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Cum With Me: Gallons of Milk and Cum

Alura is turned on from a male review you took her to and wants the biggest cock ever. She takes a pill for it to grow out of her clit. It turns her on for you to watch and jack off with her. As it grows she gets more and more turned on. Side effect of pill is lactation.

Alura does not grow boobs in this video. Those are just her natural perfect tits that lactate lol. Seriously, this is not a BE they are like that from the beginning of the clip. They just lactate a lot and she cums a lot from her giant cock.

Pussy Cock

Alura tries a new form of birth control and starts to experience some weird hormonal side effects. When she goes to the doctor a cock grows from her pussy. Horror turns to ecstasy when she goes home.

A Magic Orgasmic Toy

Mylie gets magic toy from her ex boyfriends catty new girlfriend. Upon touching the toy she is immediately turned on and begins to sweat. She can't control herself from playing with the new glass dildo. As she becomes more and more aroused her breasts grow bigger and bigger straining against her dress. As she reaches orgasm from rubbing her clit with the new toy she starts to grow a cock from her pussy. As she orgasms the cock is quickly sucked back in her body and she can't figure out what happened. After her orgasm she is still aroused and uses the magic dildo again and grows bigger breasts and a cock. Shock quickly turns to pleasure as she can't resist stroking her hard new cock. She shoots a huge load up to her beautiful large new breasts and passes out.

No More Secrets: You Are a Pussy Big Tit Cock Loving Whore

You go to a psychic and she looks into the crystal ball and tells you your dirty little secret that you want to see a chick with a cock, pussy and great big natural tits. She has you jack off for her and take her load right down your throat.

Expansion Excitement Futa Nightmare

Jenna has her skin cream spiked by her man`s crazy exgirlfriend but when her breasts and ass grow to huge proportions she loves it.
But then to her horror she grows a large penis.

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