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Re: The Cleavage Accounts

Originally Posted by Darkstorm View Post
No, I don't think you overdid it at all - it's great to meet more employees, and to see how each has made their particular choices based on their preferences. Makes things a little more realistic to see not everyone going for mega boobs
Good. That's the reaction I was going for. And, lucky for us, Gloria is a popular person that makes friends easy.

So far Travis has played it pretty cool... throwing in the occasional comment to test the waters, but otherwise remaining dependable and supportive. If he's a schemer, he's doing a great job of keeping his cards covered. I can definitely see his input having greater influence in the future.
Yeah ole Travis does keep his cards close to his chest. Im guessing he is trying not to upset Gloria anymore by making her think he wants her to look differently. But I think he is secretly hoping she models herself after Radhi

As for Jess, who knows... she seems too good a friend to manipulate Gloria, I think. Not really sure what she could ask of Gloria, but their friendship has taken an interesting turn recently, so who knows... she may even apply for a job at Merchant Pat's herself...
Jess would probably love to take a crack at the machine herself. She's too busy as a nurse to take on a second job so I wander how she'd ever get the chance...
But I think she does live vicariously through Gloria, so maybe that will be enough...maybe.

Well, that's the thing! her jealousy and vivid dreams have me worried.... we can only hope she hasn't done something everyone will come to regret...
I think Randall will find out her fate sooner rather than later.

Always good to see new stories, and with The Familiar wrapped up, room for others to continue!
Yeah, this new story I am working on is a long one shot. I am going to try to get in the habit of including those more often to keep things fresh.
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