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Climate Change (part 1)

Climate Change (part 1)

For months now the weather had been strange. At first the summer had been unusually hot, followed by an absurdly short autumn, and a very mild winter. Now spring was just around the corner but the weather hadn’t warmed much, nor had it rained as much as it should for this time of year. It would rain today, though the weather report could not have predicted what would follow.

It was chilly outside the small diner where Rose waitressed. The sky was dark even though it was just barely noon, thick clouds hung overhead, threatening to drench the city at any moment. Rose thought perhaps the coming rain would be the only change she’d see today, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

A small TV set mounted near the ceiling behind the front counter had been playing the news all morning. Nothing terribly important sounding was said aside from the weather report in the last hour. Everyone was to expect rain that afternoon, if it had been much colder it might have turned to snow. A few hours earlier a scientist had been interviewed; he’d spoken briefly about how he had discovered that the odd weather lately had not been caused by anything man-made in the environment, but rather by a shift in the Moon’s orbit. Rose figured he was a nut and dismissed the claims he’d made. She had learned enough from school to know that the Moon caused the tides, but changing the weather sounded just a bit too fantastical. The next thing she expected was for him to announce that the Moon actually did turn people into werewolves.

Sometime after the weather report concluded Rose was busy wiping down tables, while trying to avoid getting any stains on her pink waitress uniform in the process. The owner of the establishment insisted on “traditional” attire for all the employees. So Rose was seen every day at work in a pink dress and small black apron. She always thought it looked stupid, but she didn’t have a say in the dress code. For some reason her girlfriend, Rebecca, thought it looked cute on her, and reminded her of that each time she visited Rose at work. Rebecca wasn’t exactly known for her fashion sense though. She would often be seen wearing a skirt in cold weather just because she said it made her legs look hot, and Rose would often agree.
To her credit Rebecca did look very good in just about any outfit she threw together, mostly because of her youthful athletic build. Being in love with a nineteen year old came with its advantages Rose had to admit. The two of them spent many nights together over the last year. Rose being the older of them at twenty five meant she could buy the alcohol that Rebecca wasn’t supposed to legally drink. Since they kept their fun confined to Rose’s apartment a few blocks away she never saw any harm in it.
During her cleaning she noticed it had begun to rain, as drops of water had started to pound against the large windows of the diner. ‘It’s raining cats and dogs out there’ she thought to herself. Though in truth, as she would soon come to discover, it was in fact only raining dogs.

Rose could hear cars speed down the rain slick streets outside as she cleaned; she thought she heard the sound of dogs howling a few blocks away as well. She did her best to ignore the rest of the world as always as she went about her daily routine. The diner itself was fairly silent until a group of three people suddenly ran inside to escape the rain. One man was dressed in a dark blue jacket and carrying an umbrella, from his graying hair Rose guessed him to be in his forties. The other two seemed to be a couple, a man and a woman both in their late twenties perhaps. Both wore plain looking brown overcoats, and were holding hands as they entered the diner. Neither had an umbrella, so they were fairly soaked, the woman’s hair was especially wet.

“What can I get you?” Rose politely asked to who she thought were three new patrons.

“Lock the door! Hurry!” the older gentleman shouted as he tossed his umbrella away from himself. The way he did this almost made it look as though he were afraid of the umbrella, or disgusted by it, as though it had some offensive substance on it.

“What’s the matter?” Rose asked confused as she approached the group at the door.
The response was delayed by the sound of howling outside, it was much closer than earlier. The older man braced the door as if he expected someone else to try to force their way in. He waited like that for a few seconds until he was sure no one was coming before answering Rose.

“We have to lock the door. Cover the windows. We can’t let them get in. No matter what happens, don’t go outside.” His face seemed pale as if he’d seen a ghost. The couple that entered with him looked very much the same.

For a moment Rose stared at him with a mixture of shock and confusion, but her expression quickly softened to a smile. “You’re playing some sort of joke, aren’t you? I see. Ha Ha, very funny. Did you want to order something?”

The man grabbed Rose by the arm to hold her still, with his other hand he reached into the pocket of her apron, searching for something. Rose tried to pull away from him but he was too strong. After a few moments he found what he was after, he pulled his hand out of her apron pocket, a ring of keys held firmly in his grip. Rose gasped and pulled away as he released her. He fumbled with the keys before eventually finding the one that would lock the front door of the diner. His hands were trembling as he locked the door, immediately he dropped the key ring on the floor and sunk to his knees.

“What in the hell are you doing? You- you can’t just do that!” Rose scolded the older man as she recovered from the short struggle.

“It’s for the best.” the younger man said as he held his girlfriend close to his side. “Believe me.”

His girlfriend nodded in agreement as they held each other close. What did they know that Rose didn’t? What was going on outside? A hundred other questions rushed through her mind as she watched the rain pour down steadily outside. More howling broke her train of thought, and she watched the three newcomers jerk in response to the sound.

“Alright, start explaining.” Rose demanded.

The older man pulled a set of strings between the two large windows of the diner that caused the venetian blinds to close. The diner became slightly darker and the view of the rainy street outside was obstructed. More importantly to the man was that the view of the inside was obstructed from the outside.

“I don’t think I’ll need to. She’s about to show you everything you need to know.” He replied as he peered through a small gap in the blinds.

Everyone in the diner walked to the window and peeked out through the blinds to see what he meant. As they did so they observed a young woman staggering down the sidewalk alongside the diner, rain pouring down on her, soaking her clothes. She moved as if drunk, stumbling and nearly falling a few times. Rose immediately recognized this woman as Rebecca, her lover. She backed away from the window and started towards the door. Before she got four steps the older man grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“You can’t let her in. You can’t go out there either. It’s too late for that. Just watch, that’s all you can do now.” He pulled the gap in the blind open for her to see again.

Rose hesitantly rejoined the others watching Rebecca through the blinds. Now the young woman was holding her head with both hands and groaning. Rain continued to shower her, long brown hair clung to her face and neck. Rose had seen her like that before many times, they’d showered together often, but this was different. Rebecca grunted and dropped to her knees in a puddle of water. Her black hoodie soaked so thoroughly it had probably tripled in weight, perhaps it was discomfort from that which caused her to tear it from her body as she screamed angrily. Tossing the offending garment to the wet ground Rebecca then griped the collar of her white t-shirt with both hands and started to pull. Her shirt was already soaked to the point of transparency, her black bra clearly showing through it. Another scream followed by the sound of ripping fabric startled Rose, she’d never seen Rebecca act like this. The soaking t-shirt was discarded on the ground as well as Rebecca panted heavily, as if she’d just run a marathon. Rose wanted to go to her side but she feared what the older man might do if she tried. So she remained as she was and continued to watch this bizarre display from her lover.

“Rargh!” Rebecca screamed and snarled as she began to tug at the front of her bra. Rose could not believe this was happening. Sweet little Rebecca didn’t do things like this; she didn’t strip in public or make such sounds. She was always kind and timid, even in bed she was shy at times. Public indecency was so far from her character, it was as though she was possessed. With a snap her bra came off in her hand and she tossed it to the ground along with the rest of the destroyed clothing. Completely topless and apparently unconcerned about who knew it, Rebecca began to howl to the gray sky overhead.
Rose’s eyes were wide as she watched her normally shy lover act like a wild beast before her eyes. Rebecca’s small breasts were bared for all to see, pert and perky she scarcely needed the bra to begin with. The cold rain beat against her bare chest, causing her nipples to stand stiff and erect. These were the breasts she’d only ever shown Rose before; she was too self-conscious about her small bust to ever even wear a bikini to the beach. What would make her do this?

After howling wildly, Rebecca returned her hands to her head and started to scratch as if overcome with a sudden itch. She pulled her hands away with clumps of her long brown hair between her fingers. There was no way that much hair could come out that easily, she hadn’t even pulled at it. More of her hair began to fall from her scalp; the rain seemed to be enough to loosen it at this point. The restaurant patrons watched along with Rose as blood began to trickle from Rebecca’s fingertips. Rose desperately wanted to rush to her aid now as she saw the blood, but once again the older man held her by the arm and made her keep watching.
Suddenly and with a sickening popping sound black claws burst from Rebecca’s fingertips, causing her nails to practically explode into small bloody pieces. Drops of blood dripped into the puddle Rebecca was kneeling in, causing it to change slightly pink before more rain diluted it. She held her hands up to her face as they began to stretch longer. Her fingers began to shorten and become thicker, while her thumb seemed to pull toward her wrist and dwindle to little more than a dew claw. Her deformed palms puffed up and darkened as thick pads formed on them. In moments Rebecca’s once small delicate hands, hands that had touched Rose on so many nights, and teased her in so many wonderful ways, had become large grotesque paws.

Rose held her hand over her mouth and her eyes began to water as she watched helplessly while her petite lover underwent this strange metamorphosis. Arching her back and tilting her face towards the sky, Rebecca screamed, a mixture of agony and rage. The people in the restaurant could only huddle together in fear as they watched the last of her hair fall from her head, and her ears begin to stretch longer and become pointed. Blood trickled from Rebecca’s full red lips as her teeth began to change as well. Her formerly perfect smile corrupted as her teeth sharpened into fangs.
Suddenly the young woman dropped to all fours. She began to snarl like an animal again as she raised her rear high into the air with her chest pushed to the ground. She grunted in protest as the pavement brushed her erect nipples, yet she did not move from that position. It was as if something was forcing her to remain that way. As the girl kept her rear in the air, rivulets of rain water streamed down her bare legs and flowed into the puddle beneath her. Her denim miniskirt darkened by absorbed water did nothing to protect her modesty in this position. Everyone could see her white panties clinging to her shapely backside, moisture having soaked through them causing them to become transparent as her shirt had. Every contour of her behind and womanhood were clearly visible to Rose and the others. Rebecca kept herself shaven at Rose’s request; she never liked getting hair in her mouth.

A series of popping sounds could be heard as Rebecca’s tight skirt began to lift in the back slightly. She grunted and whimpered like a wounded animal as the material slid up over her firm round ass. The cause of her discomfort quickly became evident as a small fleshy nub started to work its way out from under Rebecca’s skirt. More popping sounds emanated from her lower back as the nub lengthened rapidly, becoming a small hairless tail. She’d grown a tail, Rose’s poor sweet Rebecca had grown a tail and was standing on all fours like an animal. ‘Why? Why is this happening?’ Rose asked herself silently as she watched the horrors unfold.

Rebecca reared up onto her knees once more, and arched her back towards the sky. Her small firm breasts stood out proudly for a moment before they began to impossibly shrink. Within seconds her chest was completely flat, only the still erect nipples remained. Further down her chest and stomach six more nipples formed, leaving her with eight nipples all stiff from the cold rain. Rose looked on in shock, horror, and sadness as she saw the beautiful body of her lover slowly change into something inhuman. While still reeling from the last change, Rose saw the now flat chest of the young woman begin to expand. Her chest became wider, thicker, and with a sudden sickening snap it took on the barrel shape associated with a large canine.

No longer able to hold her enlarged upper body in this position, Rebecca returned to all fours. Her shoulders and back began to pop and crunch as the bones sought to match what had just happened to her ribcage. The popping and raising of bone traveled down her spine to her still growing tail causing it to thicken. She groaned loudly as her pelvis began to ache and tighten in preparation for her next change. The soft supple flesh of her rear began to quiver as the layer of fatty tissue that gave it it’s appealing shape started to burn away to fuel her changes further. The bones of her hips suddenly snapped and reset into a slightly different shape, causing her curves to vanish entirely. Without her curvy hips and ass to support it her once tight denim skirt slid from her body and into the puddle below. Her transparent wet panties likewise could not remain in place after this change, and they too slipped down her thighs into the water beneath her. Her still human vagina remained framed by her deformed canine legs, a mockery of femininity which made Rose cringe. It was like a cruel joke, a nightmare, a horror show.
Now completely nude and on all fours like an animal, Rebecca began the final stages of her transformation. Her still human face showed her pain and discomfort as her womanhood began to change. As much as they wanted to, no one could look away as they witnessed the genitalia of this young woman begin to change shape and size before their eyes. The outer cleft of womanly flesh tightened and shrank, losing its once soft inviting appearance. Rose vomited as Rebecca’s mutating sex pulsated and settled into this new bestial shape.

The young woman’s face began to stretch forward as the bones in her face popped and snapped, growing longer. Her nose turned upwards and began to darken and become moist. Her long pointed ears completed their migration to the top of her skull just before her skull itself began to reshape itself. Her cranium shrank and flattened, leaving little room for her brain, though from her behavior through this entire ordeal it was clear her human mind had left her long before now. There was nothing left of Rebecca mentally by the time Rose had seen her, now it was just her body catching up to her already animal brain. Rose watched in sadness as her lover’s beautiful lips were stretched across her growing muzzle, being pulled thin, fading her red lipstick across now black lips.

Muscles bulged beneath her still bare skin, adding to her growing mass and stealing away any sign of her once petite size. Lastly gray fur sprouted from every follicle and covered her body entirely in seconds. Rebecca was no more; only an unnaturally large gray wolf remained. Rain was already beginning to soak her newly grown fur as she raised her head and howled. She was answered by more howls from nearby, her ears perked up and she bounded off on her large paws to join her pack.

“No! Rebecca! Come back!” Rose screamed in protest as she watched the wolf her lover had become sprint out of sight.

She ran to the door and tried to pull it open but it was still locked. She pulled again and again before sinking to her knees crying. She’d just witnessed the impossible; her sweet Rebecca had become a wild animal, and she could not understand, nor accept it. It had to be a nightmare, a hallucination, it couldn’t have been real, nothing like that could be real.

As she sat on her knees weeping, the old man approached her and put his hands on her shoulders. “You knew her? I’m so sorry. I’d already seen that happen to a few people before we got here. There’s nothing you could have done to help her. Once the rain gets into a person’s skin, it’s too late.” His words didn’t comfort her.

“How? Tell me how this happened. Who did this to my Rebecca?” she continued to cry as she asked questions no one could answer.

Back at the window the other woman began to moan. Her boyfriend thought she was just nauseous from the stress of the situation, or from watching that woman transform so horrifically. But as he held her close to himself he felt her begin to shudder, and heard the popping of bones from under her heavy clothes. He stepped back suddenly as she started to tremble and convulse slightly. She pulled open her overcoat, revealing the red low-cut blouse underneath was wet in several places. Her hair was still very wet as well. In all the commotion, no one had even thought about it, but she’d gotten the rain into her system as well.

“Honey, no…” her boyfriend pleaded to no one as he watched her begin what they all knew was going to be a slow and painful transformation into a large wolf.

“Please, help me.” She begged. “I don’t want this. I don’t want to change. Don’t let me change!”

But it was no use, none of them could help her. Before their eyes she began to change just as Rebecca had. First her teeth sharpened into fangs, causing a small amount of blood to stream down her chin. Then her fingernails ruptured as long black claws forced their way through them, more blood dripped from them and onto her shirt. In a panic she shook her hands rapidly, perhaps hoping the claws would fall off. They did not. Beneath her tight red blouse six bumps formed and pressed against the damp fabric. She looked down and shrieked when she saw her new nipples making their presence known and her original breasts began to shrink, robbing her of all her cleavage.

Rose could take no more of this and bolted from the room toward the back of the diner. She left the group to their own devices, the woman still screaming hysterically as her body changed against her will. The sound of screams, moans and tearing fabric filled the restaurant as Rose threw on her raincoat and dashed out the back door. The rain was still coming down, but she didn’t care, she had to get away from that place. Her bright yellow, hooded raincoat was all the protection she had against this strange waterborne affliction. She hoped it was all she would need to reach her apartment a few blocks away.

As she ran through the rain she thought she could hear a faint howl from behind her. Back at the diner that woman probably finished transforming. What would she do to those men? Would she eat them? Would she turn them with a bite? Or had they already been infected from the rain as she had and were just slower to change? She’d never know the answer to any of those questions as she fled.

She hadn’t gotten but halfway home when she saw yellow light reflecting off everything in front of her, followed by the steady hissing of water being displaced by spinning tires. She realized too late what was about to happen and could not avoid the deluge of water thrown her way by the passing car. The force was so great and so sudden that it caused her to fall into a deep puddle beside her. Now on all fours, elbow deep in muddy water, Rose cried bitter tears.

‘Perhaps it was karma’ she mused, after all she had stood by and watched her friend be overcome by transformation without doing a thing to help her. She had abandoned those poor people at the restaurant as well. Resigning herself to her fate, she allowed the corrupting power of the water to absorb into her skin. There was no sense fighting it now, neither of the other two women she’d seen infected had been able to stop the change, so there was no reason for her to think she could either.
“I’ll be with you soon, Rebecca.” She announced as she undid the snaps of her raincoat and let it slip from her shoulders into the puddle while still resting on her knees.
The pains began quickly as the rain soaked into her dress. The pink uniform she detested so much began to grow tight against her swelling frame. Her ribcage started to expand; straining the wet fabric until it finally gave way, the buttons popping down the center exposing her white bra. Water collected in her ample cleavage before the expansion of her ribs forced her breasts further apart, spilling the water down her stomach. A line of white fur sprouted down the center of her chest as it continued to grow wider and barrel shaped. With a trembling hand she tore off her bra and tossed it to the muddy ground. Her once large breasts began to deflate before her eyes, burning slightly as they did so. The nipples remained, slightly puffy and erect, and joined by three more pairs running down her torso.

She shrugged out of her torn dress and slid it’s tattered remains down her wide hips. The hated garment soaked more muddy water into itself and began to sink down into the puddle out of sight. ‘Good’ she thought, she never wanted to see the ugly thing again anyway. Just then her hips began to ache and pop softly. She knew what was to come next, so before it happened she began to tug at her white panties, trying to remove them. She found it difficult as her fingers were shortening and now tipped with sharp black claws still dripping with blood. As her hands slowly and painfully restructured themselves into paws she could only scratch at her hip to try to cut through the fabric with these new claws. She cut herself twice before the waistband eventually broke and the wet panties fluttered to the ground.

Rose sighed in relief as the last of her clothes fell away. Nude, and ready to accept fate, she dropped to all fours and raised her rear into the air. Her hips popped and cracked as they reconfigured to suit her new quadruped stance. She looked over her shoulder as her tailbone began to ache; she watched it stretch out from the base of her spine before blooming with thick white fur. Rose’s feet and hands had finished stretching into their final shapes and sizes now. She was truly standing like an animal with four feet on the ground and a tail waving in the air. She could hardly believe it, it was one thing to witness another person transforming, but to experience it herself was even more incredible. She thought it would be more painful, but perhaps it was only her lack of resistance that allowed her this easier transition from woman to wolf.
The changes were coming faster now; white fur was spreading all over her body, clinging to her skin from the rain’s constant assault. Her own short blonde hairs slipped free of their follicles and fell into the water under her. She watched as a slight current carried them away into a gutter. Her once shapely body began to build layers of inhuman muscle, taking her further from her womanly form. She began to pant, long tongue hanging from her still human mouth as her sex began to shift now. She felt her internal organs move and change earlier but paid them no mind until this most sensitive one began to stir. Her reproductive organs began to tingle and throb as they changed, tightening and shrinking to accommodate a male with a different type of member. As if she’d ever let a man near her to begin with.

Rose had never been with a man, and if she could help it she never would. She pondered that if once she became a wolf completely would her new instincts drive her to mate with males? It was a disgusting thought, she much preferred other females. Her thoughts drifted back to her Rebecca as her skull began to changed shape. Her ears climbed higher on her head as her cranium began to squeeze her human brain. She knew she didn’t have long, her human self would disappear in moments, so she wanted her last thoughts to be of Rebecca. Focusing her remaining will she concentrated on her lover, remembering her as she was when she was human. She pictured that petite body pressing against her own, glistening with sweat after their love making. She remembered the touch of soft skin against hers. She recalled the soft feel of Rebecca’s breasts in her hands as she teased her. The thought of Rebecca’s pretty mouth suckling her hard nipples stuck in her mind as Rose’s face stretched forward into a muzzle and her brain shrank within her collapsing skull cavity. The wolf she had become lifted its tail high in the air and released pheromones to signal it’s arousal to any others that might be near.
The large white she wolf trembled as the last of her mind began to fade. Her vision losing color as her eyes turned from blue to yellow. Long term memory was erased with the contracting of her brain into this smaller skull but a few bits of her short term memory remained. It was in these last few clusters of human cells that Rose’s human consciousness lingered briefly. Something familiar entered her field of vision, something still retained in her fading memory, a memory less than an hour old. It was the large gray wolf from before, the one she knew on some level she was connected to. It was drawn near to her by her cries and her scent. The gray wolf reacted to the pheromones in the air, her tail raised to flag arousal as well.

The last vestiges of Rose’s human mind faded as she realized who this wolf was and one final human thought fired through her synapses.

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