up tight, Amber’s had gone slack. “He- hey, eh, I… oh… you…” the usually proud and composed girl stammered.

“Great job on those vowels Amber,” Dawn mumbled in less than half-hearted jest, “now try hitting her with some consonants.”

Amber’s lips quivered and didn’t attempt any other words. Struck literally dumb, she awkwardly twitched and fidgeted about like a toddler meeting Santa for the first time.

While the others were made uncomfortable, Lydia couldn’t even bring herself to look. Like a ghost from the past, appearing before her once again stood Etna prime. No, no, no… Lydia rubbed her eyes and tried to come to her senses- this was Holly- sweet, naive, well-mannered Holly- Dawn’s good friend.

Holly didn’t know what to make of Lydia’s reaction. After all, it was always Holly who had been uncomfortable around Dawn’s strange older sister- a woman who on first impression seemed so dark and foreboding. Lydia was a radical change from the girls Holly had known growing up, and matched very well the description of the kind she’d been told to avoid. But despite Holly’s misgivings, Lydia proved instantly kind, loving, and fun. If anything, she’d gone more out of her way to make Holly feel at ease than anyone ever had back home.

Realizing she’d been cowering behind Dawn, Lydia tried to straighten up and compose herself. “Swee- sweetie,” she stammered, still unable to make eye-contact with Holly. “You don’t have to do what Etna tells you. If you’re uncomfortable just…”

“Ugh!” Lydia watched as Holly’s lips curled into an uncharacteristic sneer. Holly seemed to grow before Lydia as she adopted a more intimidating stance by planting fists upon her grand hips and thrusting her big chest brazenly into Lydia’s face. In a voice familiar, but so different from her own, Holly then snidely chastised Lydia saying, “Was anyone even talking to you flatty? I mean, who let you out of middle school anyway?”

Lydia's head was swirling as traumas from her past had become indistinguishable from the present. “B-but, I only w-wanted…” Lydia faltered as she regressed.


The phrase reverberated through Lydia’s thunderstruck head and she crumbled pathetically to the floor. Looking up with tears streaming, she watched as Holly stood towering above- her big chest bouncing as maniacally she laughed.

“Why would you s-say that?” Lydia cried up to Holly, her hands crackling with energy.

“Holly didn’t say anything!” Amber snapped at Lydia, her tone accusatory.

Lydia turned to Dawn who nodded to confirm- a look of shock and concern on her silent face.

Still dazed, Lydia was slow to emerge from the delusional dream state. Holly wasn’t laughing, she was sobbing. The old skirt and top she wore were imbued with so many of Lydia’s worst memories that seeing Holly in the outfit flashed her back to those horrible high school days. None of it was real. Except for the laughter. There was a booming, cackling laughter echoing throughout the dining room, but Lydia realized it was coming from a distance, from Etna.

Lydia fumed. This was just another in a long history of cruel mind games from Etna, and Lydia was ashamed of herself for still being so susceptible. When she’d met the version of Etna that Holly now resembled, Lydia had looked very much like her sister Dawn. Only Lydia was younger and far less prepared for when a teenaged idol took it upon herself to relentlessly bully a lonely, fretful young girl. Etna was the blonde nightmare that had turned her dark.

Lydia got herself to her feet. She didn’t want to be that frightened child anymore. Her body had blossomed, and blossomed quite well- well enough that by school’s end Etna stopped seeing her as a cruel plaything, and more of a threat.

With a pang in her heart it finally dawned on Lydia that her sister had never been able to outgrow that phase of her life. Dawn was forever trapped on that first day of high school- maybe not as fearful, but forever seen as insignificant and impotent solely because of her size. Lydia finally understood Dawn’s want to be big. Heck, Lydia thought with the image of that first encounter with Etna still burning in her mind, I’d want to be huge.

With a calming breath and a sniffle, Lydia wiped the tears from her eyes before gently reaching up and wiping them from Holly’s as well. The girl was red and blotchy, her pained face awash in the most sincere look of grief and regret. For the first time in their many years of acquaintance, Holly accepted a long hug from Lydia. “It’s not our fault,” Lydia reassured in a loving, motherly tone.

Emboldened by their new bond, Lydia took the blonde goddess by the hand and together they headed back to Hades.

In a thrall like trance, Amber followed them. Lydia released Holly and ushered her forward before snapping her fingers in Amber’s blank face. “Stop. This is just what Etna does. We can’t let her manipulate us. Stay with Dawn- keep her focused.” She took a few steps, then looking back, saw Amber’s eyes still locked on the hypnotic sway of Holly’s bottom.

“Hey!” Lydia snapped her fingers again as she gave Amber a push back towards Dawn. “Honestly, is this such a big shock?” she asked them in a hushed tone. “You all live in the same dorm. You must have… seen her before.”

“Holly’s body is kind of like the school yeti,” Dawn revealed. “There’s been rumors and theories, but nothing conclusive. The one and only time I caught her coming out of the shower she had herself covered up head to toe in several large towels.”

“I’ve never even seen her bare shoulders before,” Amber added dreamily, “let alone all… I mean, damn.”

“She’s still your friend so treat her like one,” Lydia said sternly. “Now get, back to work.” Lydia stared them down until Amber began feeding Dawn more spring rolls.

With every step of her approach, Lydia watched Etna’s smile grow ever wider. She couldn’t help but notice how much larger Etna had grown, though she fought to keep herself from showing it. Etna’s body oozed out from every part of her personal throne, her ass filled the full width of the couch, and the folds of her back overflowed that of the furniture. Etna’s stomach bulged out endlessly before her. The grand old chaise lounge was bowing under the great weight put upon it- its beautiful handcrafted legs splayed out at odd angles. Though the sofa’s center descended very nearly to the floor, Etna seemed to still sit just as high.

Seeking comfort for them both, Lydia again took Holly’s hand.

“I can’t believe you made this poor creature cry,” Etna shook her head in disapproval. “What a monster you’ve become.”

“Oh, believe me Etna, you don’t want to know what I’m capable of.”

“Humph,” Etna rolled her eyes and said with sarcastic concern, “Dear me, I must be careful then.” Etna turned back to Holly, gave her another look up and down, then sighed wistfully. “Hard to believe that was ever me.”

“It wasn’t,” Lydia stated.

“I’d say she’s my spitting image- my reincarnate.”

“Take another look,” Lydia directed. “I mean, you were stunning, no one would deny you that- but you were a stunning bitch and a fraudulent one at that. See, Holly here’s the real deal- not just genetically staggering, but she’s a total sweetheart as well. You were a bit taller, I’ll grant you that, but…” Lydia paused, taking another look at Holly and changed her mind, “actually, honey, could you straighten up please?”

Holly did as asked and Lydia noted how she stood several inches taller when pulled out of her slouch.

“Well… maybe it’s too close to call. But even so- you have to admit, Holly here seems to have more legs than you ever sported.” Lydia noticed that the skirt which was meant to sit just above the knees, rode up higher on Holly, well up her thighs. “Or perhaps it’s her more generous hips and bottom that’s making your skirt seem so much shorter on her. Or both,” Lydia winked. “And your memory is failing you if you think you held a candle to how her bust absolutely packs your meager old top.” Holly blushed as Lydia gestured to her bosom as a spokesmodel would a gameshow prize. “You had curves, but admit it- this girl’s practically a roller coaster compared to what you were.”

Lydia pretended to get lost in thought before continuing. “Now, silly me, I know you reminded me on a daily basis, but I seem to have forgotten what cup size you were boasting back then.”

“Oh,” Etna flustered, “well you know at the time I was foolishly trying to diet. I fluctuated. A double D usually, but always at least a D.”

“Impressive either way,” Lydia nodded then turned to Holly. “Holly, if I may be so indelicate to ask?”

Holly reached a level of embarrassment that actually made her spasm, but she leaned over and whispered in Lydia’s ear.

Etna’s patience was wearing thin. “A what? Speak up girl!”

“She said an ‘H’ as in Holly- that’s her name by the way,” Lydia said as a playful look came upon her face. “But now you’ve got me wondering- Holly, when you were up retrieving this artifact, you didn’t happen to spy any old padded bras along with it?”

Holly gave a demure shake of the head in response.

“No?” Lydia feigned surprise. “What about butt pads? Or maybe a girdle?”

“Never!” Etna barked. “I had no need.”

“Really?” Lydia said with suspicion. “Well I do remember you wearing about a pound and a half of makeup everyday. I seem to recall in the locker room after gym class- the few times you didn’t have me crying- that you had the worse case of acne I’d ever seen.”


“And not just on the face,” Lydia gave Holly a playful nudge as she gestured to her back. Lydia watched as Etna boiled. “But the point is, none of that matters. Just look at this girl- there isn’t a trace of bitch on her. Sure, she could flaunt all this good stuff. Sure she could get any playmate she might desire. And like yourself, she could have lorded all this over my sister and made her feel even smaller and more insignificant than she already did, but instead they became fast and loyal friends. All you ever had were cowering sycophants- none of whom I’m sure would give you the time of day now.”

Lydia wasn’t one for mean comments, but she savored the results as Etna stewed. Reaching over, Lydia caressed a silken lock of Holly’s hair. “So, were you dying your hair blonde back then? Or are we to believe that you’re naturally blonde and you’ve now decided to dye it…” Lydia waved her hand at Etna’s stringy brown mop, “this kind of… muddy color?”

“ENOUGH!” Etna roared, and for a terrifying moment seemed ready to hurl up her bulk and pounce upon Lydia. Instinctively, Lydia and Holly scuttled back several steps, clutching one another like teens at a horror flick. That an abrupt shift in posture could elicit such a reaction was observed by Etna with the greatest of satisfaction. Looking at her lessers, Etna smiled and nodded as if an affirmation had been made.

Etna relaxed her crushing weight back upon her overtaxed seat which cried out with a painful creak. Haughtily, she then addressed Holly, “Trust me girl, you’ll need your beauty more than your friends when you get out into the real world. You don’t strike me as exactly the brightest bulb in the pack.”

“Hey now,” Lydia went in Holly’s defense, “she’s in college- a good college- though I’d say its reputation suffers from knowing they took you on as a professor. And Holly’s studying… ah… um…” Lydia went blank, realizing she had no idea. “Sorry, sweetie, what was your major again?”

“Coding with a focus on advanced data structures and algorithms for multidimensional scaling,” Holly stated.

“Right,” Lydia said trying not to act too surprised.

“I’ve had job offers already,” Holly continued. “I’m just waiting to see where Dawn and Amber end up. I’d hate to be too far from them.”

Etna was no longer amused. “I changed my mind. Take the outfit off.”

For a moment it seemed like Holly’s reactive complicity was going to have her strip right there, but she stopped herself and said with a glimmer in her eye, “No, I think I’ll keep it.”

Lydia smiled proudly and gave Holly’s hand a tug. “Ok then, let’s get you back.”

“Who will serve me?” Etna asked.

“I’ll send Amber.”

“No,” Holly pulled her hand free. “I’m fine here.”

“Oh… alright,” Lydia yielded. She looked into Holly’s eyes and saw new strength within them. Giving a quick smile she turned and set off alone.

“Say hello to Dawn for me,” Etna called out to Lydia’s back. “Girl seems to have gotten awfully shy.”

“You’ll see her soon enough,” Lydia replied without breaking stride or turning back so neither could see the look of exasperated relief as she left Etna’s presence.

Etna fussed about as they watched Lydia depart. “Well, I apologize for all that, but I hope you’ll come to realize that I only want to help. I’m not above eating a little crow if you’re willing to hold off on the humble pie. Here,” she said holding out a white bread sandwich, “egg salad- take it as a truce. Europe has its lands of milk and honey, but I’ve got you pegged for a mayonnaise and sweet tea kind of gal.”

Holly’s face lit up at the sight of the comforting sandwich and took to it eagerly. “Is there celery in this?” Holly asked noticing a crunch.

“Got to keep your energy up, it’s going to be a long night.” Etna bit into a sirloin and said between mouthfuls, “If you’re good, I’ll let you have a go at that ambrosia I’ve seen you eyeing.”

Holly grinned between mouthfuls, “My mum’s signature dish.”

Meanwhile, Amber had been observing her formerly petite roommate’s bottom as it eeked out beyond the borders of her chair. Flaring dramatically out from below her over-packed shirt, the sweatpants groaned against the supreme stress of containing Dawn’s tremendous lower half. Dawn giggled as Amber flinched at the sound of every creak and pop emanating from her clothing.

“It’s ok. I’m fine,” Dawn reassured. “Better than fine actually.”

“I don’t know,” Amber said wearily. “What’s that expression? About shoving ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag?”

“Hey, watch it!”

“Sorry,” Amber twitched at the sound of another popped stitch, “you can’t fight instinct. When you’re sitting next to a ticking bomb, I think you’re supposed to start cutting wires or cut and run- I doubt you’re meant to feed it more explosive,” she said while sliding the last spring roll down Dawn’s endless gullet.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to worry?” Dawn reassured her roommate. A low moan from her clothing seemed to contradict Dawn, but she answered it with a moan of her own as she delighted in the increasing pressure. “Ooohhh… Amber if you only knew. I know it sounds bad, but really…” every part of Dawn was clenched in pleasure as she felt herself bound tighter and tighter, “this is the most… mmmmh…. sublime feeling I’ve ever experienced. Please don’t let it stop,” she begged. “I need more.”

“Fine,” Amber began seeking out another dish, “but I have to ask- is this something you’ve always been able to do? I’ve always wondered how you managed to stretch out the clothes you borrowed even though you’re half my size.”

“Well,” Dawn tried to shrug but found she was already trapped in a permanent one, “this is the first time I’ve done this for real… but you may find some balloons hidden away in my underwear drawer.”

“So, is this some kind of fetish?”

“I don’t know,” Dawn answered not wanting to go into detail with her roommate. “It’s more of a need really,” Dawn said as she opened her mouth to show Amber right where she needed it.

“Hmm…” Amber thought as she fed Dawn the next item. “It is weird- like really, really weird- but you blowing up like a life-raft isn’t even the craziest thing I’ve seen tonight.”

“I know right!” Dawn perked up. “Who knew Etna would succeed where you failed every Halloween. She got Holly- our Holly- to dress up as an honest to goodness cheerleader. Man, I thought you were gonna get a nosebleed.”

“I wasn’t the only one staring,” Amber said as she shoved Dawn’s mouth full of food.

Lydia sighed as she returned to her sister. “So, how are we doing down here?” she asked while giving Dawn a pat on the back.


A loud tearing sound gave little warning as Dawn was suddenly blasted backwards in her chair.

Teetering precariously for a moment it took the full and combined efforts of both Amber and Lydia to set her right again. Like a cork popped under the incredible pressures Dawn had been mounting, something substantial had finally given way and Dawn’s breasts had quite instantly and quite noticeably jumped in size.

FOOMB! FOOMB! Amber and Lydia jumped back as a pair of seams along either side of Dawn’s shirt blew open to accommodate her chest’s sudden eruption.

“Dawn! Dawn are you okay!” Lydia looked to her sister in alarm.

“Don’t touch me!” Dawn yelled, holding her arms out to keep them at a safe distance as all along those arms long tears raced down her sleeves Scrriiiiipp! Scrriiiiipp! out from which Dawn’s eager flesh rushed.

Rattled from the blows Dawn tried to catch her breath- to take a moment and assess. But no moment was granted as POW! a button was sent soaring and her chest shook and heaved even further.

“It… it’s happening,” Dawn said unsure that “it” was exactly what she was expecting.

Dawn tried to focus, but the incredible pressures she’d been so haphazardly stockpiling now coursed through her constrained form in intensifying torrents that hunted wildly for release. Her whole body was aquiver. Dawn winced in equal parts bliss and pain as POOMPH! her belly was the next to surge with the failure of a button, and PaBOOM! further still with the failure of another. “Something… something doesn’t feel right,” Dawn panted.

“How is bursting out of your clothes supposed to feel?” Amber asked.

“I… I don’t know… different… better.” Dawn had been growing for a while now, but this didn’t feel like growing. Thus far, her expansion had been divine- steady and certain. What she was experiencing now was erratic, violent, and worse of all, out of her control.

“What did you give her?” Lydia asked a stricken Amber.

“Nothing! I just gave her some potato latkes and she had some kind of a blow out. You’re the one who hit her.”

“I didn’t hit her, I just…”

“Guys, quiet!” A disconcerting series of creaks, moans, and pops were emanating from all about Dawn’s bulging form. The sounds of distress she’d dismissed before were sounding much louder, much more frequent, and truly distressing now.

“Please… please- just slow down,” Dawn pleaded as POW! another button shot off like a bullet and she watched as her quaking breasts immediately filled- then overwhelmed the gaping diamond hole it left behind.

Hearing the commotion, Holly rushed to check on Dawn but Etna grabbed her by the arm and signaled for her to bring forward a great pyramid of over-stuffed burritos. Grabbing a little nibble for herself, Holly reluctantly complied.

As Etna reached for the first bulging wrap, she caught sight of a tiny disk that came to a rolling stop right between Etna and her plate. She held it up and scrutinized the little button, taking note with some concern that there was thread still attached, and its ends were broken and frayed. “Having some trouble down there?” she called down but got no response. Etna caught sight of a very concerned looking Lydia and said to Holly, “Little thing probably ate herself sick.” But as she took another look at the errant button Etna grabbed not one, but two burritos and aggressively got back to work.

Dawn honestly couldn’t tell if this was trouble or not. There was so much tightness and pain now, and it was anything but pleasurable. Lost in the reverie of eating, she’d possibly overestimated her body’s resilience and had definitely underestimated the surprisingly well made clothes. Dawn had long fantasized about such a scenario, but what was meant to be a moment of triumph- a signal of her profound blossoming- was in reality more of a catastrophic failure.

Dawn no longer felt like her growth made her an unstoppable force. She couldn’t tell if all this ruckus was just her garments finally giving way or if perhaps it was her own body failing against the great and constant strain she had put it under. In stomach churning fear Dawn wondered if she could have outpaced the spells ability or worse yet, exceeded it. Whatever the breach was that had first sent her reeling, it had apparently set off a chain reaction that she was helpless to stop. Dawn tried to convince herself that Amber was wrong, that she was in no ways a ticking bomb- but with each spasm, jolt, and pop, Dawn realized she might be something even worse. Dawn felt like a heavily loaded munitions bunker, one she had foolishly set a spark off inside of.


Dumbfounded they all stared at Dawn’s ever-amassing body as it waged a relentless battle to exceed her failing confines. In escalating fits and starts each volley in the attack shook Dawn’s form, then, in the blink of an eye, revealed her forward advance. Dawn was constantly jostled about while everywhere stitches burst and seams ruptured. Each tear that appeared in the fabric quickly grew and multiplied. Her pale stretching skin pushed up through even the smallest of gaps and lunged out from every hole.

Dawn’s attention was diverted to a hundred places on her body- each one giving out a warning, and each warning more dire than the next. It was all too much and much too fast. And where each release should have seen the pressure abating, it only seemed to intensify- doubling then tripling, and not at all helped by the panicked rate Dawn was sucking in air.

“Big… I’m getting so big… so fast…”

Even mentally, Dawn was being barraged as the full gamut of emotions overcame her one after another and often two at a time. Neither dream or nightmare, her situation had her caught up in a mix of conflicting wonder and concern. With Lydia by her side, Dawn was certain she was still quite safe. But looking over, Dawn saw that her sister had pulled her spell book from out the nethersphere and was frantically flipping through its pages. Well behind her was Amber, slowly stepping further and further back.

Dawn could see it in their eyes- she was getting too big. She tried to contain herself, to hold back her growth, but Dawn was like a tube of ready-to-bake dinner rolls- once ruptured, impossible to be contained again. No, Dawn thought, this was worse than that and far more disastrous in scale. It was more like… like… but Dawn no longer had time to even think up silly similes.

“No… just wait- just…” Dawn started but- P-POW! in unison a pair of the shirt’s lower buttons flew and Dawn felt as if she’d been punched in her sizable gut. “OoofF!” Dawn wheezed, but without the release of air that would normally come from such an outburst. A tremor emanating down along the spread before her told Dawn that in her belly’s hasty run for freedom it had run smack into the table before it. Pinned in, Dawn was further immobilized. She tried to wriggle free, but POW! another button fled and “Uff!” she felt her belly wedge itself deeper into the stationary furniture’s edge. Dawn was feeling constricted all over and prayed for release from the endless pressure, but simultaneously feared what that release might bring.


A great burst from behind and a cool draft informed Dawn that she had just blown out the seat of her big sweatpants. Her bounding ass mashed itself into the creaking seat-back, and Dawn found herself fighting a battle on yet another front. Beneath the table her thick round thighs were being forced to spread painfully wide as they lost more and more ground to her superior belly. “No, no, no…” Dawn pleaded to no avail as POW! another button was lost. From the floor below came a slight screech- a cry of retreat. In the battle between her ass against the chair and her belly against the table, something had to give and so it was the chair that fell back an inch and then SCREECH! yet another.

“How many… buttons… can… one shirt… have?” Dawn barely managed to choke out before a responding POW! announced the launch of her top most button- ejected with such force that it chipped the frescoed ceiling high above. “Damn!” was all Dawn could get out as her escalating breasts leapt up and walloped her chin so hard she bit her tongue.

As her breasts continued to swell higher and higher from out her newly opened neckline, Dawn’s head was involuntarily tilted upwards. Her chin, held firmly in her tight cleavage prevented her from turning. Dawn’s only view now was of the ceiling’s depiction of the debauchery of Bacchus and the pale tops of her encroaching boobs. Along with doubling her terror, the restricted angle brought her a strange realization. The high ceiling was very slowly getting closer. With forces mounting both to and fro, Dawn’s body needed a new direction to expand and that was up. She was rising in her seat- something that should have thrilled her, but it seemed she now only had room for fear.

Dawn’s swelling sides pushed up her swelling arms, which had her bloating shoulders outpacing the height of her ears, and she found that even her hearing was fading out. “Lydia…” Dawn tried to call out between clenched teeth. Not being able to see her sister scared her now more than anything. A muffled voice called out to her but Dawn could only discern a disheartening tone from what was probably meant to be words of encouragement. Restricted by her body, her clothes, and her seating arrangement, Dawn could move little more than her now useless fingers and toes.

“Oh god… oh god…” The suffocating clench between body and encasement had Dawn close to passing out with only the continuous eruptions and adrenaline fueled panic keeping her conscious. Dawn’s once gloriously smooth curves and celestial spheres were grossly misshapen- mashed and squeezed by what remained of her clothing. Sundered and undone, Dawn’s outfit could no longer be identified as shirt and pants. Still, there were buttons that refused to yield, and bands of cloth that refused to give- all accompanied by a webwork of millions of over-taxed threads in-between. Dawn felt bound and trapped like a maiden tied to some railroad tracks- only Dawn realized she was in the dastardly unique position of filling the roll of both maiden and train.

“Hrrmmmph…” Dawn knew something had to give, but could only hope that it wouldn’t be her. Her jaw clenched tight, Dawn panted through her teeth, “Tight… tight… everything’s so tight…” gasping for air, gasping for release, but neither would come. Dawn was in a stalemate. She tried to cling to her belief that the way out of her situation was to outgrow it, but growing only made things worse. Where the cloths held, it was painful, and where they didn’t, Dawn bulged and stretched in unnatural ways that looked less like flesh and more and more like over-inflated balloons- none more than her burgeoning breasts that were pushing up higher and higher over her frightened face.

“Oh god… oh god…” Dawn stared in horror at her swelling masses. “Stop. Stop growing, stop swelling.” Dawn’s mind reeled- they look like they’re ready to… but even in her thoughts she couldn’t say it.

Sitting there so helpless and huge, a prisoner of her own design, Dawn felt mercilessly tormented as she was poked, prodded, grabbed, pinched and squeezed. Someone was even pulling at her hair, though Dawn quickly realized that she herself was the culprit. Her treasured mane had been sandwiched so tightly between her broadening back and the chair that it was yanked and tugged as she struggled. With the horrendous sounds of failure amplifying further, the cacophony echoing inside Dawn’s head sounded more and more like cruel judgements and twittering laughter- sounds she knew all too well after a lifetime of being taunted and teased.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Dawn wept. This was supposed to be her best day ever, and somehow the hauntingly familiar sounds and crushing sensations made it feel just like her worst.

“L.V.P! L.V.P!”

“No, no…” A memory was brought to mind, and Dawn winced- closing her eyes tight, trying to shut it out.

“L.V.P! L.V.P!”

They made her take a sport. Told her it would look good on her college applications. Softball had both an opening and a winning team. As she did with everything, Dawn gave it her all, but her throws were pathetic, her catches non-existent, and she nearly fell over every time she swung the bat. Though she’d only been put on the field whenever absolutely necessary, Dawn still managed to rack up more injuries than anyone on the team, and the innings she did play were the ones where certain victory became the very narrowest of wins.

“L.V.P! L.V.P!”

After another game where Dawn’s mishaps nearly brought their winning streak to an end, the team’s star player grabbed the impossibly long ponytail that hung from out Dawn’s cap and pulled her backwards. “Where you goin' Morrigan? We haven’t given you your award yet.”
Dawn struggled feebly as the much larger girl clenched her hair tight. “As the reason participation awards were invented, I’m sure you’ve got plenty. But we have something special just for you.” Turning to face the other teammates, the female jock pulled Dawn’s hair so high over her head that she nearly lifted her off her feet while she announced, “Dawn Morrigan, Least Valuable Player. L.V.P! L.V.P!”

“L.V.P! L.V.P!” The other girls picked up the chant and moved in to surround Dawn. “L.V.P! L.V.P!”

“Let’s make her feel part of the team,” said the first girl as she swiftly wrapped Dawn’s hair around her shoulders and pushed her forward. Bound by her own hair, Dawn landed face first in the grass. “L.V.P!” cried the girl as she leapt upon Dawn’s back.

“L.V.P!” cried the next as she leapt upon the other. “L.V.P! L.V.P!” One after another the entire team joined in to pig pile on top of Dawn.

Shamed and enraged Dawn focused every bit of strength she had and tried to push them off. But her will was no match for what lay above. Dawn couldn’t cause even the slightest tremor in the laughing heap above her. She couldn’t breath, couldn’t move, couldn’t even call for help- all she could was cry into the grass and dirt.

They had done it- Dawn really did feel like the least. She had never been more helpless, never more weak, never so small or disparaged.

Which was how Dawn was feeling right now.

Only Dawn wasn’t small anymore. Not small- not hardly. She was big, and for once in her life, Dawn was possibly too big- something she believed in her heart could never be.

Dawn foolishly thought the more mature world of college would have freed her from bullying, but it hadn’t- in fact it only got worse when she’d met big fat Etna. Being so preposterously petite not only made Dawn a source of ridicule, but it had also made it hard for her to ever fight back in any kind of physical way. Until today. Dawn had grown so much just in the last few minutes, she knew she must be huge. Dawn was scared, and that was understandable, but she was also feeling small and pathetic and that just wouldn’t do. Not now- not ever again.

Dawn allowed her mind to revisit that horrible day on the softball field, only this time she pictured herself growing beneath all those girls. Pictured their looks of shock as they all began to rise, pushed upwards by Dawn’s superior might. Pictured girl after girl raining down off of her enlarging form. Pictured the very last girl, the team’s M.V.P. forced to leap down from Dawn’s great body lest she reach a height too dangerously high. Dawn may not have been a valuable player, but she would certainly be the most. She pictured herself looming large over that team of mean girls, and wondered who would dare tackle her now. Bigger and bigger she would grow- bigger than the whole team combined. Dawn would cast them all in her shadow and she would continue growing bigger and bigger- growing so large, so huge, so absolutely massive that all her tormentors would scurry away like little rats never to mock her again.

“Oh god…” That was it.

“Oh god…oh god…” Bigger was the answer. Dawn had to have faith in the spell. Faith in herself. She wasn’t going to burst, Dawn was going to win. This was it- make or break time.

“Oh god…”

“Oh god…”

“Oh god…”

“OH HELL,” Dawn finished as she finally went for broke. She squeezed her eyes shut, forced in what air she could, and called upon a dream she’d had just hours before, “I’M GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN THIS… AND I CAN’T WAIT!” Dawn then pushed her whole self outward with every last bit of her might.

To the others it was like watching a time-lapsed video of a flower becoming a fully ripened fruit. Dawn, who for the last few terrifying minutes seemed desperate to contain herself, had abruptly changed course and suddenly fought for release. She grew and she swelled, and while at first she may have resembled a peach squeezed in a fist- pitted against Dawn’s renewed growth, the clothes proved no match in the end.

All about Dawn the once oversized garments wilted and fell away to reveal the blossoming girl within. First, the over-stretched waistband of her sweatpants emitted a series of thundering drums THUM! THUM! THUM! as it was forcibly distended by its occupant. This was followed immediately by a solitary- but even louder- BOOM! as the crotch of her pants burst wide open. These releases around her waist allowed Dawn’s great belly to swell further out which sent the shirt’s remaining buttons popping off in rapid succession. PI! PA! PA! POW! POW!

A great scraping groan echoed across the room as Dawn’s chair was propelled back a full foot while the almighty table held firm. The seams running down along Dawn’s widening hips and rounding thighs surrendered in stereophonic unison. Her expanding bottom half was further accommodated when the long tear running from the center of Dawn’s huge ass encountered the one from her crotch and her pants were fully split. Dawn’s barrel shaped backside hulked out tear after tear all across the shirt reducing it to mere tatters. The pinched points at her armpits blew out and ran down along the inside sleeves as her shoulders and upper arms were becoming one with her torso.

The barrage of tearing and popping quickly dissipated as Dawn emerged victorious. Exhausted from the ordeal, she took a moment before awkwardly attempting to stand. Seeing what she was trying to do, Lydia and Amber both grabbed the chair and tried to pull it back, but it wouldn’t budge. Dawn was far too heavy for them. Frustrated, Dawn shoved her great belly against the greater table and the chair went back enough to afford her room enough to slide forward and with a THUD! THUD! Dawn finally felt her little feet make a landing upon the floor.

Dawn could tell she’d gained an immense amount of weight since last she stood. Thankfully this newly enlarged body proved no more burdensome than her previously scrawny one. Perhaps this is what it’s like for all large beings Dawn wondered. Elephants and the like always seemed to handle their tonnage just fine. But then again, there was Etna. Dawn was afraid to look, but with the walls of food still between them, there was little to be seen. She could hear Etna noisily eating away, and Dawn remembered how her opponent had been barely able to walk before with her great weight dragging her down like an anchor. Whatever further gains she’d made probably meant Etna would never so much as stand again.

But that was Etna’s problem for taking on more than she could handle, Dawn thought as with a dramatic BOP! she pushed her big plump rump back against the chair and sent it clattering backwards as Lydia and Amber jumped out of its way.

“Oh… OH, ho, ho!” Dawn merrily tried out her new legs and found them cumbersome but capable as she waddled back away from the table. Only the great waistband remained intact and it dug deep into her bulbous middle. Her belly divided, it gave Dawn an odd cylindrical shape and kept her huge bosom unnaturally high and obstructive to her line of sight.

Lydia lunged at Dawn, arms out, ready to deliver the biggest hug ever, but Dawn motioned for her to keep her distance. “Not just yet… ”

A series of dull muffled pops came from below. Pip, pip, PUB! Dawn saw the faces of her companions go pale once more. PUB! PUB! THUM!

“Don’t worry, those are just the cries of defeat,” Dawn assured them while listening to the intensifying outbursts from the sturdiest stitches and thickest fabric which sent little seismic thumps all along her straining circumference. THUM! THUM! THUM! “I think this waistband is finally ready to surrender. Or at least I hope so, it feels like its cutting me in half. Lydia, you really have to tell me where you get your clothes, they’re damn near indestructible.”

“Hrrrrummmph!” Dawn pushed herself out again to no avail. She needed more substance to help her along. “Hey Amber,” she called her roommate over, “where did we leave off with those latkes?”

As before, Amber cautiously approached Dawn as she would a ticking time bomb. Keeping a wary eye on the quivering waistband, she fed Dawn the first of the sour cream smothered potato pancakes.

“Tick, tick…” Dawn teased while from below there came an ominous THUM THUM!

Amber didn’t look amused as with shaking hand she delivered the next serving to her volatile roommate.

“Tick, tick, tick…” Dawn swallowed it down and up came another THUM! THUM! THUM!

When Dawn had eaten the last, Amber quickly backed away as THUM! THUM! THUM!THUM!THUM!

“Time’s up,” Dawn clinched her fists and braced herself for what was coming.



When the waistband finally failed, it failed gloriously. In an instant Dawn’s incredible belly shot out several feet and was at long last allowed to properly spherize. An encircling red mark, like one signifying the equator on a globe, was all that remained on Dawn from the once great sweatpants that fell defeated to her feet. Finally unbound, Dawn looked all about herself to evaluate her incredible progress.

“Oh my goodness, look at me. I’m big. I’m really big. I mean… I am actually for real- like really, really big.” Dawn was getting choked up as her emotions overwhelmed her.

Dawn’s gorgeously huge breasts had settled properly atop her great belly and no longer pushed up into her face. Being freed from the restrictive garments afforded Dawn some renewed use of her arms, though expanded and shortened, they were not nearly what she had before. Reaching out Dawn gingerly pressed her hands into the rounded forms of her breasts to test their resilience. Satisfied with both the give they afforded and the sheer size of them, Dawn then pressed them harder, then squeezed them tight- her little legs trembled as she found they continued to become more sensationally sensitive as they grew.

Looking towards Lydia, Dawn saw less a look of disapproval, and more one of benign resignation. “Okay, okay- bring it in,” Dawn smiled as her sister smothered her with kisses and hugs.

“I’m so glad you’re okay! I told you this was dangerous! Are you sure you’re okay?” Lydia blathered with loving relief. “Wow, you really are soft! I knew that shirt was a bad idea! You’re sure you’re okay? You really are so much more huggable like this! Only that…” Lydia squeezed Dawn so tight she thought she really might pop- but try as she might, Lydia could barely even get her arms half-way round her newly rounded sister, “I can’t actually get my arms around you.”

“What’s the meaning of all that hullabaloo about down there?” Etna called out, interrupting their reverie.

The catalyst that began Dawn’s abrupt expansion now sat plainly before her face. “It was this,” Dawn said as she pulled her ruptured bra from out of the snug confines of her cleavage. Dawn couldn’t believe how pathetically small the once roomy brassiere looked before her new boobs. “Once it gave way, my girls wanted out!” Dawn proclaimed as she tossed the small-cupped remains up in the air like a graduation cap so Etna could see.

Dawn’s brief moment of boasting was short lived as Etna remarked from afar, “well, not a training bra, but little more than a nipple warmer.” In amongst Etna’s taunts, there could be heard just the slightest apprehension in her voice as she tried to make light of what Dawn had just shown her. “It’s probably the sodium. I know my girl’s are prone to swelling and they did seem to go heavy on the salt tonight. Unfortunately, if you’re in need of some B-cups, I’m afraid mine got thrown out long before I left grade school.”

Ashamed, though she no longer had any right to be, Dawn let the bra fall to the floor. She couldn’t see Etna’s face, but was certain it wore a smug look. Keeping herself to the far end of the room, Dawn decided to remain hidden until the time was right.

“Oh please,” Lydia shook her head as she recognized the look of inadequacy in her sister that Etna’s comment had successfully planted. “Are you really going to sulk over the fact that until tonight you barely needed a bra? Look at yourself- your boobs are so incredibly big no bra made could possibly contain them.”

Dawn looked down at her impressive hills and had to agree. “I’ll show her how to warm a nipple,” Dawn said as she shuffled towards a new goal. She reached out for a huge cauldron of thick heavy gravy set upon a nearby cart. To her confusion, every time Dawn reached for her target it somehow evaded her, seeming to move away on its own. Oblivious to the fact that it was her own huge belly keeping it away, Dawn kept trying. Comically it evaded her grasp until she chased it up against a wall and straining forward Dawn was able to land a single finger on a handle. But one finger was all she needed as she pulled the steaming vat into her hands and then, surprising even herself, lifted it with ease. Tilting the whole thing forward Dawn drank and guzzled and chugged. Lydia and Amber watched as Dawn’s intake was so fast that they could actually see her getting bigger. Her astounding proportions magnified before them. Inches more of breast, inches more of hips, ass, thighs, and several inches more of belly.

“Ahhh…” Dawn sighed as she took the very last drop down. She hadn’t missed a calorie. Turning to Amber she asked, “How’s that for a single serving?” Momentarily contented, Dawn let go of the empty vessel and let it roll from her bosom which sent it bouncing off her belly to then land back on the floor with a heavy metallic thud.

“Mmmmm…” Dawn hummed as she caressed the sides of her belly warmed by the gallons of hot gravy inside. “Bigger…” she smiled at her breasts. “More…” she grinned as she reached for her next snack, an array of teriyaki glazed meats held like lollipops on sticks.

As she ate, Dawn tried to kick off what remained of the sweatpants and shake away the tattered shirt that was now little more than cuffs and a collar. Lydia and Amber took their cue and offered their assistance. Balancing on one leg and then the other, Dawn also had them remove her socks and size five and a half sneakers whose high-tops were digging into her thick calves.

While cast in shadow beneath Dawn’s looming tummy, Amber commented as she undid the laces, “You know, for a girl whose so self conscious about her height, I never knew why you never tried heels.”

“Oh she did,” Lydia responded in her sister’s place with a cringe. “You’ve seen what a spazzy klutz Dawn can be in normal footwear- heels nearly put her in the hospital.”

“Guess I don’t have to worry much about falling now that I’m a human airbag,” Dawn joked. As the final remnants of clothing were peeled away and the cooler air goose-pimpled her bountiful and exposed flesh, Dawn blushed. “Well… it’s not like the two of you haven’t seen me naked before- though I bet I’m showing a whole lot more skin now.”

“Well,” Amber corrected, “you’re only mostly naked.”

“What do you mean? Dawn asked as she tried to look down at her body. “What could possibly have survived?”

“Your underwear,” Amber said as she stood back and observed Dawn’s nether region in awe. “Honestly Dawn, what are your panties made of exactly? Spandex can’t even stretch this much.” Amber knelt down before Dawn in reverence as she reached out and took a moment to savor the image of her hands appearing so diminutive before the clean vast expanse of pure white cotton pantie. Gently her fingertips traced a meandering path up to the vast encircling waist band. Amber and Dawn both caught their breath as she slid a single finger down between fabric and flesh. Giving it a tug Amber was surprised to find that as ridiculously stretched it was, it still had some give. Amber smiled as she let go and the waistband rebounded against Dawn’s skin with a satisfying SNAP!

Dawn chirped as the elasticized waist met her own. Looking about she was only able to glimpse her unmentionables where they covered her sprawling rump. “Well, I guess they must be magic panties,” Dawn said as she shot her sister an accusatory look.

Lydia smiled and shrugged. “I mean, come on- I let your enormous boobs bust out for all to see. At least let me keep you at a European standard of decency.”

Eager to see more of her big new body, Dawn took her breasts in hand and spread them apart. This afforded her a narrow canyon through which she could finally see her belly’s full projection. What she saw was big, beautiful, and without flaw. “So you’re the one causing all this trouble,” Dawn teased. Holding her arms up, Dawn could see more of the pale ring that was her beautiful perimeter. Dropping her arms, they remained at a four and eight by her sides. “Just look at it,” Dawn beamed as she swayed, watching her whole body undulate slowly. “Everything’s so big… so perfect.”

“Do I qualify as tubby now?” Dawn asked her sister somewhat sheepishly. She was never vain, but she knew she wasn’t a bad looking girl either. “Be honest, how do I look? Fat and gross?”

To Lydia she looked ridiculous. A full three quarters of Dawn’s body was now just big round belly, but it was impossible to discredit the pride in Dawn’s eyes. “Sweetie, you’re positively rotund. Not fat. Not quite inflated. Just… pleasantly plump.”

Though obscenely huge, somehow Dawn’s size complemented her. There were no folds, no rolls, no flab- just long sweeping curves. Just as her dominating belly kept her big breasts high and proud, it had moved her hips and bottom low and wide. Her shortened legs and arms took on a more conical shape as they were slowly being lost to the greater torso. Except for the bend, there was little definition of either elbows or knees. They simply tapered down to her still dainty wrists and ankles. Dawn’s neck had been abbreviated yet remained slender, and her face remained wholly unchanged except for the new self-confident expression it wore.

Amber added, “If there was a flattering way of blowing up like a blimp, I’d say you’re doing it.”

“Really?” Dawn swooned.

“Remember your old teddy bear Clarence?” Lydia reminisced. “You carried that poor thing everywhere until he was completely flattened. When mom re-stuffed him you insisted she pack him so full he was practically round. Stubby little arms, stubby little legs, big fluffy belly. You look just as plush and equally as huggable,” Lydia said as she decided she needed yet another big hug, and it was hard to tell who was enveloping who with the embrace.

Amber followed by going in for a hug of her own- one who’s duration far outlasted Lydia’s and involved a subtle hint of gyration. Pulling away, Amber looked at Dawn with increased admiration. “But Dawn’s like a lady teddy bear,” she clarified, “a teddy with boobs.”

“Oh, most certainly,” Dawn said giving her huge bosom an appreciative shake.

“Big, big boobs…” Amber continued as she marveled at Dawn’s enormous breasts. Amber was in danger of going wall-eyed as she steadily tracked both of Dawn’s nipples simultaneously- though from Amber’s perspective it was Dawn’s widespread nipples that seemed to be staring at her.

Dawn tried to look and gauge the proportions of her mammaries herself, but she could see little but their tops, and her tiny hands could only give her a rough idea of their scale.

“Check this out,” Amber said as she grabbed the great brass bowl that had formerly held a mountain of mac and cheese. It had to measure a foot and a half in diameter, Dawn guessed as she watched in amazement as Amber slid it over her left breast- and it held! Dawn couldn’t believe she was wearing the massive bowl like a bra cup and her resulting gasp caused the bowl to tighten and then FWUMP! pop off right back into Amber’s hands.

“What size does that make me?” Dawn wondered in awe.

“Gigantic…” Amber murmured, even more entranced. Dawn realized the poor girl hadn’t blinked in at least a minute. Any shred of animosity Amber had held against her roommate these past few days seemed to have been solved by Dawn’s spectacular new boobs.

“And that’s not the only way I’ve grown,” Dawn grinned.

“Well, no duh,” Amber scoffed as she gestured to the tremendousness of Dawn’s belly.

“No, I mean taller,” Dawn turned to face her sister.

“Um…” Lydia didn’t want to tell her.

“What? I’m sure I did, I felt myself rise.”

“Probably lifted up by this humongous ass of yours,” Amber said as she took in Dawn’s equally impressive backside. There she noticed how Dawn’s characteristically long hair fanned out over the great wide expanse of her back, though it no longer came close to reaching down to her impressive new butt.

“Dawn, look,” It took Lydia’s full span to reach out and place her hand upon the crown of her sister’s head and then bring it back to her own face. Normally her hand should have aligned with her chin, but now it fell at her neck.”

“I can’t have shrunk!” Dawn’s heart broke at the notion. “Wait, wait…” she said as she tried to stand up straight and bring her legs together. But this proved impossible, at best she could only bring her legs to a sixty degree angle. Her keg-sized thighs wouldn’t allow any more. “Well, there’s time for that later- either way, bet I’m not so much of a push over now,” Dawn said as she spun around and gave Amber a playful bop.

“Maybe,” Amber giggled at the cushiony blow, “but you’re hardly threatening. I know you hate being called cute, but I’m sorry Dawn, you are only more freakin’ adorable like this.”

“I can live with adorable,” Dawn said returning to the table, “now let’s get back to the more freakin’ part.”

“Maybe you ought to slow down a bit,” Lydia cautioned. “Maybe you both should,” she added while giving a nod in Etna’s direction. “I mean listen, you can hear Etna’s body creaking from here.”

Dawn ignored the warning and reached for a four foot long Italian sub with everything and then some.

Lydia put her hand on hers, “admit it, you were scared too.”

“I’ll admit it,” Dawn said then whispered to her sister, “but not so scared I was ready for a reversal spell.”

“Well can you blame me,” Lydia whispered back. “But that’s out of my hands. You started the spell, any reversal I find would have to be repeated by you.”

“Good to know,” Dawn winked, then announced loudly, “but honestly you guys, don’t worry, I’ve got PLENTY of room.” Dawn lifted the torpedo sized sandwich with one hand, and to emphasize her point, gave a great slap to an enormously swollen boob with the other.


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