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Re: Monster Girl Fan is now live!

Originally Posted by Seabass-Man View Post
Okay, no. This is getting out of hand.

There's too much fragmentation now. Way too much. And I know exactly why this is being done: easy money. Why make one line of comics when you can split it into five different lines and charge 5x the price?

Also, no reason to hold back genre crossovers like what's going on here. Take for example, the description of 'Imagination Unlimited'. It shows up for both Futanari and MonsterGirl subscriptions (oh cool, pay for the same comic twice) but even though it says it contains 'breast expansion' AND 'muscle growth, it's not listed as being available for those two subscriptions. So now people who already have a muscle growth subscription need to pay for something that should've already been a part of this.

So I was already iffy when it came to subscribing again to any of those comic lines, but I'm out. Quit spiting your own customers. Either offer everything at once or sell the comics on a case-by-case basis.
It's not being done for "easy money." The reason they're split into multiple lines is the same reason that Imagination Unlimited isn't featured on Expansion or Muscle Fan: there are plenty of people who want primarily one thing out of the comics and don't particularly want or care about other stuff. It allows us to focus on making good content that serves one specific fetish without worrying that we'll release something that a large portion of our readers don't like or leave people feeling underserved.

In the case of Imagination Unlimited, while it does *contain* BE and FMG, it doesn't have *enough* of it to justify pitching it to subscribers of Expansion or Muscle Fan. What it does have a lot of is futanari and monster girls. So people who want either of those things can subscribe to either site and get a comic that delivers a good amount of what they want. And nobody has to "pay for the same comic twice," because when we do dual releases, they're added as an extra rather than replacing a scheduled release.

If we put everything on one site, we'd have to charge considerably more money, because we'd be releasing something like 14 comics a month on that one site. And then, when only two or three of them were about giantesses, or when only one was about shrinking, we'd have people who signed up for that content complaining that they were paying for a whole subscription when they were only using a tiny part of it. What would eventually happen would be that we'd have to gravitate towards the stuff that had the most demand (typically GTS and expansion) and we'd have to let the other stuff fade away, and then we'd be right back where we started with a site that only serves one or two kinks.

The sad truth is that it's simply not possible to please everyone. But this is a workable model that many of our readers are satisfied with.
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