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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 3

“They look like clown pants on you.” These were Amber’s first words to Dawn in days.

“I don’t know if seeing you in my clothes makes you look even smaller, or makes me think I need to go on a diet,” Lydia said as she watched her sister make awkward progress from the bus stop.

‘No, the sweatpants are perfect.” Dawn had tied the waist just below her chest to keep from tripping over the long baggy legs.

“Those are my lazy day pants,” Lydia blurted out embarrassed. “They are not indicative of my regular pants- or the size of my ass. I think you’re all making way too much out of the difference between an XS and a medium.”

“But aren’t these a men’s medium?”

“Hush,” Lydia shushed. “But what I don’t understand is why you insisted on wearing a button down shirt. Seems horribly impractical- it’s not so big and has very little stretch. Besides, if everything goes as planned you should have worn a tent.”

“Oh no, a button down shirt is key. This isn’t just about being big- it’s about getting big and I want to enjoy the whole process,” Dawn said. “A button down shirt should be the most fun to outgrow.”

“Well, I’m hoping this spe…” Lydia caught herself, “… PLAN works a bit like Millie’s and your clothes will grow with you.”

“Aw, that’s no fun,” Dawn whined, disappointed by the prospect.

Lydia simply shook her head, content in agreeing to disagree with her sister. Though Lydia was nervous about the spell they were attempting and terrified of whose home they going to attempt it at, Dawn had been buzzing since breakfast (a single packet of oatmeal) and her positive vibes were infectious. Unfortunately, neither Amber or Holly had joined them that morning, and Lydia noticed them dragging unenthusiastically behind them.

“Now girls, I don’t want you to worry. We have it all figured out- no one is getting expelled.” Lydia tried to reassure the downtrodden pair, but she felt the need to warn them as well, “but I do want to caution you… ah… there may be things tonight that may not quite make sense. Things that may well seem… strange.”

“Relax Lyds,” Dawn countered, “Amber was raised on a commune by hippies. She should be used to strange.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Lydia asked.

“What it means,” Amber answered while shooting a sour look at her roommate, “is that I was raised under a belief system centered around the philosophies of Zhuangzi who taught that all reality could just be a dream, and if so- so what. Honestly, I don’t remember the details- there was a lot of pot involved. Which by the way, is the only thing that got me out the door today to join you in this lunacy.”

“And what about Holly?” As soon as Lydia turned her eyes on Holly the girl began looking up at the sky as if a rare bird had suddenly flown by.

“Well, one thing you should know about Holly is…” Amber whispered the secret in Lydia’s ear.

“Oh no she does not!”

“Only they call him Father Christmas, but yeah.”

“See sis, nothing to worry about- we’re not going to break any brains tonight.” But then Dawn stopped right in her tracks and turned to her companions with a look like her mind had at least been slightly cracked.

“Holy moly, she really is rich!” Dawn gawked at the huge mansion in the distance. High on a hill, a palatial Xanadu rose four stories above sculpted gardens and manicured lawns. Tall windows of leaded glass glowed with color beneath dripping gargoyles and were flanked by ivy trellised over brick and stone. What stood before them was bigger than the apartment building Dawn and Lydia had grown up in, yet in the dusky distance faded lights described additional wings off the main house and expanded Etna’s sprawling estate even further. It was a manor old, grand, and charming- a false front for the graceless behemoth they were there to meet.

As the group came to an imposingly large gate of wrought iron, Amber gave a playful nudge to Holly and joked, “What have the got in there, King Kong?”

“Pretty much,” replied Dawn as she pressed the buzzer.

After a long pause came the response, and they were surprised to hear Etna’s out of breath voice and not some snooty butler, “Hello?”

“We’re here.”

“Park around back, I don’t want whatever cheap jalopy you came in parked in front of my home.”

“Umm… we took the bus.”

“… there's a bus? Alright then…”

With a buzz and a squeal the formidable barrier parted itself and admitted them onto the property. “Seems a bit excessive,” Amber said as she grabbed Holly’s wrist and hurried her along as the gates closed ominously behind them.

“Welcome to the land of excess,” Lydia sighed as they headed up the long drive.

At the entryway stood a huge pair of double doors. Seeing no doorbell, Dawn reached up to a brass lion holding a knocker in it’s jaws. Loudly Dawn struck brass against wood and the sound echoed about the portico. As if in response, the house itself seemed to pound back. Through ornate panes of textured glass they watched as a dark shape appeared and made a slow and labored approach. It was a form that seemed too big to be human, and so large that self-locomotion should have been impossible. But it approached them none-the-less. Heavy thudding footsteps sent the antique door knocker rattling- the lion trembling in fear. Etna’s distorted figure looked like a massive boulder slowly rolling towards them. With the click of a lock, Lydia and Dawn simultaneously went for each other’s hand.

As the doors before them opened wide- though quite possibly not wide enough- their collective eyes opened even wider. Lydia could see that their gawking was relished by Etna, so turning to Dawn she gestured to the monstrosity filling the doorway and said, “See, tent.”

“Tent!” Etna scoffed. “This is charmeuse, and a one of a kind from Paris.” Shimmering red silk beyond measure highlighted and poured over every roll of flab and bulge of blubber contained within. Despite Etna’s denial however, Lydia noted that the comically large garment was cut into the style commonly known as a tent dress.

“Cripes!” Amber exclaimed with equal parts astonishment and dread, and no parts decorum, “she looks even bigger than before!”

Etna drummed her fingers upon her huge stomach as she gave them all ample time to decide if what Amber said was true. She nodded and grinned as she saw the confirmation on their faces- not only had Etna grown, she had grown quite considerably since last they met. With bemusement she looked down at Dawn, who due to her oversized clothes, had appeared to have shrunk even smaller. “I see you brought your friends.”

“You were the one who involved them in this.”

“Oh, I was hoping you would, I don’t mind an audience.”

“Yeah, about that…” Amber pushed Dawn aside and tried bargain with Etna, “… about what you said if she loses.”

“Have you no faith in her?” Etna asked. “I mean, I don’t- but I’m not crazy enough to be her friend.” Etna gave her head a definitive shake as she reiterated, “Your fate remains in Dawn’s hands- her feeble little hands.”

As Amber shrugged away in defeat, Holly took her place, smiling warmly at her host as she handed Etna a tin-foil wrapped gift. “Hello,” she said with a perfect curtsy, “thank you for having us.”

Etna brought the item to her nose, sniffed, then smiled. “Banana bread?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

“Ha! Worried we wouldn’t have enough?” Etna laughed as she rotated her bulk around and gestured for them to follow. “You really are a doll- doesn’t mean I’m not going to have you expelled- but you I like.”

Etna escorted the group through a towering atrium where a lot of construction was left in the midst of completion. “Pardon the mess- seems much of the old house was in sudden need restructuring and a bit of widening.” With a coy wink Etna added, “Though I can’t imagine why.” The girls could see a grand staircase being supported with steel in place of wood, and new over-sized door frames being put to the adjoining spaces. “I’m afraid we’ll have to go the long way around,” Etna continued as they were led down a hallway wide enough that the four visitors could walk abreast.

Trailing behind Etna’s lumbering advance, the head of each girl swayed subconsciously in unison with the mesmerizing swing of Etna’s epic posterior. They marveled as each laborious step brought one of Etna’s enormous hips up to its zenith where upon it would make contact with the wall, only to then teeter and pivot as the other hip was sent off to brush against the one on the opposite side.

Arriving at another pair of doors Etna swung them open dramatically. “Hope you’re hungry,” she said as a wafting breeze sent a myriad of tempting smells to greet her guests.

There are great feasts, there are grand banquets, and then there are obscene buffets meant to handle the care-free appetites of an entire passenger list on a cruise ship. That still didn’t equal the scale of what lay before Dawn. Turkeys, ducks, chickens, turduckens, pheasants, swans, roast pigs and more- a menagerie in well-basted repose. Seafoods chilled, boiled, broiled, stuffed and raw. Piles of all possible cuts of meat. Stews, soups and chowders. All shapes of pasta smothered with every known kind of sauce. Fruits and nuts all candied, honeyed and glazed. Rolls, loaves, and pans of bread. Vegetables awash in butter. All that and more, along with variations from every conceivable corner of the globe. Tantalizing smells unknown. There didn’t seem to be any food, flavor, or recipe neglected. And it was all in duplicate- a Noah’s ark of foodstuffs, saving the whole world’s bounty for but two waiting mouths.

The largest single table Dawn had ever seen- so heavily laden with food as it was- still could not hold all that had been prepared. It was flanked by even longer rows of brimming sideboards and surrounded by an armada of well stocked serving carts. Even in a house so large, Etna’s lavish dining room was grossly out of scale. A former ballroom done over and over done as a gastronomical temple held a ceiling eighteen feet high and decorated with frescoes depicting various scenes of plenty. Tall windows lined the outer wall, while from the others hung original oils portraying historical feasts and historical feasters. Sconces in the shape of cornucopias lit the room and all about were motifs of vines and branches hung with temptingly swollen fruits. The room’s garish and gilded decor, much like Etna herself, was shamelessly grandiose. But the effect of so much pomp did successfully denote an event of considerable circumstance.

“Wow, you really are the host with the most,” Amber commented about the opulence on display.

“I have two private chefs,” Etna boasted. “I also called in the caterers who handle my private events, and they needed to call in some friends as well.”

“So,” Etna turned to face Dawn, “before we begin…”

Dawn, extended a hand. “May the best woman win.”

In lieu of a hand of her own, Etna offered up her whopping big belly instead. “Oops!”

The impact against Etna’s thrust out torso sent Dawn tumbling backward and landed her in a twisted heap on the parquet floor.

“HEY!” Lydia yelled as she ran to check on her sister. “This is an eating contest not a wrestling match!”

“You’re right,” Etna said giving her mighty gut an appreciative rub, “since that would be over already. I just wanted to give your delicate little sister a better idea of what she’s up against,” Etna shook her head at the sight of Lydia helping Dawn to her feet. “And what is it I’m up against exactly?” Reaching deep into her cavernous bosom Etna pulled out a pair of files. “I took the liberty of taking this from the campus nurse,” she smiled as she opened the first file and began reading: “Dawn Astrea Morrigan, twenty one years old, eyes green, hair auburn, height… five foot, ZERO inches- HUMPH,” she snorted.

“And a half,” Dawn chirped.

“In heels maybe.” Etna continued, “Weight…” she paused for effect, “Eighty one pounds. Ha! HA!” She chortled. “And before you add another half, how much of that is your ludicrously long hair? You’re certainly not carrying any weight in those minuscule little boobies of yours, which…” she said scanning the file and then dismissively tossing the first page aside, “well, I don’t know why they leave that information out, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say an “A” cup though I’m betting that as at university, you've never graduated out of a training bra. Only you could spell petite without even a little tit.”

Etna then held out the second page for all to see, “And does your dear sister Lydia even know about all this?” she asked feigning concern. “I’ve never seen such a long list of food allergies. Not to mention hyperthyroidism, a calcium deficiency, an abbreviated digestive tract, and some kind of bone density issue. While we’re at it,” she said turning to another page, “it seems you should thank me for holding this event indoors as it says here your ghostly pale skin is too sensitive for direct sunlight!” Etna tossed the file aside and said with real sympathy, “I always thought Lydia was the most pathetic freak I’d ever met- if I didn’t despise you so much I’d feel bad for you.”

Dawn remained quiet as Lydia kept a reassuring arm around her.

“If that doesn’t change your mind then take a look at this,” Etna said tossing the second folder at the sisters. “Read it and weep.” Inside were Etna’s medical records. The pair stood slack-jawed as their eyes darted around the documents detailing Etna’s meteoric rise into obesity and beyond. There were illegible signatures from countless doctors and an endless list of drugs and treatments with unpronounceable names all along the many dates chronicling her ever-increasing statistics. They flipped through page after page, terrified as the numbers grew and grew until the reached the very last one.


“Oh… so sorry- that was from before you challenged me to this marvelous contest.” Etna grinned smugly as she reached even further down into her copious cleavage and produced a single folded sheet of paper. “This one’s from today,” she said handing the dampened note to Lydia who unfolded the page cautiously. “You can see I’ve been practicing.”

The document had only one number. Dawn winced as she realized it was higher that any amount of money she’d ever had in the bank.

“You can’t possibly have gained a hundred and twenty nine pounds in two days!” Lydia declared in shock.

“Wait,” Amber puzzled, “How much…”

“Nine hundred and ninety two pounds,” Holly added matter of factly. The other girls were appropriately gobsmacked.

“Let’s say my grand ambitions have been further motivated,” Etna boasted. “And I certainly could have pushed on for a glorious thousand, but I thought I’d let you all watch as I cross that milestone tonight.” Etna then directed her attention back solely on Dawn as with one hand she hefted up the flabby girth of her right breast. “See this? This tit alone outweighs your entire scrawny body. And soon it will be so much bigger… so much heavier, so much… well just MORE!” Etna grabbed hold of her other breast for emphasis and her eyes burned with the grand visions swirling in her head. This is your last chance to concede.”

Dawn locked eyes with her opponent, her gaze not in the least bit distracted by Etna’s vulgar tits. Gracefully she sauntered back to meet her opponent eye to eye and belly to bones. Etna had made it clear that the professor/student relationship didn’t apply here, so there was no need for formality. Dawn placed her small palms upon the great bulging wall of inhumanity before her. Then, to Etna’s great surprise, Dawn proceeded to push. Etna didn’t budge, nor did that seem to be Dawn’s intention as she shoved her hands deep into the silk covered dough.

“Hey now, let’s not get too familiar,” Etna scolded, but in her head she reveled at the sight for it was not just the puny brat’s hands, but her entire forearms that were engulfed by the humid folds of her massive front. Seeing her this close only made Dawn look more pathetic and small. And conversely she knew, she must only look that much larger to Dawn.

Dawn retrieved her arms and then gave Etna’s stomach a slap, “So big!” Dawn said in reverence as the slap sent quivering waves across Etna’s blubber.

“That’s right,” Etna said proudly- not at all bothered by Dawn’s strike that felt like nothing more than a mosquito bite, “take it all in little one.”

“That’s the idea…” Dawn held out a finger and traced a long path along Etna’s impressive circumference, counting her steps as she made her way slowly around her adversary.

“I can’t believe it,” Dawn said awestruck as she completed her circuit, staring at the vast mountain of woman before her.

“I’m sure you can’t,” Etna said as she took in a deep breath and straightened her straining back to enhance her already formidable size.

“No…” Dawn said as she took a step back. “What I can’t believe…” she continued as she dramatically held her slender arms out, “…is that by the end of tonight…” she continued stretching her arms out wide, as wide as she could, taking note that her full wingspan still didn’t match Etna’s staggering diameter, “…I am going to be BIGGER than THIS!” she declared as she brought her palms in to deliver a double slap upon Etna’s meaty flanks. “AND I CAN’T WAIT!” she proclaimed as she pirouetted around with an extra whirl of her neck that sent her long hair off like a whip and delivered a truly stinging slap against the very tit Etna had taunted her with. Proudly Dawn strolled off, weaving her way through the bevy of rolling carts to claim her end of the incredibly large dining table.

Etna gave her sore breast a rub. “I think the laws of nature will have something to say about that,” she chided as she maneuvered her titanic ass to her own end of the table. “Besides, a thousand pounds is just a nice round number and you’re insane if you think you can bridge a fraction of the gap in our sizes in just one sitting. But the detail your little brain has missed, is that while you’re struggling to get this big, I am only going to get bigger. While your failure is inevitable you should all consider yourselves lucky as you’ll be witnessing history in the making. Contest or no, by the end of tonight I will be the biggest woman in the world. No, wait…” Etna paused in frustration over her limited thinking, “by the end of tonight I will be the BIGGEST… the HEAVIEST… the LARGEST PERSON OF ALL TIME!” Etna huffed and huffed as she amplified herself. “I’M GOING TO GET SO BIG, NONE WILL EVER DARE CHALLENGE MY SUPREMACY- LEAST OF ALL YOU!” Emphasizing her final point, Etna slammed her paunchy fists upon the table and sent an earthquake on down through all the waiting foods and fine dinnerware to her diminutive foe.

Dawn’s eyes were taken in by a hypnotically undulating mountain of ambrosia salad before quickly snapping back to the feud at hand. “Oh, you needn’t worry- my little brain has calculated in your coming expansion,” Dawn replied prissily as she hopped up onto her chair, “in fact, I fully expect you to get bigger by half.” But as she watched her opponent from the other end of the room Dawn could recognize the raw ambition in Etna’s eyes as she yearned hungrily for the glorious feast still trembling before her. Dawn was so caught up in her own lofty ambitions, she realized she hadn’t really taken Etna’s own megalomaniacal fervor into account. She began to feel unease as her confidence wavered- something not helped by the fact that while seated, her feet dangled several inches from the floor. “You might even double in size,” Dawn squeaked out. “Makes no difference,” she said no longer sure that it did.

There was a long pause where nothing seemed to happen. Everything but the ambrosia salad had settled, and anticipation hung heavy in the air.

Dawn reached out and picked up a huge Turkey leg. The glistening limb outweighed her own arm and she brought it wavering to her mouth. “Should I? Are we?” she asked, as her thin little wrist strained under the fowl load.

“AHEM!” Etna huffed with an annoyed look that told Dawn to wait. She looked to the other girls and gestured behind her where no chair sat waiting.

Lydia simply ignored Etna and headed off to join her sister. Amber and Holly looked to one another in confusion, then back at Etna who’s irritation grew.

“After two whole days of preparing this feast I had to give my exhausted staff leave for the weekend. So if you wouldn’t mind making your little minions useful,” Etna said to Dawn as she gestured once again behind her.

Dawn nodded to Holly and she dutifully walked over and began to slide a well crafted but exceedingly outmatched chair below Etna’s sprawling backside.

“Oh come on- do you seriously think that will do?” Etna scolded.

Amber responded with a second chair.

“No,” Etna said looking even more annoyed.

Unsure of what to do, the girls looked about the great room and eventually came upon a beautiful Victorian era fainting couch.

“That’s more like it,” Etna smiled as she watched the pair of perfectly fit girls struggle to move the long chaise lounge and maneuver it below her impatient and enormous ass.

Amber and Holly backed away cautiously as the plush furniture strained to accept Etna’s descending freight. True to its name, the sofa seemed woozy as its frame bowed and faltered. A disquieting groan sent them off even faster to Dawn’s end of the room. This was followed by some squeaks as Etna pulled a pair of carts in closer, surrounding herself on three sides with waiting dishes.

Now seated, the opponents could hardly see one another over the cityscape of towering foodstuffs laid out between them. Etna was content to watch the strain on Dawn’s furrowed brow as she struggled to hold the Turkey leg at the ready. ”Shall we then?”

“Just a sec…” Dawn said as her free hand yanked string to untie her too-big sweatpants. For effect, she pulled the stretchy waistband out at far as she could- about two feet out from her flat stomach- then let it fall loosely back. “Okay, I’m good.”

“Then have at it,” Etna said as she dove right in with both hands.

Amber watched in complete dismay as Dawn, much as expected, began nibbling slowly away at the turkey leg in the dainty lady-like way she’d always eaten her food. As Dawn pulled a bit of tendon from her teeth with a look of disgust a loud echoing CLANG! came from the opposite end of the room.

Having already devoured an entire brisket, Etna had sent the platter clattering to the floor as one would spike a football in victory. “HA! You’re failing grade is about to turn into an epic fail!” Etna shouted as she hungrily grabbed another heaping dish.

Lydia leaned down to her sister, but then remembered something important. “Girls, if you wouldn’t mind, please give us a moment.” Amber nodded and wandered off, head in hands and muttering to herself. Holly hadn’t needed to be told as she’d maintained her constant distance from Lydia.

Lydia was nervous, but she was satisfied in her preparations. She’d left nothing to chance. She placed a comforting hand on Dawn’s shoulder and whispered in her ear. “my rival, myself- over by an ounce. Now repeat after me: ‘rival mea, me ipsum- per supra sicli.’”

Dawn nodded, but to Lydia’s utter horror those were not the words she spoke. Instead (and in flawless latin) she chanted: “RIVALIS BONA, BONA MEA- EAM INTRA OMNIA!” Dawn turned to her stunned sister, and as she watched the color drain from her face she translated: “MY RIVAL’S, MY OWN- TAKE IT ALL IN!” With a guilty smile and a shrug she asked, “Did you really never notice Latin on all my transcripts? Admit it, there’s no way your spell was going to be enough to teach that ravenous beast a lesson.”

As the potent spell washed over Dawn she gasped. Looking down both Lydia and Dawn saw that the gasp was not then released back- try as she could Dawn found she was incapable of exhaling the deep breath. Her lungs held it true, then after a moment it slowly dispersed and Dawn felt a pleasurable sensation as her body puffed up ever so slightly. Her next breath did the same, as did the next, and so would every breath, every bite of food, every drop of drink and who knows what else.

“What’s going on down there?” Etna asked, her mouth full of food.

“Just… ah, just some words of encouragement,” Lydia called back, a slight air of hysteria in her voice. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” she hissed in her sister’s ear.

“Kinda…” Dawn said. “Hey, I still got my voice- seems you were wrong about that,” she said with a reassuring grin. “What’s done is done,” Dawn said as she gave her softening torso a touch and grinned even wider. “Let’s just thrill at the possibilities.”

“Well then…” Lydia said loudly for all to hear, “better get going sis- you wouldn’t want to embarrass us now would you?” She gave Dawn a reassuring pat on the back and took note of how it already seemed less bony.

“Don’t worry, you’re not the one who’s going to be embarrassed,” Dawn replied and in three huge bites the entire turkey leg was gone- Lydia didn’t even see where the bone went.

Dawn’s eyes looked to the feast anew- now that she knew it was going to fit, she couldn’t wait to get it all down. Pulling a mountainous bowl of macaroni and cheese forward, she grabbed a spoon and began shoveling it on in.

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