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Captain Ash
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Re: Shortcake - Shrink Fan Comics

Let me first begin with the first thing I like about that comic: It comes to the point.
In a few pages all the important characters are introduced and the motives are clear and set.

The character design is beautiful. The slow shrinking process are drawn superb, especially the details on the feet.
The background is peppered with many little beautiful details, no matter if’s the muster of the sheet or the tapestry.
So it is worth to give a closer look at each panel.

This comic made the most of 15 pages and unlike many other stories where we have to wait for a sequel, this story is completed.

Without spoiling anything, but I really love the twist in the ending.

Those who like women shrinking slowly into their clothes shouldn’t miss this comic.
The shrinking-out-of-clothes scenes are the best and most detailed I’ve seen for a long time and the sex scenes are hot.
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