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Re: Princess Maker AP / BE

Yeah, for having played a lot to that game back in the days and having made quite some search on how the coding work in the game, the "bust" stats of the girl doesn't have in reality any impact on her "graphic" bust size and on her random comment on her look.

The bust size stats is just there to kinda "decorate". (And give some sort of fantasy illusion to the player.)

The stat really important is her "Bust size status". It's an hidden stat in the code of the program. The stat has three value: 0 , 1 and 2.

0 is considered flat. 1 is considered normal and 2 is considered big by the game.

Graphic-wise, when the girl has a bust stat status of 0 or 1, it use the default "normal bust size" graphic of that girl's age.
When the stat is a 2, it use the "enhanced bigger bust" grapic of that girl's age.

The game as only 2 set of graphic for each age. Normal bust size and bigger bust size. ( 4 if you take into account the slim-chubby version. Slim-normal, slim-bigger, chubby-normal, chubby-bigger.)

Some of the ages don't have all the graphic visual change though. I belive the "normal/bigger" bust graphic version start at the age of 12. There is not 11 or 10 year old of these version. Even though the girl hidden "bust size status" stats can still already be set a 2 and she may already react in her comment in regard to this.

Speaking of her comment and reaction, this is where that hidden stats really come into play. And not the actual bust size stats that is displayed there.

If her hidden stat is at 0, depending on other stats, like sex appeal and confidence in herself, she'll either comment on how she like being flat-chested or the other way around, is insecure about her bust size and wish to have a bigger bust size.

At 1, she'll just comment about liking being of a "normal" size or not.

At 2, she'll either saying being really happy being well endowed, talking about her chest being big (like in the picture linked in the first post) and/or wonder if guy like big chest. Or if her sex appeal or confidence is low, she'll complain about her chest being too big or being embarrased by it. ect...

From what i could see, your girl can start with the hidden stat at either 0 or 1. Depending on numerous factor (Birhtdate, bloodtype, ect...) and a bit of randomness. All of her three size are also a bit random. Her growth rate is usualy steady but there can be some biased randomness depending again on her birthday, bloodtype or if certain of her other stat get really high really quickly.

Despite all that, if the girl gain naturaly a certain amount of bust size from her natural starting stat, her hidden stat will pass from 0 to 1.
Her stat can never attaint 2 naturaly.

This is were the special "bust pill" item come into play. This item add roughtly one inch and an half to your girl's current bust size. What ever size she is. But what is more important, is that item automaticly bump the hidden "bust size status" of your girl to whatever it was (0 or 1) to 2. The change is permanent and the hidden stat can never go back down after that.
You can acquire multiple time the "bust pill" item and give it to the girl. It will still increase the basic bust size stat by the same amount. (You can have your girl have a really really really big bust size number like this!!) But graphic wise and comment wise, it doesn't change anything.

So yeah, because of this, you can have sometime your girl with a 33 inch bust size saying that she is "flat chested" when the other time, a girl with a 28 inch bust size will say that her big chest is too embarrasing. -_-
The hidden "bust size status" is what really dictate the graphic and the comment of the girl in the game, not the actual bust size number.

Incidently, Height also have an hidden stats of 0,1 and 2 in the game
And it work the same has the bust size for how the girl comment on her appearence. (Short, normal, or very tall.)
Depending on her sex appeal or condidence in herself, she'll either like or dislike being small or tall. Or be happy or not just being average.

Although there is no visual graphic change depending on if you girl consider herselft small, normal or tall.
Unlike the hidden bust stat status, the hidden height stat status work a bit differently.

In the game coding, if the girl basic height stat is between a certain height threshold at a certain age, her hidden stat will change accordingly.
The starting height of you girl is again very random, biased by some other starting stats. So your girl can start very short or already tall (for her age). Her growth is again usualy steady but can be affected by other stats value.
So because of all that, that hidden height stat status can sometime go down unlike the bust stat status.
Your girl can start in her younger year at 1, but if her growth is impeded but some other factor, her hidden stat may fall to 0 some years later before going back to 1 in her last year. It's all depend on what's her basic height stat is at the age she is because of the game coded threshold for that age. So yeah, the basic height stat here is more relevant than the basic bust stat.

It's worth mentionning that there is also an item in the game that can allow you to increase your girls height permanantly if you brought it to a npc. The item can be acquire multiple time, thus the height gain can be repeated indefinatly. (Yeah, get your fun there giant lover. ^_^ )

Lastly, the Weight stat also work like the bust size stat. But it's hidden "weight stat status" only have two value. 0 or 1. (Slim or chubby.)
And it's value decide which graphic of your girl's age is showing. (The slim version or the chubby version.)

Unlike Bust and Height though, weight gain and loss is entirely based on the diet and activity you decide to do to your girl throught out the years. The hidden weight stats status of your girl will be set to 0 or 1 depending of a threshold preset in the game coding for each age. Those threshold for each age are sets values, but some other factors may alter those threshold a bit. Like her height. (The taller your girl is, the more weight she can have before passing the threshold and considered by the game "chubby". So yeah, if your girl is very very tall, she can weight quite a bit and still be considered "very slim". Logic!!!! The other way around is also valid. If your girl is really small, she won't need much weight before her hidden weight stats status is set a 1 and be considered "chubby" by the game.)

Depending on the diet you choose, you can easly lower down the number of her weight stats number and thus, the hidden weight stats status. Or the other way around if you like her chubby. Just keep in mind though that some piece of clothing in the game are exclusively for the "slim" girl version. if she is chubby, she cannot wear them. (Figures...)
There are also items in the game just like the "bust pill" that permatly increase or lower your girl's weight when consumed.

Well, i hope all this info helped you all folks!
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