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Cool Re: Awil remake female lead rumor

Originally Posted by Galyo View Post
I still have not watched Ghostbusters 2016 yet.

Everything about it has always turned me off the moment they started marketing this thing; the fact that they replaced the entire cast and titled the movie simply "Ghostbusters", as if to erase everything that came before it were probably my biggest irks. I know it might sound like a minor detail to some people, but to me it really shows what the producers intend for this movie to convey. I hate this modern trend of "rebranding" old IPs and I wish it would die off.

I did watch the trailer of the 2016 movie, but it just looked like a rather predictable modern comedy to me. I know that Ghostbusters was primarily a comedy back in the day, but at the same time I think there was more going on then that and it also had some rather spooky stuff in it as well. I also think that, judging from what I've seen of the 2016 movie so far, the Ghostbusters-cast try really hard to be funny, instead of just working with a natural chemistry and letting the jokes "write themselves", so to speak. I don't know...

It's hard to explain. To me, this is similar to when people say they want to have a movie based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy starring John Cleese... Yes, THGTTG can definitely be classified as a comedy, but there's a lot more going on than just the comedy... Does that make sense? :P Sorry for my rambling.

I completely agree and I as well have not desired to watch Ghostbusters 2016 for the same reasons. Judging from seeing all the trailers, I was simply not convinced the way the new production was done that they paid respect or homage to the prior cast or two movies. The first Ghostbusters movie will always be a classic to me, and I know movies. I'm a big movie fan, but I don't go around like some critics you hear just trashing movies either. I also like a number of movies, such as Dead Silence, that did poorly in theaters because a load of fans pitched a fit.

And just for the record, I probably will not watch Ghostbusters 2016 either. I'll pass on that one just like I will pass on the Michael Bay remakes of the Ninja Turtles.
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