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Re: Giantess Fan Comics

Originally Posted by JBird View Post
I got them way back when they first came out. I dig 'em, mostly because I enjoy the super-hero genre. Even though it's written by Valeyard, I will eventually get the third Cleavage Crusader just because the Power Patrol are in it
Really glad to hear that - he and I collaborated on that and I really enjoyed how we expanded each other's universes. It's actually going to be a two-parter: first is more FMG while the second is Gts (with a 3rd "twist" that, come to think of it, I should probably stop doing before it becomes too predictable )

Originally Posted by Beetlebomb View Post
I was unable to even log in during this "free comic" day because of my work hours but I did notice there was a distinct lack of slow growth and mini-gts(7ft-10ft) comics listed.
I have a script in the works that has gradual growth. I don't know how long you personally would want it drawn out, but it lasts for a few pages before she reaches her max height.

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