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Re: The Cleavage Accounts

Originally Posted by JJStrebas View Post
...glad you picked up on some subtle plot points that I wanted to establish without beating the readers over the head with them. I want to create some tension with this story and show what the characters would be willing to do in order to get more points that would surprise the reader and not necessairily be what you would expect...starting with Radhi giving a couple away to Gloria as being an act that you wouldn't see coming. Some more suprises are on the way.
Yes, it does make you wonder at the motivation behind point donations, whether there is some sort of point bonus to assisting fellow employees...

It will be interesting to see how long it takes to earn points, and what actions earn them. Does simply doing a good job accumulate points? or is it random? or maybe it requires them to go perform duties above and beyond their assigned positions? I wonder if perhaps there might also be opt-in staff surveys that give bonus points for participation; or by participating, enters the employee in a prize draw to win points... interesting...

I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for chapter 7!

And what's up with The Condition? that cold hard look she gave... is the condition supernatural in origin? possession? succubi ancestry?
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