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Re: Giantess Fan Comics

I was able to take a gander at some of the comics using the free login for the day and found myself really enjoying most of the story and sequencing that went on. Now I will also say that even though I enjoy giantess works, and even write some myself for ReadyArt, I do not necessarily enjoy some of the other fetishes that go along with GTS.

BUT, I will say that I can put aside some of my distaste to simply say that were I interested in things like vore, and crushing just to name a few I can say that these are some very well written and illustrated comics. Although I too have struggled with how to write a character in just a few panels, to make it easy to relate to the reactions of the characters. The few comics I read, Power Glove, When Dreams Come True, and Goddess ADBC showed some great writing, and even better illustration. All in all something very worth while and maybe in a couple months I'll find myself buying a subscription to go with the one I already enjoyed over on Expansionfan.

Thanks for the opportunity to read these comics.

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