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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Dawn had nearly polished off a fine shepherd’s pie when a click and a flash drew her attention to Amber who was backing away from the group in frustration.

“What are you doing?” Dawn managed to ask before Lydia shoved in the last big spoonful.

Amber pushed a cart aside so she could move even further away from her enormously rounded roommate. Holding her phone up to her face made the answer quite clear.

“Have you been posting pictures of me?” Dawn asked sounding both embarrassed and flattered.

“I have, but it’s been getting more difficult to- uff!” Amber grunted as she gave another cart a heave ho as she moved further back. “To fit all of you in the frame,” she continued as she held up the phone to her face again and finally took a pic she was happy with before uploading it.

“So, what’s the response been? Are they impressed?”

“Hmm…” was all Amber offered in reply as she scrolled down on her screen.

“They… they aren’t being mean are they?” Dawn asked with concern.

“Um… no one’s said much of anything,” Amber said with a shrug. “Even at that forum you told me about- the one where they supposedly share your weird… interests.”

“Oh…” Dawn said slumping down a bit. “Well, maybe no one’s seen the pictures yet- it is getting pretty late.”

“No…” Amber shot down the last of her optimism, “that last post of you and Etna finally confronting one another got well over a thousand views.”

“What? Really? Surely all this…” Dawn said as she displayed her bulk then threw a dismissive nod toward Etna, “and all of that, is at least worth commenting on, good or bad.”

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Amber shrugged again.

“Don’t let it get you down,” Lydia tried to comfort her sister as she offered up a spoonful of a delicious looking steak and kidney pie. “You were doing this for yourself, remember- not for others.”

“Well, yeah… but still…”

Lydia knew that while her little sister had the loftiest of ambitions, Dawn’s ego was a delicate thing and this news was pin enough to puncture it and, quite literally, let the air out of her.

For the first time in hours, Dawn let out a sigh- a long sustained sigh that the spell should not have allowed.

The spell had been broken, and much like a balloon Dawn deflated. Smaller, smaller, smaller she shrank and shrank. Unfortunately, her reduction didn’t stop once she returned to her former ninety pound self. As Dawn’s once proud new breasts flattened out completely, her whole body followed as she fell right out of the third dimension. As flat and form-less as a sheet of paper, Dawn withered and faltered on down to the floor with all the impact of a feather.

With a greasy, pudgy hand, Etna reached down and claimed her victory. “That’s what ambition will get you,” she said with a malicious grin as she tore up the remnants of her opponent. “I told her this was a silly waste of time.”

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