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New Project GoFundMe: Real life Cat April O'Neal TF

Hey there guys! Long time lurker first time poster here! I'm teaming up with Cesare Marino and Jay Wood to put together funds for what the thread title suggests! We're starting a GoFundMe to get all the tools and materials needed to transform a model into a fully furry catgirl April O'Neal!

So far we're working out the details of the look, but we have the model, makeup artist and prop maker already worked out. We're just trying to fund the flocking machine to cover her in synthetic fur and bodypainted!

So far we are already past the halfway mark towards our goal of raising 600. Once completed Cesare will coordinate the talent and fx team and provide excellent photography and video (he's been a photographer for over 20 years)

He has previously turned her into a tabby cat in the same fashion (pics below), but now we're trying to go bigger!

Those that help contribute will get exclusive behind the scenes of the makeup process and possibly some video clips as well!

If you can't donate at this time, please share this on any TF thread or social media you can to get us there!
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