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Night Classes (WIP)

Night Classes (work in progress)

Night Classes

"Welcome class, we'll be starting this semester with a brand new course; Rare Contagious Diseases." the middle-aged man spoke before the lecture hall full of college students, pausing for a moment after announcing the subject of the course to let it sink in. "As you know this is a 'hands on' class, so we'll be getting up close and personal with some things you typically wouldn't want to get up close and personal with. I hope none of you are squeamish." The professor carried on about the summary of the class and what would be expected of his students for some time. Alex sat in the far back of the class, directly under the row of large windows that lined the far wall of the lecture hall. The students were fairly spread out, attendance for this night class was rather sparse. It seemed that most people didn't want to stay up late learning about obscure medical conditions. Alex was not most people. She'd taken an interest in rare medical conditions years ago after contracting an extremely rare condition herself, she had hoped she could learn how people deal with unusual conditions for which there are no known cures. The professor continued to talk at length about safety equipment or something like that, Alex wasn't really paying attention as she stared straight forward, thinking about her plans for Friday night.

"...and that brings me to the next order or business. Our first rare disease for the semester will be Lycanthropy. An extremely rare condition for which no cure, nor any treatment has ever been found. Decades ago it was so obscure it was considered a myth, but in recent years several high profile cases were made public. Some of you may remember the infamous 'Moonlight Madness' outbreak from a few years ago. More than a dozen cases reported in the U.S alone. Up until that incident the idea of Lycanthropes existing was thought to be impossible, but today we know that both they and the disease which causes their condition do in fact exist. We are still studying how it spreads, and most importantly how the lycanthropic metamorphosis actually works. And to help with that study, our class will be visited by someone who happens to suffer from this rare condition."

Alex froze in her seat, eyes wide with shock, panic started to set in.

"I have asked for an acquaintance of mine to fly in from the U.K to allow this class to witness first hand just how a lycantrophic metamorphosis takes place. Know that you will all be perfectly safe, and that every precaution will be taken to assure that no harm comes to either the observing class or our volunteer."

Her anxiety slowly faded, they were talking about a volunteer from overseas, that's all. It was a relief, and yet the subject matter posed a huge problem on it's own. She couldn't possibly attend that event as she would be extremely preoccupied that night. Alex decided to wait until class had ended to speak with the professor after all the other students had left the hall.

"Um, Professor? May I talk to you about something?" Alex's worry shown in her voice.

"Certainly, does it pertain to the upcoming observation by chance?" he responded while sorting his papers and various notes at his desk.

"Actually yes, it does, it very much does." She clutched her notebook to her chest tightly, afraid to continue the conversation.

"Well? What in particular about it concerns you? If you're worried about safety I assure you tha-"

"Oh it's not that." she interrupted. "It's just... well... I won't be able to attend." Alex barely managed to say.

"I see. You should know there is no chance of rescheduling it, it's a rather time sensitive event. Is it possible you could reschedule whatever it is you're doing that night so that you may attend class?"

"Well, no. It's not possible for me to reschedule it. I'd rather not have to do what it is I have to do that night at all, but you see... it's... well... I have a medical condition and... on that particular night... I... um... will be having an 'attack' of it... or whatever it is you'd call it when that happens." Alex tried to be subtle, she was embarrassed about her condition and wasn't comfortable talking about it openly.

Her professor looked up from his papers as he removed his glasses, his aged brown eyes showed much wisdom as they gazed into her youthful blue eyes, filled with worry and shame.

"I see. I'm sorry, I had no idea. Miss?"


"Miss Alex White, I am truly sorry. I have studied Lycanthropy for the better part of the last decade. I know how difficult it can be to deal with. For a young woman such as yourself it must be especially hard, the effects the disease has on female biology-"

"Please, don't. It's embarrassing to talk about." her face began to turn red.

"Yes, of course. Again I'm sorry. Obviously you'll be excused from attending the observation, it would be impossible for you to take notes about the Lycanthropic metamorphosis while you yourself are undergoing a Lycanthropic metamorphosis at the same time as our volunteer." he attempted to lighten the mood with a half joke toward the end, it was not received as well as he'd hoped, Alex's face was still red from earlier, still full of worry and shame. "I'm sorry. I hope my lecture did not offend you. I may have been tactless during some descriptions of Lycanthropy I used earlier, I had no idea anyone in the class suffered from it. It's so rare a condition I never would have imagined one of my students and certainly not one so pretty" that got her attention "could be a werewolf."

She sighed. "You should know we don't like that word very much. It's a stereotype, it makes people think we're monsters that eat children. I've never eaten a child, Professor. I stay locked up when it happens as any responsible person would. I'm.. I'm not a monster.." she was almost on the verge of tears.

Her professor jumped up from his chair and quickly wrapped his arms around her. He could see the pain she was in.

"It's alright Alex. I know you're not a monster. I shouldn't have used that word, you're right. It's just an old habit, back in the day we didn't have a politically correct term, we didn't think we needed one. Back then we didn't think it was real. But I know better now, I know it's real and the people who suffer from it, their pain is real. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." his apology comforted her, his warm embrace comforted her even more. She looked up into his face, he was old enough to be her father, maybe even a little older than that. But something about him, the way he spoke, the way his arms wrapped around her, she was beginning to feel attracted to him. Her face became warm and red again, for an entirely different reason than before.

"Th-thank you, Professor. I'm alright now." she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye as he reluctantly let her go.

They remained in the lecture hall for several more minutes, talking, mostly apologizing to each other. Eventually Alex departed after an awkward goodbye, the professor watched her leave, unable to take his eyes off her. He stared, enthralled almost, as he watched her long blonde hair wave behind her, nearly touching her shapely rear as it swayed within her tight jeans in rhythm with her steps. The very idea that that young woman could transform into a wolf, seemed outrageous, even to him. He knew full well that Lycanthropes were real, he'd seen the metamorphosis take place dozens of times. However, he'd never seen a woman transform, no females had ever permitted anyone to watch it happen. That aspect of Lycanthropy was still a mystery to him, how a pretty thing like that could become a beast and then back again, the thought of it caused a stir in his loins. As he watched Alex walk down the hallway, he wondered what color her fur would be, he wondered what her firm backside would look like as she grew a tail. That thought caused a further stirring in his pants, one that developed into a full erection pressing against the front of his black slacks. He wasn't sure how he should feel about this reaction, was it normal for a man to fantasize about that? Still, despite his confusion, he really wanted to see it.

(more to come)
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