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Exclamation Please read

Originally Posted by nadinho View Post
I've found a comic (english + colored) by BustArtist called "Milk Farm", having a lot of BE sequences (progressive breast increasing on the same girl).
Pls let me know if I can post here something or there are copyright problems...
Well, I'm receiving various PM messages requesting this comic via e-mail or forwarding the link I've found to the file...
I've found that comic in another forum which does not allows forwards of other member's uploads! Only the upload's author can share the link as he like and where he like (i.e.: to get bonuses on Rapidshare, or other reasons...).
I also could repost the file to myself but I'm on a dial-up connection and can't do it (I have 4-5KB/s in download, max 2-3KB/s in upload, and file is a few big to me!). So I asked to share in the public forum single pages, but - of course - it's not regular cause of copyright problems and I don't want violate the Process Forum rules, as I won't violate the rules of the forum I've found the comic's file!

So please don't be anry with me if I ask to not send PMs requesting kindly the "Milk Farm" comic or the link to it, because I CAN'T send anything!
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