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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Lyla would give anything to be a professional cheerleader for the USAFL Paladin Sunbirds. She has the moves, she knows the routines and she is in great shape. However, her hopes are crushed at a try out when she is told that she isn't quite what they are "looking for." Lyla is heartbroken and believes if only her body had more in just the right places, she would be accepted.

A close friend introduces her to a man that promises a solution. A mysterious substance that allows her to "fix" her deficiencies and improve her appearance, but an "accident" uses up her meager supply by over-saturating one part of her body. Now Lyla must learn to deal with and control the growth and expansion that follows her around where ever she goes.

This is an erotic tale featuring posterior expansion, BE, bimbofication and MF intercourse.

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