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REQUEST: Boy & Girl into feral werewolves

So I know this will be a huge long shot for me, seeing as I barely come into these forums, and perhaps the subject matter is a bit much, but I don;t have much options that I can afford, so what's the harm in asking.

I'm attempting to write a story about a pair of inseparable friends, a cautious young boy named Billy and a rambunctious young girl named Billie, who get lost in a wild forest, have to learn how to survive and confront their growing feelings of love....while also gradually devolving into feral wolf people.

I'm hoping that there are some artist out there who would be willing to do drawings of both Billy and Billie in human and were form. Just to see how they would be designed.

I'll also consider offering commission, but my budget right now is only up to $10-20. just letting you know ahead.

Thanks for your time.
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