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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 7

For a moment, everything jumped. Only the great dining table remained stable as the girls were rocked by a sudden concussive quake. In that terrifying second, Lydia, Amber, and even Dawn herself feared she’d been blown asunder. Thankfully, all found Dawn quite intact, and the two smaller girls instinctively buttressed the greater third to keep her from toppling over. Once the room had steadied, and before Dawn could even get her cumbersome self turned around, Lydia and Amber dashed off towards Etna, for it was what had fallen that was the source of this latest calamity.

Etna’s straining seat had finally reached its load capacity and in an instant passed from chaise lounge to dais. Having already warped well beyond its design, the Victorian masterpiece hadn’t far to drop Etna, but the effects of her fall were nonetheless spectacular.

Ever so briefly airborne, Etna’s many blubbery folds and fleshy layers dropped down upon one another in quick succession following her apocalyptic impact. A smattering of tumultuous slaps was topped off by a twin thunder clap that sounded when Etna’s huge distended breasts- each the size of an over-stuffed body pillow- fell back upon her engorged gut.

The angle of the collapse and all those meaty masses colliding sent Etna lunging forward, pushing her full weight into the dining table before her. With an earsplitting squeal, the enormous and heavily laden table suddenly withdrew several inches as it was overwhelmed by Etna’s amassing wall of fat.

Certain the others would alert her if the situation down the way were truly dire, Dawn diverted her attention from the affairs of her foe and turned instead to the humungous hoagie that she’d still managed to keep hold of. “She bought you some time,” Dawn offered in consolation as she brought the sandwich to her hungry lips, “but I’m afraid that time is up.”

With her mouth opened wide around her prey, a sharp jab in Dawn’s bulging side granted the sandwich another reprieve. “Ow!” Dawn exclaimed as she turned to confront her attacker. In awe, Dawn watched as the great table herked and jerked itself toward her. After her earlier exertions against it hadn’t managed even the slightest budge, Dawn rightly assumed the table to be bolted to the floor. Clearly this wasn’t the case, Dawn observed as she hastily waddled away from a lacquered corner that taunted her with another attack.


Etna emitted a hurricane belch that greeted Lydia and Amber as they came to her aide. That and worse emissions were forced out as Etna’s propellant girth pressed harder and harder against the hardwood table. The girls pulled Holly away with them as they fled the overwhelming noxious stench.

To Dawn’s utter amazement the once immovable dining table scuttled forward once again, this time even further. The bountiful spread laid out upon it was sent rollicking about- silverware clattered to the floor, glasses crashed and shattered. From high atop a ridiculous mountain of spaghetti and cheese, meatball after meatball was sent rolling off and onto the floor.

Spilling out ahead of her, the anchor-like weight of Etna’s prodigiously protruding stomach continued tugging her on down. Deeper and deeper the table’s edge sank into her punishing bulk until there suddenly came a loud splintering CRACK! as a huge chunk of mahogany broke right off within Etna’s blubber.

When her forward tilt eventually came to a halt, Etna was left straddling the grandest belly the world had ever seen- her enormous face locked tight in a grimace as she lay bent over that pile of burdensome flesh that spread across the floor. However, this compromising position had lifted Etna’s titanic ass up into the air and it proved too great a counterbalance for her to remain that way for long.

Etna’s eyes went wide as she felt her immense weight begin to teeter. Helpless to stop, Etna was sent plummeting backwards. Impacting against the couches backrest Etna’s mighty stern knocked it clear off with another splintering CRACK! Her landing set the whole room shaking again, knocking several fixtures loose and skewing every item hung.

Her situation reversed, Etna found herself precariously balanced on her great ass like a felled tree that couldn’t decide where to fall. But slowly, like thick molasses, her stomach, breasts, and even her neck rolls compounded upon one another and shifted Etna’s ballast. With her throne pulverized, there was no longer anything left to slow Etna’s new momentum.

As everything literally went tits up for Etna she cried out, “HELP! HELP!” Her flabby arms waved like voluminous sails as she rolled further and further backward.

Holly answered Etna’s call and rushed behind her to offer some meager opposition. With Etna now outweighing her by over thirteen hundred pounds, it was equivalent to Holly attempting to catch an un-milked dairy cow.

“HOLLY, NO!!!” Amber took off like a flash.

Holly’s well intentioned hands simply sank into Etna’s oncoming flesh. Turning around, Holly tried pushing her own back against Etna’s which still did nothing to slow the advance. Managing to get her feet propped up against the wall, Holly repelled as best she could, but her legs quickly buckled under the weight and her knees painfully impacted her straining bosom. “Oh… fudge…” Holly cursed. Folding in on herself, she was slowly compacted by Etna’s unstoppable load.

Amber grabbed Holly by the hand and pulled with all her might. With a flurry of genuine curses she strained to no avail as Holly was pinned into an increasingly condensed fetal position while Etna’s inevitable decline continued unabated. Thankfully, Lydia had arrived at the opposite side and began to push. Her curses were unlike any obscenity the others had ever heard as they were in fact actual curses.

Pulling and pushing with desperate strength the pair succeeded in dislodging Holly, but this sent Lydia falling forward in her place. To avoid being crushed herself, Lydia dropped to the floor just as Etna’s meaty shoulders impacted the wall above her.

Hand in hand, Amber and Holly managed to deftly dodge a falling portrait of a later day and very stout looking Henry the Eighth, only to then get knocked flat as Makovsky’s “Boyar Wedding Feast” fell over them. Lydia crawled out from the shrinking humid recess below Etna as the wall itself began to bow. The whole of the mansion seemed in agony as wood splintered and plaster crumbled.

Reclined to an extreme angle, Etna was suffocating beneath the mounting layers of her own flab that were now burying her face. With great effort she managed to lift her elephantine arms and legs into the air. Once enough weight was cantilevered and paired with a mighty shove from her shoulders, Etna was able to shift the tide of her onerous masses and bring herself forward once more. With a thunderous THOOOM! Etna finally landed in a stable and upright position.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Etna was close to passing out. Little of her dress had survived, and the once fine red silk lay like tattered pennants across her form. On a whole, Etna looked like a mountainous sack of butterscotch pudding that had ruptured. Looking down at the formerly exquisite parquet floor Etna saw popped slats and cracked oak emanating from her crash zone. Though dazed, she held a hint of satisfaction in the destruction she had caused.

“Well…” was all Etna got out as her eyes went cross and her massive head wobbled a bit, then slumped. Following this, there then came a frightening rumble that rose from deep within her gargantuan body… but it turned out to be a snore.

Holly had fallen atop Amber beneath the huge canvas painting that covered them both. Panting from all the excitement, their conjoined chests heaved in unison.

Her eyes gazing down, Amber noticed one bosom heaved considerably more than the other. She spent a dozen deep respirations admiring that comparison before scolding the owner of said bosom. “What were you thinking?” Amber asked, shaking her head at the absurdity of Holly’s actions.

“She needed help,” Holly answered, nodding to confirm the appropriateness of what she’d done.

Amber stared at Holly with confusion, love, and lust. Sliding an arm behind Holly’s shoulders she deftly rolled the larger girl over, positioning herself on top.

It was at that very same moment when Lydia managed to lift the painting off of them. “Are you guys… OH! Ah… okay,” Lydia stammered as she was just in time to catch Amber ravaging Holly with tears and kisses.

Lydia hurried back to her sister but found need to take pause when struck again with the still unfamiliar image of her formerly shapeless sister now well on her way to fully rounding out her little frame. The girl in the distance pacing back and forth in a funny waddle couldn’t have looked more different from the one she grew up with, but as Lydia watched her scrunched up face as it mulled over the pros of going to help against the cons of facing Etna and revealing her progress, Lydia recognized the over-thinking over-achiever as decidedly Dawn.

She ate as she debated, but Lydia saw Dawn was having difficulty getting the last few inches of the giant hoagie to her mouth as her arm’s reach continued to lessen the bigger she got.

“You were always one to rush to someone in need,” Lydia said, then gave a poke into the very obvious answer to her question. “What happened?”

Dawn looked down sheepishly as she admitted, “Running may not be my thing anymore.”

“I said rush, not run,” Lydia corrected as she delivered another poke into her sister’s astounding tummy- still shocked that such a thing was real. “I’ve seen you run and it never helped anyone.”

“Very funny,” Dawn accepted the criticism, but asked with concern, “I heard Amber shouting for Holly, is she alright?”

“She’s fine, but… well….” Lydia tried to block Dawn’s view of the horizontal make-out session still going strong in the distance, but the lurid sounds explained things well enough. Lydia looked at her sister with sympathy. “Sweetie, I’m so sorry.”

Dawn paused in the midst of straining to get her teeth around another bite, and seemed taken aback by the comment. “Um… sorry about what?”

“About… Holly…” Lydia was flustered. “Were you not… aren’t you… I’m sorry, but I always thought there was something between you two.” Lydia stared at Dawn who only offered a raised eyebrow in response. “I mean, I thought you liked boys, but you are in college and I constantly catch you staring at her- which is fine by the way, totally fine with me. But even you and Amber have always seemed a bit too… familiar. I mean, that girl is the very definition of inappropriate touching.”

“No I get it,” Dawn admitted. “I mean, everyone but Holly has caught me staring. Still, there’s a big difference between Amber and me. Amber wants Holly’s body- you know, carnally- whereas I’ve been more of a jealous admirer. I mean, look at her. I’d never met a girl so tall who I didn’t find intimidating. Hiding her curves all this time only piqued my interest further. All the body, none of the pretension.” As Dawn managed to catch a glimpse of Holly on her back, Dawn paused to admire the breathtaking landscape. “But if you’re asking about preference, Amber totally is. As for myself, I’ve always been happy with what little attention I could get from wherever I could get it. And Holly… well Holly’s just a sweetheart.”

Noting that Amber had finally come up for air, Lydia helped Dawn finish off the heel of her sandwich and ushered her forward. “Come on, I think it’s time we show Etna how much more of the Morrigans she has to deal with.”

As big as she’d become, Dawn was still nervous about facing her rival. Taking in a big filling breath, Dawn acquiesced with a hint of hesitation in her voice. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to stretch my legs for a bit.” The irony of the joke earned her a chuckle from Lydia. Dawn’s expanding torso had engulfed her right down to her knees. Progress was slow, but Dawn smiled merrily to herself as she perambulated about on what remained of her stubby, swollen legs.

Though she had to lean quite precariously to do so, what arm Dawn had left allowed her to grab a few bite sized items along the way and she tossed them into her mouth one after another. Dumplings, potstickers, shumai- Dawn never had good aim in the past, but it seemed today she couldn’t miss.

As she proceeded down the long dining room, Dawn noticed a cart a few feet ahead suddenly pull away as if yanked by some phantom force, just as the gravy cart had done earlier. She’d felt the impact, she’d seen the cart move, but somehow her mind just couldn’t link those two events.

Experimentally, Dawn moved herself toward another cart. Her breasts blocked much of her view, but she gauged herself a few feet away when BUMP! Dawn sent that cart bounding off as well. Smiling, Dawn realized the carts were only a distance from what she considered to be herself. As her body grew, her mind had to expand as well. Like a driver upgrading from moped to mini-van, Dawn needed a recalibration to bring her conscious self in line with her increased personal space.

I’m here, Dawn mused moving forward once more, and yet… BUMP! that’s me over there and… BUMP! there as well. Dawn grinned proudly at the cart’s forced departures before realizing… “Look out!” as one of them hit Lydia in the rear. Dawn watched in amusement as her sister had to do a recalibration of her own.

Looking at Dawn, then back to the narrow path the girls had been using to cross the dining room, Lydia realized how inadequate it was for her sister who spanned nearly four feet wide at her hips. “Here, let me help,” Lydia offered to clear the way, but Dawn wouldn’t have it.

“Leave them to me sis- this is better than bumper cars at the fair,” Dawn said merrily as she drove her belly forward.

Dawn giggled as her mighty prow plowed a new and wider thoroughfare, delighting in every bump and bop against her tremendous tummy as it sent more carts rolling to and fro. Never had anyone- or anything for that matter- needed to make way for Dawn before. Like a crowd parting for a dignitary, the usually accommodating girl reveled in the fact that it was finally she who needed to be accommodated. “Make way! Make way!” Dawn amused herself as she made her regal procession.

Each step forward also brought more of Etna into view, and the true ruler of the room loomed ever larger as they approached. I’m not the only one whose grown, Dawn thought begrudgingly as she grabbed some more tidbits to pop into her mouth.

By any reasonable standard both women were big- truly big. But when brought together the difference in scale became obvious. Dawn was multiple times larger than she’d been, but she was building upon a foundation that was quite small to begin with. Etna’s increase may have been to a lesser degree, but she had been wrought large from the outset and her enormous framework still dominated Dawn from all sides.

“Don’t be nervous,” Lydia said with a tremble in her voice as the slumbering Etna wheezed and burbled before them.

“Don’t you be nervous,” Dawn replied with matching trepidation in her voice.

“Fine,” Lydia said taking Dawn’s hand, “don’t us be nervous.” Looking to her feet, Lydia coughed while giving the still fully engrossed Amber a tap with her foot.


Flushed and flustered, Amber and Holly leapt to their feet and did their best to quickly compose their mussed up clothes and tasseled hair.

“Oh, Dawn…” Holly, who hadn’t seen Dawn since she outgrew her outfit, looked at her swollen friend in amazement. “You look… well aren’t you…” Holly struggled to find some phrase from her upbringing that would compliment a girl who had not only recently ballooned, but was also practically nude. Coming up with nothing, she simply smiled and said, “Well… look at you!”

“Find me a mirror big enough and I will,” Dawn smiled back with forced bravado. Despite her discussion with Lydia about the difference between herself and Amber, Dawn was finding it hard not to gawk. Seeing Holly from a standing position brought Dawn’s eyes to chest level with her tall voluptuous friend and she’d still not gotten used to seeing the usually reserved Holly in such a tight, form revealing outfit. From this angle she seemed even more impressive than before. Etna’s old cheerleader uniform was literally filled to brimming with Holly- the sweater looked more like a knitted sport’s bra, and the pleated skirt flew out dramatically over her abundant hips and bottom.

Amber knew enough to stop Holly before she went off hunting for a mirror. Placing Holly by her side with Lydia on the end, the three girls formed a shield that blocked Dawn from her adversary.

“AHEM!” Lydia gave out another fake cough, this time in an effort to rouse Etna from her slumber. When that failed to elicit any response, Lydia took a breadstick from the table and jabbed the great heap of a woman with it.

Slowly, the sleeping giant came to. Though groggy, Etna still managed to snatch the breadstick from Lydia and crunch it down. With her appetite re-awoken as well, Etna went straight for the first item she could find- an entire rib eye steak that had fallen into her cleavage. As she bit hungrily into the meat, Etna glanced over and took note of the three girls lined up by her side. With a look of confusion, she turned her attention to the far end of the table where she saw no sign of Dawn. Etna smiled.

“So, did she finally smarten up and quit, or did you three actually manage to lose the little pest?”

Without a word the trio parted and revealed the shorter, yet significantly larger girl behind them.

Etna peered over and saw what at first glance looked to be Dawn’s head planted atop an array of peach-colored balloons all clustered about a particularly large one. Like Holly before, Etna didn’t seem to have the words for what she was seeing.

Dawn stood proud and large before Etna. She tried to cross her pudgy arms in order to look more formidable, but couldn’t come close to doing so. Nor could she rest her hands defiantly on her hips. Instead she just let what remained of her arms hang out upon her rounded sides as she asked, “Does this look like a body that quits?”

The others all stepped back as they braced for an outburst from Etna.

After a long contemplative minute spent puzzling over the odd image standing before her, an outburst came.

“Eh… he… Ha… BWAH! HA! HA! HA!”

Etna convulsed with sustained laughter- louder and longer even than when Dawn had first challenged her back at the University dining hall.

“I knew you’d be good for a laugh,” Etna got out between howls. “So that’s why you showed up here dressed like some pauper child in those over-sized clothes.” Etna’s belly shook with such strength that the whole room trembled as if it too were in on the joke. “It doesn’t even look real. It’s clearly a suit- some kind of latex fake.” Etna seemed in danger of passing out again as she asked, “Did one of the theatre nerds make this up for you? I’ll have them expelled as well.”

“What? No,” Dawn said visibly flustered. “This is all me,” Dawn tried to make her case over Etna’s cackling. Despite being in the right, Etna’s laughs cut right through Dawn and she quickly lost her composure. “This is… stop… STOP IT! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!”

“I see you were too afraid to muss up that pretty little face with a bit of prosthetics?” Etna continued with unabated mirth. “You could have at least done something with the hands and feet to make this whole charade a bit more believable.” Etna went on laughing herself to tears as Dawn pouted to the point where her bottom lip began to quiver.

“Oh, you delirious dummy- you got it all wrong. Is this what you think big is?” Etna finally regained herself enough to begin lecturing her student. “Big isn’t cute and bouncy. Big isn’t smooth, round, or neat. Big is imperfect. Big is sweaty, slow, and so very, very, heavy.” Etna grabbed and shook one of her many rolls of thick flab for emphasis. “Being big is damn hard work- it’s exhausting, and that’s why us big ones are justified in being oppressive and cruel. We just haven’t the time or energy for delusional little nuisances like you.”

Etna gazed lovingly down at her extreme bulk. “But it’s all worth it because big is impressive. Being truly big is exceptional, and being exceptionally big is most importantly powerful.” Etna reached down and pulled the broken hunk of dining room table out from her folds. She looked at it as one would a removed splinter and tossed it aside. “And big powerful things deserve honor, respect, and fear.”

Dawn seemed more annoyed than intimidated as she turned to her companions and asked, “Why does everyone keep calling me cute?” Dawn turned back to Etna and huffed adorably.

Etna was taken aback as she realized her accidental compliment. “No…no you’re missing the point.”

“Probably,” Dawn said with a roll of her eyes, “I stopped listening once you finally acknowledged me as big.”

“Ugh, I did no such thing you obnoxious twit.” Etna was eager for a quick resolution. “Turn around,” she instructed, “so I can bring this farce and your time at college to an end. I’m eager to get back to my meal.”

Dawn happily obeyed, and with rocking steps she slowly turned herself around. “Looking for a seam? A valve? You won’t find one.” After completing a full rotation, Dawn then balanced her whole body onto one little foot as she kicked off with the other to give herself a spin. Like a hippo-sized ballerina, Dawn performed a graceful pirouette that flared her long hair out like a skirt and gave proof that there was no zipper hidden beneath.

Etna was dumbfounded. She leaned in closer for a better look, and Dawn granted her a second spin.

It was true, Etna observed, there were no seams to be seen and the coloring and texture were a perfect match to Dawn’s own skin. Still, there had to be some trickery. Etna thought of asking Dawn to drop her enormous panties- certainly something was hidden beneath that ludicrously enormous waistband.

As Dawn came to a stop, Etna noticed that a bit of jiggle and shake did accompany the girl’s movements though it was far from the tumultuous undulations that came with true fat. Though unnaturally pneumatic in appearance, Etna could tell the girl was not so light as air. Gravity took only a minimal effect on the girl, but each of her many sphere’s did exhibit just enough droop and sway to show some heft, and despite how daintily Dawn handled herself, there seemed a real weight to her thudding footsteps.

Etna was at a loss for what she was seeing. “No… it’s not real. It can’t be,” Etna reached out and gave Dawn’s arm a pinch.


“This is impossible. It took me years to get that big and yet you want me to believe you did this all in a few hours?”

“You need proof?” Dawn smiled at the doubt she’d put into Etna’s mind. “I’ll give you proof.”

“Let’s see… what looks good?” Dawn glanced about Etna’s end of the room. Laid out along one of the sideboards she found the perfect thing- row after row of chilled milkshakes each with a large red and white striped straw planted perfectly upright in each thick, rich concoction. “Before you scoff Amber, I’m sure they’re made out of soy milk,” Dawn said before her roommate could voice an objection.

But Dawn didn’t go for the array of treats at first. Instead, she waddled herself closer over to her adversary’s side. The damaged flooring that surrounded Etna’s epicenter creaked as Dawn added her own weight to it. With some difficulty, she then stepped onto the collapsed end of Etna’s destroyed sofa and instructed, “Hold out your hand.”

Etna warily lifter her palm, “We already shook on this, remember?”

“No, just hold it there,” Dawn clarified. “Now… this might get awkward,” Dawn apologized as she struggled to climb Etna’s hip. As a result of extreme rotundity, Dawn’s body had lost nearly all its agility. “Sorry, could one of you…”

Amber didn’t need to be asked. Dawn’s behind looked like she was trying to stow a pair of beachballs in her billowing underpants and Amber lunged for it enthusiastically. Her fervent push into Dawn’s cushiony tush was just enough to hoist her belly up onto Etna’s right flank and shove Etna’s hand right into Dawn’s cleavage.

Dawn undulated wildly atop Etna and the pair looked like two grossly misshapen waterbeds attempting to mate. Thankful for her inability for output, Dawn felt a wave of seasick like nausea pass through her. “Okay… alright Amber, I’m good.” Dawn couldn’t see her roommate, but felt Amber’s slender body pressing against her posterior, her head nuzzling Dawn’s rear canyon. “Honestly Amber, for a vegan you are awfully obsessed with flesh.”

Not the least bit shamed, Amber slowly backed away from what this morning had been the flattest, most narrow ass in school, and now could easily claim an entire dining hall booth all on its own.

Dawn was heavy, Etna winced as the girl wobbled about upon her side- truly heavy. The baseboards below gave another groan as they struggled to hold those hundreds of additional pounds. But still, it didn’t quite add up. For as big and hefty as she was, Dawn should have been even heavier at that size.

“There… I think I’ve got you pretty well enveloped by my lovely new breasts,” Dawn boasted. With Etna’s huge hand nestled between her glorious boobs, she felt like she was being groped by a greasy catcher’s mitt.

Etna couldn’t believe Dawn’s bosom had successfully swallowed up not only her entire hand, but some of her forearm as well. Her orange tanned skin sunk deep into Dawn’s pale freckled swells. Seeing them up close, Etna observed the occasional mole and blemish along with faint traces of vein beneath Dawn’s skin. A soft haze of peach fuzz covered it all. It certainly looked convincing, Etna thought as she began to wriggle her fingers deep within Dawn’s confines.

The sensation of Etna’s chubby spelunkers exploring her cavernous cleavage sent Dawn fluttering. “Oh-h-ho… that’s right… take your time- get a good lay of the land.”

Sweet Christmas! Etna couldn’t believe what her fingertips were telling her. That certainly wasn’t rubber they were feeling. No, Dawn’s bosom had a silky smoothness that put her expensive charmeuse to shame. Her massively swollen breasts were as soft, full, and warm as a new mother’s embrace.

Etna was confounded- it simply wasn’t possible. Beyond that, it was ludicrous. No breasts, real or fake could achieve such a size and maintain such a shape. Where her’s were great floppy udders, flattened under their own weight, Dawn’s breasts swelled dramatically from her neckline, the swollen teardrops bottomed out huge, round, and heavy. And as big as they were, they paled before the belly upon which they lay. Etna could think of nothing in nature more perfectly round than the beautiful halo that circumnavigated the girl on top of her. Leaning over, Etna was able to confirm that Dawn’s panty-clad ass and hips were as impressively pert and well rounded as the rest.

How did she get so big and how did she grow so quickly? Etna couldn’t imagine. As she sat there marveling in wonder at how Dawn had grown, Etna was able to perceive the slightest sign that the girl was actually still growing while right on top of her.

“Wait, wait,” Etna called out, “there is an air-tank- I can feel you inflating.”

Dawn tried to keep her breaths shallow as she shook her head in denial. “There’s no air-tank- I’ve just got some digestion still going on is all. But I bet it feels nice in there- all soft and snug. I’m kinda jealous. I’m sure I’m not the only one either,” Dawn said as she gave Amber a wink. “Aren’t they warm and cozy? Aren’t they the biggest most perfectly wonderful breasts imaginable? Those are no props- that’s all me,” Dawn said as she shifted about to make sure she was securely planted atop Etna.

“Now look, there are no valves, pouches, or chicanery of any kind. Food goes in here,” Dawn said opening her mouth wide for Etna to see, “and ends up…” Dawn paused with a smile as she directed their gaze down to her swollen bosom and beyond… “well, you’ll see.” Dawn turned to her companions, a look of palpable anticipation in her eyes, “Okay girls, as fast as you can.”

“Don’t you mean as fast as YOU can?” Lydia asked.

Dawn licked her lips. “Is that another challenge? GO!”

Lydia needed both hands to lift the first giant goblet as she rushed to deliver it to her sister. Seated so high atop a literal mountain of flesh, Lydia found she had to stretch as she hoisted the shivering shake to Dawn’s waiting mouth that eagerly fumbled about for the large parlor straw. But no sooner had Dawn caught it then- sluuuuUUURRRPPP! it was emptied.

As Lydia took the glass away, Dawn had the pleasure of watching Etna’s huge face and the puzzled look upon it as she tried to figure out how Dawn had just sucked up all that thick frosty goodness with the swiftness of an industrial vacuum.

Taking longer than Dawn would have liked, Amber also struggled to bring the next straw to her. SluuUUUURRRPP! Next came Holly who was a bit quicker as her height gave her a better reach. SluuUUURRRPPP! This time Dawn decided it best to just keep the straw in her mouth and it flapped wildly about as she called out orders through her teeth like some fat drill sergeant chewing a cigar. “Come on ladies, faster- more more! Holly, you have the best reach, stay here and serve. Don’t worry about passing back the empties- you’ve seen that our host considers it a sign of respect to destroy the dinnerware, so please, ignore your better instincts and smash away. Sis, you pass to Amber. I want a steady stream. Ready… now GO! GO! GO!”

With a proper bucket brigade established, the girls were better able to keep up with Dawn’s insatiable pace. Holly was reluctant at first to simply toss the heavy glasses aside, but after placing the first gently at her feet had earned a stern glare from Dawn, she soon embraced the naughtiness of the whole situation and threw the discards down with gusto.

SluuuUURRPP! SMASH! SluuUURRPP! SMASH! SluuURRPP! SMASH! One brimming tankard after another was offered up and sacrificed as shake after shake was inhaled by Dawn.

Etna watched the bizarre proceedings in stunned silence. Even during her most famished chow-downs she had never been able to consume at such a rate. Not only was Dawn astoundingly fast, but she made it seem so effortless. Surely brain-freeze should have slowed her down, but Dawn seemed immune to that as well. Even worse was how neat and pretty she remained while doing it. Acts of gluttony ought to evoke ogreish imagery, Etna rightly believed- not the demurely cherubic display she was witnessing. It didn’t seem right and it certainly didn’t seem fair. Etna fumed as a chill hit her buried fingertips and her attention was diverted from watching Dawn ingest, to focusing on where all that frozen dairy was actually going.

The drop in the girl’s body temperature offered one confirmation, but soon Etna had a more telling indication of where all those shakes were going. With Dawn balanced upon her hip like an egg atop a mole hill, the increasing weight from all those many gallons was becoming noticeable. Dawn was getting heavier.

Etna almost didn’t want to look, but it was clear to see that Dawn was growing as well. First her great rounded body began to bloat even further and then… Etna felt Dawn give her hand a squeeze. Only Dawn hadn’t done it with a hand of her own. Dawn’s breasts were compressing Etna’s meaty paw as they too began swelling larger and larger.

It was absurd, Etna reluctantly conceded, but Dawn was certainly growing. This was no trick. Dawn’s rounded form continued to rise before Etna. The statuesque Holly had to stretch further and further to reach Dawn’s rising face. Etna could feel Dawn’s chilled belly expand and spread ever wider over her. SluURRPP! SluURRP! SLURRP!

And Dawn’s pace was only increasing. The three girl’s were sweating as they tried to keep up. The sound of slurping and smashing now rang with the regularity of a chiming clock- each tone signaling even more growth. SLURP! BIGGER! SMASH! SLURP! HEAVIER! SMASH! SLURP! ROUNDER! SMASH!

As she drank, Dawn was pleased to discover that growing while on top of something made an already mind-blowing experience even better. Though she kept her mouth focused, Dawn’s writhing little fingers and toes showed she was able to devote some of her attention elsewhere. With her point of contact expanding, Dawn was acutely aware of how much bigger she was getting as she buried more and more of Etna beneath her. What’s more, the heavier Dawn became, the more she could feel Etna’s doughy fat being squashed and spread by her increasing mass.

Every pound Dawn gained was another pound Etna had to contend with. Every inch more of Dawn was another inch that brought their sizes closer. And knowing every inch and pound rested unavoidably atop Etna made it all the more wonderful. More… more… Dawn never wanted it to end- Etna would have to beg her to stop or risk being smothered.


Etna had never felt something so heavy. No, Etna thought- I’ve been that heavy, and not too long ago. Sure it was nothing compared to what I am now, but I was certainly proud of myself then. Every chair I defeated, every couch who’s back I broke, every vehicle that sank and groaned as I boarded- of all people Dawn Morrigan should never experience such things. Etna’s whole side was going numb though it may have been due to the cold. Either way, Dawn was growing so big and heavy that she was becoming too much for Etna.

How many of those damn shakes did I have them make? Etna wondered with great regret as she watched Dawn’s pale body steadily fill like some great water balloon. She never thought of the girl as crafty, but she’d given Etna quite a conundrum: stopping Dawn would be an admission that she was too much for her to bear, but if she let her continue… could she really do it? Etna wondered as she glared at the petite face nursing away blissfully before her- could this annoying suckling tick of a girl really grow bigger than me?

The decision came down to the sound of a single crack coming up from the wooden floor and Etna’s knowledge that it wasn’t she who was causing the additional stress. From within Dawn’s tightening cleavage Etna’s hand managed to ball up into a fist as her lesser instincts kicked in and she gave Dawn a mighty shove.

Dawn gave out a shake spitting yelp as she was sent rolling off Etna and landed clumsily upon her tiny feet with a pair of heavy thuds. Stumbling backwards, Dawn gave Amber a titanic bop, knocking her aside and sending the goblet she held flying. Dawn’s rear collided with a cart and sent it crashing against the wall. Falling back upon it, Dawn’s weight caused the metal frame to buckle. As the cart gave way, Dawn was sent tumbling off sideways, heading for the floor.

Lydia caught Dawn’s hand, but she was hardly enough to right her sister. Amber grabbed Lydia around the waist and leaned back as far as she could, but it was still not enough. Holly put one arm around Amber’s chest and likewise leaned way back. Realizing she still held a shake in her hand, Holly chugged it down.

It took all three girls acting as a counterbalance, but it proved just enough to stabilize Dawn.

“Don’t fall again, because there’s no way we can get you up if you get any bigger,” Amber panted.

“I didn’t fall, I was pushed,” Dawn said shooting Etna an accusatory eye. “And don’t worry… soon… I’ll be able… to roll… myself upright.” Dawn paused involuntarily between her words while a queer expression came upon her face.

“What’s the matter?” a concerned Lydia asked as her sister made odd convulsions.

“I feel… a burp coming.”

Knocking Dawn around shook up her insides and turned her stomach into a churning ocean. Dawn was overcome by an unpleasant gassy feeling as her body tried to sort out the barrage of food and drink that had been forced upon it the last few hours. Opening her mouth repeatedly like a gaping fish, Dawn was desperate for a burp to relieve the discomfort, but one wouldn’t come. Realizing she was still a one way street of consumption, Dawn feared the spell wouldn’t let it out. She tried to pound a fist against her chest to help it along, but Dawn’s arms were now so short and rounded that it was like trying to fold an ultra-plush pillow. Her fists could do little but hang uselessly off in the distance.

Noticing the problem, Lydia moved behind Dawn and gave her a few pats on the back. Realizing there was no longer any need to be so gentle with Dawn, she gave her broad backside a more forceful pounding. Dawn’s mouth opened wide as her sister’s blows seemed to working.

A deep gurgling rose up through Dawn. She felt all a tingle as an effervescent welling filled every inch of her body like a billion tiny bubbles fizzing wildly. Lydia gave her another good whack and it was if all those bubbles suddenly burst at once. This triggered a kind of release, but not in the form of a burp. Dawn’s whole body puffed up.

“Whoah,” Lydia exclaimed as her sister’s sudden bloat pushed her back against the wall.

“Whoah is right,” Dawn repeated. She’d gotten used to expanding but this… this was inflating. Dawn had just experienced size for the simple sake of size- an increase with no additional weight. “I’m… I’m blowing up like a balloon!” Dawn cried out in joy as her burbling insides caused her to puff up even more.

With the dispersing gasses continuing to aerate within Dawn, it was as if an unseen breath was blowing into her. Dawn felt like the plaything of another. She’d long dreamed of being inflated- to fill, stretch, and swell like a balloon- and more than anything else Dawn had experienced today, this was precisely it.

“Oh wow- that was… that was… I don’t know what that was, but…” Dawn couldn’t have been more pleased by this new development, though- as per usual- she found she could always do with a bit more. Imagining herself like a fizzing can of carbonated soda, Dawn vigorously shook and jostled the great tank of her tummy: up, down, back, and forth- all while oblivious to the pummeling poor Lydia was taking behind her. A turgid storm quickly began brewing within and Dawn was aflutter as she waited expectantly for the compounding chemical reactions inside of her to be expressed.

Not a moment later it hit her. “Y-Y-YES!” Dawn exclaimed as more gas dissipated and she was rewarded with a very satisfying and prolonged increase in size. Freed from the burden of eating or drinking and unbound by clothing or other restrictions, Dawn was able to devote herself fully to this uniquely sensational form of growth. With varying mixtures of awe and jealousy, the others watched Dawn give her whole mind and body over to the forces she’d called into play. Such submission was repaid with pleasure that flew past orgasmic and brought Dawn to a state of divine rapture.

“Bigger- yes- YES! Make… me… BIGGER-R-R! Grow, grow, GROW!” Dawn commanded her abiding body. She shuddered as she expanded faster than ever. Her circumference magnified- an inch, two inches, three then four. Bigger, fuller, rounder, Dawn was being blown up like a blimp. She was filling up and yet never felt full. She was stretching outward but wasn’t wearing thin. Dawn was just becoming more. Her great and growing torso lifted her stubby arms up involuntarily higher and pushed her nearly non-existent legs even further apart.

Though it was difficult for her to know where to look, it hardly mattered for wherever her head was turned, Dawn’s periphery was taken up with more and more of her inflating body.

“This… just won’t stop being amazing,” a winded Dawn exclaimed when her growth finally subsided and she rested a cheek against her expanded form.

A rattled Lydia failed to share her enthusiasm as she gasped from behind, “Um.. yeah, little sis…” Tightly sandwiched between Dawn and the wall, she pleaded for her miniature Zeppelin of a sibling to unmoor herself, “…if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh, sorry…“ Dawn apologized, but couldn’t help but pause for the briefest moment to take in the sensation of her big sister’s body pressed against her sprawling form. Lydia felt so… small. The body she’d long been jealous of was for the most part, enveloped by her own until Dawn wobbled forward and set her free.

Moving had become all the more awkward and slow, but Dawn took the time to turn back to her adversary as she shook her head and tsk-tsked. “I should be angry at you for giving me the heave-ho, but as you can see…” Dawn paused as she brought her freshly expanded body in closer to grant Etna a better look, “I make the most of any situation. Either way, I take it you’re convinced?”

Etna was visibly flustered. Her mind hadn’t yet reconciled the fact that Dawn had been able to grow at all- and now this. Certainly Etna enjoyed being big, but growth for her was slow and oftentimes painful. She’d never dreamed growth could bring about the unbridled ecstasy Dawn had just displayed. And between the milkshakes and these bizarre non-burps, Dawn had grown considerably in the span of a few short minutes. From the accoutremented egg shape that greeted her when she’d awoke, Dawn was fast becoming a human ball- her arms were but conical bulges a little over a foot long, while what could hardly be called legs were down to a third of that. Breasts, hips, and bottom- these were simply notable swells upon the great globe that her body was becoming.

Seeking the only comfort she could rely on, Etna grabbed her steak back up and rambled off objections between bites. “You shouldn’t be that big. You don’t deserve to be that big. You… you’re just a meek little waste of a girl.”

“I was meek,” Dawn said as she gazed down in amazement at all her more featured features, “but I’ve finally come upon my inheritance.” An eyebrow raised as a realization came and Dawn smiled back at Etna. “And I’m glad to hear you finally admit it.”

“Admit what?” Etna asked as she tossed another bone aside.

“You admitted that I’m big.”

“Pshaw!” Etna gave in dismissal as she located an even fatter, juicier sirloin. “I only said that you were bigger- there’s a difference.”

“Pshaw?” Dawn spat back. “Find me a dictionary where I’m not the very definition of big and I’ll eat that too.”

Dawn noticed that despite Etna’s braggadocio, there was a nervous air about her. Between every denial of Dawn’s growing stature there came not only a bite of food or a gulp of drink, but Etna was also seen popping a variety of pills from amongst the hoard that lay scattered about her end of the table.

“Don’t worry, no one is denying your supremacy just yet,” Dawn assured. “I mean, good lord Etna- your fat head alone looks like it weighs more than I did when I got here.” Indeed, Dawn had always joked that her teacher had a head the size of a watermelon, but it seemed more comparable to a medicine ball now.

Etna only shook her head as her mouth gnawed away at some gristle.

“Say it,” Dawn commanded as she stamped her foot down. This gave her insides another shake and allowed the last of the gassiness to abate. Once more, in lieu of a burp, Dawn inflated a little more. “Come on, I’m only getting bigger.”

Etna shook her head again as she swallowed hard.

“Certainly I’m bigger now than any other student back at the university.” Dawn smiled as the truth of her statement only hit her when she heard herself saying it. “I must be even bigger than big ole Chet before he left to go on that weight-loss reality show.”

Dawn backed herself against a nearby closet door to demonstrate how she exceeded it by a foot on either side. “How does it feel to no longer be the only one who can’t possibly squeeze through a single door frame? I’m officially double-wide now,” Dawn boasted. “Sounds pretty big to me.”

“I don’t know how, but you are clearly cheating,” Etna accused. “No one magically balloons up in just a couple of hours to multiple times their original size. And cheating results in forfeit.”

“I could say the same for you,” Amber accused as she began examining the many bottles of pills surrounding Etna.”

“Oh those… those are nothing,” Etna fibbed. “Just antacids and the like- for the less flattering aspects of what I’m doing.”

“There are flattering aspects to what you’re doing?” Amber chided as she picked up bottle after bottle and inspected their labels. “Most of these are prescription.” She puzzled over some of language. “Many of these are experimental.” She found a ruddy colored glass bottle with strange markings on it from which Amber shook out what looked like snippets of some dried smelly root. “Some are… from regions beyond.”

Etna grabbed the bottle up and shook some of its contents into her mouth. “It’s nothing so diabolical I assure you,” Etna said wincing from the foul taste. “A few things for the heart and arteries. A couple for cholesterol. Some digestive aids. One or two to encourage the appetite. Mostly just vitamins- you know, to help me grow up big and strong.”

“Hey, whatever you need to get you through tonight,” Dawn said dismissively. “I’m not the least bit worried.”

“Well, you should be,” Etna pointed out. “You’re still the shortest one in the room, and I say that from the position of one who’s presently seated.”

“You got me there, but I think I’ve exceeded the combined mass of all three of these skinny ninnies,” Dawn said gesturing to her companions.

“Well I’ve got you and your pathetic little troupe beaten by half,” Etna boasted.

“That’s not quite true,” Holly interjected to everyone’s surprise.

“Not quite?” Etna scowled at Holly. “Why would I trust the opinion of any one of you?”

“You can trust Holly,” Amber said. “Girl’s honest to a fault, and she’s practically a human computer.”

“Still biased,” Etna said, crossing her massive arms in protest.

“I for one would like to hear what she has to say,” Dawn chimed in.

“Well…” Holly stammered, embarrassed by the attention. “You both carry your weight differently, but when accounting for volume…” Holly looked both competitors up and down, back and forth before concluding that, “Miss Vesuvi’s claim is off by quite a bit.”

Dawn smiled in satisfaction before Holly continued.

“She’s got us beaten by an additional three quarters. And as for Dawn, I’d say Miss Vesuvi’s about three and five sixteenths larger.”

Dawn shook her head as she absorbed the assessment. “Like Amber said… to a fault. Still, I was what- ten times smaller than Etna when we started? So I’ll take about a third as a huge advancement on my part.”

Despite her words, the numbers were nagging away at Dawn who felt compelled to ask, “But Holly… are you sure I don’t look bigger than that?” Dawn tried twisting and posing her swollen superstructure, trying to show it off. “Maybe you’re not seeing me from the right angle.”

“Dawn, there isn’t an angle left on you anymore,” Amber said while affectionally rubbing her roommate’s rounded front as one would a buddha for luck. Dawn noticed that the bigger she got the more “handsy” her roommate became- not that she could blame her. In fact, now that her hands were all but useless, Dawn encouraged the caress of others.

“But even still…” Dawn refused to let it go, “I am big right? I mean physically, visibly, even mathematically big right? I certainly feel big. Don’t you agree Amber?” Dawn pestered with a look that invited her roommate to further explore. “Don’t I feel big?”

Amber said nothing, but her cheshire grin and roaming hands said more than enough.

“What is your obsession with being called big?” Etna asked. “I suppose having been so accursedly puny all your life would make it nice to hear. But it’s also skewed your understanding of the word. If you’re big, then what am I?”

“You’re huge.” Dawn stated plainly. She had no trouble admitting the fact.

“Damn right I am,” Etna declared as she took a big bite from a porterhouse cut.

“A huge bitch.”

“COUGH! ACK!” Etna nearly choked on Dawn’s belligerence. Her whole body convulsed with indignant rage, but Dawn saw it for what it really was- in that reflexive instance Etna had been compelled to stand- to lunge upon her opponent. But as she rocked herself about like an enormous upended panda, Etna found that her cumbersome body well outmatched her anger. “Do I… HRMPH!… do I look like someone to be belittled?”

“I’d say you look like someone who has eaten yourself into immobility,” Dawn grinned. “You also seem to be having trouble getting your food down. I can tell by how hard you’ve been swallowing. You’re forcing it down when your body should be welcoming it openly.”

“Here, watch me.” Dawn said while nodding to her sister and pointing at some shish kebabs. She leaned forward, mouth open as Lydia grabbed a pair of them. “Down the hatch,” Dawn said as Lydia reluctantly slid the first long, well stocked skewer down her gullet like a sword swallower. As Dawn’s mouth closed over the end, Lydia then retrieved the cleanly stripped rod and repeated the process with another kebab.

“See, easy peasy,” Dawn said as she then accepted a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth skewer from Lydia. Half a dozen medleys of charred meat and veg went down into Dawn’s belly without the slightest complaint.

With that finished, Dawn turned her attention back to Etna and looked at her with scrutiny. “As great as your body has become, I think it’s finally at odds with your ego. One of you seems to want to slow it down- I mean, what are all those reddish marks all over your body?”

“Those are stretch marks,” Etna admitted. “The collagen pills can only keep up with me so much. I have some creams and butters,” Etna gestured to Holly, “if the girl would be so kind.”

Before Holly could acquiesce, Amber held her back. “I don’t want her beautiful hands anywhere on your… person.”

“Stretch marks… hmm,” Dawn said inquisitively. “I’ve only ever heard of such things.” Peering down at her own body Dawn asked with false concern, “Guys, I’m afraid my view’s a bit obstructed, I don’t have any of those horrid stretch marks do I?”

“Not a one,” Lydia affirmed.

“Thank goodness,” Dawn said with dramatic relief, then asked, “And what about all that?”

Amber approached Etna and pointed below her face. “This? I think that’s called a double… no wait… quadruple chin.”

“No, not that- that.”

Etna sat and stewed as the girls pointed at her various body parts like a butcher describing cuts of meat.

“Oh, the ones in the back are called neck rolls.”


“This? I think that’s called a front butt.”


“Here? Those are cankles.”


“You mean these nasty squiggly things- those are varicose veins.”

“Egads, no.”

“Oh, these sort of pockmarked bits around all the sweaty bits?”

“Yes,” Dawn finally nodded.

“Ah,” Amber exclaimed as she stepped away, “that’s called cellulite. And you don’t have to worry about that or any of this other icky stuff.”

“No two bodies are alike,” Etna reminded them with venom in her voice. “And that’s especially true with women. There’s no shame in it.”

“No shame at all,” Amber agreed. “Your’e a whole lotta woman and I want to respect that. And yet… Amber walked over to Holly and made a sweeping gesture towards Etna. “I mean, when you look at all this, what do you think?”

Holly’s big blue eyes went wide, appalled that her friend would put her on the spot. “Oh, I ah… well….”

“Exactly, you think ‘Eww, gross!’”

Holly slapped her hands over her mouth that had uttered no such thing.

“And it’s not that you’re fat mind you,” Amber continued dressing down Etna. “I’ve had my eye turned by more than a few big beautiful Bessies. But something about you just doesn’t convey, ‘more to love.’ No, you’re whole vibe is ‘villagers, run for the hills.’”

Amber then turned Holly around so she was facing Dawn. “Whereas our little Dawn holds herself like a true lady. So prim and proper- no sweat, no sag- no fuss or muss.”

“She’s young and newly grown,” Etna called out from behind. “Gravity and time will take its toll I assure you.”

“Well, for now all I’m seeing is pert and nubile, cute and… what’s that word?” Amber again looked to Holly for and answer.

Holly gave a slight shrug as Amber leaned in to her ear.

“That’s the one…” Amber nodded then whispered, “comely.”

“As in come hither.” Amber said as she left Holly’s side and sauntered on up to her roommate. Running a hand along Dawn’s velveteen skin, Amber made her way around the roundish girl then rested herself upon Dawn’s backside where she whispered again, “quite comely.”

Dawn couldn’t help it, Amber’s unabashed flattery made her blush.

“Now,” Amber asked with both Holly and Etna in her view, “when you look at Dawn, what do you think?”

Holly didn’t respond, she just stared at all that was Dawn and bit her lip.

“Right,” said Amber as she affectionately wrapped her arms around Dawn, “you want to give her a great big hug.”

“I… well… I do actually,” Holly said as she took a step forward.

“Sure you do,” Amber said as she gave Dawn a great big squeeze. “Ohhhh Holly… she give’s the very best hugs now. Remember how hugging Dawn was like clutching a bag of sticks before?”

“Hey!” Dawn didn’t care for the comparison.

“Sorry, but true,” Amber said giving Dawn a peck on the cheek. “But now…” Amber nuzzled Dawn’s soft flesh… “well, come see for yourself.”

“Oh, I… I wouldn’t want to impose,” Holly stammered while still edging forward.

“Oh, you have to,” Amber urged. “Imagine… imagine hugging a parade float filled with warm cake batter.”

“Really?” Holly advanced, sounding intrigued.”

“Well, sort of,” Amber beckoned the beauty onward, “only a thousand times better.”

“She doesn’t… have to.” Dawn said bashfully as her voluptuous friend closed in. “I mean… only if she wants to.”

Sheepishly Holly arrived before Dawn. She didn’t seem to know where to make her entrance. It was impossible to stand before the girl and not be flanked by her enormous boobs. It was an odd site to be sure, but Amber was right, for it was most definitely a welcoming one. Holly leaned in and pressed her hands gently against Dawn's curving sides expecting her to feel taut like a well pumped tire. Instead she found Dawn pliant, soft, and invitingly warm. “Oh… oh, Dawn,” Holly exclaimed in amazement before letting her weight fall upon Dawn as she gave her a full embrace.

Holly, who was forever shy and introverted, had always maintained an unfortunate level of nervous tension in her body. This all melted away as she relaxed herself onto the mound of ever-loving cuddlesome fluff that her friend had become. As Dawn’s voluminous cleavage cradled the waist of her hourglass like two interlocking puzzle pieces, Holly let out a long relieving sigh that sounded a bit like a purr.

Amber smiled, gazing deep into Holly’s eyes. “Was I right?”

“You were right,” Holly said melting into a state of pure contention. “Dawn gives the very best hugs now.”

The two girls enveloped Dawn in their embrace for what seemed an eternity of bliss. With their three heads touching, their slow breaths synchronized. Dawn was so spacious now she could grant comfort to two at a time where before she was hardly enough for one.

Dawn swooned- she so loved being the vessel upon such happiness could lie. Looking up however, she saw not all were pleased. On the face of her opponent Dawn recognized the familiar look of anger, but bubbling about it she saw something new- jealousy.

“AHEM!” Etna barked. “Need I remind you all that I invited you here for a competition, not some silly love fest.”

Dawn frowned as her friends disengaged. For Holly it took some effort to pull her figure from Dawn’s cleavage.

Etna turned to Lydia and scolded, “Honestly, was she not raised with a sense of modesty. Shall I have the girl fetch some bedsheets to cover your sister with?”

“Dawn was raised in the belief that every woman- be they big…” Lydia turned to her sister and added pointedly, “OR SMALL- is beautiful, and never more-so than when unencumbered. You can see what a spectacular failure I’ve been at conveying part of that message.”

“Well, having run the proportional gamut, I’m gonna have to say that big is at least five times better,” Dawn mused. “As for modesty- until tonight I could hardly be indecent if I tried. Now that I’ve finally got both the goods…” Dawn gave her massive bosom a shake, “and the very goods- why not flaunt ‘em?”

“FLAUNT! I never said… ugh,” Lydia placed her defeated face into her hands.

Dawn smiled as she shimmied her bust once more. “Save your bedsheets, they won’t last long on me anyway. Besides, I’m here with my family and friends- no need to be embarrassed. As for you… well, I just don’t care what you think.”

“Besides, you’re one to talk about modesty,” Amber pointed out. Etna’s once grand outfit was now more confetti than camisole. Her enormous sprawling gut left it a mystery as to whether she wore any undergarment at all.

“I’m in my own home,” Etna said leering at Amber- she was getting tired of Dawn’s irksome groupie. “Why would I want to cover up all this perfection anyway?”

To this Amber gave a dismissive snort.

“Oh yes, I’m horrible,” Etna snarled. “And yet you fawn all over that bulbous little snot. She looks ridiculous- like someone dropped a pixie onto a helium tank.”

“Well I’d rather that than a bag of marshmallows cooked in a microwave,” Dawn retorted.

“Oh don’t say that,” Amber contested. “I love marshmallows- well, I did before I learned they’re made from ground up horse bones. Anyway, your alabaster complexion’s the closer match. With that fake tan Etna’s got going, I’d say she’s more like a giant sack of circus peanuts left out in a parking lot, baking in the sun.”

Etna fumed at the insult. Her mouth twisted and contorted, but her mind wasn’t quick or clever enough to form a worthy response.

“What, got nothing?” Amber begged for a comeback and was clearly enjoying herself- so much so, that she failed to notice Holly backing away from her. “You could say Dawn looks like an albino starfish and blowfish got together and made a baby.”

“But,” Amber continued, “I’d counter saying you resemble a pile of diabetic walruses with gastrointestinal disorders.”

Though Etna’s eyes shouted a flurry of expletives, her mouth only tightened.

“And if you’re just going to sit there and continue to stew, I’d add that you look like a Hieronymous Bosch painting of a food pyramid.”

Amber’s every tease brought Etna another shade redder. A rage fueled fire was bringing her to a slow boil, and Amber seemed compelled to stoke it mercilessly as she rolled on. “Whereas Dawn on the other hand has been painted by a less medieval, more renaissance brush. She’s Rubenesque for sure, but Dawn’s like something out of a Reubens fever dream- one where poor Peter Paul lost all sense of proportion.”

Finding Holly no longer by her side, Amber turned to her silently retreating friend. Holly, clearly wanted no part in Amber’s ribald game, especially since Etna seemed to have progressed from attempting a verbal retort, to contemplating a physical one. Regardless, Amber nodded wickedly and included her by saying, “Good point Holly, we’ll have to go much further back in our art history books to find a proper comparison for Dawn.”

Amber pointed to a shelf where an idol from the stone age lay toppled over. “It’s been staring us right in the face all along! Big round belly, big round boobs, hips as wide as she stands tall- our little Dawn’s gone from uninspiring stick figure to life-sized fertility goddess.” Amber gazed down at her diminutive roommate and corrected herself, “well, nearly life-sized. But thankfully she’s no stone carving.” Amber leaned a hand into Dawn’s belly for emphasis, watching it sink in deep. “Dawn’s the softest thing there is- a goddess sculpted from marshmallow.”

“If there’s a god of plenty here, then I’d say it’s me,” Etna finally rebutted. Her acrid tone made it clear she found no humor in this one-sided back-and-forth.

“Then I name you the god of too much,” Amber said further provoking her teacher, “while I declare Dawn…” Amber reached around and gave both of her roommate’s breasts a hearty grope, “never enough!”

Etna was huffing, though it was unclear as to whether this was to cool her rage or feed it further.

“Ladies, I remind you all to be ladylike.” Lydia knew Holly’s temperament was a good way to gauge the temperature of the room, and with the skittish girl now cowering by Lydia’s side, that surely meant that Etna was at the end of her patience.

“And furthermore…”

“Amber stop it!” Holly called out.

Amber was immediately muted. While it was clear the girl very much wanted to go on, she couldn’t help but obey Holly’s command. This Etna observed with great satisfaction and she raised a knowing eyebrow towards Holly. Having come in at just the right moment, the intervention allowed Etna’s escalating temper to finally level off- but then Dawn spoke.

“Despite Amber’s ill-intentioned attempts, there really is no comparison to you, Etna. But I don’t think she’s the one that’s got you so riled up. I remember how angry you got when you thought I was just wasting your time. Now that I’m a legitimate competitor, you can’t stand it.”

In an odd sort of dance, Dawn began moving her bulbous body before her stationary opponent to show off her still nimble grace as she continued. “By now the whole university must know of our little contest, and I for one can’t wait until Monday. Nothing from tonight will be as delicious as when everyone hears how little Dawn Morrigan bested big fat Etna Vesuvi. ‘How embarrassing,’ they’ll say. Why, she probably won’t be able to show her face at work- in fact, such a defeat will probably shame her into an even earlier retirement.”

Dawn brought her self back up to Etna and rested her belly against her side. “What I mean to say is, when the time comes that you’re no longer the biggest, then what will you be?” Dawn pressed her pristine roundness against Etna’s straining bulges. “You’ll be nothing, and all this will just be fat for fat’s sake. There’ll be no art to it. No prestige.” Dawn righted herself and backed away so she could take a stance where Etna could again see her fully. “WHEN I outgrow you, WHEN you’re declared LOSER, then you’ll just be a FAT, NARCISSISTIC, BULLY and nothing more.”

As she watched Etna’s face, glowing so red with fury that Dawn fully expected cartoon like steam to billow out her flaring nostrils, a sense of familiarity struck her. “But maybe there is an apt comparison to you.” Dawn tilted her head in thought as she observed how the remaining rivulets of red silk poured down and over the pyramidical mass of lumps that Etna called a body. “Maybe you’re more than just a gross perversion of all things feminine. I see it now. You are woman spat up from the very bowels of hell- molten and distorted into a steaming, stinking, mountainous mass of macabre menace. YOU’RE A HUMAN VOLCANO!”


Etna erupted in both sound and motion and this time she did manage to stand.

Dawn stumbled backward. Amber scurried to cower alongside Lydia and Holly. Compared to them, Etna was a colossus. Imposingly tall, horrendously wide, bulging as enormously out front as behind- the whole gravity of the room seemed to shift, drawing the girls towards that which repulsed them most.

“I may have to revise my previous estimates,” Holly muttered as she recalculated Etna’s size.

“Don’t bother,” Etna said as she stood a hulking labored body of pure hate and rage before them. “You’re all insignificant little gnats to me.” Etna ignored the incredible exertion of simply holding herself up as she took a step toward Dawn. “Especially you,” she said as the whole room shook anew. “You may have gotten bigger, but you’re still so little to me.”

Etna was used to looking down upon others, but even Holly appeared shorter to her now. Etna smiled, she knew she’d grown, but now she knew she’d grown in every way. Forcing her poor overburdened spine to straighten up, she happily watched Dawn and her cohorts shrink away as she rose. Etna looked about, taking in the new perspective. Even with all her heavy drooping flesh pulling her down she guessed herself at nearly seven feet tall.

“You think you’re BIG? Well big doesn’t mean SHIT when you’re HUGE!” Etna took another punishing step forward and they all trembled from the resounding quake. “Don’t you dare try and throw your weight around with me you disrespectful little twerp. A mouse may gorge itself and become the largest of all mice, but no matter how big it gets, it’s still only ever going to be a mouse.” Another thundering step forward and she loomed menacingly before Dawn. “Big or small, no mouse scares a cat. It only makes the cat hungrier.”

Etna reached over to the table where there sat an immense spiraling coil made up of countless plump Italian sausages. Bringing the strand to her mouth, she devoured the first sausage in three greedy bites. “A mouse should respect a cat,” she said as she bit into the next link in the chain. As she chewed, she answered the pleas of her overburdened legs and dropped herself back down upon her gargantuan ass. The foundation of the mansion right down to the very bedrock reverberated with the impact.


Dawn teetered precariously while Amber, Lydia, and Holly were knocked right off their feet and any surviving items on the walls came crashing down.

Dawn’s greater weight and low center of gravity proved just enough to keep her stable. Quickly composing herself, she refused to be intimidated. “It’s been my experience that anyone who commands respect is incapable of earning it. You are bigger than me, sure. But you’ve always been the larger one. So I’m a mouse now? Fine. Back at the dining hall you compared me to a thimble- my how I’ve grown. So pardon me if I don’t find you so impressive.”

Etna glared back at Dawn as she attempted to eat her next sausage in only two bites, but that was clearly too much for her. Dawn watched as Etna laboriously chewed, gasped and eventually swallowed. “By now I am surely the largest person in all of history. Will you be so flippant if I become the first to weigh a ton?”

“A thousand pounds, one ton- your use of numbers only demonstrates your limited thinking,” Dawn said with a dismissive air. “But if that’s your goal, so be it- I suppose it’s a fine and ambitious one.”

“You suppose?” Etna paused before her next bite. She didn’t like how easily Dawn scoffed at an idea that until today had existed only in her wildest dreams. “It’s never been done. Every doctor I’ve ever spoken to has assured me it’s impossible.”

“It probably is,” Dawn admitted. “It certainly should be,” she said as her companions regained their footing and joined her side. “And do you think that becoming a big one ton bitch will finally earn you the respect you consider yourself so entitled to? Because if it hasn’t happened yet…” Dawn let it hang there as she shook her head. “Anyway, shouldn’t being big mean that you’re beyond caring about what others think? I passed that point the moment my BMI number moved out of the mid-teens.”

“You’re big and will certainly get bigger, but give me just a few more hours and I’ll catch up- give me a few more and I’ll be calling you pipsqueak.” Dawn approached the table and reached for the opposite end of the great segmented serpent of sausages. “What’s more, I want you to watch me do it. Watch me as I continue to grow and gro… oh, dammit,” Dawn cursed as her limited reach was too hindered by her own body. “Sis, would you please?”

Lydia took up the sausage chain. Tearing off a link she fed it to Dawn who’s mouth was barely big enough to accept it. Regardless, once Dawn got her lips around the sausage she swiftly sucked it down whole without even chewing. Shumpf! Like a bank tube.

Dawn monologued as her sister fed her. “You talk of getting bigger like it’s a threat. For me it’s a promise. I’m going to show you and everyone else what big can really be.” Shumpf! “That big can be smooth, round, and soft.” Shumpf! “That big can be bouncy and fun.” Shumpf! “Admirable, generous, welcoming, and effortlessly divine.” Shumpf! And you know what? Big is even going to be cute.” Shumpf! “I’ll prove big can be all those things just as long as no one forgets that big can always be SO,” Shumpf! “MUCH,” Shumpf! “BIGGER!” Shumpf! Shumpf!

Etna didn’t so much listen as struggle hopelessly to keep up.

“Since you like numbers so much, I’ll tell you one- much to my sister’s dismay,” Dawn said somberly.

The comment gave Lydia pause, and she held back the next sausage.

“See, I’m not like you,” Dawn continued with an air of mounting ambition. “I don’t concern myself with the scales of man or beast. I don’t dream of a weight in ounces, pounds, or tons- nor a size delineated by inches, feet, or yards. Like grades, I’ve always found numbers so limiting.” Though the food she’d just eaten was still having a positive effect, it paled before the size Dawn seemed to be gaining in confidence.

Dawn looked to Lydia’s fretting face and smiled as her zealotry hit its apex. Shaking her head at the single link still waiting in Lydia’s hand, Dawn looked instead to the chain in the other and gave an instructive nod.

“So unfortunately I have no number to lord over you because my wants… my dreams… my needs… are BEYOND MEASURE!”

As Lydia stood dumbstruck, Dawn leaned in, caught the sausage from her hand and inhaled it in an instant. Followed by the next. And the next. One after another the fat casings shot into Dawn’s mouth like bullets through a machine gun.

Etna pathetically tried to eat what she could from her own end as the great coil was quickly reduced. For every bite of sausage Etna struggled to get down, Dawn sucked up six whole links, then a dozen. All with no biting, no chewing, no stopping for air. Shpf! Shpf! Shpf! A cavalcade of fat sausages raced full speed on down into Dawn’s winner’s circle and she began to swell bigger, fuller, rounder than ever.

As she expanded, Dawn’s bodily features lost more definition- her legs, arms, bottom, hips, even her beloved boobs were succumbing to her dominating tummy which fell to but an inch from the floor. Lydia and the others had to step away as Dawn filled and exceeded the space between them. Several squeaks were heard as some rolling carts were likewise forced away as Dawn grew ever outward.

Eventually the supply was depleted, leaving only a long clothesline of meat hanging between Etna’s fist and Dawn’s mouth- but only for a moment. With a SNAP! the line broke, leaving Etna but a single link as the rest went hurtling towards Dawn. Ducking for cover, both Holly and Amber gave out a squeal as the severed rope whipped wildly about like an errant firehose.

After the last link rocketed in, Dawn smacked her lips with a smile of utter fulfillment. “Yum!” she exclaimed as she looked down at her newly engorged expanse. “You refuse to acknowledge me as big- fine. Why should I worry about being defined by such adjectives when what I really want to do is re-define them? Big, huge, massive- soon they’ll have to come up with whole new words for what I’m going to be.” Hardly able to even waddle anymore, Dawn nonetheless shuffled herself imposingly toward Etna. ’Till then, just call me a bridge because that gap between us is getting crossed!”

She was beyond full, beyond tired, but as the two opponents locked eyes all Etna wanted to do was eat. Reaching about, she found there wasn’t a scrap of food left within her grasp, nor could she muster up the strength to rise again and fetch more. “GIRL!” she summoned Holly, “FEED ME! FEED ME! FEED ME!”

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