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Might Wedding - The Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring is ready to download!

Muscle Fan returns to The Euclid Association series with The Wedding Ring, a new comic featuring the further adventures of Cynthia (from The Barbell) and the introduction of two lovebirds who unknowingly possess seemingly limitless power!

Synopsis: Cynthia might be a towering mountain of muscle thanks to a supernatural barbell, but not even her prodigious strength has prepared her for her first day in The Euclid Association, especially when that day involves… a wedding ring?

Tags: female muscle, muscle growth, mind control, mental tf, transformation, paranormal, height increase, hair growth, breast expansion, feats of strength, magic

Issue Release Date: July 24th, 2020
Written by: Hank Birche
Artwork by: Wang (Sedna Studio)

Series Link: The Euclid Association

Download this comic and all of our other Female Muscle comics at!

ALSO: What did you think about The Wedding Ring? Let us know your feedback to help us improve!
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