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Length: 8:00

Just what the doctor ordered. Breast growth pills to make my tits bigger. I don’t have to get expensive surgery or anything, and wait for it to heal. I want bigger tits right now! What are the instructions on these things…

Take 1 (one) tablet by mouth once per day.

Yeah right, how am I supposed to get bigger tits like that. I’ll just pop a few of these bad boys and viola!

[Nothing Happens]

Disappointed, Nyxon sets the bottle back down and walks off to the kitchen.

I really thought that was gonna work. Now I’m never going to have bigger tits.

Just then she starts to feels strange.

The pills — I think there working!

Her breasts begin to swell up inside her shirt. They grow until they start popping out from the neck of her shirt then…


Her huge tits finally shreds the shirt straight down the middle. The fabric rests on her body more like rags than a shirt. She grabs her breasts and is amazing by how big they’ve grow. She runs off to the bathroom to admire her huge new boobs. They’re everything she could ever want… or could they be bigger? Where are those pills?


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