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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 5

Though very little was being said, the grand dining room still echoed with all manner of noise and commotion. Sounding like a kitchen during the evening rush, plates, glasses, and silverware were constantly a clatter and on occasion, smashing. To this was added the grotesque audio of Etna’s ravenously loud input along with the bass, percussion, and horns of her noxiously vocal output. Lost amongst that cacophony and activity there came a seemingly insignificant sound both solitary and brief.


It wasn’t a terribly impressive sound- certainly not enough to draw Etna’s attention away from the meal at hand. But Dawn had never in her entire life produced a sound of such immense implication. Nothing from her history of long winded debates, protest chants, or indignant rants had ever said so much. No amount of door slamming, tearful heartbreaking pleas, or foot stamping screams had shouted to the world that Dawn was finally a force to be reckoned with as well as that lone little ping.

Dawn’s state of growth fueled ecstasy hit a new peak of elation the moment her sizable belly lurched out the few inches afforded by the loss of her first button.

“A button! I popped a button!” Dawn exclaimed with an expression of such innocent joy and wide-eyed wonderment that Lydia hadn’t seen since they were kids on Christmas morning.

Amber was puzzled. “You say that like it’s a good thing.”

“It’s the very best thing!” Dawn beamed as she looked up at her companions, none of whom relayed her enthusiasm. They understood what Dawn needed to do to win the contest, but the how of it all, and Dawn’s escalating excitement with the whole process was still baffling to them.

To Dawn the button pop signaled an important transition where she’d progressed from not just getting bigger, to becoming excessive. “Forget it, you guys don’t understand.” Dawn dismissed their lack of enthusiasm as she struggled to get a look at what was certainly her largest feature, her view of which was completely obstructed. “Ugh, I can’t see over my boobs. Wait…” Dawn’s eyes became saucers as the implication of those words hit her harder than any slap from her sister. “My boobs! I have big boobs! Boobs so big I can’t see past them!”

“Oh… oh my,” Lydia sputtered as she allowed herself a glance at her sister’s rising bounty. “Would you look at that.”

“Believe me I am,” Dawn said as she peered beneath her taut collar. Inside the straining shirt Dawn saw a spectacular battle of tectonics being waged between her ever-growing boobs and her still valiant bra. The true size of her breasts was hard to gauge as they were being severely mashed by the brassiere that was functioning more like a belt as it bisected her bust. With her novice breasts so tender and new Dawn could tell this would be a battle hard fought. But as they grew in prominence they grew in might- a fact made clear to Dawn as the sound of stitches beginning to pop told her exactly who was going to win.

It was tight, it was painful, but it was the most delicious kind of pain Dawn had ever experienced. Her breasts had grown more sensitive, but as they had only just grown to begin with, they were igniting whole new parts of Dawn’s brain that had never been lit up before. Her poor toes were curling to the point where she expected to touch heel as she strove to experience it all. The combination of increasing mammary expansion pitted against such constant suppression was overwhelming as it created not only new sensations, but resulted in a sight heretofore unknown to Dawn.

“Wait a minute…” Dawn said in hushed reverence. While she’d been lavishing attention on her new breasts, Dawn realized she’d been oblivious to what came along with ones so big. Staring her in the face was an amazing amount of cleavage- glorious deep cleavage that Dawn never believed would ever grace her own form.

“CLEAVAGE!” Dawn announced in a reverential cry and PING! sent a second button ricocheting off into the maze of foods before her.

The button’s loss relieved a bit of the pressure mounting within her shirt, but only a bit. “HOLY CRAP!” Dawn cried after the shock had her engulfing a big breath of air that blew out her chest even more. Whatever slack had been afforded was quickly taken up. Dawn clutched her heaving bosom with both hands and marveled its weight. “I’m… I’m actually top heavy!”

“Very heavy…” Amber replied finally seeming impressed. “Though you should also see your bottom.”

“And your middle.” Holly murmured.

Dawn turned around thinking it would be impossible to see her own behind, but there it was. Jutting out from her back sat a great big bonafide booty. Dawn’s river of hair no longer fell freely- it poured over the curve of her back, then cascaded into curls and waves as it broke over the expanse of her swelling bottom. To Dawn’s own surprise, her first instinct upon seeing such a gloriously huge round ass was to immediately reach out and give it a SLAP!

“Ohhh… YES!” Dawn exclaimed as her self-spanking had everything down below tingling. Dawn gave herself a playful bounce and a wiggle and watched in fascination as her fleshy rump squashed, spread, and jiggled. This was a bottom built for comfort she happily came to learn- made evident by how the hard dining room chair now felt as plush to Dawn as a pile of chinchillas. It was also a bottom that could stake a claim. No more wedging myself in the back middle seat of a car, Dawn thought with pride. She was a full seater now.

“I dare anyone to call this ass flat,” Dawn challenged.

“You know, that used to be a compliment back in the day,” Lydia offered as a weak retort.

“Yeah, back when Twiggy was the ideal- but I don’t think it was meant as a compliment when they called me that either,” Dawn said with a hint of lingering frustration. “But it’s time to live for today,” she proclaimed as from chest to rump, Dawn’s other hand finally abandoned her beloved breasts to join its twin and grab a big cushiony cheek.

So big and pert, yet soft and sensual- while giving herself a long satisfying squeeze, Dawn became blissfully aware that her expanded posterior gave as well as it took. Her new asset proved both heaven to touch and hellishly sensitive when touched. The breasts she expected, but Dawn never imagined such pleasures awaited out back. Sliding her hands beneath the bands of her sweatpants and panties Dawn squeezed and kneaded her bare ass that was more than receptive to her indelicate touch. Her eyes closed, Dawn squeezed herself with all her might and was rewarded with a wave of ecstasy that had her biting her lip near to the point of bleeding.

Meanwhile, Lydia had searched out one of her sister’s favorite treats, a plate of coconut shrimp, and hovered it below her nose, hoping to lure Dawn out of her rapturous trance. She’d all but given up before that little nose twitched and Dawn’s mouth opened wide.

“You can feed yourself.”

“My hands are busy. And if you were in my seat, your’s would be too,” Dawn said opening her mouth even wider.

“There isn’t any room left on your seat,” Lydia complained. “Now come on- are you going to eat, or are you going to continue molesting yourself like an animal.”

“I can do both- you know how good I am at multitasking,” Dawn said as Lydia reluctantly plucked up the first plump shrimp and dropped it into her sister’s mouth like she were a good little orca. “In fact,” Dawn said while simultaneously swallowing, groping, and growing, “it’s even better this way.”

While her sister and friends alternated with the feeding duties, Dawn pulled her hands out of her tightening pants and slid them slowly around to the sides of her spreading hips. As Lydia had joked and Dawn had hoped, she was able to confirm that her hips now flared out so far that they filled the full width of the large chair. Dawn gave these an appreciative squeeze as well before lifting her hands straight up so she could better understand her width. With her eyes still closed, Dawn thought she had a good idea of where here hands should be, but as she opened them and turned her head side to side, Dawn was pleasantly surprised to find them well past her shoulders.

“Damn! I’ve got a wide load.” Dawn said in awe of her span.

“Now there’s something I’ll agree in saying is a good thing,” Amber said while trying to cram a whole stuffed pepper into Dawn’s mouth.

Dawn smiled as she caught Amber glancing at her new developments. “Keep it coming and I’ll show you more good things,” Dawn teased.

As Amber leaned in with another pepper, Dawn watched how her eyes darted down and around in furtive attempts to better glimpse Dawn’s growing attributes. There was a look of longing in those eyes. Her roommate had never looked at her that way before. There were painfully few in fact, who had ever looked at Dawn that way. Amber, like most others, had fawned over Dawn’s cuteness, but had never seen her as anything more developed than that. Though she herself claimed to hate the term, Dawn knowingly played up her cuteness, seeing it as all she ever got to play with.

Dawn had always held fairly utilitarian view of her own body- saw it as only a figure of pure function, meant to get her to and fro. Publicly she joined in the choir of other skinny girls who decried any excesses as pointless and burdensome. But most of them were blessed with at least something, and Dawn never really convinced anyone. Form and function seemed so boring a thing for a body to be, and Dawn jealously yearned for those meaningless masses of mass distraction.

Amber clumsily dropped a pepper down into Dawn’s cleavage. “Oh, ah… oops.”

The two girls stared at one another, both of them blushing- one significantly more. Amber’s hand hovered over Dawn’s open collar as she seemed uncharacteristically concerned whether retrieving it would be too gauche.

Dawn hadn’t ever seen Amber so awkward and never imagined that she could be the cause of such a fluster. “Here, let me get that for you,” Dawn said smiling coyly. Instead of picking it up with her own hands, Dawn instead pushed her elbows in and compressed her bosom from the sides. This caused her cleavage to rise, bringing the errant pepper up along with it. Amber’s hand began to tremble as the offering rode Dawn’s great breast elevator right up to her fingertips. With an eyebrow raised and as sly a smile she could muster, Dawn invited Amber to take it.

Amber’s face turned a darker scarlet as in stunned disbelief she picked up the pepper.

After a moment however, Amber rolled her eyes and shoved not only the pepper in hand, but a second straight into Dawn’s smug mouth.

Though Dawn had tried and failed rather pathetically in the past, that was the first genuinely risqué move she’d ever performed. Overcome with emotion, Dawn began kicking her feet beneath the table in a kind of a victory dance. There she was introduced to yet another new sensation. Dawn, who hadn’t even been chubby as a baby, had finally filled the gap between her formerly formless thighs, and they were rubbing against each other for the first time. Eagerly Dawn sent her hands back down to explore this newest wonder, but found that access was denied by something so large that it filled and exceeded her now sizable lap.

“Is this… is this my belly?” Again, Dawn struggled to see, but her scene stealing bosom wouldn’t allow it.

Dawn’s little hands swam about the smooth curved surface that had expanded out fully to the edge of the table. Dawn thought her hands had to be lying to her- they couldn’t possibly be all the way out there and still be touching her own body. Back, forth, up and down, Dawn ran her fingers over the dome her belly- her delightful touch confirming it all her own. So incredibly big, so wonderfully full. Were it not for the pinching restraint of her waistband and a dent where she impacted the table, Dawn knew she’d have a perfect sphere as well. Playfully dancing her little fingertips about like ants upon a globe, Dawn couldn’t believe how big her tummy felt.

It felt big because it was big, Dawn reminded herself. No, Dawn further amended, not it- ME.

There was something different about this body feature and it wasn’t as simple a matter as scale. Her breasts and buttocks were wondrous accouterments- must have accessories to be sure, but this- this WAS her.

This was Dawn.

While not as sensitive or tantalizing, it was her belly that made Dawn finally feel like more than she had been. While other parts were heavy, this is what gave Dawn not only weight, but a sense of presence. Dawn felt more than ample now, more than substantial- Dawn finally felt significant.

Dawn wondered if she was even right to categorize it as a mere belly anymore- for though her front bulged out most prominently, it was really her whole torso that was rounding out leaving no trace of her once concave waist.

Dawn’s fingers located her navel in the gap left by the first lost button, and from there they followed one continuous curve that swept all the way around to her back. As Holly took her turn and delivered mouthful after mouthful of hearty pesto gnocchi, Dawn could feel the fabric about her midsection being pulled increasingly taut as it strove to contain her ceaseless swelling. Every fold, wrinkle, and crease was being flattened out. The long row of remaining buttons all puckered in protest to her increasing greatness. Dawn’s body had taken up nearly every bit of space the formerly over-sized shirt had to offer.

“More… please more, more,” Dawn urged Holly to hurry. Dawn didn’t just want to be bigger, she wanted to be more. As her belly grew it was as if her body, heart, and soul were magnifying as well. While it was true that the more she had the more she wanted, it wasn’t greed that made Dawn want to grow. Despite her physical and financial woes, Dawn possessed a giving nature, and believed the more she had, the more she had to give. As ever she grew and grew, Dawn felt like an expanding vessel of humanity, a hearth spreading its warmth far beyond her once meager borders.

“You know I love you,” Dawn told Holly between bites with more sincerity than she’d ever said anything.

“I love you too,” Holly replied as she melted into the warmest of smiles.

“Amber, Lydia, I love you both so much,” Dawn continued, her eyes welling up. “Thank you all for helping me do this.”

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Lydia asked placing a concerned hand on Dawn’s shoulder. Dawn had always been sweet and kind, but she had never been good or open about expressing it.

“Am I ok?” Dawn was flabbergasted at how her state could even be in question. “Sis, I’m getting so big, soon I’ll qualify as a place- and yes, I’m saying that like it’s a good thing.”

“Look at me,” Dawn said as if they weren’t. “Top heavy, bottom heavy, heavy-heavy- I’ve got it all now: thighs, ass, hips, belly, BOOBS!”

Dawn shook her bouncy bosom and wiggled her jiggling ass. She laughed as neither had ever so much as twitched before. Dawn’s mind was lost in a delirious bliss. Word’s that in the past would never have been used to describe Dawn’s physique, now hardly did her justice. Looking up at her companions she realized that with the exception of height, there could be no doubt- Dawn had surpassed them in every way a woman could be measured.

“Tell me this isn’t a dream?” Dawn begged her sister. “You didn’t put a spell on me and I’m just dreaming in my bed?”

“No. This may be unreal, but it is really happening,” Lydia said as she kissed Dawn’s forehead and stole another glance down at what was by far the families’ biggest bosom. “Enjoy being the bigger sister sweetie, but try not to lose control,” she cautioned.

“I’ll try,” Dawn said with a wink. “You know me- a big fan of half-measures,” she said while giving each of her beloved new assets another reverential rub and squeeze.

Dawn’s next intention was to return to the feast and get back to feeding herself, for it seemed she was the only one capable of delivering food at the speed desired. As she tried, however fortunately or unfortunately, Dawn discovered yet another marvelous hindrance.

Dawn’s increasing thighs, belly, and bosom had all piled one on top of the other to such an extent that they now prevented her from leaning forward. While struggling to to do so, all Dawn succeeded in doing was bringing her nose right up to cleavage.

Dawn breathed in deep the scent of her own sweet bosom. Her breasts were so close- so close and so stupendously big. Dawn strained to bring her head in even closer- her hands pushed against the back of her chair, her long neck stretched as it brought her closer and closer to her heavenly goal. Dawn’s peach fuzz tickled her chin. Her shirt groaned from the glorious tightness exerted as her rotund middle was squashed and pushed out in all directions.

“Quiet you.” Dawn dismissed the blouse’s meager cries that claimed she’d grown too big. Dawn was determined to fight it and anything else who dared think such a thing. But Dawn realized that could wait for another time as she landed her face down successfully amongst her beautiful swells. Enraptured by her self-enveloping embrace, Dawn checked off another dream from her expansion bucket list as she gave each boob a loving kiss and then:



“TbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbtTbbt! !!”

Dawn motor-boated herself again and again until she nearly blacked-out in exhaustion.

“Oh wow… best day ever.” Dawn panted as she wiped a tear from her eye. Looking to her companions Dawn saw their reactions were decidedly mixed: Lydia looked all the more embarrassed, Holly pretended she hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, and Amber- Amber looked gobsmacked and quite eager to have a go of her own.

After taking another moment to catch her breath, Dawn gripped the table and tried to push herself back. Unfortunately, without the help of her short dangling legs, Dawn couldn’t budge an inch. Drumming her fingers upon her tummy that had only dug itself deeper into the table’s edge, Dawn looked to the others for assistance. “Guy’s, seems I need more room already- a little help?”

The girls complied, startled at how heavy the chair, and more importantly, its occupant had become as they struggled to slide her back a full foot from the table.

“Oh, come on,” Dawn chided them. “Am I the only one here with any ambition,” she said while waving them on to pull the chair back another foot. Once done, Dawn playfully wriggled her expanding bottom to the front edge of the seat which allowed her to spread her thickening thighs to better accommodate her expanding belly in-between. Finally, Dawn was then able to put her plumping arms to work as she reach for her next goal, a molten mound of nachos. “So where was I?” she playfully asked the first cheese dripping chip.

“That’s right,” Dawn said as she quickly made her way down to the last, “on to bigger things.”


Etna swept the huge silver platter that had previously held an entire eating contest’s worth of hot dogs to the floor. What was enough food to crown someone a champion eater was simply another appetizer to Etna.

Her stomach gurgled and churned as it tried to cope with the onslaught of food she’d forced upon it. Etna had been ignoring it for a while but its pleas for caution were becoming harder and harder to tune out. Already horrendously tight and astoundingly heavy, she was determined to redefine peak capacity. Etna had eaten more already than she’d ever eaten in a single sitting, and she’d done so in record time. Etna knew she really ought to pace herself, but was just too eager to continue eating. Her stomach’s well argued proposals of caution were overridden by a mind that was still absolutely famished.

What was this night about if not mind over matter? Etna thought to herself. But looking over the culinary landscape before her, Etna noticed just how much more food was still waiting. Only half the feast was actually intended for Etna, but assuming Dawn was probably still nibbling away at her first dish, she fully expected to claim the entire spread for her own.

In the rare moments when the noise of her own eating hadn’t drowned out all else, Etna occasionally caught the sound of Dawn chattering away when her little mouth should have been put to better use. Etna couldn’t wait to see her face when this was all over. Not that she’d ever get a good look at it. Anyone who dared face Etna now would be kept a good distance away by the sheer size of her body- anyone of normal stature that is. Someone as diminutive as Dawn would probably have to stand well away just to be seen over the grand crests of her bosom.

Etna could picture Dawn there- so minuscule before her vastness. And how vast she was. Etna was definitely bigger, much bigger now, there could be no doubt. Her body emanated in concentric circles from her head like an ocean of blubbery waves. Her bulbous bottom filled the sofa upon which she sat. Her fat flowed beneath the table. She could see nothing of her legs, except her chubby toes. Her huge silk dress had ridden up considerably and was becoming restrictive. But Etna wasn’t one for restrictions- not from her clothes, and certainly not from her own stomach. It stood to reason, Etna concluded, that if her size had increased, then her capacity should have increased as well. She took a meaty fist and pounded herself upon the chest.


That’s better Etna thought as the sonic discharge seemed to have successfully quelled her stomach for the time being. And she knew just what to fill it with. A huge glistening ham lay before her just waiting to be devoured. As Etna leaned over her astounding bulk to claim her next conquest, she found it lay just out of her reach. Turning to the rolling carts at her sides Etna found them stripped completely bare. In frustration, she shoved them away and sent them crashing against the walls.

The exertion left her winded. Etna tried to ebb her temper- any energy not used in the act of eating was a waste. She made another attempt for the ham, pushing herself further and further in a forward advance. With her massive arms having grown much heavier, Etna resorted to sliding them along the table. The couch below creaked and cracked in response to her efforts. Even the floorboards seemed to have something to say about Etna’s increased girth as they voiced their concerns in the form of muffled groans and low bass moans that signaled structural stresses.

Scriiipp. Scriiiippp.

As Etna stretched and strained towards the beckoning ham, her dress began to rupture into gossamer fissures that ran up and down her sides. The dress had cost her thousands, but those tears had made it all worth it. With smug satisfaction Etna recalled how her dressmakers had balked at the measurements she’d sent for the order. They called them ludicrous, though they cashed her check all the same.

So she’d exceeded the ludicrous, Etna thought with a smile. Each run and tear was a loud and clear announcement to the fact that there was now more of Etna- much more. As there should be. As there ought to be. Etna mused.

You can’t have too much of a good thing, and Etna considered herself the very best of everything. In the fantasy realm of High School she had ruled over all. But the real world was never so impressed. So Etna began to show them how impressive she could truly be. A world that didn’t see her as big or important soon watched as she became not only big, but downright unavoidable as her body began to reflect her ego. Many said she’d let herself go, but what she’d really done is let herself out. And once she began, Etna never wanted to stop. Her size may have approached the estimates of what was possible, but it paled before her own sense of self. She’d exceed the possible. The more she got, the more she would take. She had her fair share now she wanted the rest. Etna would manifest herself in such glorious and undeniable proportions that no one could ever deny her greatness. She’d exceed even her own dreams, if she… could just… reach… that damned… ham.

While watching the flabby masts of her arms cease their progress, and her ten swollen digits grasp in vain for the elusive ham, Etna caught sight of something in the distance that made her recoil.

A curve.

There was a curve down at the opposite end of the table where there should have been nothing but the flat lines of a formless body.

Probably it was just a distortion from the many glassware pieces that lay between them, Etna reassured herself. Perhaps it wasn’t even Dawn she’d seen, just one of the more shapely girls attending her. Leaning to and fro from her stationary mount, Etna couldn’t see much of Dawn over the table still piled high with food. What she could see of Dawn’s tiny head seemed no different, but Etna kept getting glimpses of a shape below that was looking well out of proportion for the famously petite little twit.

No, Etna thought, there couldn’t possibly be a curve on that bony, flat as a board, pest of a girl- the very idea of it sent her into a rage. But what were they all so excited about down there she began to wonder. Etna found that while her stomach was claiming to be full, it seemed there was still room in her engorged gut for concern. And that didn’t sit well with her, not at all. Etna needed to crush that feeling- bury it down deep. And for that she needed more. She needed that ham and everything else in that room, and she needed it now.

Dawn paused in the middle of a full hand of ladyfingers as a shout came from across the room.

“GIRL!” Etna called out. “GIRL!”

“WHAT?” Dawn shouted back in annoyance, “I’M BUSY!”


Amber stepped out into Etna’s view and pointed a finger at her own perturbed face.


Lydia and Amber exchanged concerned glances, then Amber placed a gentle hand on Holly’s shoulder and said, “Honey, I think she’s asking for you.”

“Oh,” Holly nodded and hurried off to attend to her host.

“You asked for me m’am?” Holly smiled politely and maintained constant eye contact with Etna, despite the myriad of places about her person that anyone else would have been completely justified in staring at.

“Why yes,” Etna smiled back, “be a doll and slide that succulent looking ham down to me.”

“Certainly.” Holly did a quick little curtsey then commented as she brought the ham over, “It smells delicious.”

But Etna didn’t have time to take in aromas. As soon as the ham was within her grasp Etna swept it up with both hands and hungrily began tearing into the twenty pounds of pineapple adorned pork. Between ravenous mouthfuls Etna spoke: “we can… talk… while I eat,” which wasn’t entirely true. Holly’s smile remained unflinching as a rain of juices and morsels flew her way along with a list of garbled requests. “I’ll need you to keep my end of the table well stocked. You don’t mind you you?”

“Oh, of course not,” said Holly as she immediately went to work bringing more items over and positioning full carts to Etna’s sides.

“Oh, and silly goose that I am,” Etna added with false gentility, “I seem to have left my… medications way over there on the sideboard. Could you fetch them please?”

Holly went over and found a plethora of pharmaceuticals. “Which one would you like?”

“I asked for them in plural, which means I want them in plural- you nitwit,” Etna snapped in frustration as her false front cracked just a bit. “I’m sorry dear, I get a bit testy when I’m hungry- please bring them all. And if you could, use those lovely long fingers of yours and pop them open- start me off with one of each.” Etna plopped the half-eaten ham atop her chest and held out a huge hand.

Holly arranged the open bottles on one of the fallen trays and brought it to the table. She then placed over a dozen large and colorful pills onto Etna’s palm, and without needing to be asked, paired them with a full glass of water.

Etna downed the lot in a single gulp. As she tried to retrieve the sticky ham from her destroyed dress, she took a second glance at her new assistant. Etna couldn’t tell if the girl was wearing the same clothes as the day they met in the dining hall, but felt it more than likely she kept a wardrobe full of near identical outfits. Polished black Mary Jane clogs with the barest of heel sat perfectly parallel beneath an ankle-length gray wool skirt. Her top was layered- a heavily starched long-sleeved blouse buried beneath a long cable-knit gray cardigan a shade paler than the skirt. An intricate up-do braid kept her golden hair restrained and her makeup routine seemed to entail no makeup at all.

The outfit gave little hint of what lay beneath, but a hint was all it took to tell that Holly’s true form was nothing short of spectacular. Etna sighed as she shook her head in disapproval. The girl was like a poorly wrapped gift that couldn’t hide the shape of the voluptuous present within. She hadn’t seen such a clear winner of the genetic lottery since gazing into her own mirror many years ago. But to Etna’s utter bafflement, this girl seemed so reluctant to ever cash in her grand prize. “Dear lord girl, who dressed you?”

“I… I dressed myself,” Holly’s face went quizzical as she registered the change of tone. Immediately her posture fell into her normal slouch as she crossed her arms defensively over her chest while avoiding Etna’s gaze.

“Well, a girl like you ought to have hand-maidens, but that’s isn’t what I meant- did you pick out your own clothes?

“Oh… well no. Most of my clothes…”

“Were gifts,” Etna finished for her. “And home made ones I’m sure- I don’t see any labels.”

“Why yes,” Holly replied cheerfully as her smile and posture returned. “My mother made the skirt and blouse. My Gran made the sweater. I’ve made a few myself, but they’re not nearly as good and I wanted to dress nice for tonight.”

“Well I can appreciate an effort, even if it’s a failed one.”


“You my dear are a Venus, but you dress like a puritan- I mean, are you going to college or a missionary trip?”

“Ma’m?” Holly repeated unsure of a polite response. Her eyes returned to the floor.

“Stop slouching. Face up!” Etna instructed. “If you weren’t always looking down you never would have even met little Dawn Morrigan. That insignificant twerp shouldn’t have entered your field of vision let alone your circle of friends.”

“Dawn’s nice,” Holly said.

“Well, a girl like that would have to be. How’s she doing by the way?”

“She’s doing good- real good.”

“I’m sure she is,” Etna chuckled. “Just as I’m sure you’d rather cut out your own tongue than utter a single negative thing about your little friend.”

“Dawn is nice,” Holly asserted.

“So nice you said so twice. Seems she’s got at least one defining trait. But really, what’s a girl like you doing with a girl like that?”

“Oh, um… well, my first day- freshman year- I had a little too much going on in my mind and I got completely lost. The campus is so big and all the buildings look alike. I was going to be late for class and I was in a panic and… and I started to cry. I’d never even met Dawn, but she came right up to me, took my hand, and asked if I was alright.”

“I’m sure a girl like you could have found help easily.”

“Oh…” Holly crossed her arms again, only tighter. “There’s always people wanting to take me places. Dawn was the only one who wanted to take me where I wanted to go.”

“How very sweet,” Etna couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “And what about the other one?”

“Amber,” Holly reminded her. “I… I don’t remember when we first met. We just seemed to be bumping into one another all the time.”

“Amber, right. She’s a bossy one isn’t she? I’ve been watching her leading you around like a prized show dog. I bet you’ve never once told her what to do.”

Holly said nothing, she simply stood and wrung her hands together.

“Which is sad,” Etna said taking Holly’s lack of a response as an admission, “and you probably don’t even know why.”

“Why?” Holly said with interest.

“Because she’d listen. Not only would you have her full and rapt attention, but that girl would do anything you asked. ANYTHING.”

Etna gave the idea a moment to sink in as she watched Holly’s lovely eyebrow’s twist and scrunch as she seemed to process the idea. “And why are you always fretting around silly old Lydia? Believe me, she’s a nobody just like her sister- only she’s a bigger nobody. If anything, I’m surprised she’s not the one nervous around you.”

“Why’s that?” Holly asked, her interest now peaked.

“Why indeed…” Etna’s eyes lit up as a delicious idea came to her.

“Hey, what’s the hold up?” Dawn squirmed about unhappy to have been neglected by her two assistants whose attention was taken up by the strange events at the other end of the room.

Practically immobilized by her own body, Dawn had become so thoroughly packed into her straining clothing that she could barely move. Lydia and Amber were forced to resume feeding duties as Dawn’s swollen arms and legs jutted out from her torso, hardly able to bend. The seams of her shirt and pants pinched terribly, but Dawn was enjoying the tightness- it reminded her of the many times in private when she’d put on every single item of clothing she had (along with some of Amber’s) piling layer upon layer until she became too cumbersome to continue.

It wasn’t that Dawn didn’t share their concerns, but she was unable to see anything ahead of her but food, drink, and her own fabulous frontage. “Is Holly alright?” she asked

“Shush!” Lydia and Amber hushed in unison. They could see Etna asking Holly something and the girl shaking her head ‘no.’

“I think she just offered her a thousand dollars!” Amber announced in shock.

“For what?” Dawn couldn’t imagine.

“She said she won’t expel her,” Lydia continued.

“She’s still saying no,” Amber said with pride. “Good for… oh… wait, there she goes,”

With the play by play ended, the girls who could slumped their shoulders and watched Holly’s departure with great trepidation.

“What did Etna say?” Dawn asked.

“She told Holly she was being a rude guest,” Lydia said frowning.

“That’d do it.” Dawn sighed. “Speaking of which…” Dawn held her empty mouth wide open, as she tried to signal them to get back to work.

Dawn’s plea was immediately fulfilled as both Amber and Lydia each picked up a plate and frantically began shoving food into her bottomless gullet. A weird form of stress eating, the two girls had launched into a form of stress feeding. Dawn noted their agitation as her mouth was alternately met with crunchy spring rolls from Amber, and handfuls of dripping hot poutine from Lydia. Their hands shook with frazzled nerves as their eyes remained locked on the doorway from which they anxiously awaited Holly’s return. Sadly, the only action to be seen was a ham bone sent flying as Etna added it her long and growing list of victims.

Dawn was worried about Holly, but she knew the only one of them with any hope of standing up to Etna was herself. And to do so, she needed to get a whole lot bigger- so growing remained her priority out of both necessity and desire. Lydia and Amber seemed to be of the same mind as their paces increased.

Dawn became quickly lost in a euphoric flurry of constant intake. Packed snugly in the sublimely tight confines of her cloth cocoon, she closed her eyes and let her mouth do all the work. And work it did. “More,” Dawn whispered in the moments between mouthfuls. “More.”

While Dawn’s shirt had no more room to give, it still held strong- buttons and all. Her bottom half, granted further freedom to roam in the larger and stretchier sweatpants, had taken the brunt of Dawn’s increasing load. The overextended waistband cut into her great encircling belly much as the bra did her breasts. Billowing out from beneath her shirt, Dawn’s cartoonishly ballooned bottom now surpassed the dimensions of her chair. With a creak and a groan, however, even her sweatpants signaled that they too had reached peak capacity. Her shirt, her bra, her pants, none could accommodate another inch of growth. But though they bulged and strained, none seemed willing to succumb to Dawn just yet.

In lieu of size, Dawn’s body responded by building up pressure. Dawn squeezed her eyes tight in response to this wondrous new level of intensity. “Mmm… more,” she purred as she ate and ate. As the pressures steadily mounted and compounded, Dawn imagined a gauge whose quivering hand crept up, up, up into the red- but instead of a warning, Dawn took it as a promise. The deposits Dawn was steadily accruing were going to pay out grand dividends later.

For now, she was Dawn condensed- Dawn concentrate. Not yet bigger, but increasingly more and more potent. Dawn knew when the time finally came for her to outgrow her confines it would be glorious. A louder and greater variety of warning creaks, pops, and groans cried out from below, but Dawn ignored them all as she ate and ate. “More… more.”

The flesh is mightier than the thread, Dawn thought to herself. Outgrowing her clothes was all part of her fantasy, and she couldn’t wait.

But it was the CLANG! of a platter and not the tearing of fabric or the popping of buttons that Dawn heard next.

The platter that fell came not from Etna, but from her own sister Lydia. Dawn opened her eyes and saw her sister’s shocked expression as the unfinished poutine lay splattered and coagulating on the floor. Amber plopped her tray of spring rolls atop Dawn’s heaving chest as she grabbed the table’s edge for support.

“Oh… oh my… oh my GOD!” Amber stammered as she trembled atop weak knees.

“Etna you… monster,” Lydia squeaked as she moved behind her sister’s chair.
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