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A strange mix of emotions
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Let it be: Randomy three!

I was clicking merrily,
when "Too Many Redirects" I did see.
That's when something said to me,
It's time for Random Thread Part Three!

A thread that dances on the forum,
bereft of purpose or decorum.
So now come let us adore 'em,
and ::whack::stop it!

You can not end a thread so long
with just a silly little song!
It started in two thousand nine,
and aged just like expensive wine.

At three hundred and twenty nine pages
it's a monument to last the ages!
I won't allow it thus to end
I will with my whole life defend!

Alas your life is also mine,
and like you I am drunk on wine.
But in this act, I think you'll see
the limits of technology.

That lofty thread of heights so able
recalls to me the tower of babel.
I begin to fear that it may fall
with error messages for all.

Lurking beyond 329
are numbers not at all benign,
a strange numeric anaomaly
perhaps portends catastrophe.

Can mods or sysops perhaps repair
the zone of messaging despair?
If such bug fix is not to be,
then time for Random Thread Part Three!
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