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Boss Bitch (Part 3)


News of Heather and Andre’s successful product launch has spread, and it has definitely begun to raise eyebrows (even outside the HR department). Heather’s not afraid of a little competition, but when her old roommate/lover turned CEO, shows up at her office, Heather might be off her game. Their rivalry only grows stronger as the two women grew into titans of industry, but what happens when they’re both sporting titanic tits? The two women’s meeting quickly develops into a sexual competition for control of the LifeChanger Armband account! Big attitudes and bigger breasts with Andre caught in the middle of it all (not that he minds!).


The final chapter of Boss Bitch is upon us! While you can certainly enjoy this without reading the first two chapters, I guarantee you’ll enjoy them immensely!

This climatic end sees Heather striving for new heights, and she’s not too concerned who her new assets might crush. This is a very competitive-focused chapter, where two large ladies get even larger through a series of sexual challenges. Plenty of breast expansion, mini-giantess growth, orgies, and big personalities. Sprinklings of humiliation from the competition.

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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