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Re: Developing Adventures of Golden Girl

The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl is now available on the Healthy Fetish Patreon!
Patrons will be able to read either JPGs or Hi-Res PNGs, based on contribution.

It's the "Golden Age" where truth and justice always prevail thanks to the Comic Code. Silver Queen and her sidekick Golden Girl are the defenders of Platinum City with their quick wits, quips, and acrobatics. However, some big changes have recently come rolling in with Golden Girl on the cups of womanhood.
We commissioned sidneyanders to illustrate and continue his series of popular comic strips featuring the bosomy superheroine. Current plans are for a 20 page comic.
The first four pages will be available free of charge after a delay, so that our patrons get first grabs. Those pages will be posted in this thread and on sidney's tumblr.

Note: Audrey Page/Golden Girl and other supporting characters of The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl are the result of a collaboration by anonymous users on 4chan/co, with concept art illustrated by Saburo X.
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