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Originally Posted by tbumpkins View Post
Damn BA, I think I've said it before, but you produce the best paid content in the community!

I was a little sad that this chapter wasn't going to include more giantess growth, but you included some amazing expansion in this episode, especially the lip growth! Also, thought the character design for all the new girls was great as well.

Hopefully in a future chapter Higgs can grow as big as her friend Boson ;P Keep up the great work.
Hi tbumpkins! Thanks for the kudos! I'm glad you enjoyed the issue so much. Not everyone who follows my work enjoys every growth theme (e.g. giantesses and lip growth). So, I have to balance each theme. (Not surprisingly, BE is rarely unpopular... haha.) GTS will return in future Episodes, but not necessarily in every issue.
Thanks for the $upport!

Originally Posted by ArcaneBEFan View Post
I just bought this and I'm very upset:

I have to wait until you can finish the next one ._.

<<Shakes fist at Time>> Yeah, I've got issues with that guy, too. He makes creating each issue so ... well... time-consuming. Glad you enjoyed the issue so much to have this quip!
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