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Climate Change (part 3)

Climate Change (part 3)

Only a few short hours had gone by since the small group of survivors had broken up. Dividing up into pairs they left the convenience store. The decision came soon after Bob’s death, for Frank and Megan it was an easy choice as they wanted to be alone together most of the time anyway. Mike and Carla were unsure at first, but Frank convinced both of them that it would be easier to find food, shelter, and most importantly untainted water for two people instead of five. Their might have been three pairs after the split up if not for Bob’s untimely end; instead one was left as the ‘odd man out’. In this case the ‘odd woman out’, while the others had decided to leave the store in pairs to find shelter elsewhere, Tiffany stayed behind.

She was a young woman, just starting college before the rains began this little wolf apocalypse. The shy type, she stayed out of everyone’s way as they worked to gather food and supplies. When the vote to split came up she said nothing, instead hiding behind empty shelves near the rear of the store. The others left without even saying goodbye; she didn’t expect them to though. She’d always been a loner, having made no friends in high school or college. She avoided people as much as she could. Always wearing dark clothes and dying her hair black, she completed her ‘gothic emo’ look with black lipstick and a few facial piercings. In this small town she was regarded as a bit of an oddball. The other girls thought she was a freak, and while some of the guys showed interest in her, she did not return those feelings. None of the guys in town were her type.

As she watched the others leave from her hiding place she could hear the wolves howling a few blocks away. It seemed they could already smell the blood from Bob’s corpse. She looked over to what remained of him, a twisted hairy mess under a blood soaked towel. It didn’t turn her stomach like it had the others; she was actually fascinated by death in a strange and morbid way. She knelt down beside his lifeless body and pulled back the towel. His vacant and deformed face stared up at her from the floor.

“What a waste.” She said coldly. “You used to be kind of hot. You might have even made a decent looking wolf. But that big bruiser smashed your head in, now you’re neither. Just a pile of meat.”
As she knelt there pondering the point to all this, several wolves arrived outside the store. She caught sight of them out of the corner of her eye. The others would have jumped and ran for cover in this situation, but not Tiffany, she wasn’t so easily scared. She calmly stood up and walked to the glass doors that held the wolves outside. She stared right at them, and they at her, then they looked passed her to the body and began to drool.

“Oh, you want this, huh?” she asked them while pointing to Bob’s body.

To her surprise the wolves seemed to answer by lowering their heads and whining softly. They wanted the meat and apparently weren’t above begging for it. She wondered if they retained some of their former human intellect and wanted to test them.

“You really want this?” she pointed to the body again, waiting for their reply.

The two wolves wagged their tails and one barked excitedly. To Tiffany they just looked like big puppies who wanted to play, not fearsome beasts out for blood like the others always described them to be.

“If I let you in, just take him and go. I don’t need him stinking up my place. You can eat him, bury him, whatever, just get this mess out of her. You understand?”

The two wolves focused on her as she spoke, then both barked in unison as if to say ‘You got it, ma’am’. She wondered if they really understood, or if they were just making noise at her because she’d made noise at them. But she’d never find out if she just stood behind the door staring at them. So she opened it. Due to the heaviness of the door, and it’s self-closing mechanism she had to stand by it and hold it open for them.

“Come on, he’s all yours.” She said while gesturing for them to enter.

And enter they did, though they hesitated for a few moments. The scent of fresh meat was something they could not ignore, it was all the encouragement they needed to enter this structure. As they entered they briefly sniffed at Tiffany’s legs, but made no contact with her, instead they continued without delay to the source of the more interesting smell, Bob’s corpse. He’d been dead only a few hours, his flesh was growing cold, but was still warmer than the rainy outdoors. They sniffed at him for a minute before deciding he was safe to eat and quickly sank their teeth into him.

“Outside, remember. Drag him out there before you eat him.” She pointed through the open door as she spoke.

The wolves looked up to her, then to the door then back to the body. They seemed to understand, and with their fangs sunk into Bob’s flesh once again they started to move to the doorway. A trail of dark red blood was smeared across the white tile floor as they slowly dragged the corpse outside with them. It took them a little over a minute to move the man’s body just about thirty feet to the door, then another minute to drag him by the ankles out the door and into the empty parking lot. All the while Tiffany watched in awe at their intelligence and teamwork, not to mention their apparent ability to understand her words and gestures. Did they really retain some of their human minds, or were they just really smart dogs at this point?

As she stared at them in wonder they raised their heads and howled to the sky. In the distance more howls returned their calls. In moments half a dozen more wolves arrived in the parking lot to feast on the corpse. Wolves of different colors and sizes gathered around, each taking a turn tearing meat from bone and dragging organs from the body. Tiffany could only watch in amazement as the pack of about eight wolves fed on the body that had once been known as Bob. They let nothing go to waste, every bit of flesh and meat stripped from the bones until all that was left was torn, bloody clothing and a few scattered bits of gnawed skeleton. Their hunger couldn’t have been denied, yet they made no move to try to attack her. If anything they’d been respectful of her, it was very strange but not unwelcome.

The wolves, now sated, rested in the parking lot as a group. Some sleeping, while smaller ones ran about a little, playing. “Those must have been children.” She said to herself as she watched the smaller wolves tackle each other and nip playfully. As she watched them, she noticed that each wolf had gotten their fair share of food, none of them attacked another, and they all remained together as a cohesive unit, a pack, a big family. It was something she didn’t have in her own life as a human, yet these animals seemed to manage just fine. She sank to her knees with her hands on the glass door, crying softly. Though she’d driven people away most of her life, tried to stand apart from the group and be alone, something deep inside of her did want companionship. She wanted to belong somewhere, to be part of something, just not the dull boring life she’d been born into.

As she sat on her knees crying, one of the wolves had approached the door and began to whine sadly on the other side of the glass while looking at her. She wiped her eyes and looked up at it, a pretty gray wolf she observed, the yellow of its eyes locked onto the brown of hers and they stared at each other for a few moments. The wolf backed away from the door and stepped into a puddle of rain water that had formed recently in the parking lot. It splashed some of the water around with one of its paws and then looked back to Tiffany. It was trying to tell her something, that much she knew.

“You.. what? But the water would.. I’d be.” Tiffany muttered as she tried to process the gesture the wolf was making.

If she touched that water as the wolf just had, she’d change. She’d seen it happen to so many others in the last few weeks. It would transform her into a wolf, she knew that, and she was starting to guess that the wolf outside knew that too.

“You.. want me to come outside?”

The wolf wagged its tail in reply.

“You.. want me to touch the water?”

The wolf continued to wag its tail and barked with excitement.

“You.. want me to be like you?”

The wolf barked again, tail wagging faster than ever.

It was all the answer she needed. It was clear to her that these animals were more than just animals; they were smart, perhaps some part of their once human minds remained inside their canine heads. Perhaps part of her would continue to exist even in that form, some part of her might find peace and she might not feel so alone. She wanted friends, and a family that cared for her, she wasn’t able to have that as a human; maybe a pack would do just as well though.


With no more hesitation Tiffany opened the glass door and stepped outside. The wolves in the parking lot took notice and stood from their resting places to observe what happened next. The young woman untied the laces of her black boots and stepped into the ankle deep puddle the wolf had been splashing in a few moments earlier. The cold water soaked into her black socks and sealed her fate instantly. She could feel the power of the water taking hold immediately, her toes began to tingle and her soles ached. The wolves around her began to bark and howl excitedly as she sat down on the asphalt near the puddle and pulled her wet socks off, discarding them.

Tiffany watched her toenails crack and split open as long black claws emerged from inside her delicate digits. Blood trickled from the claws and over her feet for a moment before her feet began to stretch and thin. She cringed in pain as the bones of her feet stretched, broke, and changed. Fine white hairs began to sprout on the tops of both her changing feet, a strong contrast to her dyed black hair. Thick pads bubbled up on the bottoms of her changing feet as they finished changing into canine paws.

The wolf that had beckoned her outside approached her and sniffed at her newly formed hind paws, its tail wagging happily. Tiffany reached out to pet the gray wolf but stopped as she saw her hand beginning to change as well. Holding her small feminine hand before her eyes, she could only watch and smile as the fragile human nails splintered and fell away as long black claws pierced their tips. Once again a small amount of blood dripped from the digits, followed by aching pains as bones began to change in size and shape beneath the pale white skin. Pads formed in her palms as her fingers began to shorten and thicken, her hands stretching longer and thumbs all but disappearing as they moved closer to her wrists. In moments her once soft hands had become huge paws covered in thick white fur.

Now sporting two sets of large wolf paws Tiffany realized she had no way of undressing, the rest of her clothes would be impossible for her to remove in this state. She pawed at her shirt uselessly as her torso began to itch uncomfortably. Sensing her dilemma the gray wolf whined, and then tugged at Tiffany’s top with its fangs. The fabric began to tear as both wolf and woman pulled in opposite directions. With one final tug the black shirt was torn completely off, exposing the pale flesh of the transforming female. Her black bra and skirt still remained, but this would do for now she thought. White fur began to grow between Tiffany’s breasts and trailed down her stomach under her skirt. She could feel a tingle as her pubic hair was replaced with fur that spread over her genitals and inner thighs.

“Still gotta get.. the rest of this… off!” the young woman managed to say as she struggled with her clothes.

Hooking a claw under the front clasp of her bra, between her breasts, Tiffany pulled and with a little effort managed to pop the bra open. Her modest breasts spilled out into the cold air, nipples already hard. She pawed at her breasts tenderly as they began to heat up, beads of sweat had formed over their round surfaces and dripped onto them from her face as well. Moaning softly she felt them shrinking away, their nerve ending firing like mad as the fatty tissue was consumed by her changing body’s metabolic needs. As they vanished she could feel several pinching sensations down her chest and stomach. She rubbed her paws down her torso as new nipples began to form on her belly. Each one was just as sensitive as the ones on her now flat chest, the attention she’d given them causing them to become erect.

“Oh, that’s kind of nice.” She said with a dreamy voice as she rubbed her eight nipples up and down with her clumsy paws.

But the pleasure was short lived as pain now entered her chest. Her ribs began to feel tight and with a sudden loud crack her chest cavity began to expand. More pops and cracks followed as each rib was forced into a new shape and larger size, causing her chest to barrel out into canine form. White fur continued to spread over her torso, growing thicker and almost completely hiding all of her nipples. Tiffany lay on her back, looking down at her deformed body, her breasts gone, her hands and feet were now paws, and her body covered in white fur. She was becoming an animal, and she wasn’t afraid.

The changes accelerated now that her center of mass had been overtaken by the metamorphosis. Tiffany rolled over onto all fours as she felt her hips begin to tighten under her skirt. Moans and grunts came from her soft lips as her pelvis began to change shape slowly, with a crack it snapped into a new shape, locking her on all fours. She cried out from the sudden pain of the bones breaking and mending back together with such speed. The fatty tissue of her round backside began to melt away, causing her skirt and panties to become loose. With a quick wiggle of her slimming hips, the once tight garments slipped down her shrinking ass and fell to the ground. She kicked them off her paws, useless rags to her now. Beads of sweat dripped from her rear as it finished morphing from the round supple shape of a young woman’s behind into the androgynous form of a canine’s backside which quickly covered itself in thick white fur.

Between her canine legs her still human vagina began to throb and become warm. A soft feminine moan escaped her lips as she smiled at the tingling sensation she felt in her most sensitive of places. The soft folds of female flesh moistened slightly as the changes found their way into this intimate place and started to gently reshape it. White fur had already surrounded the orifice, leaving only the pink outer lips visible. Tiffany gasped and then exhaled slowly as the warming sensation intensified inside her groin. The pink lips of her genitalia began to darken to black as the opening pulsated slightly. A small bead of lubricating fluid trickled from the metamorphosing organ as it suddenly contracted, pulling tighter and becoming smaller. The sudden spasm of shifting flesh nearly brought Tiffany to orgasm.

Tiffany looked back over her shoulders to her changing rear as she felt her tailbone begin to ache. She closed her eyes tightly as her spine extended, stretching against the skin of her lower back until a nub began to form. The fleshy nub wiggled a little as Tiffany moaned softly, raising her backside into the air and screaming as the tail erupted violently from her body with nearly explosive force. It bloomed with thick white fur instantly and lifted high into the air behind her. She panted on all fours, her body entirely covered in white fur and with the exception of her head she was entirely a wolf.

“Almost done. Then, I’ll be one of you guys. We’ll be good friends, won’t we?” were Tiffany’s last words.

A series of loud pops from inside her skull signaled the end of her human existence. The bones of her face pushed forward, stretching her black lips to their limit as her muzzle began to take shape. The piercing in her lip caused an extra level of pain as it was forced out, her skin tearing slightly and then healing instantly. As her face stretched her teeth lengthened and sharpened into fangs, her now longer tongue licked the trickle of blood from the side of her mouth the piercing had caused as it left her face. Her nose darkened, became moist and leathery and it’s new enlarged size caused yet another piercing to fall off, though with less pain and no blood this time. Her heavily pierced ears stretched into points, traveling up her head as her dyed black hair fell from her scalp onto the ground. White fur spread over her head and face as it completed its changes. Her mind began to fog as her brain altered in size and shape within her thickening and shrinking skull. No longer did she feel alone or sad. As she opened her now yellow eyes to gaze upon her new pack she felt at ease, and happy for the first time in her life.

The newly formed white she-wolf howled to the sky, joined by her pack as they celebrated her rebirth. Several piercings remained in the white wolf’s ears, a reminder of what she once was.
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