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Re: Sweet Dreams

Guess I should explain some things then...
Dream Master is an entity demon the resides in the dream world and can hunt down sleepers and take there souls, much like Nightmare on Elm street. Dream Master however attacks the dreamer though desire, sin, or the person own fantasy in a totally twisted version of course. (Just like how a genie never gives you exactly what you wish for). Dream Master after word extracts the souls and takes it back to dream land to live there in a new life.

Through these souls of pure essence (like the naga in the beginning. He was once a dreamer) that live in a new fantasy world, Dream Master watches them and through interactions and relationships with them like a family he tries to learn to feel like they do. to feel things like love, hope, courage and even despair anger and sadness. He alone a creature from a diffrent plain of existence cannot feel on his own as humans do.

Specificly in this comic Dream Master has a bit of a sweet tooth as he wonders into the mind of another dreamer. and turns himself into a devilish imp cook to change the dreamer into a chocolate treat. In this case the treat happens to be a succubus candy so he becomes a she.
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