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Climate Change (part 2)

Climate Change (part 2)

Several weeks had passed since the wolves took control of the city. Periodic storms swept the area leaving precious little time between for the few remaining humans to move from one hiding place to the next. The rain made it impossible to travel, as even a single drop of water would seal one’s fate. Every human exposed to the tainted water quickly joined the ranks of the wolves and began to hunt their former friends.

A small group of survivors took shelter inside a recently abandoned convenience store. The employees had either evacuated or turned around the time the chaos began, no trace of them remained. There was still plenty of food to be found on the shelves and in the cooler, though their supply of bottled water was dangerously low. They had rationed the water bottles between the six of them when they first arrived a few days ago, but now there was barely enough water between them to fill one bottle.

Thirst got the better of them, and in their desperation they decided they would test the water from the store’s soda fountain. It had been decided that tap water would be their last resort as they could not know before using it whether or not it had also been contaminated. It was a dangerous gamble, if they lucky it would be safe to drink and could refill their bottles as well, but if they were unlucky the first sip would infect them.

One of the men decided he would be the one to test the water. A young man in his mid-twenties, having lost his friends and family already to the strange affliction, stepped forward to tempt fate. He approached the soda fountain and placed a plastic cup under the label that read ‘water’, preparing to fill it with the potentially dangerous substance.

“You don’t have to do this, Bob.” One of the female survivors tried to tell him.

“Someone has to, Carla. It might as well be me.” He answered without turning away from the machine, his eyes were fixed on the cup.

He’d seen his brothers and parents all turn a week earlier, they’d been caught in a sudden downpour while searching for shelter. He was the only one to escape the rain, having been at the front of their group wielding a lead pipe. In the event they came across a wolf he intended to protect his family with that pipe. There was a crack of thunder just a few seconds before the gray sky above them unleashed its hellish payload. Fearing time was short he dashed for the nearest building, but found its doors locked. His only option was to smash in a window with the pipe, just as he’d done so the rain began to fall. His family was still twenty yards behind him, he hadn’t realized how fast he’d run, or that the others couldn’t keep up. He hadn’t meant to leave them behind, it just happened. There was no time to go back for them or even say goodbye as the rain drenched them and doomed them to new lives as feral beasts. Bob had no choice but to dive through the newly broken window to avoid the rain. In the end, the pipe he’d trusted would save them all had only saved him.

“Mike, take this. If this goes bad you know what to do.” Bob handed the heavy lead pipe to one of the other male survivors.

“You sure?” Mike asked as he accepted the pipe.

“Nobody else I trust to do it properly.” Bob gave Mike a look of confidence.

Mike was easily the largest person in the group, as well as the oldest. In his late forties and built like professional wrestler, it was clear he had the hardest swing of any of them. Bob knew the kill would be clean, but hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Taking a deep breath, Bob pushed the plastic cup against the activating lever causing the water to flow into the cup. He pulled the half-filled cup to his face and hesitated for a moment before taking a small sip from it. He tasted nothing unusual about it, it was plain flavorless tap water as far as he could tell.

“Well, so far so good. Nothing’s happenngh!” Bob’s answer was cut off by a pain filled grunt as he dropped the cup to the floor.

The other’s jumped back to avoid the water spilling from the cup as Bob grabbed his throat in pain. Contaminated water now coated his esophagus and dribbled from his mouth. He dropped to his knees in agony as his throat began to change from the inside out. His groans turned to growls and fur began to spread around his mouth as fangs began to take the place of human teeth. He was unable to speak in these final moments of torment as his vocal cords had already degenerated to the point that human vocalization was impossible. He growled and whimpered pitifully as Mike approached him, lead pipe in hand.

Without a word Mike brought the pipe down between Bob’s eyes with full force. A short canine yelp escaped Bob’s mutating mouth at the moment of impact. A person making that sound might have been comical in about any other situation, instead it was tragic. Bob lay on the floor, unconscious and still slowly transforming, his blue shirt being pulled tight by expanding muscles and stretching bones. Realizing his task was unfinished, Mike brought the pipe down on Bob’s head once again. This time instead of a yelp there was only a sickening wet crack. Blood spattered across the tile floor of the store as Bob’s skull burst open from the second blow. Mike watched in horror as a piece of Bob’s brain leaked from the open cranium. The most disturbing part was seeing that piece of brain changing before his eyes; the small bit of gray matter proceeded to shrink in size to only a third of what it had been when it emerged. Mike could only imagine that the same thing had happened to the rest of Bob’s brain, shrinking down to the tiny size of a canine’s. Perhaps he’d spared Bob the horror of having his humanity stripped away from within while still conscious, but only by seconds.

The transformation stopped seconds later, Bob lay dead on the floor, a horribly misshapen mixture of man and wolf. His death ended the process, but did not reverse it.

“It’s not like in the movies.” Mike noted. “They always changed back when they died in the movies.”

The large man let the heavy pipe drop from his shaky hand. He was unsettled by what he’d had to do, by the sight of the mutating brain matter, by all of it. He’d never killed anyone before; he’d never even seen anyone die until two weeks ago.

Before he met up with this group he’d been with his girlfriend, Sally. She’d been attacked by one of her neighbors after they’d turned. The bite didn’t kill her, but she’d been infected. Strangely the infection wasn’t even from the bite, but from the water on the wolf’s fur rubbing off on Sally during the struggle. She was bitten on the right arm, though minutes later her transformation started on her left leg, under a dark wet spot on her jeans. The fabric tore as her leg swelled with muscle and fur began so spread across the exposed skin. She refused to let herself became an animal like the others; she prevented it by leaping through the window of their apartment and plummeting five floors to her death. It was the same back then, when he’d finally found her outside she was a mess of blood and fur, halfway between woman and wolf, but entirely dead.

Moments after the grisly scene took place another pair of survivors emerged from the back room of the store. The first was a man of roughly thirty years with black hair and a tan complexion; he was joined by a young woman who appeared to be barely twenty, with pale freckled skin and long red hair. The two had been apart from the group for the last hour, searching for supplies in the storage room in the rear of the convenience store. The man came through the door carrying a cardboard box that rattled with loose items, while the woman was empty handed and seemed to be preoccupied with adjusting the buttons on her blouse and smoothing out wrinkles in her skirt. To all observers it appeared as though she’d just dressed in a hurry before coming through the door. Her pale skin was slightly sweaty and her face blushing bright red.

“We found some stuff in the back.” The man announced as he carried the small box of supplies toward the group.

He couldn’t see the disfigured corpse on the floor at first as shelves of food and miscellaneous products obstructed his view from the rear of the store. As he approached the others he finally saw Bob’s remains, and paused.

“What happened?” He asked as he placed the box on the store’s checkout counter.

The woman following behind him gasped as she laid eyes on the bloody lifeless body. Her large green eyes fixed on the partially mutated face of the former survivor, and her pulse quickened. A bead of sweat slid down her cheek as she took in the sight of blood soaked fur and torn clothing covering the body. After few seconds she stepped back and stood behind then man she’d arrived with, putting him between her and the others.

“He volunteered to test the tap. Turns out it wasn’t safe.” Mike informed the newcomers of the events leading up to this scene. “Frank, I know he was your friend, he was a good guy, a brave guy. No one else had the balls to try the tap. If he hadn’t done it we might have all drank it later without knowing. Probably saved us all.”
Frank, the man who’d just carried in supplies looked down at the twisted corpse of his friend. He and Bob had been coworkers for a few years at a local business. Together the two of them worked as plumbers, fixing leaks and occasionally installing a sink or toilet. Frank noticed Bob’s pipe on the floor at Mike’s feet, covered in blood. He thought it was sort of ironic for a plumber to die from one of his own pipes, but it didn’t bring a smile to his face. Sometimes irony just wasn’t funny.

“Did he suffer?” Frank asked, without looking away from the pipe.

“Ended it quick. Soon as he started to turn.” Mike’s reply was brief, he was a simple sort of guy, and often spoke in grammatically incorrect sentences when stressed.

Frank sighed and looked up at Mike. He knew this man had killed his friend, but he also knew it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. He couldn’t blame Mike for doing what had to be done.

“You’re a good guy, Mike. I don’t know if I could have done that. I probably would have.. I don’t know what I would have done, is what I mean.” Frank admitted, his expression becoming somber as he spoke.

“I know. Don’t think I could have done it myself if I’d known him long as you did. Might be that he figured the same and waited til you weren’t here.” The large man said as he retrieved a towel from a nearby shelf and draped it over Bob’s crushed and mutated face.

The towel was thick, and dark blue, the blood’s color didn’t seep through it as it lay over the poor man’s battered skull. They wouldn’t be able to clean up the blood as tap water was too dangerous to handle. Soon wolves from outside would be drawn to the store by the scent of blood. It was time to move again before the rains started once more. Frank added some food from the shelves to the box of supplies he’d carried in. The redhead he’d been with assisted him, and filled several plastic shopping bags with food items as well.

“You sure you can handle all that, Megan?” Frank asked the redhead.

“Y-yeah. I got it. It’s not too heavy.” She timidly replied.
He watched her manage to carry six full bags of various food items by slipping her slender fingers through the loops at the tops of each bag. Her pale freckled skin had become slightly sweaty again from the exertion. The white button up blouse she’d been wearing for the past week had become wrinkled and stained with sweat in a few places. Her long red hair was becoming a tangled mess, though he thought it looked good that way, the wild reddish orange waves reminded him of fire.

“What?” She caught him staring at her. “Is something wrong?”

“No, just couldn’t help noticing how good you look.” He admitted with a smile.

Her pale face began to turn red again as she blushed. She shyly lowered head, unable to meet his gaze. She was a fairly timid creature, hardly one to openly express her attraction to a man. Earlier in the supply room Frank had flirted with her rather heavily, she liked the attention but was unsure how to respond. She was thankful that he’d made the first move and kissed her, a kiss that she eagerly returned. Their bodies pressed together in the tight confines of the small storage room. In the process her blouse had become undone but they hadn’t had enough space to move around properly at the time to really do much more. She longed for a chance to continue that kiss, and take it further, much further. Megan may have been the shy type, but she was still a young woman with needs like any other. She thought that if this was the end of the world there really wouldn’t be any consequences to giving into temptation at this point.

“Um, Frank. Can.. can we find someplace.. um.. to be alone?” she struggled to find the words to express what she wanted to do.

His smile grew and his eyebrows raised, he never thought she’d be the one to suggest it. He was certain she’d be receptive to the idea if he’d brought it up himself though. To hear her the initiative like this was a pleasant surprise.

“Sure, babe. I think I know just the place.” His smile was almost mischievous at this point.

Frank knew of a vacant house nearby. He and the now departed Bob had worked on the plumbing there a few weeks before the world went crazy. The house was being renovated by the owner who had intended to rent it out. The house was in good shape overall, only the shower was being worked on, and would have been completed by now if not for the unfortunate business of the world ending and being taken over by wolves. It would be the perfect place to get some private time together.

Frank and Megan had bid farewell to the others and set off on their own toward the house. They did not encounter anyone else on the way to their destination, the roads were entirely deserted. Frank pushed open the old iron gate outside the small home to allow them into the front yard. Neither the gate nor the fence were much to look at. Both were rusted and the gate creaked loud and sharp when opened. He feared it would draw attention to them so they quickly walked to the front door. Frank still had the keys to the house from when he’d been working on it with Bob. He and Megan quickly entered the house and locked the door behind them.

Once inside both breathed easier, they were alone and safe here for now. The two of them took the food items they’d brought from the store into the kitchen. Cans of fruit and preserved meat with long shelf lives and many packages of beef jerky were all they brought aside from some cans of soda. With the bottled water nearly gone soda was the only other drink available for now. Thankfully the electricity was still on at the house, they would have light when it soon became dark outside. A stove and refrigerator were included with the house, probably allowing the owner to keep the rent slightly higher than it otherwise would have been. It also allowed these two to chill their sodas, though they dared not use the ice maker on the door as it was connected to the tap. Their cold drinks would just have to wait a little longer. Frank very much wanted to use the ice for something else, though he wondered if Megan would be into it.

Hours later night had fallen over the city, the wolves outside could be heard howling in the distance as another rainstorm began. It was impossible to tell whether the howls came from wolves reacting to the rain or from the newly turned announcing their arrival to the pack. Frank couldn’t help but notice how Megan’s body tensed when the wolves howled, her breath would quicken and her pale skin would flush. It was much the same reaction as she’d had when they’d fooled around in the storage room earlier that day. This wasn’t the first time he’d seen her respond this way to the wolves. They’d first met on the street during that first rainstorm, huddled together in the back of a car to avoid the downpour. Not long before the first people began to turn, Frank had seen it happen a few times and made the connection in his mind that the rain was the cause. He’d seen Megan wandering the street looking for shelter as he hid inside his car; he called to her through the window to get her attention. She was unsure about trusting him at first and started to back away, but quickly made up her mind to join him as the sounds of howling behind her began to draw closer. Rain began to fall shortly after, trapping her inside with the man she’d just met.

They sat in the car for a while before Frank decided to drive around looking for a safe place to drop Megan off. They passed a woman in a yellow raincoat as they drove; she was walking close to the road and was accidentally splashed with water from a puddle as they passed. Frank hadn’t intended to splash her with water as he drove by but it was too late to do anything for her, all they could do was watch as she transformed. Frank stopped the car and both he and his passenger witnessed the horror unfold before their eyes. Megan grabbed hold of Frank as they saw the woman’s transformation begin; her grip was so tight it almost hurt his shoulders. Megan was breathing fast and heavy into Frank’s ears, the sound of the young woman panting was like sweet music to him. Both of them kept their eyes focused on the woman outside as removed her raincoat and then tore her soaking wet, pink dress from her body and dropped to all fours in a puddle of water. Her outfit had reminded Frank of the uniforms the waitresses in a local diner wore; in fact he was certain she was probably someone who’d served him breakfast more than once at the little restaurant.

As Frank watched this blonde woman writhing nude on all fours, he felt a stir in his pants. Much to his surprise he found himself aroused by the sight of her wet naked flesh as it sprouted white fur. At first he attributed it to the fact that he was watching a naked woman, something that most men would enjoy. But as he saw her tail grow from her backside and bloom with fur, he felt his manhood stiffen further. He was painfully erect inside his jeans by the time her face stretched into a muzzle and she was joined by another wolf large gray wolf. The two wolves lifted their tails and began to nuzzle each other before running off out of sight. Frank wasn’t sure how he should feel about all this, he’d become turned on by watching a woman become a wolf, that surely wasn’t normal. But as he looked at Megan who’d also been watching the same thing he noticed her face was blushing bright red and she was sweating. His gaze drifted to her chest, watching her modest breasts heaving with her heavy breath, most telling were the stiff nipples pressing against her white blouse. He wasn’t the only one turned on by that scene it would appear.

“Not sure how to say this. But I’ve got the weirdest boner right now.” He laughed, trying to break the tension.

“Um, m-me too.” Megan replied sheepishly. “No! Wait! That’s not what I meant. I don’t have a.. you know. I mean.. I meant to s-say, um..” she lowered her head in embarrassment.

Frank laughed again. “I know what you meant to say. It’s okay. You got a little hot from seeing that huh?”
“More than a little. I don’t know why, but the idea of a person turning into a wolf, like in the movies you know, it always got me a little… you know.” She couldn’t say it, ‘wet’. She was just as turned on as he was, but it was neither the time nor place to explore that strange fascination they apparently shared.

Frank closed the curtains throughout the house and covered the windows with blankets to block as much light as possible. Not all the furniture had been removed from the house yet. Among the things left behind were a couch, a few chairs, and most importantly a bed. He saved one blanket for the bed, though he wasn’t sure if they’d be sharing it the whole night. He kept thinking back to that time in the car with her, as they both got turned on by watching that woman transform. He couldn’t help but imagine Megan transforming like that as well, wondering if she’d be as turned on going through it as from watching it. He had her all to himself now; he saw no reason not to explore this idea. He decided to talk to her about it, and gauge her interest in this bizarre new fetish he’d found himself with.

An hour later Megan lay naked on the bed as he entered the room holding a blue plastic bucket, wearing nothing but a pair of green rubber gloves. She couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this. Her wrists and ankles were bound to the bed posts with pieces of torn cloth that once made up her blouse. Sweat glistened on her heaving chest, nipples standing stiff to announce her excitement. She gazed up at him with a look of longing in her eyes. The anticipation was almost too much for her.

“Are you sure?” he had to know with certainty that this is what she wanted. There would be no going back once it had begun.

“Yes. I want this. I was surprised that you suggested it at first, but the idea turns me on so much I can’t imagine not doing it now.” She trembled on the bed as she spoke, eager to get this underway.

“Alright then.” Frank said as he placed the blue bucket on the bedside table.

Reaching into the bucket with his gloved right hand, Frank removed a single ice cube and held it up for her to see. Megan gasped at the sight of it as a single drop of water fell from it back into the bucket. Ice cubes made from tap water, the same water that had changed Bob earlier. This cube of ice would begin her transformation as well, but the outcome would be different. Frank had no intention of harming her or the wolf she would soon become.

A few feet from the bed sat a radiator that would keep the room warm in the winter, tonight it would serve a different purpose though. Frank had found a steel chain and fixed it to the radiator with a padlock, at the other end of the chain was a studded leather collar. He intended to tame this beast as soon as it was brought into the world. Partly because he wanted to see if it could even be done, and partly because he just thought it would be cool to have a werewolf as a pet. Megan thought the idea was appealing as well, though she wasn’t sure if she’d understand the situation after her change. They both hoped it would work; otherwise she’d have to be released into the wild with the other wolves. Either way would be okay with her, and she couldn’t protest after the fact no matter which way things went.

Frank stood over her with the ice cube in his gloved hand and lowered it towards her heaving chest. Megan trembled as the cube drew nearer but made no show of avoiding it. The ice touched the stiff nipple of her right breast and immediately began to melt from the heat of her body. She gasped in shock as the cool liquid rolled down her chest. Frank circled her nipple with the ice cube a few times, causing Megan to squirm, before repeating the action on her left nipple as well. Water flowed away from her nipples, across her breasts and down her flat stomach as he lay on the bed panting. They’d past the point of no return; her transformation would begin soon and continue until there was nothing left of the girl but a snarling animal.

Frank placed the half melted cube back into the bucket and retrieved a red towel from the table beside the bed. He wiped Megan’s chest down with this towel until it was bone dry. He didn’t want to risk infecting himself the same way. Once he was satisfied all the tainted water had been dried he removed his gloves and carefully added them to the bucket, he wouldn’t need them again. With his now bare hand he caressed Megan’s bare chest, teasing her nipples between his fingers. She squirmed at the touch; her excitement was at a level neither of them had experienced before. Frank ran his palms down her chest to her stomach and felt the subtle swelling of tissue in six places on her abdomen. The new nipples were already beginning to form. Both of them watched as the small pink dots on her stomach puffed up into full blown teats. Megan panted even harder now as the changes began slowly inside her body. Sweat began to cover her entire body once again as her temperature rose suddenly, hotter than she’d ever felt in her life.

“Are you okay?” he asked out of concern. He knew the changes would become painful over time.

“I’m okay. We’d better hurry though. I don’t know how long I’ve got.” she managed to answer between breaths.

She’d reminded him there was a time limit which set him to act faster. There would be no second chance at this; they’d never seen anyone change back before, as far as either of them knew this was a one way trip. Which is what made it even more surprising that she’d agreed to it at all, it was to be her last night as a human now, Frank didn’t intend to waste this. He quickly placed his mouth over her right nipple and began to lick and suck on it. She moaned softly and began to writhe on the bed, straining at her bindings. There was a cracking sound at both ends of the bed accompanied by Megan crying out. Frank took his mouth from her breast and looked up to see blood trickling down her fingers as claws extended from their tips, destroying her human nails in the process. The same happened to her toes, the blood staining the sheet below her hands and feet. Sensing they were running out of time, Frank proceeded to lick one of Megan’s new nipples, which proved to be even more sensitive than her first. She thrashed on the bed, trying to escape the touch of his tongue. Her eight nipples were so stiff now it was almost painful. He ignored her struggling and continued to tease one nipple with is mouth and another with the fingers of his left hand. Frank slid his right hand down her sweating stomach toward her crotch. He met no resistance as he placed his fingers at the entrance to her vagina, and began to part its soft warm lips with his index and ring fingers. Moisture dribbled from the opening as he used his middle finger to stimulate her clitoris. He decided to waste no time with this as once her sex began to transform she would lose the tiny sensitive bulb of flesh. Megan screamed a mixture of agony and ecstasy as her transforming hands and feet began to stretch while Frank fingered her wet opening. It was too much stimulation from too many things at once, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Megan’s body convulsed, arching her hips skyward and screaming as her pelvic muscles contracted involuntarily, rocking her with an intense orgasm. Frank withdrew his fingers from Megan’s drenched womanhood and licked them clean, tasting the salty nectar of her lubrication.

“I was actually expecting you to howl.” He smiled down at her panting form.

“The.. night.. is.. still young.” She barely managed to reply.

They acted quickly, fearing time was growing short. Frank untied Megan from the bed and helped her over to the radiator. She knelt down and allowed him to fasten the collar around her neck; it would be the last thing she ever wore. It was loose on her, but would become tighter by the end of the transformation. He left room for her to grow into it as he’d seen the others bulk up in size considerably as they changed.

Pains soon returned to wrack Megan’s slender pale body. She tried to drop to all fours but Frank caught her and held her up on her knees. He fondled her breasts and kissed her ear as bones began to pop in her chest and back. Megan’s ribcage began to enlarge, pressing her breasts tightly into Frank’s hands. He could feel them getting warmer, softer, they were like putty in his fingers. She moaned as her chest heated and her breasts dwindled away. Frank teased the nipples of her now flat chest a few moments longer before placing his hands on her hips from behind.

She knew what to do and instinctively dropped to all fours, raising her firm backside to him and spread her legs slightly. Frank admired the view of her like this for a moment. Taking in the sight of her naked and on all fours, her pale skin drenched in sweat, her freckled shoulders heaving up and down in time with her labored breathes. It was too much; he couldn’t resist any longer and plunged his erect member into her moist opening. Fluid ran down her inner thighs as he thrust into her, sweat mixed with sexual juices dripped onto the floor beneath her. She moaned with the rhythm of their movements, interrupted occasionally by a grunt as bones popped and cracked into new shapes inside her overheating body.

Her hands and feet had already reformed into large paws tipped with sharp black claws by the time they’d started making love. Those claws dug into the hard wood floor beneath her, leaving deep scratches. Frank watched as Megan’s ears poked out through her damp red hair, growing pointed and long. For a moment he could pretend he was having sex with an elf, but the illusion was dispelled when her ears began to migrate upward on her head and her long locks of red hair slipped free from their follicles, landing softly on the floor below her.

He was stunned by how fast her hair came out, but she was only bald for a moment as short red fur took its place and began to spread down the back of her neck and shoulders. Her freckles were overtaken by the spreading fur on her back, hiding her ginger features. Megan’s shoulder blades popped and enlarged causing her to scream. Her cries only drove Frank to pump his hips against her faster, causing her to moan again. He was intent on drowning out her pain with pleasure as much as possible. He watched her spine begin to pop and press against her sweaty flesh, the bones racing ahead of the growing fur towards her lower back. When the changes arrived there above her hips she groaned loudly, and raised her rear higher, Frank had to rise himself slightly as well to match her new posture. A fleshy nub began to press out from her lower back, then with a loud pop it stretched outwards into a short naked tail.

Megan looked back over her shoulder to watch the tail grow. Saliva trailed from her lips as she panted excitedly at this new addition. The tail grew longer, popping bone and groans from Megan announced each new vertebra as they formed. Within moments of it reaching its length, Megan’s tail bloomed with thick red fur. She lifted her tail high in an arch behind her, it was instinctual now. Frank slapped her ass hard, the sweaty flesh jiggled under his hand slightly. He wanted to feel the soft round fullness of her rear before it faded from existence.
“Oh, do it again. I’ve been a bad doggy.” Megan playfully joked.

Frank obliged and continued to spank her firm backside, leaving red hand prints. Sadly the fun was cut short as her buttocks tensed and muscles consumed all fat there was to be found there. Her curvaceous rear was stolen by the wolf all too soon. Fur spread across her backside, hiding the hand prints Frank had left there as well. With a sudden painful snap, Megan’s hips dislocated causing her to drop lower again as they settled into a new configuration which locked her on all fours as a true quadruped. They both knew it wouldn’t be long now and began to increase the speed of their thrusting with a new sense of desperation.

As Frank’s penis thrust inside her faster and harder than before Megan could fill the walls of her vagina begin to tingle in an unfamiliar way. Heat began to build inside her womanhood and she knew it was time for the transformation to claim this most private of places. Frank could feel it as well, her walls tightening around his manhood with stronger muscles, and despite the heavy lubrication it was becoming difficult to move inside her now. With a few final powerful thrusts he was able to finish what he’d started just in time. Her pelvic muscles contracted strongly around his member as she reached orgasm. This time she did indeed howl in pleasure which quickly lowered in tone. Intense pain shot through Megan’s sexual organs as they clenched and shifted, forcing Frank to pull out suddenly. He watched as her sex throbbed and pulsated, fluids still dripping from it as the opening changed shape and size, and the outer lips darkened from pink to black. White fur spread over her previously shaven crotch, claiming her womanhood forever.

Frank had done what he set out to do, to give this woman an orgasm as she transformed. Yet he had not had one himself yet. He watched her spasm on all fours, groaning and whining in pain, tail still high in the air and twitching. Her chest had already expanded into a barrel shape without his notice and the size of her body and dramatically increased with added muscle and bone mass. From the neck down she was entirely lupine, covered in thick red fur over her entire body with the exception of the white fur on her underside. Her face was still human for the most part. Long pointed ears adorned the top of her head and fangs had already begun to form in her mouth. They locked eyes, the green in hers was already shifting to yellow, soon she would be gone. He stood in front of her, his erect member in front of her face. She knew what he wanted. Opening her still human mouth she accepted his manhood into it and began to bob her head while rolling her slowly enlarging tongue to further stimulate him. She could taste her own juices on him as her changing tongue worked along his hard member. He grunted as he felt her budding fangs touch his sensitive organ, but did not break the skin. Her still full red lips began to gray then blacken as they changed. Frank placed his hands on the back of her head, feeling the soft pelt of red fur as she worked her mouth and lips along his shaft. He could feel the shape and size of her head changing in his hands but neither of them stopped. She was focused on completing her task despite the pain of her skull cracking and shrinking around her brain. Just as her mouth and nose were beginning to stretch forward Frank grunted once more and pulled his member free of her transforming mouth. Holding his manhood with one hand and pumping it he ejaculated onto her still changing face. Semen splashed into her fur and dripped from her thinning black lips and darkening nose as her face snapped forward into a muzzle.

Megan’s mind went blank as her brain mutated within the confines of her now smaller skull, erasing the girl’s thoughts and memories. She shuddered as her mind seemed to reboot with a new set of instincts and drives. She opened her now yellow eyes and looked at the human male before her, tilting her head to one side in a canine expression of confusion. The room was filled with his scent, and it was covering her as well. Her now primitive mind imprinted on this man and understood he was neither threat nor pray, but her alpha instead. Tongue hanging from her mouth, the new she wolf panted and wagged her long red tail happily behind her as she stared up at the one she now perceived to be her master.

Frank reached down and pet her soft furry head, rubbing her gently behind the ears. She wagged her tail faster in response.

“Good girl.”
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